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December 30, 2008

Eight Cities in 4 1/2 Days - September 12-16, 1999

TiM's "Tour de Serbia" - Nis

Stage 2 - Photo Album 1 - Sept. 13, 1999 (the morning)

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TiM's "TOUR DE SERBIA" - STAGE 2 - Sept. 13, 1999

Nis - Photo Album 1 (the morning)

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1. General Nebojsa Pavkovic, commander of the Yugoslav Third Army which defended Kosovo against NATO aggression during its "79 Days of Infamy," presenting a book to the TiM editor at the end of their breakfast meeting on Sept. 13, 1999; 2. TiM editor reviewing the book; 3. TiM editor and Gen. Pavkovic after the TiM editor pinned on Gen. Pavkovic's lapel the (the now much sought after NATO war souvenir) - a TiM "Stop NATO's War" button (see his left lapel).

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4. Some scenes from the "Suffering of Nis" photo exhibit at the YU Third Army HQ which Gen. Pavkovic showed to the TiM editor and his wife; 5. The shell of an administrative building at the Nis tobacco factory (Duvanska Industrija Nis - DIN).

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6.-8. Scenes of devastation at the DIN tobacco factory remain even five months after the NATO bombing (Apr. 4).

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9.-12. By a contrast to the huge Nis tobacco factory, "Energogas" could easily qualify as a "small business" in any light industrial area in America.This is its head office, a small single story building, pockmarked by shrapnel. Before it was bombed by NATO, "Energogas" used to produce butane gas for household use. Now, Nis's only supplier of such gas is practically out of business. In photo No. 12., a crew member from one of the Nis TV channels was filming the TiM editor as he snapped this picture; 13. TiM editor's wife at the elementary school, "Ratko Vukicevic."  From left to right: Mrs. Stela Jovanovic, the City TV news reporter, Mrs. Marina Ostojic, the school principal, Mrs. Djurdjevic and an identified teacher at the school, who wore the TiM "Stop NATO's War" button.

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