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TiM GW Bulletin 2001/8-3

August 26, 2001

A Canadian Soldier Confirms... 

NATO Backing Albanian Terrorists in Macedonia

Also, Ukraine, Russia Continue to Arm Macedonia, as Another NATO "Peace Farce" Unfolding



Ottawa                      1. Canadian Soldier Confirms NATO Backing

                                       Albanian Rebels in Macedonia

Skopje                       2. Ukraine, Russia Continue to Arm Macedonia?

Kiev                           3. Macedonian President Gets Putin’s, Kuchma’s “Support”

Skopje                       4. NATO “Peace Farce” Unfolding…

Skopje                      5. Angry Macedonians Block NATO Supply Route

Skopje                      6. NATO’s “Essential Harvest” Harvests Its First

                                     Non-essential Victim - British Soldier Dies in MacedoniaAug. 28, 2001

New York                7. Washington Now Supports End of Arms Embargo against BelgradeAug. 28, 2001

The Hague               8. Krajisnik Denied Right to Attend Father’s 40-day WakeAug. 28, 2001

Phoenix                   9. For Your Smile: “Administratium,” a New ElementAug. 28, 2001


1. Canadian Soldier Confirms NATO’s Backing of Albanian Rebels in Macedonia

OTTAWA, Aug. 26 - Once again, we have to turn to Canada to find out what’s really going on in Washington or Brussels, not to mention Skopje or Pristina.  This time, it was an Ottawa-based journalist that quoted a former Canadian soldier, now also turned journalist and author, as saying that the Canadian had seen evidence during of NATO’s backing (and arming!) the Albanian rebels his recent trip to Macedonia. 

Of course, this is nothing new to TiM readers.  But while we arrived at the same conclusion via a geopolitical analysis (see “Macedonia: Another Farcical American Oil War,” Aug. 10), this Canadian Soldier did it the old-fashioned way - he saw it with his own eyes. 

“A Canadian journalist has evidence that NATO is arming and equipping the ethnic Albanian guerillas who have waged a five-month long insurgency against the Macedonian government in Skopje,” wrote Stephen Gowans in an Aug. 23 special report published first at the Media Monitors web site.  “Scott Taylor, editor of Espirit de Corps magazine, says that on a visit to guerilla bunkers overlooking the besieged Macedonian city of Tetovo he was welcomed with shouts of, "God bless America and Canada too for all they have provided to us." Canada is a member of the US-led NATO coalition.”

Taylor should be no stranger to longtime TiM readers, either.  Just like the TiM editor, he was in Belgrade in the spring of 1999, while the NATO bombs were raining down on the Yugoslav capital and on much of the country (see his moving account of a funeral he attended in June 1999, published contemporaneously in the “NATO War” section of the TiM web site - 

The two of us met for the first time in Toronto, in December 1999, following the TiM editor’s lecture on NATO’s war on Serbia (see “New World Order Pits Canadians vs. Serbs,” Dec. 1999). That’s when we learned that Taylor had also frequently visited Canadian troops serving within the UN peacekeeping missions in Bosnia and Krajina.  In other words, he knows of what he speaks - from way back.

And now, with this as a brief preamble, here’s the rest of Steve Gowans article, republished here by TiM with permission of the Media Monitors’ publisher:

More signs NATO is behind ethnic Albanian attacks on Macedonia

by Stephen Gowans

[…]Taylor says guerrilla commanders showed off their arsenal, which included side arms, sniper rifles and grenade launchers, all marked "Made in the USA."

Says Taylor, one commander remarked that, "thanks to Uncle Sam, the Macedonians are no match for us." Taylor isn't the first to charge that Washington is aiding the guerillas. The Macedonian government alleged that US helicopters were delivering supplies to guerillas in the mountains above Tetovo. US officials don't deny that airdrops were made, but say helicopters were transporting vital humanitarian aid. But Taylor says the local guerilla commander told him that the helicopters were delivering heavy mortars and ammunition. The guerillas have bombarded Tetovo with artillery.

Taylor says ethnic Albanian villagers cheer at the sight of US helicopters, while guerillas at brigade headquarters wear Nike-style T-shirts bearing the phrase, "NATO Air  - Just do it!" Meanwhile, one Macedonian police officer lamented to Taylor that "if NATO hadn't been arming and equipping the (KLA) in Kosovo there would be no need for them to disarm these guerillas now."

This isn't the first time complaints about the US and NATO arming ethnic Albanian guerillas have been made. In March, a European K-For battalion commander told the London Observer that, "the CIA has been allowed to run riot in Kosovo with a private army designed to overthrow Slobodan Milosevic...Most of last year, there was a growing frustration with US support for the radical Albanians." And in January the BBC reported that Western forces were training guerillas, then opening a new front in southern Serbia and Macedonia.

In June, when Macedonian forces were closing in on guerillas in the town of Aracinovo, NATO intervened, transporting ethnic Albanian rebels out of the besieged town in air-conditioned busses. According to the German newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt, 17 US advisors, belonging to an American mercenary firm involved in other Balkan conflicts, were among the guerillas. And the newspaper pointed out that 70 percent of the equipment carried away by the guerillas was US made.

Days earlier, an American diplomat was slightly wounded by Macedonian gunfire as he emerged from the woods (around Aracinovo) with two other Americans," according to the International Herald Tribune. The diplomats were emerging from rebel-held territory. Two months ago, the London Sunday Times reported that at least 800 ethnic Albanian guerillas fighting in Macedonia are members of the Kosovo Protection Corps, a paramilitary police unit created by the UN from the KLA. The Times says, "Hundreds of KPC reservists were called up by their Albanian commander Agim Ceku, in March. They subsequently disappeared to former KLA training camps in Albania and are now re-emerging in Macedonia."

Ceku, one of the top leaders of the KLA, along with Hacim Thaci, was artillery chief of the Croatian army when it launched a war in the Krajina region of Croatia, which led to 250,000 Serbs being driven from their homes. Under the KPC, 250,000 Serbs, and another 100,000 Roma, Gorani, Turks and Jews have been driven from Kosovo. Now, the KLA offshoot in Macedonia, the NLA, seems intent on ethnically cleansing the largely Albanian Tetovo region. Over 120,000 Macedonians have fled or have been driven from their Tetovo area homes by guerillas. Ilir Hoxha, a 25-year old ethnic Albanian said, "Let them leave. They should never return. Tetovo is Albanian and it will remain Albanian."

For years, many Albanians have dreamed of resurrecting the greater Albania established under the Italian fascists, and then under the Nazis. It incorporated parts of Macedonia and Greece, southern Serbia, and Kosovo into Albania proper. Some reports say an ethnic Albanian Liberation Army of Chameria will open a new front in Greece soon.

Skopje has been hampered in its response to the guerillas. NATO and the EU have warned Macedonia not to crack down on the guerillas, and Ukraine, which was providing equipment to the under-equipped Macedonian army, was warned to stop shipments of materiel. Meanwhile, press reports in the West describe NATO and EU diplomatic efforts as aimed at preventing a civil war, though the intention appears to be to prevent a strong Macedonian response.

The guerillas say they're fighting to win language rights, but critics point out that an armed attack is highly disproportional to the NLA's stated aims. Moreover, the fact that the guerillas have been recruited from Kosovo, pass freely over a Kosovo-Macedonia border presumably patrolled by NATO K-For forces, and have driven non-Albanians from their homes in an apparent effort to ethnically cleanse the Tetovo region, points to the pursuit of other goals, fully backed by NATO.

Taylor, who served in the Canadian Armed Forces, says NATO's support of the guerillas is so blatant "it is little wonder that the Macedonian majority have staged violent anti-NATO riots."


Mr. Steve Gowans is a writer and political activist who lives in Ottawa, Canada. 


2. Ukraine, Russia Continue to Arm Macedonia?

SKOPJE, Aug. 21 - Despite assurances extracted from the Ukrainian government by George Bush’s national security advisor, Condoleezza Rice, during her visit to Kiev last month, Ukrainian arms continue to pour into Macedonia, according to an Aug. 21 report by the London Times.  And not just from Ukraine, also from Russia, the Times alleged.

Huge planeloads of arms from Ukraine and Russia are being delivered secretly at night to Petrovac airport in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as part of a build-up of arms by the Government, according to Western defense sources,” quoted by the Times. “Giant Antonov transport planes have been spotted landing at night at Petrovac,” these sources told the Times.


TiM Ed.: And so, as one side in the conflict is about to disarm, the other side is loading for bear?  At least that’s what some western media want us to believe (British, in this case).  Given that NATO’s latest would-be conquest - Macedonia, is as much about oil as it is about keeping Russia out of there, the Times story suggests that Russia and Ukraine want to stay involved.

Wish it were true… For, it would mean that the Macedonian government isn’t a western quisling.  But the hawks are few at the government offices in Skopje, and the NATO vassals are many.  So the Ukrainian and/or Russian arms shipments at this (late) stage of the game, even if true, may be a case of throwing good money after bad; another case of tokenism, just as was the Russian foray into Kosovo in June 1999 (see “Russians Enter Kosovo First,” June 11, 1999). 

Macedonians can learn from the Serb experiences with such Russian "support." The Serbs have been there, done that, in Bosnia, Krajina, Kosovo...  In the end, the Russian presence in Kosovo, for example, only helped legitimize an illegitimate occupation by NATO of the Serb sovereign and ancestral lands.  That Russia would participate in something like that was at best a case of shortsightedness of its foreign policy. 

The Russian troops also took part in (for the Bosnian Serbs) disastrous “peacekeeping” missions (read NATO occupation) in Bosnia, following the 1995 Dayton Agreement.  The upshot of which left the Bosnian Serbs as virtual slaves of the New World Order.  With “support” like that, the Serbs, and now the Macedonians, too, had better start practicing their own old saying - “u se i u svoje kljuse” (“trust only yourself and your own horse”).

For the full Times story, check out,,3-2001291747,00.html .


3. Macedonian President Gets Putin’s, Kuchma’s “Support”

KIEV, Aug. 24 - The occasion was ostensibly the Ukrainian national holiday, their version of “Independence Day,” Aug. 24, when all sort of dignitaries gathered in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, to mark the event.  That included Boris Trajkovski, Macedonian president, and a client of both NATO and Ukraine.  The "event" was the day the New World Order masters decided to give Ukraine, a former USSR republic like many other Soviet satellites, the status of a country.

Behind the pomp and ceremony, however, “Trajkovski arrived Thursday in Kiev for talks with two of his main backers in the ethnic crisis in his country, as NATO troops poured into Macedonia on a crucial arms collection mission,” according to a Moscow Pravda report ( 

Trajkovski told the (Russian) RIA Novosti, after the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin Friday (Aug. 25): "Our opinions and diagnoses coincide.  The crisis will go on for several years."

Trajkovski mentioned that the two presidents have come to the same conclusion that "they should approach the United Nations with this issue if they fail to solve it." Trajkovski emphasized Russia's role in helping Macedonia in solving the crisis. He expressed his hope that Moscow and Skopje will "help unite Europe" in the future.


TiM Ed.: “Help unite Europe?”  What a crock of… (gobbledygook?).  For reasons why, check out our “New Iron Curtain over Europe”-piece, March 1999).


Meanwhile, after meeting with Trajkovski whom he also drove from the Kiev airport in his own car, the Russian president also said on Friday (Aug. 25) that the confrontation in the Balkans is with "terrorists, not insurgents," and that "international community must not let itself to be led into confusion and misconception that political questions can be solved with the help of weapons," according to ITAR-TASS, an official Russian news agency.

“(The) Balkan crisis cannot be settled only with declarations or with imitation of actions,” the Russian president said.  “If we really want to solve this problem, first of all we have to think about blocking channels through which weapons are being supplied to this region,” Putin said after meeting with the President of Macedonia (see


TiM Ed.: So does “blocking channels” mean that Ukraine and Russia should try to out-supply NATO in arms?  If this had been done in advance of NATO’s arming of the Albanian terrorists, as smart geopolitical strategists might have acted, having seen the writing on the wall, such a Russian/Ukrainian action could have been considered prudent, if not prescient.  But now, all it amounts to is cheap talk… another case of Moscow trying to close the barn door after the horse is gone.  Just as it did in Bosnia and Kosovo.  And with similarly tragic consequences for the Balkan people who had hoped for some pan-Slavic support from Moscow. 

It’s “déjà vu all over again,” as Yogi Berra would put it.  Or was it Yovan Beric?  J


Meanwhile, Macedonian president said he believed that, "regardless of KFOR presence, Kosovo is an exporter of terrorism, " according to an Aug. 24 Pravda report.  Trajkovski expressed this opinion in Putin's residence in Kiev.  Trajkovski also mentioned that the main reason for the complicated situation in the region "is the Kosovo problem" and the lack of implementation of the UN Resolution 1244.

The Macedonian president "fully supports" the Russian initiative to bring together a regional conference that will "confirm the effective borders and preserve human rights in the region." This is the only way to end the crisis in the region.  Trajkovski said that "now is a good time for Russia and Macedonia to jointly solve the global problem" in the Balkans. He stressed that Russian and Macedonian approaches "coincide completely" on issues of safety and security in the region as a whole.


4. NATO “Peace Farce” Unfolding…

SKOPJE, Aug. 26 - Meanwhile, back home and back to reality, NATO’s “peace farce” is unfolding before the Macedonian president’s very eyes.  NATO said Sunday that it planned to collect 3,300 weapons from ethnic Albanian militants (which it had armed!) in a “delicate” operation it described as being Macedonia's only alternative to war, according to an Aug. 26 Associated Press report.  

That is a ludicrously low number, according to some who are in the know in Macedonia.  “We used to seize that quantity in a single raid,” said Ljupco Georgievski, Macedonia’s prime minister, according to today’s (Aug. 26) New York Times.  “I think it’s ridiculous to speak about 3,500 (weapons) pieces… I think that if that figure stands, we will not achieve anything.” 

Macedonian government says the rebels hold 50,000 weapons, according to an Aug. 27 New York Times report.  The Moscow Pravda’s quoted the Macedonian Interior Ministry as saying that the actual number of weapons (with which NATO had supplied the Albanian terrorists in Macedonia) at over 85,000.  

Whatever the actual number, it is several orders of magnitude greater than the figure NATO has set for itself as its "disarmament" goal.  So taking away 3,300 (or 3,500) guns from the surrogate NATO army in Macedonia will be scratching the surface.  Which is what the NATO “disarmament” of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was in the fall of 1999 - a farce.

Called Operation Essential Harvest (as in “harvesting” the weapons that NATO itself sowed), the Macedonia mission envisions NATO troops setting up collection sites to take weapons as rebels turn them in.  NATO has said it plans to complete the process in 30 days and leave. 


TiM Ed.: Leave?  Who is kidding whom?  Wasn’t NATO’s Bosnian “peacekeeping” mission guaranteed (by the Clinton administration) to be a one-year operation?  Which promise was backed up by the Republican NWO stooges, such as Bob Dole and John McCain, among others.  

The year was 1995.  The guarantee was a lie.  All around.  And we said it at the time (see the "Green Interstate," Nov. 1995).

The clock is still ticking.  NATO is still in Bosnia, six years later.  It is there to stay.  As it will be there to stay in Macedonia.  Unless Putin and Kuchma decide to back up their cheap words with some meaningful action.  Which is about as likely to happen any time soon as is snow in Hawaii. 

Sorry, Mr. Trajkovski, Mr. Georgievski et. al.  But “might makes right” is how NATO/NWO operates.  You might have learned the same lesson from Mr. Milosevic et. al., had you been paying attention, instead of listening to the likes of George Soros and other globalists.


Meanwhile, back to Macedonia’s “peace farce” reality, prime minister Georgievski, a consistent opponent of the weapons collection plan, described NATO's estimates of rebel arms as "humiliating."  

NATO's announcement came hours after a deadly explosion ripped through a motel on Sunday (Aug. 26), killing two people, and further complicating the Alliance's efforts to build confidence between the rebels and the government ahead of its mission, an Associated Press report said. 

The Macedonian-owned motel was in Celopek, a village six miles south of the town of Tetovo.  Georgievski called the attack "barbaric."  "I have suggested that Macedonia must legitimately respond or retaliate either with a military or police action," he said.

It was unclear if the government would actually act.  Later Sunday, the explosion of what was apparently a bomb in a trash can at the capital, Skopje, shattered nearby store windows and damaged two cars. No injuries were reported in the blast, which police said was likely caused by industrial explosives.  The explosion took place in an ethnic Albanian neighborhood, but about 50 yards from an Orthodox church, the AP news report said.  

Macedonian police also reported an exchange of infantry and artillery fire in the Kumanovo area, northeast of Skopje. 

Last week, a 14th century Orthodox Christian church was blown up in Macedonia in the style that more than 100 such places of Christian worship had been destroyed by the Kosovo Albanians before the “watchful” NATO eyes in Kosovo.  Most ethnic Albanians are Muslims; most Macedonians are Orthodox Christians, just like the Serbs.


5. Angry Macedonians Block NATO Supply Route

SKOPJE, Aug. 26 - The diplomatic posturing notwithstanding, angry Macedonians blocked the NATO supply routes this weekend, according to an Aug. 25 report by the London Independent. 

"NATO is at war against Macedonia," said Simon Trajkovski (no relation to the Macedonian president as far as we, TiM know), sheltering from the scorching sun in the parched hills on the country's border with Kosovo. 

A few meters away from the old man, four large mounds of soil topped by Macedonian flags, and a few meters of barbed wire, are playing havoc with the Western alliance's entire operation in Kosovo. Mr Trajkovski and about 100 ethnic Macedonians have blockaded NATO's only effective supply route to Kosovo.

"Minefield" is painted jokingly across the road ahead of the blockade - and a political minefield is what British troops have stepped into.  Ethnic Macedonians, like Trajkovski, are incensed at the presence of NATO troops, some 2,000 of them British soldiers, who have come to Macedonia to collect the Albanian rebels' weapons.

A burnt-out car lies across the road with "NATO" and a swastika painted across it. A heart and arrow on the road says "NATO 4 ANA", referring to a hardline rebel splinter group, the Albanian National Army (ANA).

NATO says it is in Macedonia to end the Albanian rebellion and avert civil war. But most of those manning the blockade at Blace firmly believe the West is biased in favor of the Albanians, and that NATO soldiers are here to help the rebels. "The West created the Albanian terrorists in Kosovo and Macedonia," said one man angrily.

"The bombing in Serbia was to allow NATO soldiers to make a base in Kosovo," said Mr Trajkovski, nodding towards the border. "Now they will come here."

The Macedonians blocking the road today have their own reasons to be bitter. They too are refugees, forced out of their homes by occupying Albanian rebels.  Trajkovski was ordered out of his house in Tearce, near the Albanian-dominated city of Tetovo. It was at gunpoint, he said.

Another man, Jordan Nikolovski, said rebels beat his 68-year-old father, Tripun, leaving him with 10 broken ribs and bruised kidneys.  Nikolovski has got a doctor's report to prove it. One woman, calling herself only Nikolina, wept as she spoke of her husband, aged 74, taken prisoner by the rebels.

The man behind the blockade, Todor Petrov, said the barrier would stay until all "kidnapped" Macedonians were released. He threatens more blockades to obstruct NATO’s work in Macedonia.

Meanwhile, NATO is struggling to supply goods to thousands of KFOR soldiers. Everything from hamburgers, to tanks, to whores goes up this road.  It's the only way NATO can get its supplies in.  Except through Serbia, of course, the latest NATO vassal country.


6. NATO’s “Essential Harvest” Harvests Its First Non-essential Victim - British Soldier Dies in MacedoniaAug. 28, 2001

SKOPJE, Aug. 28 - They thought they could just walk in, show their flag, collect a token of their mercenaries’ weapons cache, and claim yet another country for the New World Order (NWO).  They audaciously named the operation “Essential Harvest.”  

“They,” were the NATO/NWO leaders.  “Audaciously,” since they were harvesting what they had sowed - weapons supplied by the West to the Macedonian and Kosovo Albanians, the NWO mercenaries whom the local Slavic populace regard as terrorists.

No wonder, therefore, that the NWO/NATO leaders “harvested” their first dead soldier even before the official “Essential Harvest” had begun.  A British trooper died from head injuries after a group of Macedonians hurled a chunk of concrete through the windshield of his military jeep on Sunday (Aug. 26) evening.  It was a very low-tech way of killing the enemy, but it nevertheless sent a message to Brussels, London and Washington whom the locals consider the enemy.  Welcome to Macedonia, NATO!

No wonder NATO officials now say that the countries sending the troops increased the number from 3,500 to 4,500, “to cover all contingencies,” according to today’s New York Times report.  A typical “Administratium”-style response (see Item 9 of this TiM Bulletin)… send in more cannon fodder!  Or “concrete block fodder,” if your prefer.

Amazingly, a NATO spokesman called the handover today (Aug. 28), “the first in a phased disarmament a very positive first step,” according to the Times. 

One dead NATO soldier within hours of his landing in Macedonia, and that’s “a positive first step?” 

It’s lucky for us that he (or she? - curiously, the soldier’s identity was not reported by the western establishment media), wasn’t from Missouri.  No, not only because, “I’m from Missouri” connotes a “show me”-state in the American folklore.  Because if he (or she) were an American GI, chances are, our Texas cowboy-style but not-so-bright President, might be considering bombing Macedonia right about now.  Just as a VERY BRIGHT, but horrendously devious, American President from Arkansas did to Serbia in 1999 - even without an American soldier being killed as a pretext.

Anyway, what we thought was particularly poignant in today’s Times report was the following sequence:

“Upstairs in his office, the (Albanian terrorist) brigade's leader, who calls himself Commander Sokol, said that everything was going according to plan and that his men had turned in more weapons than expected. "All of us are happy," he said. "We are making a real contribution toward peace today."

"I do not think there will be more war in the region, as long as Macedonia becomes a democratic state," added the commander, a Macedonian Albanian who also fought in Kosovo. "I think the political agreement here provides enough for us and it will depend on future generations to make it work."

Ever wondered why the (mostly Muslim) Albanians in Macedonia are suddenly so “happy” when NATO showed up, while the (mostly Christian) Macedonian Slavs are hurling concrete blocks at NATO?  The answer, of course, lies in the preceding paragraph. 

The man quoted by the New York Times admitted he had fought in Kosovo as well on NATO’s behalf.  As did some of Kosovo Albanians (such as Gen. Agim Ceku, for example) in Croatia in 1991, and others helping their “Muslim brothers” in Bosnia in 1992-1995.

So, the day before yesterday Bosnia, yesterday Kosovo, today Macedonia… What comes after Macedonia?  Southern Serbia?  Northern Greece?  Just look at the map, and you will see the outlines of a “Greater Albania,” which is being built by the NWO along the Green Interstate route, as predicted by TiM in November 1995.

As for those among the TiM readers who really want to see the kinds of folks our government is supporting in Macedonia, check out the following English-language Macedonian web site: .  Just keep in mind, the images you’re about to see of what NATO’s Albanian proxies did to the Macedonian Slavs are very gruesome, and not suitable for viewing by the faint at heart.


7. Washington Now Supports End of Arms Embargo against BelgradeAug. 28, 2001

NEW YORK, Aug. 28 - Continuing a process of “normalizing” relations with Yugoslavia, the United States announced Tuesday (Aug. 28) that it favors lifting the U.N. arms embargo imposed to end the Serb crackdown on ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, according to an Associated Press Aug. 28 report. 

"I would like to note my government's full support for the lifting of the arms embargo at this time," U.S. deputy ambassador Cameron Hume told the Security Council during an open meeting on Kosovo.  Hume's statement echoed comments last week by France, which also said the time has come for the Security Council to lift sanctions against Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavia's U.N. Ambassador, Dejan Sahovic, said he was grateful to council members expressing readiness to lift the arms embargo.  "It is a very important step in normalizing our relations with the international community," he said.

The ban on the sale and supply of arms was imposed in March 1998, almost a year BEFORE (!) NATO began 78 days of bombing (the “BEFORE” emphasis added by TiM).


TiM Ed.: See what how far you can get if you kiss, rather than kick, the NWO/NATO leaders’ posteriors (check out our earlier story about the Yugoslav government allowing the use of its military bases by NATO).


8. Krajisnik Denied Right to Attend Father’s 40-day WakeAug. 28, 2001

THE HAGUE, Aug. 28 - The former speaker of the Bosnian Serb parliament, without whose participation at Dayton the so-called “Bosnia Peace Agreement” would never have been possible (see “Krajisnik Abducted,” April 2000), has just been denied by the Hague Tribunal an opportunity to attend his father’s 40-day funeral wake, a holy day for all Orthodox Christian adherents.

Momcilo Krajisnik appealed to the Court for a three-day leave, on religious and humanitarian grounds, to pay respects to his late father.  But his plea was turned down today by the Court, after more than an hour-and-a-half’s debate, according to Belgrade’s Aug. 29 “Vecernje Novosti” (“Evening News”).  The decision was made despite the two previous cases in which the Court ruled favorably for the applicants seeking mercy.

Mark Harmon, the deputy prosecutor of Carla Del Ponte, the Hague Tribunal’s chief prosecutor, argued in court that that the 40-day wake could be held at the Hague prison instead, by a visit by an Orthodox Christian priest.  

But what this evidently overzealous New World Order practitioner did not (or would not?) take into account is that this would have meant that all of the Krajisnik family would have had to be flown to the Hague for the occasion.  Neither Harmon, nor the Court, were evidently willing to foot the bill.  So trespassing upon a Christian man’s soul was their preferred course of action.

Meanwhile, Krajisnik, wearing black, a sign of mourning in Eastern Europe, was never given an opportunity to speak by the Court.  “It did not appear as if he wanted to be heard,” the Vecernje Novosti article noted.


9. For Your Smile: “Administratium,” a New ElementAug. 28, 2001

PHOENIX, Aug. 28 - Amid all this morbid and sordid NWO stuff, we thought we could all use some fun.  Here’s a message we received from a TiM reader today, which we hope will bring a smile to your face, as it did to ours.  We do not know who the author of this clever pun is.  But we are trying to find that out.  And if we do, we’ll let you know, too.  For, we think, he/she has a wonderful sense of humor:


“Investigators at a major research institution recently discovered the heaviest element known to science and tentatively have named it 'Administratium'.

Administratium has been found to have no protons or electrons, thus having an atomic number of 0. > It has, however, 1 neutron, 125 assistant neutrons, 75 vice neutrons, and 111 assistant vice neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312. These 312 particles are held together by the continuous exchange of meson like particles called morons.

The morons are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton like particles called peons. Since it has no electrons, Administratium is inert. However, it can be detected chemically as it impedes every reaction with which it comes in contact. > According to the discoverers, a minute amount of Administratium caused one reaction to take more than four days to complete when it normally would have occurred in less than a second. Administratium has a half-life of approximately three years.

However, it does not decay in the usual way but instead undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neutrons, vice neutrons, and assistant vice neutrons exchange places.

In reorganization, some of the morons inevitably become neutrons, forming new isotopes. This characteristic of moron promotion leads some scientists to speculate that Administratium is formed spontaneously whenever moron concentration reaches a critical level.

This hypothetical quantity is referred to as Critical Morass.”


TiM Ed.: Which is what the Balkans Morass seems to have been for the NWO Morons.


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