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usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"If you suffer from the malady known as Incurable Optimism, here's a cure. Try subscribing to TRUTH in MEDIA... Rarely do I send a post to my entire mailing list. This one is worth the effort, and worth your time to read, IF you care at all about the destruction of Constitutional rights in America. I hope you'll pass it on."

Daniel New, Texas, father of Michael New, the now famous U.S. soldier who refused to serve under the "U.N. blue" in Macedonia

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Dear Bob: This is just a personal note of thanks, both for your loyal support, and that terrific speech at the Reform Party Convention.  Let us give the New World Order types a battle they will never forget - or recover from.  All the best, Pat." (Re. Djurdjevic's Reform Party Convention Speech, May 2000).

Patrick J. Buchanan, United States Presidential Candidate, Virginia

aus-flag.gif (2180 bytes) "Outstanding!  I salute you.  Good luck with Pat." (Re. Djurdjevic's Reform Party Convention Speech, May 2000) and "The Other Side of the Coin"). 

B.M., Australia

flag-france.jpg (1123 bytes) "Boy, it really feels elating to read such things written by a thoroughbred American! Your America is the America that we French have always loved - a country of freedom, pride, truth and honesty, not a leftwing warmongers' reserve. Long live France, America and Serbia!! Down with the Halfbright line!! "Populists" of all countries, UNITE!! Buchanan for President!! (if I may so wish, being a foreigner)." (Re. Djurdjevic's Reform Party Convention Speech, May 2000).

Francois Thouvenin, France

flag-srb.gif (7015 bytes)usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"That [diversity of opinions] is one of the remarkably good things about TiM. It represents a broad spectrum of views (Re. Prices in Serbia Tripple, Oct. 24, 2000). One of the remarkably bad things about TiM is that it doesn't always agree with me."

Charles Alverson, a former Wall Street Journal reporter who now lives in Serbia

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Wow Bob, terrific articles on the mess in South Africa." (re. Wherever Globalism Treads, Trash Follows, Sep 3). "I love your coverage of what is really going on in the world, not what the multinational media conglomerates want me to hear. Thx for being there for us."

Gerry Adkins, Washington (state)

aus-flag.gif (2180 bytes) wpe8.jpg (1339 bytes)"To the people at 'Truth in Media' and a special thanks to the man himself, BOB DJURDJEVIC!  It is with great respect and love in Christ that I write to you to thank you, for opening peoples eyes up to the truth... Your articles are fantastic because they show the average person that the world does not function the way the mainstream media and our governments tell us that it does.  May God bless your fruitful works."

Dimitrios, Melbourne, Australia

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Your letter to the Wall Street Journal (June 7th) is a superbly written and beautifully ironic piece of political journalism. You deserve the Pulitzer Prize for it. I will send numerous copies of your letter world around."

M.R., university librarian, Wisconsin

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Well Bob, you've got guts, and looks like the other organs are in fine working order" (re. Letter to the Wall Street Journal - June 7th). "Care to add the tag-line MINION ANTIDOTE to TiM?" 

Natalia Gakovich, Illinois

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"You really do a helluva good job!" (re. Colombia Deadly Welcome for American President, Aug. 31).  

Walter Muir, Arizona

“I Cannot Even Express My Thankfulness”Sep. 21, 2000

CALIFORNIA, Sept. 13 - We received the following from Zoran West, a TiM reader in California:

“If there is one person who stands up against lies, who stands up for truth, who really stands up for "truth in media", who stands up for "justice for all," and one person who can be unquestionably trusted -- than I would have to say; it has to be Bob Djurdjevic.

I cannot even express my thankfulness for Bob Djurdjevic's extraordinary, super-humane, truly-Christian, people-loving, truth-loving efforts (if those are the appropriate enough words...).  I can feel Mr. Djurdjevic's great heart, which truly stands for "freedom and justice for all." (Wake up US of A., this was your once-deserved national slogan...)

Mr. Djurdjevic's has a heart aligned with truth.  He gives unconditional moral support to deserving people, so all of truth-loving people can appreciate the openness and dissection of how Bob handles the NWO moral and political western whores like Clinton, Albright and Blair (and their followers, of course)

Bob's exposure of the thugs we are up against in this "democratic western world" is the benchmark of what freedom really is.

I just (simply) have to say; "THANK YOU, Thank you Mr.. Djurdjevic" ... although I cannot possibly thank you enough...

Once upon the time, there was a truthful and free country in the Western hemisphere, now they lost their freedom... Therefore, there is Yugoslavia, Iraq, Cuba... and 70 other counties the U.S. tried to destroy since WW II.  What do those countries have in-common?

They KNOW the truth, unlike Americans, who once used to KNOW what is the truth.

I am extremely thankful to you, Mr. Djurdjevic. You know… you are more then a prophet.  You are a modern day prophet. I just wish America can wake up.  And make up. Before it is too late.”

Zoran West, California (see "Fifth Column, Not Street 'Revolutionaries,' Toppled Milosevic", TiM GW Bulletin 2000/10-, 10/21/2000).


TiM Ed.: When the publisher of the web site asked us if they could post this letter at their site, we naturally asked Mr. West if he would mind that.  He replied:

“I was hoping you would ask me this question, so the answer is obvious - PLEASE DO! Thank you again for all you are doing for bringing out the truth. Warmest regards, Zoran West, California.  


“You Are Right Up There with Paul Revere”Sep. 22, 2000

WASHINGTON (state), Sep. 22 - We received the following comment from Gerald Adkins, a TiM reader in the state of Washington:

“Bob, I was pleased with Mr. West's nice comments (see Item 7 of this TiM Bulletin) about you and your organization (TiM).     

I too love your news, insights and especially your ability to reveal what is really going on behind-the-scenes in this country.     

I only hope that before we lose all our freedoms, the people who pay all the bills (the middle class sheeple) wake up and realize that our government was not established to control, manipulate and exploit us.  Instead, it was designed around the idea that we have certain inalienable rights that the government is supposed to be working hard to protect.     

I speculate the Minute Men (in George Washington's revolutionary time) would have run to the other side if they could see us now!     

You are right up there with Paul Revere in my book.  Warmest best wishes.”

Gerald C. Adkins, Washington (state)


“Ditto Zoran West”Sep. 22, 2000

MINNESOTA, Sep. 22 - Mr. Adkins’ above comment was followed by another cryptic letter we’ve just received from Heli North, a TiM reader from Minnesota.  It said:

“Bob, Ditto Zoran West” (see Item 7 of this Bulletin)

Heli North, Minnesota


“Numero Uno”Sep. 23, 2000

DUBLIN, Ireland, Sep. 23 - We received the following cryptic comment, titled “Numero Uno,” endorsing the Zoran West message (see Item 7 of this Bulletin), from Joe Murphy, a TiM reader in Dublin Ireland:



Eternal Flame Burns Brightly...Sep. 24, 2000  

ILLINOIS, Sep. 24 - I admire your relentless fight for THE TRUTH in the real sense of the word. Keep doing the God's work. God bless you and your family.

Srbija je vecna dok su joj deca verna! (Serbia is eternal as long as her children are faithful to her).

N.V. Mandich, Ph.D., Illinois

wpe35.jpg (40845 bytes) "EXCELLENT STITCHERY!!!" (re. the New World Order Flag - TiM GW Bulletin 99/11-4, Nov. 21, 1999).

Stephen of the EireFire in New York

"I would like to send another donation. This article was simply fantastic (re. New World Order Flag  - TiM GW Bulletin 99/11-4, Nov. 21, 1999). May God protect you and keep you on this Earth for many, many years!"

N.S., (state unknown)

"Thanks for one of the best TiM GW Bulletins I've seen yet! (re. New World Order Flag  - TiM GW Bulletin 99/11-4, Nov. 21, 1999). That quote from Milosevic about Eagleburger, a Secretary of State, calling David Rockefeller 'Sir' is PRICELESS! That quote says it all. That's what the U$A is all about -- Money. Nothing more. Not 'democracy,' not 'human rights,' not freedom. Just money and raw, immoral, ruthless -- and diabolically deceptive -- power."

David Thomas, California

"Its motto:'Perpetual commerce through perpetual war' (from the New World Order Flag  - TiM GW Bulletin 99/11-4, Nov. 21, 1999). Bob, the above statement of yours is one of the most true, most cogent, most fitting, as a descriptor of all that entails the NWO game of corruption."

Angie Carlson, California

aus-flag.gif (2180 bytes) "Bob keep sticking up for us, someone has to. Much appreciated." (Re. NWO "Liberals" Cancel Christmas, TiM GW Bulletin 99/12-4, 12/15/99).

Peter McCallum, Australia

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"OH, YES, YES, YES!!!!!" (Re. NWO "Liberals" Cancel Christmas, TiM GW Bulletin 99/12-4, 12/15/99). "When I look around and see that I am the ONLY caucasian, English-speaking person in the store... I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!"

Joanne O., Alaska

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Bob, you have been the Light of Hope in the darkness of America in this 75-day struggle!" (Re. NATO's War on Serbia). "You have brought to the attention of all Lovers of Freedom and Liberty in America and the world the plight of Yugoslavia in this dreadful conflict... Your superior and exemplary journalistic work in this horrific war shines like a star in the best American tradition of the Free Press. You are the Thomas Paine and the William L. Shirer of the 1990's!"

Victor Anton Wallenius, Washington (state)

aus-flag.gif (2180 bytes)"I'd like to thank you for an outstanding seminar that you presented on Oct. 30, 1999 in Sydney... (see "Tour de Oz: A Gang Rape of  Small Nation").  Because of your Truth in Media work, you have opened up my mind, my eyes, and my ears.  I no longer believe what is put out there (by the mainstream media).  Because of you, I now question everything I see and hear... That's why, Bob, God has put you on this earth - to open up peoples minds, eyes and ears, so that they can hopefully one day reclaim what is theirs - FREEDOM AND QUALITY LIFE for everyone."

I.I., Canberra, Australia

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Thank you for your website of TiM, and for your interest in getting out the truth to all of us who are in dire need of it.  You're a light and a glimmer of hope in a huge void of darkness."

David Balder, Tennessee

flag-irl.jpg (1162 bytes)"I have just read your speech to the University of Nis (see "Tour de Serbia"). GREAT STUFF! You annunciate the feelings and emotions that that so many of us out there in the Internet Land feel and want to say. Six months ago, Serbia was (for me) a mysterious state in Central Europe.  (Now) Thanks to you... it is a place which will always be with me. Now I have come to see that Serbia has suffered every bit as much as Ireland."

Joe Murphy, Ireland

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"You fill an otherwise total media void of conscientious news reporting and reasoned commentary. I hesitate to refer to the media as 'American,' as there is nothing American in their blind subservient regurgitation of government propaganda... Your seemingly boundless energy acts as a mirror to their and our conscience. From one grateful American, I thank you."

Robert Drobot, California

"Bravo!" (re. "Who Lost China?" - TiM GW Bulletin 99/8-3, 8/16/99).

Prof. Dr. Valentin Kashinov, St. Petersburg, Russia

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Bob, I'm a regular visitor since about Day #25 of the war on Serbia, and I heard you speak at both of the D.C. protest rallies (May 1 and June 5). Your piece on 'Communist Media Then and Now' brought tears to my eyes. I've copied it to share with friends who, though well-educated intellectuals, do fit your description of 'brain dead.'

Unfortunately, despite a burgeoning information business in this country, most of the media outlets are owned by a handful of corporations tied closely to the defense and banking businesses, so the voices of dissent are either muted or completely silent... Alas, it is all too clear that... America the Beautiful has become America the Terrorist Superpower. Shame on us. Thank you for your work. God bless."

Sylvia Arkes, Virginia

flag-srb.gif (7015 bytes)"I just want to thank You for the great job that You did during all this madness. The only news that I could believe was yours. I wish to thank You for support that You gave to people here and me among them. It is great to know that there are people in the world who don't believe in lie-and-deny statements of lunatics on both sides, and it is the message that You succeeded to send all over the world." (Re. NATO's War on Serbia).

Aleksandar Kolaric, Serbia

wpe1.jpg (1380 bytes)"I have appreciated your coverage of the Yugoslavia war greatly, and urge you to keep up the fantastic job.  The world does care, and eventually the world will start to fight back against those who seek a NWO.  I WILL make a difference in this world, and with your help, others will as well." (Re. NATO's War on Serbia).

Scott Becker, promgrammer analyst, Canada

wpe17.jpg (2152 bytes)"If we really start telling the truth to each other, I think humans can make sense of this mess in pretty short order. You are outstanding in leading the way in this direction, saying absolutely what you think." (re. "The Forgotten War on Iraq: Another Anglo-American Genocide" - TiM GW Bulletin 99/8-2 - Aug. 14, 1999)

John Manning, Czech Republic

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"My dear Bob, you were spot on! (re. "Kosovo's Incomplete Peace Is a Complete New York Times Farce," a letter to the editor). Kudos, by the myriad!"

L.L., Tennessee

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"This 'Declaration of Independence 1999'   you wrote is absolutely excellent. This is exactly the right idea. We need total independence from what has become a truly EVIL federal government. All states that are not hopelessly corrupt whores to the federal government should declare their independence. Every good citizen should too."

Dave Thomas, California

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"At last!!!! For sometime, in my subconscious, I've visualized these very transgressions against The Declaration of Independence, and VOiLA, here they are in print. Master Stroke!!! They shall become my 'talking points' in letters, conversations and recommendations. Americanism IS alive, though seemingly dim at times. Thank you for putting it in perspective."

Citizen David H. Shull, Georgia

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Thank you, Sir (for your Declaration of Independence 1999). The bastards have us surrounded; don't let'em get away!"

Bob Pletka, Oregon, Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Corps, World War II

....and to many, many other Americans who also co-signed our Declaration of Independence 1999, here is is a large THANK YOU!

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"How truly correct you are, 'again!'  I must say you are one of the very, very few learned, cogent, and succinct writers I have ever read... Thank you as ever for your wonderful contribution to my education, and for a truthful contribution to all others like me who benefit from your gifts of knowledge and wisdom."

Angie Carlson, California

wpeE.jpg (1666 bytes)"Congratulations, Bob. Your letter to the Wall Street Journal is a triumph of truth." (re. "A Letter to the 'Death Merchants Journal'," July 7, 1999).

B.M., Australia

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Great, fantastic letter!" (re. "Banality of Bombings", a letter to the New York Times, Mar. 2, 1999). "It says everything I'd like to say, but can't express as clearly and succinctly as you do."

S.R., Texas

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Thanks for your Herculean effort in clearing the intense domestic and international political air pollution we have suffered for the last number of years." (Re. NATO's War on Serbia).

Robert Drobot, California

wpe1.jpg (1380 bytes)"Hats off to you for the great work. Your last column was a gem." (re. "On the Brink of Madness", TiM GW Bulletin 99/2-8, 2/25/99).

G.A., journalist, Canada

flag-irl.jpg (1162 bytes) flag-us.gif (1000 bytes) "Hi, Bob or Achara! Irish for hello."  (Re. "Let's Reclaim Our Constitution" - a speech to the Reform Party of Arizona convention)"I have to admit you have to be my favorite modern writer.  I enjoy your posts and read them all.  Your style is unique in that it just plainly and simply covers the truth.  I guess, that's why it's Truth in Media, huh? ... You get my vote for a Pulitzer or whatever applies in your category.  Keep up the good work..."

Steve O'Layne, an Irish-American, North Carolina

(also, we've received MANY, MANY other supportive comments about the above speech from all over America and the world, but we can't show them all here for space reasons...).

wpeE.jpg (1666 bytes)"Thanks, Bob, for another excellent letter." (re. "On the Brink of Madness", TiM GW Bulletin 99/2-8, 2/25/99).

Brian McDermott, national secretary, Patriotic Movement of Australia Inc.

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"You're getting a good job of getting the truth out.  You explain it in terms we understand" (see "Banality of Bombings", a letter to the New York Times, Mar. 2, 1999). "I was relating your analogy of Aztlan (see "Kosovo: Bosnia II and Serbia's Aztlan") to one of my customers today.  She said she had never heard it put THAT way.  It made sense to her, as it does to me.  Keep on 'splainin' the facts as they are!   God bless you."

M.H, North Carolina

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Enjoyed this!" (re. "Once in a Blue Moon, at Meelup", an Aussie travel vignette). 

H.B., New York

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"One of your best (articles) to date!  In my opinion." (re. "Australia: Truth Alone Is Not Enough!", TiM GW Bulletin 99/2-7, 2/14/99; also "Murder of the Book, 'Murder by Media'"). 

M.F., Oklahoma

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"AN EXCELLENT ARTICLE!" (re. "Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts", TiM GW Bulletin 99/1-2, 1/12/99).  "Filled with the resounding ring of truth."

J.O., Alaska

"This is the biggest case of racial bigotry I have seen in a long time." (re. the same article as above - "Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts", TiM GW Bulletin 99/1-2, 1/12/99). 

"Ish," anonymous critic - location and profession unknown

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "A powerful piece. Absolutely the best!" (re. the same article as above - "Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts", TiM GW Bulletin 99/1-2, 1/12/99). 

C.V.B., US Army officer (ret.), Oregon

wpe1.jpg (1380 bytes)"I was very glad to read your TRUTH IN MEDIA" (re. "Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts", TiM GW Bulletin 99/1-2, 1/12/99). "We have here a 'media terror'" (in Canada).

L.H., a Hungarian freedom fighter 1956, Canada

wpe6.jpg (1511 bytes)"A super article, but you forgot about poor old England." (re. the same article as above - "Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts", TiM GW Bulletin 99/1-2, 1/12/99).  "It's here, too." (Non-Euro immigration).

R.S., United Kingdom

flag-france.jpg (1123 bytes)"The same situation exists in France" (re. "Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts", TiM GW Bulletin 99/1-2, 1/12/99).

J.E., France

As you can see from the above six responses, the Truth in Media (TiM) doesn't shy from controversial issues which elicit varied reactions.  For, as one of our readers put it in a letter to the editor, "ignore your rights, and they will go away." TiM cherishes the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (freedom of speech and of the press), and is prepared to do whatever it takes to preserve it.

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"A well researched article which shows the stunning depth of our economic troubles." (re. "Two Faces of Globalism", TiM GW Bulletin 98/12-6, 12/11/98).  "(Even) as one who is writing a book that uses economic intelligence in the subplot, I am still amazed at the situation."

John Bruni, writer, California

"Thanks for the 'Brazil Central Bank's Revolving Door.'" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/2-1, 2/04/99). "We really enjoy reading your e-zine."

Tanya and Alexander Samoiloff, Khabarovsk, (Far East) Russia

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Bob: Fantastic columns you write! (They) should be required reading in the schools and service clubs' noonday meetings."

J.B., New York

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"I applaud you!" (re. "You Were Wrong About Gen. Perisic", a letter to the New York Times, 11/30/98).  "Standing ovation to Bob for his courage in battle.  For those that might be asleep... we are at war; there is a battle raging against truth."

B.R., state unknown

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Thanks.  You're right on target, as always."(re. "Not Only a Banana War: The Coming EU-US Clash?" (TiM GW Bulletin 98/11-5, 11/12/98). "Truth in Media?  It is not in the (New York) Times."

S.F., New York

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Bravo, Bob Dj: This narrative is among your best!" (re. "A Travel Vignette: Taking a Little Bite Out of the Big Apple", TiM GW Bulletin 98/11-3, 11/05/98).

M.M., columnist, New Hampshire

wpeE.jpg (1666 bytes)"Excellent article, Bob!" (re. "Russia: Is NWO Spinning Out of Control?", TiM GW Bulletin 98/11-6, 11/18/98).

R.B., writer, Australia

wpe1.jpg (1380 bytes)"This is a powerful and a most informative essay." (re. "Klinton's Amerika: Israel's Tomahawk", TiM GW Bulletin 98/12-7, 12/21/98).

Paul Fromm, Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform, Canada

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Masterpiece!" (re. "A Travel Vignette: Taking a Little Bite Out of the Big Apple", TiM GW Bulletin 98/11-3, 11/05/98). "May I offer it to...?" [the reader's local publication].

Dr. G.T.S., North Carolina

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "A great article!" (re. "A Bear in Sheep's Clothing", Djurdjevic's CHRONICLES column, December 1998 issue).

W.B., Oregon

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Excellent piece. Exceptional work. "(re. "A Balkan Affairs Potpourri," TiM GW Bulletin 98/10-8, 10/24/98, and "An Ugly Double Standard in Kosovo Conflict?" - a WASHINGTON TIMES column, 10/25/98). "NOT what you got on '60 Minutes' this evening."

P.P., New York

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Loved your letter!" ("Another Wall Street Bailout; Main Street Sellout" - a letter to NEWSWEEK, Oct. 14, 1998).  "...keep on trucking with the excellent and truly insightful articles and letters you do so well.  A 99.99% fan of all you write."

D.W., (state unknown)

wpe8.jpg (1339 bytes) flag-us.gif (1000 bytes)"I humbly thank you for this update report."(re. "An Ugly Double Standard in Kosovo Conflict?" - a WASHINGTON TIMES column, 10/25/98). "Let us indeed pray for peace and good will among all men. Let this Tuesday be a day of understanding and good will.God be merciful unto us all. Peace begins with love and sharing the truth."

Fr. D.S., priest, Massachusetts

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Just plain excellent, Bob!" ("Perpetual War for Perpetual Commerce" - a CHRONICLES column, August, 1998).  "Keep it coming and have a nice day."

L.Z., (formerly of Connecticut), Alabama

wpe1.jpg (2368 bytes) "I am a Kiwi... I sure wish there were people in the media here with even half of the lucidity your articles display." (re. "When Will Wall Street's Bubble Burst?" - a WASHINGTON TIMES column, August 23, 1998). 

D.L., teacher

New Zealand

wpe1.jpg (1199 bytes) "I like TiM, although it's usually very disturbing."  ("Return Looted Russian Assets..." + "Are Serb Civilians Expendable?" - two letters to the New York Times, Aug. 30, 1998). "There are some analogies between the crisis in Kosovo and the crisis in Sudetenland in the thirties.   Please keep doing the good work."

P.N., profession unknown

Czech Republic

wpe1.jpg (940 bytes) flag-us.gif (1000 bytes)"Thanks for the Autralian article." (re. "Mother of All Stings" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/10-7, Oct. 22, 1998).  "It is one more attempt to link prosperity to money movements, and the latter to perception. Those are real issues, regrettably not as simple as stated. But thinking in broad-brush terms is a good and necessary exercise for the brain muscle! I am awlays impressed with the radioactive energy that you exude - non-stop, like the sun!"

P.K., university philosophy professor

Texas, originally from Germany

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Bob, I always enjoy your writing. This to me, is one of your finest columns."  ("When Will Wall Street's Bubble Burst?" - a WASHINGTON TIMES column, August 23, 1998).  "Thank you for taking a complex issue and defining it in such clear language."

K.C., political activist, Arizona

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Just a quick note to say that this is one of your best columns yet." ("Russia, IMF and Global House of Cards" - a WASHINGTON TIMES column, 7/26/98).  "Having just returned from Russia. and seen the mess the economy is in, we can certainly underscore what you say about the vast disparity between rich and poor."

S. & D.T., musicians, New York

flag-us.gif (1000 bytes) "Yet again, another excellent educational post.  Thanks for your gutsy reporting.  This is one you won't see discussed on CNN." ("Put the UN Justice on Trial"  - a TiM GW Bulletin 98/8-5, 8/17/98).

M.F., (state and profession unknown)

wpe3.jpg (1194 bytes)"Bob, I always enjoy your messages and cherish the good you're doing for our society."

B.T., business executive, Japan

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Great letter!  WSJ (editors) are full of it.   Globalists... " ("Does the Wall Street Journal Dance to Bankers' Tunes?") - letter to the Wall Street Journal editor, 8/07/98).

T.T., (state and profession unknown)

wpeE.jpg (1666 bytes)"I do not always agree with all you write, but I enjoy it and find it very refreshing and stimulating.   Congratulations on going against the herd instincts of so many journalists.   Keep it up!"

D.R., businessman


usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Bob is a fantastic writer (easy to read) who offers insights that we rarely get in the media (usually only when editors and TV producers screw up)." ("Northern Ireland: A War of the Hooligans" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/7-6, 7/28/98).  "The following piece is about the violence in Northern Ireland."

K.S.A, a political activist (writing to his party membership), Indiana

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Bob, this is top drawer material." ("Perpetual War for Perpetual Commerce" - a CHRONICLES column, August, 1998).  "Thanks again for your magnificent thoughts."

G.A., college professor, Oregon

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "I am always impressed by your clarity of thought, your relevance, and your originality!   The new Peter Drucker!" ("Wall Street's Conquest of America" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/8-4, 8/13/98). 

P.K., professor of philosophy, Texas

wpe1.jpg (1380 bytes)"Bob, the endurance of tens of thousands of Belgrade pro-democracy demonstrators is remarkable, perhaps unprecedented. But it pales in comparison to your own, multi-year, non-stop, unflagging perseverance in the Truth in Media cause and pursuit. If truth, justice and democracy can and do prevail anywhere on this planet in the future, your brains and perseverance will be a key contribution to the collective conscious and/or unconscious (effort) required."

W.M., business consultant


usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Your financial sendings are excellent." ("Small Caps Sinking First" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/8-1, 8/02/98).  "Keep up the great work.  You are right on target."

J.W., state and profession unknown

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Thank you Bob for that extremely insightful and fresh 'big picture' on Greco-Turkish issues and how they fit in to US and European policy" ("Current US Euro Policy Destroying Own Creations" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/7-2, 7/03/98).  "Thanks again for opening minds and keep up the exceptional work."

P.S., a political analyst, New York

wpe2.jpg (1275 bytes)"Our HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS for the wonderful work that you are doing!! YOU DESERVE ALL THE PRAISE FOR HAVING STARTED IT (the Truth in Media). THE WHOLE HUMANITY WOULD FOREVER BE INDEBTED TO YOU... What you are doing is invaluable."

Dr. V.J.R, political researcher, India

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Cogent article!" ("Yeltsin-IMF Deal: Feeding Drugs to Drug Addict," - TiM GW Bulletin 98/7-5, 7/18/98).   "One has to believe that the energy that has been holding up the evil commercial system for so many centuries is finally collapsing. The more pressure we can put on the system, the faster will its fraudulent foundation crumble. Excellent work."

S.B, lawyer, (state unknown)

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"I enjoy every Truth in Media" (report) - e.g., "Milosevic: A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery..."."It is informative, interesting, and above all - it includes alternative views ignored by the 'mainstream' media.  Thanks again."

T.K, businessman, Massachusetts

flag-irl.jpg (1162 bytes) flag-us.gif (1000 bytes) "Bob, your writing is marvelous, you connect dots well." ("Northern Ireland: A War of the Hooligans" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/7-6, 7/28/98)"I am of Irish heritage, my husband is of English Heritage. 'Hooligans' exist everywhere wreaking havoc for any excuse, South Bronx, Northern Ireland, Africa... they are opportunists and idiots who use anything for an excuse to bully, fight.... Some young men and idiots just love violence and thrive on hate and chaos.  This is a universal problem that hopefully will wear thin with 'Truth In Media.'  Keep up the good reporting Bob, it is truly appreciated."

K.C., political activist


"Let me express my deep honor to you and thank you for your very interesting press articles which we receive." (at the Russian Duma).

H.M, foreign affairs counselor to a Russian political leader

Moscow, Russia

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) Re. TiM READERS' FORUM, July 1998: "I'm going through four years of material gleaned for (my) book two. My files, comprised of all the material I felt worthy to be saved for later rumination... turn out to be salted through and through with your material.... All this is to say, I owe you a debt of gratitude for being one of the ones who helped educate me... Alas, the waking reality is a nightmare, but forewarned is, one hopes, forearmed."

John Bruni, journalist, California

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) Re. TiM READERS' FORUM, June 1998: "I have been reading your articles which are so informative, and just want to say how very special you are.  Truth - how very refreshing.  God bless you for your good work!"

H.F., profession unknown, California

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Aloha me ke pumehana, Precious Bob!" (Re. "What's good for the goose should be good for the gander" - a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal - 4/04/98). "You have earned a place amongst our mail folders and we are VERY picky about what folders we create. (BTW, that's a compliment Sir!) :) This was an AWESOME bit of wordsmanship. Please keep 'em coming..."

G.G., research director, Hawaii

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "This article was a tremendously excellent piece of 'melding' of factual information and quotations into a VERY sharply-honed dagger of TRUTH that any sane far-seeing individual can weld in the much needed battle against the 'military industrial complex'!" (Re. "Rekindling NATO to Fuel Cold War II...", a WASHINGTON TIMES column, 5/17/98). "IF they only would! Keep it up, Bob, and soon even the ordinary man in the street is going to pay heed to your words of warning!"

G.V., Texas

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) Re. TiM READERS' FORUM, May 1998: "You deserve all the credit. Without TIM as a catalyst, all these intelligent people would remain isolated human universes, out of touch with each other. But, through TIM, they discover intelligent life elsewhere -- it's cosmic, man! ...It's like discovering life elsewhere in the universe... And TIM is the pathway to this shared intelligence."

M.V., former U.S. Navy officer, Tennessee

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Thx Bob.  Keep punching.  You're doing a great job." (Re. "Death Merchants - 81; Taxpayers - 19", 5/02/98).

Col. David Hackworth, America's most decorated living soldier, Montana

wpe9.jpg (1398 bytes)"Hello, Mr. Djurdjevic... I am changing the location of my residence. As soon as I am reconnected to Internet, I will contact you again to get subscribed to your EXCELLENT, BRAVE and HONEST letters and articles. Congratulations for your work, and I will be in touch soon.

G.R., profession unknown


usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "I continue to be in awe of your writing skills. (Re. "Wiping Out the Middle Class"- Djurdjevic's May 1998 CHRONICLES column).  You make important stuff (sound) so interesting.  I always look forward to it. I wish every citizen in the country could be exposed to it... You would galvanize the nation."

Also from the same TiM reader:

"Bob, I'm convinced you are going to heaven when you cross over because God needs a good wordsmith.  Your example of choosing a 'red light' district to deliver a chastity sermon was inspired.  Accolades, accolades!!!" (Re. "The Journal's Rotten Apples", a letter to the editor).

Gerald C. Adkins, college HR director, Washington (state)

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "I couldn't have put it better myself. How refreshing to hear an honest and insightful rebuttal. Excellent work!" (Re. "New York Times' IBM Cover Up", 5/06/98).

R.C., profession unknown, New York

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Good parallel between US and Albania.  Great article about the American interference in Kosovo." (Re. "What If the Shoe Were on the Other Foot?" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/4-2, 4/24/98).

R.S., profession unknown, California

flag-canada.jpg (1380 bytes)"Bob, congratulations on another brilliant exposť!" (Re: "Stock buybacks: Wall Street's duping Main Street" - a letter to the Business Week editor - 4/06/98).

J.J., economist, Canada

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Bob, you're a force of nature!... I salute your efforts and wish to support your important work in any way that I am able."

A.W., an author and former foreign correspondent for major media, New York

flag-france.jpg (1123 bytes)"My family and I strongly admire and encourage your struggle to tell the truth about the great world conflicts, and for trying to propose just solutions to them. We are particularly grateful to you for fighting for the truth with so much talent."

M.A, a graduate student, France

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "Bob, this posting was simply great. You are doing a wonderful job." (Re. TiM READERS' FORUM - May II - TiM GW Bulletin 98/5-7, 5/17/98).

B.C., California

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"I read your wonderful Singapore article. (Re. "Singapore: Materialism without Idealism," - TiM GW Bulletin 97/12-2, 12/08/97). The communist-capitalism or capitalist-communism is one of those types of words you have a talent for: those that capture the spirit and the essence, like the Nothing-Nothing cult... You have formulated the very essence of these people in two words! Most profound statements are short, and this one is the winner. It's (the) e=mc2 of political thought. Love it!" (re. Djurdjevic's Washington Times column, "The Nothing Philosophy," Dec. 29, 1996)

M.V., US Navy, Tennessee

wpeE.jpg (1666 bytes)"Please continue the great work, I look forward to your e.mail and rush to open bobdj -- e-mail first."

C.B., businessman

Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

"I enjoy reading your writing and find it very powerful and important to circulate among the freedom-loving people all over the world."

S.S., humanitarian worker

Tbilisi, GEORGIA (a former U.S.S.R. republic)

wpe4.jpg (1040 bytes)"I think I'll just head for the bunker. (Re. "Globalism: Dictatorship of the Capital" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-9, 3/26/98). Fortunately, air shelters are mandatory in all Swiss homes."

G.T., banker


wpeA.jpg (1299 bytes)"Hi, Bob.   Thanks for that e-mail. (Re. "Wall Street's Financial Terrorism" - a CHRONICLES column - March 1998)"It seems that we have similar political views.  Greetings from Vienna!"

A.M., profession unknown


wpe7.jpg (1136 bytes)"My family and I read the Truth in Media articles... The Truth in Media is serving well the basic goal and purpose of the free and correct media. Your devotion is outstanding and doubtless highly appreciable. It is noble.


  • Because people need it, because the humanity lacks it, because it helps a person to understand events and sometimes to predict them.
  • Because truthful media help people to understand others and to appreciate better others and simultaneously help humans to avoid new form of slavery - brain, mind slavery.
  • Because it helps to prevent misleading by lies and propaganda - American (and other people) traditionally bravely devoted to the Freedom and Democracy.
  • Because it can influence other media to present truthful, on-time, complete and precise information.

I wish you to continue most successfully your way."

L.G., university professor, France

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"You are one fantastic journalist!!! Keep it up! I don't know how I found you, but I thank God every time I read your work that I did. I am sharing your work with all my Internet friends." (Re. "Lay off the Russians; Focus on Washington, Wall Street" - a letter to the editor of the Arizona Republic - 2/15/98).

J.M., journalist, Colorado

wpe3.jpg (1694 bytes)"I have always enjoyed your articles. Wisdom, vision, neutrality and courage is what I find in your writings. I rushed home today and did not find the usual dose of Truth in Media. This made me go to your Web site <> and again you surprised me: the Lady Liberty is absolutely wonderful and meaningful. Truth in Media is the rescue for Liberties and real democracy for the XX century - all over the world." (Re: "Russia's 'Privatization:'  Financial Crime of the Century?" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-8, 3/24/98).

S.S., profession unknown, a Brazilian living in Canada

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Bob... riveting!" (Re: Yeltsin's "Red October II" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-10, 3/31/98). "Jonesboro, Arkansas: Exactly! Blame the guns, not South Park (where Kenny dies in every episode). Not to mention the asleep-at-the-wheel parents."

T.D., businessman, New York

flag-uk.jpg (1511 bytes)"I have really enjoyed receiving your NewsLetters and I hope to resume receiving them after I get back on my feet. God Bless and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK."

R.S., (from a reader in Great Britain who was about to go to a hospital)

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Keep your splendid columns coming, Bob! I thoroughly enjoy your work. I consider you one of my top 'finds' for 1997!" (Re: "Christianity under siege: Toward a one world religion," a Djurdjevic/TiM column, 12/27/97)

T.M, a radio station editor, Washington (state)

wpe5.jpg (1218 bytes)"I liked your piece about Kosovo very much and intend to quote from it in a forthcoming article of my own for Russian readers." (Re. "Kosovo: 'Bosnia II' and Serbia's Aztlan, Chechnya" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-1, 3/06/98).

S.M., journalist, Netherlands

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Your articles are wonderful. Keep them coming... A regular reader." (Re. "Kosovo: 'Bosnia II' and Serbia's Aztlan, Chechnya" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-1, 3/06/98)

J.W.C., Air National Guard (ret.), Kansas

wpe8.jpg (1339 bytes)"Congratulations on your attempt!!!!!!!!! "(to spread the truth - re. "Kosovo: 'Bosnia II' and Serbia's Aztlan, Chechnya" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-1, 3/06/98).

D.N., administrator


usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Excellent piece of work! Masterpiece! (It's in my archive)! Forceful, and informative." (Re. "Is Kosovo Worth Risking WW III?" - a letter to the editor of the WSJ, 3/12/98).

C.B, retired U.S. Army officer, Oregon

wpeA.jpg (914 bytes)"Thanks for this piece of art and truth (re. Djurdjevic's Washington Times column, "Orthodox Patriarch Leads by Example," Feb. 9, 1997). It is a pleasure reading your articles and comments. I wish there are more people in the rest of the world who are doing similar things in order to spread the truth."

Z.M, businessman

Bucharest, ROMANIA

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"I thoroughly enjoyed your column! Excellent!" (Re: "Christianity under siege: Toward a one world religion," a Djurdjevic/TiM column, 12/27/97). "I'll pass it on to friends..."

J.T., publisher, Arizona

wpe9.jpg (1494 bytes)"Your article about the same (U.S. immigration problem) is better (than the enclosed one from the International Herald Tribune/Washington Post, March 1998) because you explained that immigration was a result of the elite's power grab, and because it is also easier to dominate mutts than thoughtful people (Re. "Dancing 'round the Golden Calf" - Djurdjevic's WASHINGTON TIMES column, 8/31/97). "My point is - you should write to the WASHINGTON POST/I.H.T. telling them to read TiM to check if we (TiM readers) were not there first. In Norway, we say 'Velkommen etter,' which means 'welcome behind'."

Y.G., university professor, Norway

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Bob, your comments about the non-difference between Democrats and Republicans certainly has some validly." (Re: "America's Vanishing Middle Class" (FORUM, TiM GW Bulletin 98/1-2, 1/02/98). "... Again, I enjoy reading each and every one of your online transmissions."

G.C., business executive, Texas

flag-france.jpg (1123 bytes)"I have just read your article about Singapore and wish to congratulate you for: 1) having had the courage to publish it (fancy having to admit that nowadays one has to have courage to publish one's own feeling!); 2) being so clear-sighted." (Re. "Singapore: Materialism without Idealism," - TiM GW Bulletin 97/12-2, 12/08/97).

Y.S., a French reader who, "many years ago," lived in Singapore

wpe5.jpg (1174 bytes)"Great ideas, Bob!" (Re. "The China Wing of the New World Order" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/1-5, 1/08/98). "Excellent. This shows the poor strategic planning that goes on. I loved this article!!!! "The 'Spoofberg' element was inspired."

W.S., an economist, Sri Lanka

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"If imitation is the highest form of flattery, than I shall 'borrow' your phrase MEDIA BUZZARDS to use as my own from time to time. That one struck a chord with me; but the message throughout the entire piece was superb." (re. "A Eulogy for the Living Dead," a column about Princess Diana's death, WASHINGTON TIMES, 9/17/97). "You have discovered the secret of creating pictures with words which go beyond the power of the spoken word. This is a true talent that 98 percent of those taking up valuable space in newspapers - LACK. My hat's off to you... Excellent! Bravo!"

J.A.C., writer (books/non-fiction), Arizona

wpe3.jpg (1206 bytes)"I read and understand English, so the Truth in Media is of great help to me in frequent debates (with less well informed people). Hope you will continue to send me your reports from time to time."

M.M.P., businessman, Spain

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Dear Bob, I enjoy reading your pithy, timely, fearless remarks... Thanks for your work. Your courage is exemplary. Best of Luck!"

E.H., profession unknown, Arkansas

flag-canada.jpg (1380 bytes)"Bob, your travel vignettes make me think of my own travels to Poland and France. I think that those topics relieve our 'angst' - writers' and readers' alike."

W.M., a writer, Ontario, CANADA

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Thanks! P.S. I didn't tell you before, but I cried when I finished the paragraphs following: 'Don't cry for me, Argentina'. Or America...Or Canada... Or Russia...Or Serbia... Or Iraq....Or Iran... Or Japan..." (Re. "Globalization vs. National Sovereignty: The Princes of the 20th Century" - a Bob Djurdjevic speech - Feb. 17)

A.P, profession unknown, Nevada

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes) "You just made my Sunday! I just read your last five or so speeches today. You are ALRIGHT! Halfbright, Secretary of Hate..... Super!" (Re. "One, two, three, four, we don't want your racist war!" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/2-5, 2/19/98).

M.B., college professor, Pennsylvania

flag-sweden.jpg (991 bytes)"Thanks, Bob.  Sincerely thanks.  That's all." (Re. "One, two, three, four, we don't want your racist war!" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/2-5, 2/19/98).

S.L., profession unknown


flag-misliberty.jpg (1404 bytes)"Had the opportunity to read.....'ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, WE DON'T WANT YOUR RACIST WAR!' Excellent... And yes I am subscribing. I will also pass along this Web site to all my free thinking friends... who just like me.... want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. FOR A CHANGE!!!"


location and profession unknown

flag-uk.jpg (1511 bytes)"I've just finished reading your latest Truth in Media Bulletin cover-to-cover with great interest and huge satisfaction (March 1998). Bravo! All those stories are truly uplifting for me personally, and I know for many others around here, too."

M.V., retired businessman

United Kingdom

flag-misliberty.jpg (1404 bytes)"Thanks to Bob Dj. for an excellent piece of work. Might be a good idea to put this to file and refer as situations unfold. Kudos to the writer." (Re. "Wall Street's Financial Terrorism" - a CHRONICLES column, March 1998).

W.B., location and profession unknown

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Great site and great work! I will put a link (to the Truth in Media) on our national site."

P.C., webmaster, a European-American organization, California

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"One hell of an article! The best I've seen from you." (Re. "Wall Street's Financial Terrorism" - a CHRONICLES column, March 1998).

C.F., journalist, Illinois

wpe4.jpg (1208 bytes)"Bob, I generally enjoy the articles you so kindly send me, but I found this to be particularly thought-provoking and interesting one." (Re. "Wall Street's Financial Terrorism" - a CHRONICLES column, March 1998).

B.C., Asia CEO of a multinational company, Singapore

flag-aus.jpg (1666 bytes)"I send this to congratulate you on your bulletins! Excellent effort! I am a professional writer, and thought that you would be interested to know that I hold you to be the best source of truthful material originating in the United States."

Also from the same reader (Re. "Wiping Out the Middle Class"- Djurdjevic's May 1998 CHRONICLES column): "Thank you for your continuing contributions to truth... (but) I don't think it is going to take 20 years to begin to unravel in Australia... Keep up the good work, and as we say down under: 'Onya, Bob!'"

S.D., writer, Adelaide, South Australia

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Bob: Bravo on this!" (Re. "Ginning Up Another Crisis" - a WASHINGTON TIMES column, March 15, 1998).

J.P., journalist, Ohio

wpeF.jpg (1336 bytes)"Thanks for your most enlightening letters. Of all 'journalists,' your articles have been the most penetrating and thought-provoking."

J.T., businessman, South Africa

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"BRAVO for (the) book review!" (Re. "Globalism: Dictatorship of the Capital" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-9, 3/26/98). "You're as good as they get. Keep it up."

A.S, astrologer, state location unknown

flag-france.jpg (1136 bytes)"I just wish to congratulate you for your wonderful bulletin titled 'Greek Police Arrest 12 Albanian Mules'" (TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-4, 3/10/98).

Y.S., writer, France

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"You are such a brilliant writer. I was thrilled you picked up my 'Nungs' (a story about the U.S. Special Forces allies from the Vietnam war who were abandoned by Britain in Hong Kong) and wrote about them. I love your writing. When new mail arrives, I always look for a report from you to open first... You took all my messy postings and made some sense of all of it. What talent you have!"

D.Z., a Green Beret widow, Ohio

flag-canada.jpg (1347 bytes)"I read your 'Truth in Media' editorials regularly. I wish to express my admiration and gratitude for your fight..."

M.S., engineer, Nova Scotia, CANADA

usa-flag-animated.gif (12791 bytes)"Bob Djurdjevic is a Phoenix-based businessman and writer. He writes about economic and foreign policy issues." (this TiM reader repeated the usual attribution at the end of Djurdjevic's articles, adding...). "He is also a genius who ought to be Secretary of State instead of Meddling Albright!"

R.E., a former US Navy officer, Maine

Additional Testimonials...

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