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An Editorial 2009-01

Jan 14, 2009

End of the World or a New Beginning? (updated Jan 15 - Love Despacho and Mar 15 - Mayan Calendar, 2012 Prophecy Reappear)

2012: Toward a New Breed of Man

"All You Need Is Love," seminar "Gift of Shift" keynote speaker wows large crowd with 2012 fractal theory; "Bob's theory:" New man to ascend to fourth dimension


An Editorial

by Bob Djurdjevic

"All You Need Is Love"

2012: Toward a New Breed of Man

"Gift of Shift" seminar keynote speaker wows large crowd with 2012 fractal theory; "Bob's theory:" New man to ascend to fourth dimension

Introduction - a Beautiful Setting

SEDONA, Jan 12 - I know, I know... one of my New Year's resolutions was to travel less in 2009.  And here I am, the first full weekend of the year, back in Sedona to attend a three-day weekend seminar.  Well, at least I didn't have to fly.  Instead, I took a walk before the opening session on Friday night.

These are some of the scenes from the mini golf course around the Poco Diablo resort as the sun was setting on this St. Stephan's Day (Jan 9).  As I approached that pond in the middle left shot, I scared a flock of ducks and geese into water and then air.  Guess they are not used to seeing people walking around in wintertime. They'd better, though, as I was told when I registered for the seminar that they were expecting at least 300 people this evening to hear the keynote speaker Gregg Braden, a bestselling New York Times list author.

And that was the seminar about?  Titled "Gift of Shift," and staged by Stellar Productions, it was about what we can expect in 2012.  No wonder there was a lot of interest in a "hot" subject like that.

Keynote Speaker Braden Wows Crowd with New Fractal Theory about 2012

"All You Need Is Love"-Message Echoes Again

If there were rafters, some people would have been hanging from them in the jam-packed Poco Diablo resort's conference room.  Instead, many took up positions on the floor around the stage and along the aisles of the crowded room.  I haven't see any people offering them their laps, which only goes to show us how far mankind has yet to go before implementing and integrated the keynote speaker's message into their everyday lives.  :-) 

And what was the message?  The same that by the Beetles in 1967: "All You Need Is Love."  Which is also the same as the message this author got last summer from the mountain spirits in Peru's Holy Mountains:

"Unconditional 'love is all you need' in order to become aligned with the forces of the universe and receive the blessings and support from the mountain spirits and the Creator," I wrote in an editorial after spending two weeks with the Inka Q'ero shamans, and receiving the Rites of Passage from them at a 16,000 ft-pass pm Mt Ausangate.(see Day 15:  Final Word: "All You Need Is Love", July 13). 

Gregg Braden ended his fascinating talk with a "I Choose Love" film and the song that matched the message and song. 

So for this writer, his keynote speech was confirmation, confirmation, confirmation... of everything I have felt and concluded by gnosis in the last year or so on the subject of man's alignment with the forces of the universe and the Creator, but from a scientific standpoint.  Which is why it was interesting to see how Braden, a former Martin Marietta aerospace scientist who used to work on hush-hush on Pentagon projects, arrived at the same spot using science to which I had arrived using gnosis and shamanism. 

Braden captivated the audience with a 90-minute lecture that took us back as far as 780,000 in linear time, and as far forward as the mind dares see.  His fascinated analysis is being published in a book "Fractal Time," "The Secret if 2012 and a New World Age," due to be released on March 17.  So we were the first audience to actually hear his pitch "live."

Braden proceeded to explain the three phenomena that will coincide in 2012 which are so unique that mankind as we know it has never experienced it before in recorded history:File:Gyroscope precession.gif

1. End of the current 5125 year-world cycle (on Dec 21, 2012, just the ancient Mayans had predicted).

2. End of the current 25626 year- precession (of the equinoxes - see the two charts)

3. Sun and Earth's crossing of the galactic equator (left chart below)

Using excellent graphics, which we were not allowed to photograph or copy until such time that the book is out, Braden visually explained these phenomena within the Milky Way galaxy to which we belong.  The latter will change the magnetic fields on earth, which in turn will affect the physical aspects, such as weather, but also trigger spiritual growth

Remember the line, "I wasn't born yesterday?".  It implies we can learn from history.  Well, the same is true in galactic and planetary terms.  It's just that the time here gets quite a bit more elongated.  So the "2012" has already happened before.  Except that the last time around it was in 3114 BC. 

So what can we learn from history that might help us understand the present and the future beyond 2012?

In an interesting article "What Really Happened in 3100 BC - and Where Are We Headed Now?", originally published in Dell Horoscope, July 2001, Bruce Scofield tries to answer that question.  And the short of his many interesting examples is that that period marks the beginning of the human civilization as we know it around the world [Egypt, Stonehenge (England), New Grange (Ireland), Yang-Shao culture (China), Kali Yuga age (India), etc.].

"One of the most intriguing references," Scofield writes, "comes from the Egyptian historian Manetho who says, 'the Watchers who had descended to earth in the general cosmic year 1000, held converse with men, and taught them that the orbits of the two luminaries, being marked by the 12 signs of the Zodiac, are composed of 360 parts.' The idea here is that astrology was brought to earth by intelligent beings from somewhere else."

From that, Scofield deduces: "If the alignments back in 3100 B.C. were about the emergence of humanity, the one coming up in 2012 A.D. may be about a linkage with the galaxy. These astrological events may point to humanity's rendezvous with intelligent life forms from beyond the earth, surely a watershed event in world history."

Back in Sedona, Braden had a different theory and offered some answers to the doomsday scenario, too.

The current 5125-year world cycle is pretty much synonymous with START of the human civilization as we know it.  So does that mean that 2012 would signal the END of the world, as some doomsayers are suggesting?  Will there be a polar reversal that could cause the kind of global upheaval that destroyed the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria over 12000+ years ago? (left-map of the world at the time).

"No," was Braden's short answer.  "There is no chance of a pole reversal."  The scientist added that last polar shift occurred 780,000 years ago.  But there was a palpable shift in the audience tonight.

Fractal Theory

So he went on to look for the answer to the key question of what will happen in 2012 in fractal theory (using smaller events to predict the larger ones).  He led the audience step-by-step through his initial hypothesis, of trying to figure out if there is a fractal pattern in events like 9/11, for example.  And he found out that similar conditions for a surprise attack like that existed in 1941 (Pearl Harbor), in 1984 (the closest the world has come to a Soviet preemptive launch of nuclear missiles), and.... in 2001 (9/11, of course).

So using the same methodology, if he were to work backward from 2012, he determined that the last time the same conditions existed on this planet was in 1155 BC.  Which was the period that marked the end of the then world's greatest "superpower" - Egypt.  The Egyptian empire started to crumble because it "fought too many wars on too many fronts," Braden said (see the World Cycles chart below).

"Sound familiar?" he asked the audience.  And then just in case there were still some people who were not getting his point, "can you think of another superpower like that?" 

Bottom line?  Braden expects "a brief but intense" period of change, all within a "normal" scope of the World Age cycles.

Coherence Theory: We Can Influence Future, Next Cycle

He then advanced another theory of "coherence" - between the heart and the brain, and between the heart (as the  collective human emotion) and the earth energy field.  A human heart has a 100 times stronger electric field than the brain, and a 5,000 times stronger magnetic field, he said.  So if we can learn to use our hearts more than our brains, we could make a difference in the way the future is shaped between now and 2012.  Evidence of collective intuition

How so?  Well, Global Coherence Initiative, a scientific group which Braden has endorsed, has been measuring the earth magnetic field.  And they have found that collective human emotion does have an effect on the earth magnetic field.  The chart on the left, for example, shows what happened to it on 9/11.

Braden added that this kind of coherence is very beneficial to humans as it heals our bodies (when we are in sync with the earth energy field).  And depending on whether we choose Fear (conflict, war) or Love, we will be "writing the end of the story of this world cycle."

So he ended his interesting lecture with a short film of Shawn Gallaway'a "I Choose Love" song (click here for a YouTube video, and click here for  Which sends the same message as "All You Need Is Love" by the Beetles   Which, as saw earlier, is also the same as the message this author got last summer from the mountain spirits in Peru's Holy Mountains:

"Unconditional 'love is all you need' in order to become aligned with the forces of the universe and receive the blessings and support from the mountain spirits and the Creator," I wrote in an editorial after spending two weeks with the Inka Q'ero shamans, and receiving the Rites of Passage from them at a 16,000 ft-pass pm Mt Ausangate (see Day 15:  Final Word: "All You Need Is Love", July 13).

"Bob's Theory:" A New Breed of Man to Ascend to Fourth Dimension?

So confirmation, confirmation, confirmation... with a twist, however.  And the twist, as this writer sees it, is that the end of one form of human civilization may signal the start of another one.  Braden provided the raw scientific data to support, shall we call it "Bob's theory," but did not follow through to its logical conclusion.  He did say that all those galactic confluences in 2012 could trigger spiritual growth.  But he did not apply his fractal analysis from this point forward to extrapolate and see what that might lead to.

What this writer thinks is that the start of the new civilization may mean that a new breed of man may start to ascend to the fourth dimension (or fifth or sixth?).  Instead of the "ET's" coming to us, as had evidently happened 5,000+ years ago, human beings will start to shape-shift into new dimensions that seem inaccessible to most people today.  (Yet there were more available in ancient times when man was closer attuned to the land and cosmos, according to the Peru mountain spirits). 

If you click on the right image, you can see an artistic and symbolic representation of the new breed of man.  As you can see, the "new man" "is all heart." 

"Era of Brain & Brawn" to End with a Bang: Another War in 2010?

This is in contrast to the "old man" whose mind and body grew during the "era of brain and brawn." That's when Fear reigned over Love, causing man's heart to shrink (figuratively) as his/her physical and mental strength increased.  As a result, though, he/she gradually lost touch with the Creator and the benevolent forces of the universe, as well as with Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) and Mama Kocha (water energy) that gave him/her birth [see the chart below].

The above chart depicts qualitatively this writer's vision of the evolution of man from a touchy-feely, rough and tumble creature 5122 years ago; to a warrior who tried to dominate his fellow man by fear in the middle part of the era; to a "brainiac" capable of destroying the planet and life itself in the closing decades of the world cycle; as the "old man" relentlessly tried to exercise power over others. 

Luckily, that era is now drawing to a close.  We may still have one last world war or a major regional conflict in 2010, according to Braden's fractal analysis.  If so, it will be sort of the "last hurrah" of the "brain and brawn" world cycle, the dying gasp of the only remaining superpower.  So the transition from one era  to the next will be "brief but intense," as you saw earlier.

Next World Cycle: "Era of the Heart"

After that storm blows over, there is much to rejoice as humanity looks forward to 2012 and beyond.  A new breed of man will emerge in the next world cycle, the "era of the heart."  Unconditional Love will help reunite him/her with the Creator and the forces of the universe.

At first, that may be possible only for a relative small number of "enlightened people" (the more spiritually advanced leaders).  And it won't be just a one-way trip.  For, the mission of these advance parties will be to use their LOVE and powerful heart energies to elevate the spiritual level of mankind as a collective.  Only when man's collective hearts beat in coherence with the earth and galaxy energies, and are in sync with the Creator's frequency, will mankind become fully empowered by the universe to transcend to new domains and realms.

And perhaps THAT will be the greatest civilizational change that the new world cycle will represent: It will create a new breed of man by reorienting the old one from focusing on SELF to working for the benefit of MANKIND.  For, self-actualization can only occur through collective betterment.  And that's the CHOICE we can also make.

And why would the man want to do it?  "What's in it for me?" - can you hear millions of us asking?

Because this will buy him/her a ticket to heaven (to fourth and other dimensions).  That's the Creator's carrot.  Only a fool would refuse it.  The rest will choose love.

Want to See God's Face? Look at Person Next to You or in Mirror

Other conference speakers echoes the theme of Love, having arrived at this conclusion independently,  as this writer has.  Peggy Phoenix Dubro, for example, who says she has been practicing "unlimited love" for decades, offered a beautifully succinct way of illustrating that we are all one - and at one with the Creator.

"Want to see the face of God?," she asked rhetorically during her lecture on Sunday afternoon.  " Look at the person next to you," .

To which I can also add, "if you're along, you can also look in the mirror to see the face of God."

Gary Renard, author of several book on spirituality who delivered the closing keynote speech on Sunday, offered linguistic proof of it. 

What does it mean to atone?  According to the dictionary, to atone means to make amends, to expiate, to repent and turn away from sin and do penitence. 

Now, take a look at the word again: at-one.  To atone, therefore, is to become "at one" with God again.

"To Jesus, heaven was oneness with God," Renard said.  "Hell was separateness from God."

"So separateness from God is the only lack you should try to fill," he counseled the audience.  "Arrogance is thinking that you can have your own ideas separate from God."

And even though he sounded like an evangelist at times, Renard said he didn't like organized religions.  "In the winter, I am a Buddhist," he joked.  "In the summer, I am a nudist."  :-)

Walking in Humility Integrity and Elegance

Instead practicing religion by rote, Renard and several other speakers urged the people to practice Humility. 

Phoenix Dubro, Renard and other speakers also talked of importance of shedding all our attachments and practicing humility.  "Let go of everything you have an attachment to," said Gaving Carruthers, an astrologer who spoke on Saturday (Jan 10).

The comments resonated deeply with this writer.  Ever since stepping on the shamanic past, whenever I have done the Four Winds ceremony to open the sacred space, my prayer to the Winds of the South - home of the Serpent/Amaru, Lord of the Underworld and of the Fire element - always contained just those words (see right). 

"Teach me to shed my past and my ego as easily as you shed your skin," I said intuitively.  Now I understand why and that I am not alone on that quest.

The Peru mountain spirits (Apu's) also drove that message home last summer.  Over three most amazing nights of my life, they took turns sharing with 36 western shamans some of their "pearls of wisdom."  The one that stuck in my mind came from Apu Quollyoriti [sic], the "Snow Star" mountain.  Speaking very slowly and accentuating every word, he said that we "must walk in humility, integrity and elegance."  And that if we did that, the mountain spirits will always be there to help us.

Humility, integrity, elegance... those words kept ringing in my ears all night, I wrote down in my trip diary.  The date was July 3, 2008.

Apu Quollyoriti also talked about the importance of "embracing beauty" in our lives.  Which helped me understand why I have always felt the need to be surrounded by beauty - both visual, audible and tactile (see "My Four-dimensional Art Project", 2005-2007).

Steven Ross, head of the World Research Foundation, is an outstanding expert on antiquities and ancient mysteries.  He also practiced humility while speaking in Sedona by referring to himself as a mere "librarian," said that the Sufis believed that people are all musical instruments, like the strings.  Guess that would make God the strummer.  Similarly, Beethoven once said that music was God's way of speaking to our souls.

"Hopi Prophecy" Foresaw Current Upheavals, As Did the Mayan

The Inkas and the Mayans were the only native people who prophesied events in the distant future (for them) that have or are coming true.  The Hopi people, the Native Americans who make their home right here in northeastern Arizona, not far from Sedona, had their own prophecy, partially inscribed on the Prophecy Rock (see the drawing below).

Dr. Chet Snow, a Sedona-based historian and an expert who on Hopi Prophecy, as well as on crop circles as a form of divine communication, talked about a number of Hopi symbols that showed up in the form of crop circles in England.  He also showed and explained the above graphic from the Hopi Prophecy Rock in the same context.  And so did some Mayan symbols, he said, and showed pictures of it.

When Cortez conquered the Maya in 1519, the Mayan Prophecy was issued warning against the "false God."  Dr. Snow showed the symbol by which such false God would be known.  It is the rectangular Catholic cross.  The "true God," according to the Maya, will be known with a symbol that resembles the square Irish Celtic cross (right - which this writer was trying to hug at its base in 1998).  The Hopi used a similar symbol (left).

Furthermore, the Mayan Prophecy said that there would be nine such "false God" periods, each lasting 52 years.  That makes 1987 (1519+468) the final year.  So Dr. Snow researched the crop circle activity and found out that starting with 1988, it had increased four-fold relative to prior decades.  And it was the "Celtic cross"-kind of a symbol that also showed up in crop circles.

"So God is speaking to us," Dr. Snow concluded.

That is also what Bert Janssen figured, another renowned expert on crop circles who hails from Amsterdam, Holland, who also spoke at the conference on Sunday.  A mathematician who got interested in and then captivated by crop circles in 1994, showed a picture of an ancient Annunciation painting depicting Archangel Gabriel telling Virgin Mary that she would give birth to a baby Jesus (the image on the right shows the same scene, though it is a different painting from that that Janssen showed). 

As he is telling her that, there is a bird (dove?), is hovering over Mary's head as if planting the divine seed in her.  Birds, especially doves, have been for centuries regarded as God's messengers.


Well, take a look at this crop circle that this writer visited up on July 20 last year in Wiltshire, England.  It's birds galore, as you can see.  Which Janssen took as a sign that a "new breed of man" is being conceived by divine means, just as this writer had concluded earlier based on other sources and his own intuition.  Janssen also has a photo of another "flock of birds" crop circle from 2003 at his web site delivering the same message.

Meanwhile, back to the Hopi, according to their cosmology, the original people had their heads open at the top so as to be able to receive direct transmissions of divine energy from the universe. 

The Hopi also believed in four worlds. Three earlier worlds were destroyed by God "because the people forgot to sign the Creator's song" (Taiowa). In the First World (Tokpela), the people and animals lived in harmony.  Then a mocking bird arrived and started to divide them.  The tops of their heads closed (for protection?).  Eventually, God destroyed the First World by fire.

Hopi say that the survivors went underground where they were helped by the "ant people" - the Anu Naki (also sometimes spelled as Anunaki).  The term is used to describe the "sons of God" who came to earth from outer space (planet Nibiru = Nemesis = Planet X - which is also mentioned in Sumerian texts).

"All native groups believe that our ancestors came from the stars," Dr. Snow said.

Greed destroyed the Second World, and Sex was the weapon of self-destruction of the Third.  Atlantis (and Lemuria?) were in the Third World.

The current world is the world of Choice, the Hopi believe.  They also thought that the sun spots are directly related to mass human emotional activity. Which is also the conclusion to which Braden arrived using scientific methods.  Dr. Snow also thought that we have a choice, and depending on what we choose in the waning years of the current world cycle, the Homo Sapiens will shape the next world.

So Shawn Gallaway's "I Choose Love" song once again seems like a very appropriate ending to this daunting story.  For, it lets the Creator know that some of us are still singing His/Her song.

"Love is the energy of who we are," said Peggy Phoenix Dubro in her closing remarks.  "We are born in love.  We are made in love.  There is no fear in love."


And with that "food for thought" and a "heavenly message from the heart," I will let you to take in these beautiful images from another wintry sunset in Sedona...

...which is my carrot for your hanging in there with me to this point through all this galactic and celestial stuff. Oh, just one more observation.  The audience at the keynote speech was predominantly female (about 70% to 80%).   Which I guess is a good thing, since women will be responsible for creating the new kind of man.  After all, that's also something that a female earth spirit in Peru very clearly told us last summer.

Mayan Calendar, 2012 Prophecy Reappear on Double #11 Day

SCOTTSDALE, Mar 15 - I don't know if there is a significance to today's date - Mar 15, being the "Ides of March" in the Roman calendar, famous in history as the date Julius Caesar was assassinated.  It is, of course, important for me that it is another double #11 date, numerologically speaking (3/15/2009 - 3+15+2+9 = 29, which is 2+9=11).   And in this writer's life, that's a key number (see Masters' #11 & My life).

The reason I have been contemplating dates is that something pretty extraordinary has just happened to do with the Mayan calendar and the 2012 prophecy that some have interpreted as the "end of the world." 

As my close friends and family know, I am in a process of moving from Scottsdale to Maui.  Yesterday, I made a sizeable donation in goods of all sorts to a lovely family of my Mexican cleaning lady who has looked after my place for nearly four years now.  In fact, when I told Maria two weeks ago that I would me moving, she cried nearly the whole time she was cleaning.

So while their kids were carting the stuff out, her husband Antonio was polishing some of my silver and brass.  And I, in turn, played some music for them as my gift of love and appreciation for what they were doing.  This went on for over an hour.

When I walked into the kitchen and saw the silver and brass items that Antonio had polished, I was stunned.  Brass looked like yellow gold and silver like white gold.  He did an incredible job and I told him that.  He modestly replied that he used to work in body shop where he learned that patience and elbow grease are key to polishing.  No kidding...

Then I picked up an item that seemed vaguely familiar.  It was a very old brass, silver and copper mug that a friend of mine had given me back circa 1972.  He and his newly wedded wife, my late first wife's sister, had spent some time in Mexico, touring it in an old beat-up VW van.  If that brings memories of beatniks, hippies and flower children, I would not be surprised.  Because the two of them were a part of that scene.

Upon returning home, they spent a few days at my apartment.  And in gratitude for my hospitality, I suppose, they gave me this mug.  I don't remember anymore just exactly where they got it. But I Yukatan peninsula seems to ring a bell.  Anyway, they got it directly from the artist who made it by hand.  Now, take a look at it after Antonio was finished polishing it yesterday:

A beautifully engraved Mayan calendar that ends 12/21/2012 is engraved in brass and mounted on a copper background.  Of course, Antonio knew what it was, being Mexican.  But I never noticed it really until just now.  It was as if you live with a woman for decades, and then one day, you look deep into her eyes, and for the first time, you see who she really is. (By the way, this also works if you look in the mirror... you may be surprised with what you discover).

I shuddered at the thought that this beautiful mug, in its old decrepit shape, was available for anyone to pick up for $5 during my garage sale a week ago! Yet no one saw any value to it.  Meaning, the Creator and the spirits saved it for me as a special message and now a gift from them when my eyes become open to really "see."  That included a revelation that I had just a few minutes ago that 12/21/2012 is also a double #11 day!!! (sum of the digits is 11, plus 12+21=33, another Master's number that's a multiple of 11).  And I have Antonio to thank for that!

The Creator sure works in mysterious ways...

And with that "food for thought" and a "heavenly message from the heart," have a great Sunday!

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