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TiM Bulletin 2013-04

June 18, 2013

From Turkey to Brazil to Egypt: People are rising up against New World Order plutocracy

When Will America Wake Up?

Massive demonstrations rock world's fifth largest country (Brazil); IT ALL STARTED IN EUROPE; TWO VICTIMS, ONE CULPRIT



From Turkey to Brazil: People are rising up against New World Order plutocracy

When Will America Wake Up?

Massive demonstrations rock world's fifth largest country (Brazil)


Massive demonstrations rock world's fifth largest country (6-18-13)

HAIKU, Maui, June 18, 2013 - Brazil is one of New World Order's (NWO) "crown jewels." It is the first of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China). American bankers and corporate executives love to boast about the progress they have allegedly brought to the fifth largest country in the world (both demographically and geographically). That's why they have awarded Brazil the next World Cup of Soccer and the next Olympics. 

Massive sporting events like these are manifestations of "success" the global NWO plutocrats use to feed "opium to the masses." Just as the Romans did in the decaying stages of that empire ("panem et circenses" - bread and games). And just as the Nazis and the Communists did. And we all know what happened to those empires. 

Any similarities with the global NWO empire are, I am sure, quite coincidental. 

Except when it comes to the view from Ground Zero of the NWO "success." It is quite different from the glitz and glitter of the Olympics (take a look at some of the pictures below and in the links I provided). And so it in America (check out some of the slums in our country). 

Gallery of Broken Dreams (and Dream Homes)

The spontaneous demonstrations that broke out yesterday across Brazil are proof of that country's disenchantment with the plutocracy the NWO is spreading around the world like some sort of a bird flu. 

A sign in English carried by a group protestors the obvious: "Brazil woke up." When will America wake up?


Smart play: Using hearts and flowers instead of fists and torches

They are both blacks on their backs. Both are wounded and bleeding on a Rio street. Both are VICTIMS of the New World Order (see the NWO flag above). 

The end of the New World Order will come when they BOTH realize that that they are VICTIMS of the same globalist financial cabal. And when they join forces to free themselves from financial slavery. Police are also wage earners. They are also people. They are also enslaved. Someone just needs to make them realize that.

That's what some anti-Milosevic (communist dictator) demonstrators tried to do in 1996 in Serbia. Belgrade beauties armed with flowers sliced through the police cordons like knife through cheese and invited the policemen to join them.

The protestors in Brazil's capital Brasilia also urged non-violence. 


The Serbian communist dictator is now dead and buried. The NWO is on its last legs. The writing is on the wall. Let's keep writing.

Patience and perseverance. That's the way to liberty this time around. Using hearts and flowers instead of fists and torches.

When Will America Wake Up? (9 photos on FB)

(Also see Stitching Together New World Order Flag - Truth in Media - - Nov 21, 1999).

* * *

Brazil Protests 2013 Grow Even After Tactical Victory 


The Beat Goes On: One Million People March against Government

How do you stop a boulder from sliding down a mountain? You don't. At best, you can get out of its way.

How do you stop a wildfire from consuming the forest? You don't. At best, you can limit its range.

How do you stop a tsunami from washing over a shore? You don't. At best, you can get to higher ground before you are washed away.

How do you stop a tornado from touching down? You don't. At best, you may find an underground shelter before it does.

Mass protests are a force of nature. I know that from experience, from within. Been there, done that since 1968. I've been on a boulder, in a fire, under a tsunami, in a tornado...

Mass demonstrations have a momentum of their own. Just like other transformational forces of the universe - gravity, fire, water, wind... And they go on until the energy is exhausted one way or another.

What's happening in Brazil is proof of it. Two days ago, the massive demonstrations which broke out across the country over increased public transit fares had forced the government to back down and reverse the price increases. It was a tactical victory for the protesters.

And what happened after that? More and even bigger demonstrators. The momentum is unstoppable. They will continue until such time that the mass energy is exhausted and permanent transformation takes place. 

Just like when the boulder finally comes to a rest in the valley. Just like the forest fire burns itself out when it runs out of fuel. Just like the tsunami retreats back to the ocean. Just like when the tornado dissipates when cold air undercuts the updraft of its parent thunderstorm.

So we wait... and pray that the Brazilians achieve the transformation they are seeking with minimal damage to their environment, including its people. God knows, the Brazilian NWO-subservient government has already done enough of that.

* * *


Lest we also forget what happened in Europe last November... when people also rose up across the Old Continent against the New World Order's economic recipes...

Check out this editorial from Nov 15, 2012:



Also Ring of Fire in Pacific

With unemployment soaring, millions take to streets across Europe to protest central bankers' remedy for crisis bankers created when they invented the infamous "euro"; Police mug teenage boys and girls in Spain; "euro" falling apart, just as predicted in 1998 - four years before "euro" was launched

UPDATE (Nov 15): Man and Nature in Sync: Ring of Fire in Europe Echoed by Ring of Fire in Pacific


Take a look at some of the pictures from Ground Zero...

18 Cities Where The Suburbs Are Rapidly Turning Into Slums ...

Ghetto America

Brazilian Protesters Vow To Hold Big Demo
SAO PAULO — Protesters massed in four Brazilian cities Monday in what they hoped would be their biggest demonstrations yet against a hike in public transport fares, stoking fears of more clashes with police and raising questions about security... (6 photos)



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