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December 30, 2008

Eight Cities in 4 1/2 Days - September 12-16, 1999

TiM's "Tour de Serbia" - Sofia-Nis

Stage 1 - Photo Album - Sept. 12, 1999

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TiM's "TOUR DE SERBIA" - STAGE 1 - Sept. 12, 1999

Sofia-Nis; Nis Mini Tour; Two-Channel TV Interview

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1. Swissair (Crossair - Swissair's feeder airline) flight arrives in Sofia; 2. TiM editor's wife at the Sofia airport; 3. The first bomb crater in a Serb farmer's field - railroad bridge in the background left intact.

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4. Bombed out Nis bridge over the Nisava river; 5. Greek consulate in Nis, right next to the bridge, was also damaged in the bombing. A wreck of a consulate's car is still parked next to the fence alongside the Nisava river. Old factory "Rudo," visible at the back of the consulate building, was also damaged in the bombing.

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6. A close up of the damaged "Rudo" factory; 7. Repairs getting under way on the Nis bridge (Sept. 12). The house with the red roof had half of its  roof blown away in the bombing.  The new, lighter color tiles mark the damaged areas. Also, all apartment buildings (such as those visible in the background) had their windows blown out by the explosions caused during the attack on the bridge. Some still have only plastic sheets in lieu of windows. Pock marks on walls of those buildings are clearly visible close up; 8. Death notice of Gordana Sekulic (28), a waitress at the "Two Lanterns" restaurant in Sumatovacka Street, which leads to the Nis market. "She was the nicest person and the best employee I've ever had," the restaurant owner told the TiM editor, his voice quivering even four months after the incident. "Here," he said pointing to the scars in the pavement in front of the restaurant which two cluster bombs left, no more than 15 feet away from the spot where the waitress took her last breath, on which we were standing. Small craters, maybe 12 inches in diameter and 2-3 inches deep, with a "halo" of smaller round holes around it, marked the spot of one of the most egregious NATO crimes against humanity during its 79-day against the Serb civilians. "Eleven people died here," ZV said when the Nis market was hit by cluster bombs on May 7 (see the Special TiM GW Bulletin S99-70, Day 46, Item 1, filed that day). "It was the single most deadly bombing site."(see contemporaneous  photos of the May 7 cluster bombing of Nis).

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9. View toward the entrance to Sumatovacka Street from the University of Nis building (on the left), as recorded on Sept. 12, 1999; 10. And the same seen as posted at the TiM Web site on May 7, when cluster bombs exploded in Sumatovacka Street (the smoke is pouring out of it); 11. University of Nis building where TiM editor and his wife resided during their stay in Nis.

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12. TiM's editor with the two talk show hosts, Stela Jovanovic and Risto Bukvic, on the set of the TiM show in the studio TV Belle Amie.  It was the first time two competing Nis TV channels joined together to air a live talk show, including many calls and questions for TiM from their viewers who jammed up the studio switchboard; 13. Walk through downtown Nis after the show with Stela Jovanovic, one of the TV show hosts.   A big banner hung right across a street in the downtown Nis pedestrian mall announced the upcoming speech by the TiM editor at the People's Theater.  The speech title - "79 Days of American Infamy" - is shown in red letters.  The downtown Nis's McDonald's "Golden Arches" seem to hang over the TiM editor's head in this photo.  In a subsequent media interviews, the TiM editor said that seeing the such symbols of globalism was one of his disappointments during an otherwise richly rewarding visit to Nis - "a city with a big heart" - as the TiM editor put it.

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