Bob Djurdjevic is the founder and editor of the Truth in Media (TIM), a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the  global geopolitical affairs, and the establishment media and government distortions of the truth in foreign and domestic issues.

He is also an accomplished independent businessman and president of Annex Research, a global information technology consulting and research firm.

As the editor and publisher of the popular Internet newsletter - Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins, Djurdjevic enjoys a worldwide audience of everyday citizens, politicians, academics, and other parties interested in domestic and foreign affairs (see Reader Testimonials).  He has received a number of awards for the TiM coverage of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999.

A brief biographical sketch

  • In May 1999, the Truth in Media Web site was voted No.33 out of over 40 million sites (see NATO's War and "Peace"). The TiM Bulletins are read across the U.S. and in some 100 countries.
  • Widely published author/columnist on foreign and domestic affairs (see "Media Credits" below).
  • Public speaker who has lectured on geopolitical subjects in many countries around the world.
  • An activist on issues of truth and liberty (see the TiM Activism and the Djurdjevic Speeches sections).
  • Columnist for Beograd.com on the topic of "New World Order."


Djurdjevic's foreign policy opinion columns/letters have been published, among others, by the WASHINGTON TIMES, the CHRONICLES magazine, the WALL STREET JOURNAL, the NEW YORK TIMES, the WASHINGTON POST, the LOS ANGELES TIMES, the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, the ARIZONA REPUBLIC, the ZAVTRA and PRAVDA (Russia), the NEW DAWN (Australia), the INFOS (France), the NEWS (Mexico), as well as aired on the various U.S. and international TV and radio programs - see Djurdjevic's Columns and Djurdjevic's Speeches for more information.   Djurdjevic's articles have been translated into French, Russian, German, Serbian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese... among some world languages.


  • President of ANNEX RESEARCH, a computer market research and consulting firm
  • Publisher/editor and widely quoted expert in the computer field and on global economic affairs
  • Contributor to a number of U.S., British, Australian, Japanese, French, German, Canadian, Russian and Serbian ... business and trade publications
  • Internationally acclaimed speaker and seminar leader on IT industry and global economics subjects
  • Over eight years with IBM in technical, sales and management functions in the 1970s
  • Top engineering graduate, University of Belgrade (1968)


  • Translator/adapter/co-producer of "The Professional," a highly acclaimed drama performed in San Francisco (1992), London (1992) and New York (1995).