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TiM Bulletin 2010-04

July 15, 2010

Floodgates which opened in 1965 with Immigration Act are now gushing more than BP's Gulf of Mexico oil gush; UPDATE_(Aug_26,_2010) - adds From Bad to Worse: Young, Black, Hispanic Minorities Hit the Hardest by Illegal Immigration

Arizona Immigration Gone Awry: Why Rape Victim Had to Defend Herself

New documentary video released by Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, DC, helps explain, vindicates Arizona's new immigration law: A case of self-defense


Floodgates which opened in 1965 with Immigration Act are now gushing more than BP's Gulf of Mexico oil gusher

Arizona Immigration Gone Awry: Why Rape Victim Had to Defend Herself

New documentary video released by Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, DC, helps explain, vindicate Arizona's new immigration law: A case of self-defense

HAIKU, MAUI, July 15 - A few months ago, a group of friends here in Hawaii sat around the table and debated Arizona's new immigration law.  The law was seen as "racist," "bad," "unlawful," "unconstitutional," etc. by most people.  Strike "most."  Make that ALL participants in the discussion.  And no wonder.  Of course, they were merely echoing the so-called "liberal" media headlines. 

Except for one quiet voice of dissension.  As the only Arizonan in the group, this writer finally asked the question: "So are you saying that it is unlawful to uphold the law and make something illegal - illegal?"

My Hawaiian friends argued that since immigration is a purview of the Federal Government, a state has no right to enforce the federal laws. 

But what if such federal law enforcement is slim to none?  What is a state or a citizen supposed to do if their properties, land, nature, and foremost of all - their physical and economic security are being blatantly violated while the Feds do next to nothing to prevent the carnage?  Sit back and watch it being raped so that some American businesses can benefit from cheaper labor?

Well, it is easy to cast stones at our beleaguered border states, such as Arizona, while sitting in an office in Manhattan or Hollywood, or while debating immigration over fish dinners in Hawaii or Seattle or Minneapolis.  But as one who still considers Arizona his original American home, my heart cried out in outrage when I watched the following documentary video, just released by the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, DC.  It shows that the floodgates which were opened up by the 1965 Immigration Act are now gushing more than the BP oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico.

Check it out...

"Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border (2): Drugs, Guns, and 850 Illegal Aliens" (July 2010)

"Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border (1): 'Coyotes,' Bears, and Trails" (July 2009)

What is happening in Arizona is not just a flagrant violation of some esoteric law.  It is rape of a beautiful land and a wanton destruction of the priceless desert that this writer has learned to love over the decades.  So even if so-called "liberals," especially the tree-huggers and other nature-loving "greens," prefer to look the other way as the people of Arizona are being assaulted by increasing waves of illegal immigration, can they in good conscience stand by and watch our beautiful Mother Earth being raped in the process?  And will they then deny the right of the people to defend her and themselves?

I hope the answer is "no."  So I hope that their love of our Mother Earth, if not the love of thy neighbor and respect for law and order, will compel the liberals and conservatives alike to stand together with the people of Arizona in their defense of both our nation's borders and mother nature. 

Which by definition means standing against the New World Order's puppets in Washington, New York etc. who only care about increasing their masters' profits with lower labor costs.  Which is why it made no difference who the White House occupant was - Bush I or Bush II, Clinton or Obama... - they all put the flag of the United Nations and other countries' above our own.  Which is why the photo cartoon on the right shows the Stars and Stripes being flown upside down, as a nation in distress.

In short, what Arizona did was what any rape victim is entitled to do - act in self-defense. And in the unlikely case that Washington ever steps up to the plate and really seals our southern border as the law and its mandate requires, we are pretty sure that Arizonans would be more than happy to sit back and let the Feds take their place in the fight against illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

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CHARTS: US Immigration forecast (left); Global immigration trends (right)

Both Democrats and Republicans Contributed to the Dire Situation on Our Southern Border

Investors Business Daily Editorial: "Suing America" Misses Important Point

Illegal Immigration: Democratic governors warn of an apocalyptic November if the administration pursues its war on Arizona

HAIKU, MAUI, July 18 - Suddenly the Obama and other "liberals" around the country are finding themselves on slippery ground.  No, not over BP's oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico.  Not surprisingly, Americans seem to care less about a loss of wildlife in the Gulf than about a loss of jobs due to illegal immigration and outsourcing.  We also worry about the latest imports from south of the border - drug cartel wars. 

So when President Obama and some Democratic governors, such as that New World Order lapdog Bill Richardson of New Mexico, choose to pick a fight with Arizona now, and talk about "comprehensive immigration reform," a euphemism for pardoning millions of illegal immigrants, they are only demonstrating how far out of touch with American people the NWO puppets are. The editors of the Investors Business Daily (IBD) put it well in their recent editorial ("Suing America"):

"Bill Richardson defended the Justice Department's lawsuit and admitted its political motivation. "Policywise it makes sense," says the term-limited Democrat, "and Obama is popular with Hispanic voters, and this is going to ... move them nationally."

Actually, it makes no sense, politically or legally, not when the El Paso City Hall gets shot up and Arizona ranchers get killed in a flood of illegal aliens and drug cartels battling for turf. Americans want jobs and their borders secured. They don't want to get shot at in the unemployment line."

"They don't want to get shot at in the unemployment line."  That's a line worth remembering and repeating.  For, that's exactly what successive Washington administrations have been doing for the last two decades figuratively, if not literally.  They did it with their liberal immigration policies and the rampant outsourcing of jobs to China, India and elsewhere around the world.  It was a double whammy intended to lower the cost of labor for multinational companies, the new "Princes of the New World Order," as this writer called them in his columns in the 1990s.

But the "Suing America" editorial also missed an important point.  The tragedy that's unfolding at our southern border is a result of long-term bipartisan assault on the American people by both Democratic and Republican administrations.  It is not just an Obama-(Hillary)Clinton-Richardson betrayal.  Lest we forget, five days before 9/11, President George W. Bush met in Washington with the then Mexican President Vicente Fox, a former Coca-Cola executive.  The latter had been pushing for amnesty for some three million illegal alients in this country ever since the two presidents first met in Feb 2001 in Guanajuato, Mexico, right after Bush's inauguration.  And Bush virtually acquiesced to it.  Here's excerpt from their joint statement issued on Sep 6, 2001: 

"This (agreement) includes matching willing workers with willing employers; serving the social and economic needs of both countries; respecting the human dignity of all migrants, regardless of their status; recognizing the contribution migrants make to enriching both societies; shared responsibility for ensuring migration takes place through safe and legal channels. Both stressed their commitment to continue our discussions, instructing the high-level working group to reach mutually satisfactory results on border safety, a temporary worker program and the status of undocumented Mexicans in the United States."

When terrorists struck on 9/11, this writer was actually working on an editorial titled "Who Is America's New President?", showing a photo of Fox.  For, the Mexican president was dictating Bush's immigration agenda.  The editorial died on the vine, overshadowed by more pressing events. 

The American people were saved from that Republican betrayal only by a greater tragedy that diverted everyone's attention to Islamic terrorists after 9/11.  And now, Obama is merely picking up from where Bush left off.  No surprise there.  This writer created the photo cartoon on the right in early 2009, shortly after Obama took over - much to the chagrin of his many "liberal" friends who had held high hopes for real reforms under the new president.  A more artistic version of the same idea is shown below. 

Isn't American politics like magic?  On the second thought, strike the word "like."  Nothing new there, I am afraid.  Check out my 1996 Washington Times column, "American Demofarce" (Nov 1996).

Undaunted by the 9/11 delay, three years later, the "W" was back at it again.  In early 2004, he sought to revive the immigration discussion and proposed an overhaul of the U.S. immigration system to "permit temporary legal status to new foreign workers who have work offers in the United States and to undocumented workers already employed in the United States for a term of three years that could be renewed but would end at some point."

A few days after his proposal, Bush met with Fox in Monterrey, Mexico, for a Special Summit of the Americas.  Not surprisingly, the Mexican president welcomed the Bush proposal as a very important step forward. On January 20, 2004, President Bush called for passage of his immigration reform proposal in the State of the Union address.

So the IBD editorial is wrong when it tries to make the travesty of what's happening on our southern border a partisan issue, painting Democrats as the black hats while depicting Republicans as the white-hatted friends of the American people. Bill Clinton, George H. Bush were also toeing the same "money ueber alles"-line.  And President Reagan was the first to propose a North American common market in 1981.  In Nov 1987, he and Mexico's president Salinas signed a "framework agreement," a stepping stone to NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), ratified under Clinton in 1993. 

In short, all these "blue" and "red" American presidents collectively bear the responsibility for what's happening today in Arizona and elsewhere along our southern border.  The Republicans and the media who are now trying to blame Obama for the intolerable illegal immigration situation are obviously counting on short memories of American voters. Here's what the IBD editorial says about that kind of political opportunism:

Eric Ostermeier... a University of Minnesota scholar finds that "Republicans are poised to win more gubernatorial seats in 2010 than they have in any election cycle over the past 90 years." [...]

So when President Obama's Justice Department sues Arizona, he is really suing America and the American people.

"I'd be willing to bet a lot of money that almost every state in America next January is going to see a bill similar to Arizona's," said Republican Gov. Dave Heineman of Nebraska.

And a lot more Republican governors will be around to sign them into law.

We hope that some Democrats will also see the light and do the right thing for the sake of self-preservation, if not conservation.  As we said in our editorial three days ago, "I hope that their love of our Mother Earth, if not the love of thy neighbor and respect for law and order, will compel the liberals and conservatives alike to stand together with the people of Arizona in their defense of both our nation's borders and mother nature."

Bob Djurdjevic is a writer and consultant based in Haiku (Maui), Hawaii.  He is a free-thinking humanist.  Which means he is neither Republican nor Democrat.  You can find more of his research and columns at (geopolitical) and (business) and his personal web site

UPDATE (Aug 26, 2010)

HAIKU, MAUI, Aug 26 - Six weeks ago, we published an editorial about a renewed interest in illegal immigration that the new Arizona legislation had awakened across the country (see Arizona Immigration Gone Awry: Why Rape Victim Had to Defend Herself).  Today, we bring you an update about a devastating effect this travesty is having on our society, especially the young, black and Hispanic minorities:

From Bad to Worse: Young, Black, Hispanic Minorities Hit the Hardest by Illegal Immigration

If you click on the above link, you will be able to access the latest data from the second quarter that the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies released this morning.  Here are some highlights:

From the foregoing, the report's author concludes in a summary:

The total number of young and less-educated U.S.-born workers unemployed is enormous. If we look at the broad measure of unemployment for all workers who lack a high school education or have only a high school education and are young (18 to 29) or are teenagers (16-17), 6.3 million were unemployed in the second quarter of 2010.

In addition to the 6.3 million unemployed or underemployed, there were another 16 million of these younger and less-educated individuals who were entirely out of the labor market. That is, they were not working, nor were they looking for work, even using the broadest measure of unemployment.

To place these numbers in perspective, there are an estimated seven to eight million illegal immigrants holding jobs.

In short, illegal immigrants, to whom the Feds want to grant another amnesty instead of deporting them for breaking the law, have taken away that many jobs from our young and less educated citizens.

And just think, such a travesty is being condoned and perpetrated against the American people by the very government we "elect" every two or four years, believing we still have a government "of the people, by the people, for the people."

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