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May 8, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-70, Day 46

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May 8, 1999; 1:30AM EDT - DAY 46


Nis                        1. NATO Hits Nis Hospital, Street Market, Killing at

                                Least 15 People (check out new-feat.gif (128 bytes) photos)

Belgrade              2. NATO Sets Chinese Embassy Ablaze, Killing Three People?

                                (check out new-feat.gif (128 bytes) photos) Alliance to Unravel in Next Week or Two?

Moscow               3. An American in Moscow: "Govorite tolka po ruski" as

                                Russian Military Prepares for War against NATO?

Finland                4. A Finnish-American: Thank You for Returning Me to My Roots


1. NATO Hits Nis Hospital, Street Market, Killing at Least 16 People (check out new-feat.gif (128 bytes) photos)

BELGRADE, May 8 - One day after Russia sold Serbia down the river in, what the NATO leaders termed a new "peace plan" (see S99-69, Day 42, Update 1, Item 1, May 7), NATO intensified its attacks on Serb civilians targets. An F-16 bomber hit a hospital and a street market in Nis, Serbia's third largest city of 250,000, some 200km (125 miles) south of Belgrade, using cluster bombs (which explode in the air, causing widespread damage to buildings and residents). At least 17 people - all civilians - were killed, and over 70 injured.

After several hours of stonewalling even its lapdog western media, some of which (e.g., MSNBC) had irrefutable footage of this latest Clinton-Clark-Blair, etc. crime against humanity, NATO finally fessed up to this mass murder.

In a tersely worded statement, the NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana, confirmed that NATO aircraft carried out an attack, supposedly on an airfield two miles away (!) from the residential area which was bombed. "Unfortunately, it is highly probable that a weapon went astray and hit civilian buildings," Solana said in a written statement.


TiM Ed.: You mean to say, Mr. Solana, that you and your NATO "supermen," like Gen. Wesley Kanne Clark, who early in this war exalted at the "surgical precision" of your supposed "smart bombs," cannot come even within two miles of your target? Which means that if someone asked you to bomb the White House, for example, you might just as easily hit the National War Memorial at Arlington, Virginia? Or the Reagan National Airport?

At the very least, the U.S. taxpayers should demand a refund for the trillions of OUR dollars which the Pentagon has spent on, what turns out to be, a technology which is not even as accurate as the WW II bombs. Unless, of course, there is a different explanation. That Serb civilian targets were deliberately hit. In which case, add the term "PREMEDITATED" mass murder to the war crimes charges that one of these days you, Mr. Solana, along with Gen. Clark and all other NATO leaders are likely to face (see a related story about the Canadian lawyers' filing of such a lawsuit at the Hague).


Dr. Petar Bosnjakovic, speaking at the Nis central hospital, told Reuters that nine people were killed at the marketplace, three were killed outside the hospital, and three died on the operating table.  The hospital's pathology lab was damaged, its walls pock-market with small craters caused by shrapnel from the cluster bombs. 

In addition, at least 30 private homes were destroyed in the Nis suburb, Medosevac, Reuters said.  One woman weeping in front of her devastated house said, "Look for yourselves and make your own judgments.  They (NATO) have destroyed this city without mercy. They did it with a clear conscience but without a sound mind."


2. NATO Sets Chinese Embassy Ablaze, Killing Three People? Alliance to Unravel in Next Week or Two? (check out new-feat.gif (128 bytes) photos)

BELGRADE, May 8 - NATO bombs hit the Chinese embassy in Belgrade shortly before midnight Friday (May 7),bg-chinese-5-8.jpg (13921 bytes) setting the building on fire. At least four Chinese citizens were killed in this "mother of all NATO blunders" (so far), and more than 20 were wounded, according to TiM's Belgrade sources.  One of them, a Chinese military attache, is fighting for his life at a Belgrade hospital.

The sources which TiM contacted by phone, who live near the scene of the attack, reported hearing several strong detonations which also damaged some nearby apartment buildings. "Our whole building shook and many windows were broken," said one resident. The parking lot of the hotel "Jugoslavija" was also reportedly hit.

But since NATO had once again struck the Serb power grid, before attacking downtown Belgrade, the city is in the dark at this moment, and our sources are unable to confirm visually the extent of the damage, or the casualties of this bombing (3:00AM local time).


TiM Ed.: By the way, contrary to the map of Belgrade which MSNBC, for example, kept showing its American TV viewers all evening, the Chinese embassy is located in the midst of a residential area in New Belgrade, across the river Sava, and at the opposite end of town from that which the MSNBC map showed. That's as if NATO were to hit a target in, say New Jersey, while aiming at one in Queens, NY.

Which only goes to show us that not only is the NATO military prowess grossly exaggerated, but the NWO lapdog media, who have helped build up NATO's alleged omnipotent image, can't even tell one bank of a Serb river from another.

P.S.: As the night progresses, NATO keeps hurling its deadly payloads into the Belgrade downtown area. New explosions are being reported from various parts of the city, including from Dedinje, a posh area of the city where many diplomatic residences are located. Such as the American, British, and many other ambassadors' living quarters. The NATO diplomatic residences are empty, of course. But not that of other nations', such as that of the Australian ambassador to Yugoslavia, for example, with whom this writer met while in Belgrade a few weeks ago. Nor those of diplomats from hundred-plus countries around the world, who are now also NATO members. NATO's "precision bombing" using its "smart bombs" has put the lives of all these people in danger now.

Isn't it time, perhaps, that all those countries join together, and turn on the spotlights on New World Order's mass murderers: Clinton, Blair, Clark, Chirac, and others?

For, even the American diplomats with no love lost for the Serbs, such as the former U.S. ambassador to Croatia, Peter Galbraith - who presided over the ethnic cleansing of several hundred thousands of Serbs from Croatia and Bosnia in 1995, riding on a Croatian tank for a while, too - condemned NATO's, meaning Gen. Wesley Clark's, choice of civilian bombing targets. Speaking on MSNBC tonight, Galbraith said that NATO should concentrate its bombings on the Serb forces in Kosovo, not the civilian targets such as those in Nis or Belgrade.

An MSNBC military analyst also echoed our earlier report about the Germans and the Italians getting cold feet (see S99-66, Day 43, Update 1, Item 1, May 5). NATO is getting desperate, he opined, because they know that they only have "maybe a week or two" before the alliance unity unravels. "The German and Italian government's are hanging on by their finger nails," this analyst said, in light of the widespread opposition to NATO's war on Serbia by the public in those countries.

Well, if this analyst is right, the Serbs should also realize that they have to endure "maybe a week or two" of NATO's murderous madness before the NATO alliance unravels. To those who are bound to die under NATO's bombs, that's obviously "a week or two" too many. But to those Serbs whom God will choose to survive this vicious attack on humanity, these will be the memorable weeks of continued heroic defiance of the fascist New World Order, which just may alarm the rest of the world to realize: "Belgrade today, my home town tomorrow?"

Based on the hundreds of e-mails which TiM keeps receiving every day from around the world, which reflect the above sentiments, the Serbs had better hunker down, pray to God, keep their powder dry, and hope that Belgrade continues to be the capital of the free world when this madness is all over.


3. An American in Moscow: "Govorite tolka po ruski" as Russian Military Prepares for War against NATO?

MOSCOW, May 7 - The New World Order quislings, Boris Yeltsin and Victor Chernomyrdin, may be selling out the Serbs, but there is no mistaking it as to where the real Russian hearts lie. With their Slav brothers, and against the anti-Christian New York/Washington/London/Brussels-based NWO. Even before NATO's latest attack on Serbia, it would have been ill-advised to speak English on the Moscow subways. But after Mar. 24, it could be deadly...

Here are excerpts from a letter which we received today from a Serbian-American woman who has just returned from a visit to Moscow:

"Just back from the good old Mockba, what can I say.... I'm still so violently upset by this shit in Yugo, that I am a little confused and a bit unfocused when discussing the Slavic sector of things.

Anyway, I'll have you know that those wonderful Slavic brothers of ours (in illogical theory anyhow, at this point, I suppose) are SEVERELY anti-American right now.

People were 'attacked' for reading the Moscow Times (an English language paper) in the Metro; people speaking English in the street were, in various cases, slandered and abused in very neprijatno (unpleasant) fashions. The U.S. Embassy is WALLED off and armored in a four block radius with armored/HEAVILY armed guards patrolling the premises.

I myself, fell an unfortunate victim to this situation while handing over legal (but very useless) tender to a seemingly gentle Russian cashier (you know their damn, wretched system) in light of buying sweet cheese. I happened to count softly to myself, 'one, two, three, four...'

Yes, very stupid, I know, but TOTALLY an accident. Anyhow, this woman took it upon herself to LOUDLY send me, my mother, and all Americans to hell and all other worse possible imagined places.

Uhm, okay. I happened to be with a Serb at the time of this interesting incident - the Serb who found it beyond hilarious. I was, however, a bit confused. And feeling a bit betrayed (I got over it). Well, what can you do, 'gotta' love those damn Russians.

So the (Russian) people themselves, however, are ALL (vtom chisle, i babushki) ready to climb on the next bus to the Balkans and passionately defend their poor, suffering Serb brothers. EVERYWHERE you go, there is visible support for such a thing. Friends in the Army (whatever THAT may mean in Russian civilization) have informed me that they have already started special training for the war in Yugoslavia. And thousands of young men have supposedly signed up to offer their robust Russian manliness in support of such endeavors. So, go figure... Tseluju!"


4. A Finnish-American: Thank You for Returning Me to My Roots

PHOENIX, May 7 - We received the following letter today from a Finnish-American. No editorial comment is necessary:

"I just want to let you know that I am a great fan of yours, to the extent that I have changed my e-mail signature to celebrate my own Finnish ethnicity!

In my childhood, as I was learning the names of all the different countries in the World, I remember saying to my parents, 'That Yugoslavia is a bad Communist country, just like the Soviet Union, isn't it?'

Stop the presses right there! My parents took me aside, and told me about the heroic struggle of the Serbs against the Nazis. And they taught me to respect Yugoslavia, even though it was a communist nation.

That was at West Point, New York, in the 1950s, and I've held this view to this day.

Your speech at the White House (see S99-61, Day 39. Update 1, May 1 - available at our Web site) was one of the greatest speeches I have ever read. My Finnish friend compared it to Winston Churchill's, 'Brave Finland stands alone' speech.

I bet the Angels are looking at you with Great Love!"

Victor Anton Wallenius - "Viktor Viktorinpoika"


TiM Ed.: Or the NWO devils with great scorn?  Either way, we are grateful for such a heartfelt support from this Finnish-American.

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