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TiM Bulletin 2010-02

June 29, 2010

Black-clad goons infiltrate, mar peaceful demonstration at G20 meeting in Toronto

Ugly Face of Globalism

Canada seen as "police state" now: Brutal police action against weekend protesters draws out new demonstrators today (June 29); Update: Did police brass put cuffs, muzzles on their own officers? (June 30)


Black-clad goons infiltrate, mar peaceful demonstration at G20 meeting in Toronto;  over 900 people later detained, many roughed up and some young women molested by police while in detention

Ugly Face of Globalism on Display in Toronto

Canada seen as "police state" now: 19,000 police confront demonstrators, mow down their civil rights like weeds; protests overshadow meeting of 20 global prima-donnas; markets sag in response to G20 plan to cut spending

HAIKU, Maui, June 29 - Globalism showed its ugly face again this weekend in Toronto as some 19,000 police confronted about 5,000 mostly peaceful protesters against the globalist prima-donnas, as epitomized by G20 leaders' meeting in Canada's largest city.  The full extent of fallout from this weekend's events is yet to be felt.  But the pictures emerging so far from the streets of Toronto are not pretty. They suggest that the greatest victims of this weekend's events may heave been the Canadian civil liberties and sovereignty.

As the John Cruickshank, publisher of the Toronto Star newspaper put it in his June 28 editorial, the G20 "brutal spectacle failed the city and its people."

"The G20 security strategy has been spectacularly successful at cocooning the world’s leading politicians, and staggeringly ineffective at protecting the property and peace of mind of Torontonians," Cruickshank wrote. "By bringing in thousands of heavily armed strangers and throwing up barricades everywhere to regular traffic, frightening off good and decent citizens, Canadian authorities created a ghost town in the heart of our city."

After describing some of the vandalism that took place, the Toronto Star publisher concluded:

"The idea that this was an effective way to show off Toronto to foreign guests is bewilderingly stupid.  Canadian authorities created a city no citizen could recognize and no visitor could admire. Then, they allowed a pack of brutes to trash it."

Introduction: A Story Behind the Story

When I first saw the Saturday headlines in the online media describing some demonstrations at the G20 meeting in Toronto, I initially shrugged them off as "what else is new?"  Every time the globalist elite get together to coordinate their policies, thousands of people turn up to protest (in Seattle, Sydney, London, Pittsburgh... etc.).   But when I learned that the Canadian authorities had brought in 19,000 police and built a detention center in eastern Toronto in advance of the G20 summit, my eyebrows raised a bit.  It seemed a little excessive, especially as a prophylactic measure.  So I asked a friend of mine in Canada to corroborate some of the stories I had seen in the media.

His reaction intrigued me.  My friend was "seething" with anger.  At me!?  He said he completely supported the actions the police took against the protesters. 

"I applaud the police work that was done," he said.  "I think they showed amazing restraint."

And he questioned my facts and sources.  "I hope you don't become one of these armchair 'instigators' bent on sensationalism," he continued.  "I don't buy your conspiracy theory at all."

Hm... They weren't "my" facts.  They came from the mainstream media sources (AP, Reuters, Canadian Press, etc.).  I knew from past experience that major media are often in cahoots with the globalist elites.  So I simply asked my Canadian friend to double-check the information. 

"If the above facts check out," I wrote, "why should we not consider that the 'violent' demonstrators were not in fact police impostors perpetrating crimes of vandalism so as to justify such a massive overreaction and expense of G20 'security' by a police state Canada has become?"

"Get a grip, Bob!!!!" my friend exploded with anger.

Guess I must have hit a nerve with my question.  But why? It was a puzzle.

As most of you know, I have not been doing much writing on geopolitical subjects in the last eight years.  "Been there, done that," as they say. "There is nothing new under the sun," as King Solomon put it over 4,000 years ago.  The only thing that has changed since I did my wartime reporting and investigative work in the 1990s is the name of the actors and the backdrop to the stage.  So it is now Iraq and Afghanistan and Bush-Obama, instead of Bosnia and Serbia and Clinton-Gore.

But my friend's reaction tickled my curiosity.  It awakened a sleeping dog and dragged a geopolitical writer out of mothballs.  Temporarily.  The story that follows was a result .

I did some research over the last couple of days to find out what really happened in Toronto this weekend.  I contacted some of my Canadian media sources and other friends and asked for their input.  They flooded me with information.  But having lived in Toronto in the 1970s, I knew the city quite well.  It used to be one of the nicest, most civilized places in which to live and raise a family.  So vandalism and violence that apparently took place this weekend seemed quite out of character.  Which is why I felt it was a story worth telling...

Who Were the Black-Hooded Goons?  Why Didn't Police Intervene, Arrest Them?

A small group of black-hooded goons (75 according to one media source; about 200 by some police estimates), wearing masks to hide their identity, evidently tried to disrupt a peaceful demonstration in downtown Toronto on Saturday afternoon by smashing windows and setting some police cars on fire.  They carried out acts of vandalism for more than an hour and a half completely ignored by an army of riot police who made downtown Toronto look like a black fortress.  None of them were arrested or even questioned by the police.  Then the thugs took off their black garbs and blended into the crowd. 

Here's a video shot by Joe Wenkoff, a journalist who followed them for 24 blocks with his cameraman throughout the rampage:

G20 Toronto's Black Hoods get green light from police to rampage? (a video)

At the end of the video, the journalist asked the following legitimate questions:

Check out also these acts of vandalism against a Starbucks store in which the perpetrator seems to be wearing boots and forearm guards that the riot police use:

(also see close-up - right)

Meanwhile, contrast the silent treatment that these criminals with black hoods received from the police in black uniforms with the way the riot police handled some peaceful demonstrators at Queen and Spadina Streets in downtown Toronto who were singing the Canadian national anthem:

Police Smash Peaceful Protest (a video)

And now, also check out these images of how the menacing-looking black-helmeted riot police handled some other peaceful demonstrators in Toronto:

Those arrested were reportedly taken to a detention camp built in advance of the G20 meeting.  A female Canadian journalist was also among those arrested.  She said the police stripped off her media badge and took her to the detention center where she spent 13 hours.  She goes on to testify on camera about police abuses of young women in detention camp:

Male police officers allegedly strip-searched and abused young women in detention camp (a video)

And that's behavior befitting "Toronto's finest?"  What's a nice country like Canada coming to?  Another police state in which the citizens are abused rather than protected?  When I lived in that city in the 1970s, the police cars used to have a slogan "to serve and protect" imprinted on them.  The only people they seemed to be protecting this weekend in Toronto were the hooligans.

Nor was this the first time the police tried to instigate violence so as to justify violence.  Check out this video about what happened in Montebello, Quebec, when three undercover police officers attempted to disrupt a peaceful demonstration.

Police admit provocateurs tried to incite riot in Quebec (a video)

Later, close-ups of the three black-hooded perpetrators showed them wearing the same kind of boots as the police officers (right).  Which may have led to the eventual admission.

Of course, what happened in Quebec is no proof that the same thing occurred on Toronto streets on Saturday.  But it does show that it CAN happen; that the Canadian police had used such tactics before. When I first asked my Canadian friend for more information, I was acting purely on a hunch.  I had not seen any of the pictures or videos at the time.  I had no idea that the people who smashed windows and burned cars wore hoods and masks.  But once I learned that details from another Canadian friend, I began immediately to suspect that the Toronto violence may have been an inside job.  Black hoods and masks are signature uniforms of the thugs police use around the world when they want to provoke riots and justify brutal police crackdowns.  And what you saw above in that direction, points in that direction.

Toronto G20 Photo Album: Blood and Violence in Streets...

Back to Toronto and this weekend, they say "a picture is worth a thousand words."  There are literally thousands of pictures available on the web which translate into millions of words that speak of the once free and tolerant Canada as the latest example of a police state.  Check out some of the street scenes we have selected for this photo album.

CLICK HERE to go to the Globe and Mail (Canadian national newspaper) G8/G20 section where you can find hundreds of additional photos and videos.

...As New Global Aristocrats Feast and Toast Each Other

Meanwhile, while mayhem rules outside, the new global aristocrats feasted and toasted each other, both in Toronto, and in Huntsville, Ontario, the venue of a more exclusive G8 meeting.

Obama and Italian PM Berlusconi

Saudi King and foreign minister also attended

Obama & Harper (Cdn) toast each other with beer

CLICK HERE to go to the Globe and Mail (Canadian national newspaper) G8/G20 section where you can find hundreds of additional photos and videos.  Also see, more photos from the G8/G20 Summits.

Observe the contrast between the scenes in two above photo albums. They are reminiscent of pre-revolutionary Versailles, when Marie Antoinette dismissively said, "let them eat cake," in reference to the plight of angry and hungry French people.  Of course, we know what followed.  Four years later, she and her husband, Louis XVI, lost not only their faces but their heads, too.  In a guillotine basket.

The new global G20 aristocrats may not have said "let them eat cake," but they let their actions do the talking. As thousands protested in the streets of Toronto, inside the G20 summit world leaders agreed to a controversial goal of cutting government deficits in half by 2013.

Canadian columnist Naomi Klein comments: "What actually happened at the summit is that the global elites just stuck the bill for their drunken binge with the world’s poor, with the people that are most vulnerable," Klein says (see Sticking the Public with the Bill for the Bankers' Crisis, Globe & Mail, June 28; also check out a fascinating Globe & Mail article about the origins of the G20).

Klein adds...

"My city feels like a crime scene and the criminals are all melting into the night, fleeing the scene. No, I’m not talking about the kids in black who smashed windows and burned cop cars on Saturday. I’m talking about the heads of state who, on Sunday night, smashed social safety nets and burned good jobs in the middle of a recession. Faced with the effects of a crisis created by the world’s wealthiest and most privileged strata, they decided to stick the poorest and most vulnerable people in their countries with the bill."

This is a huge and shocking cut, and we should be very clear who will pay the price: students who will see their public educations further deteriorate as their fees go up; pensioners who will lose hard-earned benefits; public-sector workers whose jobs will be eliminated. And the list goes on. These types of cuts have already begun in many G20 countries including Canada, and they are about to get a lot worse. For instance, reducing the projected 2010 deficit in the U.S. by half, in the absence of a sizeable tax increase, would mean a whopping $780-billion cut."

Markets usually love cuts in spending.  This time, however, Wall Street also turned thumbs down on the new deal forged at the Toronto summit.  The market sagged slightly on Monday, and then plummeted nearly nearly 300 points today on worries that G20's cuts in spending may stifle global economic growth (see US Stocks Fall Slightly; Worry Over G-20 Deficit Cuts, June 28).

O Canada: Some Brave Canadians Still Stand on Guard for Thee

Meanwhile, some outraged Canadians gathered today to protest the conduct of "Toronto's finest" this weekend. 

"More than 1,000 loud but peaceful Torontonians – furious at police tactics, the G20 and seeing their city hijacked – converged on Toronto Police headquarters on College Street late Monday afternoon," the Globe and Mail reported this evening. "Parents, businessmen, protesters and grandparents chanted and drummed in front of dozens of police officers before marching through downtown and converging on Queen’s Park for a dance party."

"There have been multiple allegations of police misconduct and brutality in connection with the way police arrested and detained more than 900 people in connection with protests surrounding the G20 summit," the story said.  "Several people are planning legal action in connection with arrests and with the public works act put in place prior to the summit that allowed police to arrest people who refused to provide identification or allow their bags to be searched near the fence surrounding the summit security area."

Some people carried banners saying "Police State." Civil liberties groups said they were planning lawsuits against the police.  Others demanded a PUBLIC inquiry of the police actions.

(Check out the full Globe and Mail story Protests at Toronto Police HQ which includes a video from this rally)

Boyd Erman, a Globe and Mail columnist, joined in.  He said in today's column that the police G20 tactics gave Toronto a black eye - in the business community, not just among ordinary people:

"Come to Toronto, for work or pleasure, and enjoy having your civil liberties trampled and your right to free expression stifled. Avail yourself of our hospitality in a crowded detention pen, with free stale buns and water when (or if) your hosts get around to it. Partake of an invigorating massage, courtesy of police officers wielding truncheons. The best part – there’s no charge! Except that seems to mean the cops will pick you up, hold you, then let you go without ever following through criminal charges or prosecution, suggesting they had nothing on you in the first place.

The image of Toronto, post-summit, is that this is a place where the rule of law isn’t what it used to be, where the democratic right to protest can be suspended if it’s inconvenient."

It was heartening for this former Toronto resident to see that not all is lost in Canada; that there are still some brave Torontonians left who are not intimidated by police brutality, nor willing to surrender their rights to the globalist elites, the way the Canadian governments (federal, provincial, city) did.  One thousand people and a few uncowed columnists may not seem like much for a city of six million.  But considering the brutal tactics to which this weekend's protesters were subjected, showing up today in front of the police HQ was an act of bravery.  We salute them for the peaceful and dignified manner in which they expressed their righteous anger. 

So maybe there is still hope.  Some brave Canadians still "stand on guard for thee" (a quote from the Canadian national anthem).

UPDATE: Did Toronto Police Brass Cuff, Muzzle Their Own Officers?

TORONTO, July 1 - Here's an update to our original Toronto story.  It appears the orders to stand down and let the black-hooded goons do their dirty work in the streets of Toronto came from the top - the police brass cuffed and muzzled their own officers.  A Toronto Sun columnist, Joe Warmington, writes that several frontline officers had told him they were ordered not to get involved.

Surprise, surprise... right, given that all three levels of Canadian governments cow-towed before the G20 "aristocrats" like a bunch of poodles.

"It was awful," one officer told Warmington. "There were guys with equipment to do the job, all standing around looking at each other in disbelief."

Here's a link to the full story...

Last Updated:  June 30, 2010 8:29am

Warmington: Cops had hands 'cuffed


Let's hope that there is a public inquiry and that, when the full truth emerges from it, real culprits end up behind bars.

Bob Djurdjevic is a writer and consultant based in Haiku (Maui), Hawaii.  He is a free-thinking humanist.  Which means he is neither Republican nor Democrat.  You can find more of his research and columns at (geopolitical) and (business) and his personal web site

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