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TiM GW Bulletin 99/9-5

Sep. 19, 1999

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September 1999


Some reactions to... "New World Order Crisis Factory Retools, Stirs Up Trouble in Russia, Indonesia" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/9-4, 9/17/99)

U.S./Maryland: n Where There Is Islam, There Is War

East Timor:   n Makings of a Bloodbath

Australia:        n Pacific Vassal Pays Its NWO Dues in Blood and Treasure

Some reactions to... "Kleptocracy, Nepotism, Cronyism, Thuggery…" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/8-4, 8/17/99)

U.S./Massachusetts: n Put Kissinger and Holbrooke Both on Trial for War Crimes

Some reactions to... "The Forgotten War" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/8-1, 8/14/99)

U.S./Florida:    n What About the Cuban Sanctions?

Some reactions to... "Who Lost China" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/8-3, 8/16/99)

U.S./California:         n China's Dynastic Tradition

U.S./Maryland:   n Stop W. Bush or Gore from Being Elected

For your smile J - Life and Death Under Socialism...


Some reactions to... "New World Order Crisis Factory Retools, Stirs Up Trouble in Russia, Indonesia" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/9-4, 9/17/99)

U.S./MARYLAND: Where There Is Islam, There Is War

MARYLAND, Sept. 17 - We received the following comment/reacttion from Dr. Bela Szepesi:

"'Those whom God does not like - He gives them Turks for neighbors,' (goes an) old Hungarian saying.

Where there is Islam, there is war. Bela Sz. 1999.

The Timorese beaten and killed are Christians. That is why Clinton will send no American planes with bombs. Getting the Muslim overlords out of there is the right thing to do. They had brutalized the population ever since they took over. Muslim militias should be made to pay for the carnage. Somebody has to stop the Islamic onslaught."

Dr. Bela Szepesi, a Hungarian-American scientist, Maryland


TiM Ed.: It is true that the wars in Lebanon, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosovo, Dagestan, and now in Indonesia - all have an appearance of ethnic conflicts between Islamic and Christian adherents, in which the Muslims are the aggressors, and the Christians are the victims. But that's the view of the ground level, through the combatants gun sights. Behind such obvious truths, however, hide the invisible anti-Christians strings being pulled by the New World Order leaders who are using the aggressive Islam to do their own bidding against the meek Christians so the NWO soldiers don't have to. "Why waste precious NATO lives, if one can stoke the 'jihad' warriors to risk their lives?," they reason.

This sinister NWO scheme has been described in a number of TiM articles in the last five years. Check out, for example, "Why Are the Serbs the NWO's First Victims," "Russian 19th Century Philosopher Predicted Antichrist's Arrival," and "Why Are the Muslim's the NWO's Favorites?" (TiM GW Bulletin 97/8-3, 8/10/97 -, as well as this writer's Washington Times columns, "Christianity Under Siege" -, and "Silence Over Plight of Persecuted Christians" -


EAST TIMOR: Makings of a Bloodbath

DILI, East Timor, Sept. 5 - We received the following message from a U.N. observer in East Timor. Here's an excerpt:

"There are the makings of a bloodbath here. Many have fled. Many have died. I can see smoke of fires of homes set ablaze in the distance. I have heard gunfire in the distance. The Indonesian military and its creation the militias have refused to accept the democratically expressed wish of the East Timorese to move towards independence.

I have seen East Timorese defy militia and military violence to go vote on August 30 and I have seen their fearful faces. Several days ago, the women hosting us in Becora (just outside Dili) received an early morning phone call and woke us at 4:30 am to tell us we had to move out of where were staying for our own safety. I have since heard reports of many houses burned and people killed in that neighborhood. Another Dili neighborhood I spent time in, Balide, next to the U.N.'s East Timor headquarters is ablaze. Timor Aid, the organization which provided assistance to the parliamentary delegation I worked with to monitor the ballot has been looted of its rice and ransacked. There have also been many reports of people being forced onto vehicles and taken to West Timor, perhaps to bolster an argument for East Timor's partition or worse.

There have been many calls for U.N. or other peacekeepers. These may arrive too late. More guns aren't necessarily what East Timor needs. What is very clear is that the military could shut down the violence relatively quickly. The military is in control. It is they that can stop the killing."



TiM Ed.: Just in case that there is even a speck of a doubt that the eruptions of ethnic violence around the world are not spontaneous outbreaks, but are in fact "helped" behind the scenes by the NWO pyrotechnicians, conside the following excerpt from TiM editor's speech to the Reform Party of Arizona in September 1998:

"The (Bosnian) war was eventually halted by a U.S.-imposed "peace" agreement signed in Dayton, Ohio, in November 1995. Credit went to Richard Holbrooke, a former State Department official, who should be among the first to be prosecuted for war crimes under the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal for East Timor, according to Joe Fallon's CHRONICLES September 1998 article. "If such a court is established, one of the first people it will indict is Richard Holbrooke," he wrote.

The reason? Holbrooke's complicity in the Indonesian government's pogrom of over 200,000 East Timorese for which, Fallon said, Indonesia received a green light in 1975 from President Ford and Henry Kissinger."

Funny how the same names keep popping up wherever Christian blood is being shed around the world, isn't it? Holbrooke, now the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., had his fingers in the Kosovo and Cyprus mess, too, before being confirmed to the U.N. post after a delay of more than a year, due to alleged financial and other ethical improprieties.


AUSTRALIA: Pacific Vassal Pays Its NWO Dues in Blood and Treasure

AUSTRALIA, Sept. 12 - We received the following comment from Carol Kavanagh, a TiM reader in Australia:

"However many Kosovars were actually 'murdered' by Serbians, at least as many, if not more East Timorese have been, and continue to be, murdered by the Indonesians - either in the form of the Indonesian army backed 'Militia' or the Indonesian army and/or police.

It has now been confirmed in the Australian media that the East Timorese who dared to vote for independence are being murdered or transported to Indonesian controlled West Timor; nuns and priests have been murdered. Dili is burning and the remnants of the UN who supervised the recent 'Independence vote' there are holed up in the UN compound, along with a few thousand desperate local refugees, and due to ship out within the next 24 hours. Most of the world's media who gathered to film the historic occasion, along with most other Western observers and workers in the province have already been transported out. The Australian consulate was shot at during this exercise. An American MP was shot and wounded.

The Indonesian government/military constantly announces it will restore order in the territory, as the report simultaneously pour out that the 14,000 Indonesian army troops sent to undertake this are either passively observing the violence or actively participating in it. And this is a territory that, unlike the Kosovo situation, was actually invaded by Indonesia 25 years ago, when the world turned a blind eye, although the UN has never officially recognized Indonesian sovereignty there.

The Australian government has made it clear that it is prepared to commit 4000 troops to a UN peacekeeping force, and the PM has publicly and privately requested the US to contribute to this force. BUT, Bill Clinton has responded that the US has a special relationship with Indonesia. So much for ANZUS! The UN is dithering on the side lines and saying nothing can be done without Indonesian government permission! Apparently, East Timorese lives don't have the same humanitarian value as Kosovar lives."


TiM Ed.: Not exactly. As the subsequent events have shown, after this letter was written. It's just that the U.N. "peacekeepers" waited long enough for the slaughter of East Timorese Christians to take its course, before intervening to impose their version of the Kosovo "peace farce."


Clearly the US mainstream media is now being saturated with the same pathetic photo opportunities as it was for Kosovo (although they are in full evidence and many have been seen on television here, and most are much clearer cut than the scenes we were shown in the Balkans, because most of those could have been of anything). The Indonesian generals are being given the message loud and clear that they can murder with impunity.

There is obviously no motivation for the US authorities to cross Indonesia. The current US President is very selective indeed when it comes to his outrage against ethnic cleansing and his compassion for the Christian East Timorese population being massacred by the Indonesian Muslims.

Australia has offered to commit troops, and has 4,000 waiting and ready in Darwin, to a UN effort. Australia responded to a US/UN request for Kuwait, Vietnam and Kosovo. At least the population at large is now questioning this blind following of American (oops, sorry, UN) policy.

The Australian government has also naively been at the forefront of supplying aid and presumably cultivating a 'special relationship' with Indonesia. And the Australian mainstream media is just as left wing/multicultural/politically correct, completely lacking in commonsense as it appears is the US mainstream media.


TiM Ed.: The Australian government is being anything but "na´ve." This NWO vassal is simply paying its Asia/Pacific NWO membership dues with Australian lives and dollars, just as Tony Blair, Jaques Chirac… and other European leaders have done in Bosnia and Kosovo.

This Australian engagement in East Timor is a supreme irony, though: One of the most highly prized British colonies is now colonizing others - in the name of the Yankee dollars (as most Aussies tend to erroneously put all Americans into the same basket, the Confederates included).

Guess the NWO has provided a whole new dimension to the term colonialism. Obedient proxies carry out the dirty work for the New York and Washington master - the true Big Brother.


UPDATE, Sept. 15 - We are now being told by our mainstream media that President Clinton is prepared to commit the US to a peacekeeping mission, along the lines of.... So, there you go, the US has not let us down. (Mind you this is from an Australian media who likes to present the 'damn arrogant overbearing capitalist Yankees' theme whenever there is a Republican President in office). However, we are also told US particpation will be minor, and restricted to limited logistical support.


TiM Ed. Wrong conclusion! (re. the "U.S. has not let us down"). Some 200 American troops will be used only for support and logistical tasks. As another Australian TiM reader wrote to us on Sept. 18: "There's no way the US will risk US bodies over East Timor. That Jewish piece of filth, Jaime (Jamie?) Rubin, has the game sewn up."


An earlier reported statement by State Department spokesperson Jamie Rubin, explaining why the US preferred to move 'gently' on East Timor was, I believe, the real key. Rubin said 'the US has myriad interests in Indonesia' and that the goal was to balance those interests. Rubin also said that amongst these interests, the US has a BUSINESS (my emphasis) interest there.


TiM Ed. Wrong conclusion! (re. the U.S. has not let us down). Some 200 American troops will be used only for support and logistical tasks. As another Australian TiM reader wrote to us on Sept. 18: "There's no way the US will risk US bodies over East Timor. That Jewish piece of filth, Jaime (Jamie?) Rubin, has the game sewn up."


The main thing about all of this is the hypocrisy of the Australian media, who constantly laud the human rights record of the Clinton Administration (after al,l he holds to their socialist values), especially re Kosovo, whilst minimizing and even vilifying his detractors over his personal pecadillos. There has been a strong implication that it was in the main a vindictive plot my an individual (Starr) who (for undivulged reasons of his own) was out to get Bill Clinton, aided and abetted by some silly, obsessed and/or equally vindictive women.

I firmly believe that the past twenty years of social cultural warfare by socialism/liberalism against basic standards of decency, the kind of standards that so many Australian (and no doubt American) journalists find so odious, has led us to the point where the once strong and enviable democratic societies of our two countries have begun to disintegrate - a disintegration that continues to accelerate.

The differences between the two mainstream Australian political parties are now virtually indistinguishable. In fact the only difference I can ascertain is the suggestion of one that is created by reporting the usual political point scoring conducted by both sides. (I don't know if this is also true of the Republicans & Democrats, but I suspect it might be).


TiM Ed.: It most certainly is practically indistinguishable. See the "American Demo Farce.." (a Washington Times columnl).


We now have government by lobby group. And, all of these lobby groups are either those of big business, or those of an extremely authoritarian socialist/liberal bent that fits the ideology of the great majority of Australian journalists. And by liberal I do NOT mean libertarian!!

The majority of the population here has been dumbed-down, because they don't have time to form lobby groups and are too busy just getting on with their every day lives. As well they have been appeased with the latest technology and with sport. Their opinions are formed by the mainstream media plus they have learned to keep any occasional conflicting opinions to themselves, or within their family and close friends, because they have seen what has happened to any person or group who has dared oppose the prevailing mainstream media views. The Australian media's response has been to combine ignoring them, with heavy ridicule, and to report others ridiculing them. […]

Carol Kavanagh, Australia


TiM Ed.: Once again, similarities between the NWO-controlled media are unmistakable worldwide. Check out, for example, this author's August 1997 column in the Washington Times, "Dumbing Down of America," renamed by the editors to "Dancing 'Round the Golden Calf" -


Some reactions to... "Kleptocracy, Nepotism, Cronyism, Thuggery…" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/8-4, 8/17/99)

MASSACHUSETTS: Put Kissinger and Holbrooke Both on War Crimes Trial

MASSACHUSETTS, Aug. 17 - We received the following comment from a TiM reader in Massachusetts:

"The reference to Holbrooke as the 'Kissinger of the Balkans' is correct, although for different reasons. Holbrooke worked to ethnically cleanse the Krajina and Bosnia of Serbs in 1995, and to impose Washington's warped views on the Balkans. In 1974, Henry Kissinger gave Turkey the green light to invade Cyprus following a coup in Cyprus by Greece's then military rulers (which Kissinger and the State Department instigated).

As Holbrooke is responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Serbs, Kissinger is responsible for the Turks ethnically cleansing Greeks in Cyprus.

In addition, both of these individuals would in a perfect world be put on trial for their foreign policy actions (crimes)."

Ted Karakosta, Massachusetts


Some reactions to... "The Forgotten War" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/8-1, 8/14/99)

FLORIDA: What About the Cuban Sanctions?

FLORIDA, Aug. 17 - We received the following e-mail comment from Arthur Ayotte of Florida:

"When the Soviet Union was in a position to buy Cuban sugar, Castro built the finest health care system in Latin America, if not in the entire Western hemisphere. Now that he can not rely upon Russian help, the health care system is deteriorating rapidly for lack of money and supplies. The embargo and sanctions have caused shortages that are inhuman in their pettiness and evil intent. But none of this hurts Fidel and his cadre of post Revolution leaders. He has been in power for forty years and anyone born in the last fifty years that time has known no other form of government.

Until Canadian and European visitors flooded in to take advantage of the situation, the problem of prostitution and black marketing was pretty well under control but the daughters of the reformed whores that Fidel Casttro made decent are back on the corner. And so it goes.

In addition to the hardships now being suffered by the Cuban people, there is the spectre of the death of Fidel and the struggle for leadership that will come. There is no apparent successor and there are thousands of Miami Cubans, many of whom were not born or were infants when Fidel kicked out the Mafia-controlled and Corporate-owned dictator Batista.

The Mainland Cubans are slobbering to go back and kick the present residents off 'their' land and out of 'their' property. Of course, the majority of the exiles have never seen the property they want to reclaim. Nothing but blood and inhumanity will follow. And Havana will once again be the whorehouse of the Caribbean, run by the Mob."

Arthur Ayotte, Florida


Some reactions to... "Who Lost China" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/8-3, 8/16/99)

CALIFORNIA: China's Dynastic Tradition

CALIFORNIA, Aug. 15 - The following letter comes from a TiM reader from California:

"China has a long tradition of dynastic rule, I doubt they will learn to appreciate western 'values' (whatever they are nowadays) anytime soon.

Yes, in previous wars, our past policy was one of 'give them enough rope'. But the next war may be different. China is indeed being built up for war, as were Japan and Germany. But today America has fallen under the spell of a Dickensian British fascism. We've strayed far from our roots of French 'liberte'.

Today it's not clear America has the moral righteousness of times past. Our nation is subverted by class warfare, which in its current form is a subtle globalist genocide directed at whites and Christians of the lower classes.

Given this weakening of America, it's hard to tell just which nation is being set up for the fall. And perhaps that's exactly the answer: that this time, in the name of the 'global village', no nation may be spared".

Steve Upton, California


MARYLAND: Stop W. Bush and Gore from Being Elected!

CALIFORNIA, Aug. 17 - We received the following letter from a TiM reader in Maryland which criss-crosses a number of topics - Kosovo, China, U.S. elections…

"I am deeply saddened by news of the murders of elderly Serbian women in Kosovo/Serbia and am hoping that Mr. Klinton suffers many sleepless nights and days due to his dreadful use of NATO.

Also, I am keenly aware of the escalation of brutal government actions in this, our own country. and the fear our people are showing in the face of government oppression. Today, my concern for the future of freedom in the US has deepened following the straw-vote results in Iowa and George W. Bush's solid win there. When did America become a "kingdom" with prince Gore & Prince G.W. Bush as next-in-line for the crown?? G.W. Bush is no less a globalist, NWO devotee than his father.

From where did this voter popularity for Bush spring? He offers no solutions for any of the major problems created for us by this grossly amoral Klinton administration and offers no hope at all that we will withdraw from the evil United Nations. This spoiled Texas prince embraces Red China and will give away our nation's sovereignty in exchange for even more free trade for China.

I shudder to think of our nation under the control of George W. Bush and his circle of Council of Foreign Relations controllers. God help the United States of America and save us from such fate as the NWO has planned for our people.

If there is any way you and TiM can find to stop W. Bush and Gore from being elected, please do it… whatever it takes to inform voters of the TRUTH...unlike the major media which are pushing these two self-centered traitors down the throats of the people.

Meantime, many thanks for your solid information and your caring for the future of this nation."

Jackie Madison, Maryland


For your smile J - Life Under Socialism...

MOSCOW, Sept. 19 - We received the following contribution from a TiM reader in Maryland:

George dies and goes to hell. He notices one sign that says, "Capitalist Hell," and another that says, Socialist Hell." There's a long line of souls waiting to get into socialist hell, but no one waiting to get into capitalist hell. George asks the guard, "What do they do to you in socialist hell?"

"They boil you in oil, whip you, and then put you on the rack," says the guard.

"And what do they do to you in capitalist hell?" George asks.

"Same thing," the guard replies.

"Then why is everybody in line for socialist hell?"

"Because in socialist hell," the guard explains, "they're always out of oil, whips and racks."


TiM Ed.: To which we replied with a Socialism 101 comment of our own:


A Russian buys a new Moskvich (car) in 1980, and is assigned a delivery date of Tuesday, Oct. 2, 1990, between 8AM and noon.

"Could you change that to the afternoon?" he asks the salesman.

"But why? How do you know what you'll be doing 10 years from now?

"It's because my TV set is being delivered in the morning."

For your smile J - Life and Death Under Capitalism...

MOSCOW, Sept. 18, 1999 - Finally, here is a true story about capitalism in the former center of socialism.

On Saturday night, we went out to dinner to a typical Russian restaurant (Georgian food, in this case).  Service could have stood some improvements, but the grub was good.  Total bill for a three course-meal for three people, including a bottle of Georgian wine - $36!

Then this party of three went back to our American hotel where we had three coffees.  Total bill - $20.

And you think the Russians are slow learners when in comes to capitalism, and skinning the foreigners alive?

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