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TiM Bulletin 2012-07

Nov 14, 2012

Nov 14, 2012 - Europe in Flames: Protests against bankers, governments erupt across Europe

Cure Worse Than Disease

With unemployment soaring, millions take to streets across Europe to protest central bankers' remedy for crisis management; globalists created it when they invented the infamous "euro"; Police mug teenage boys and girls in Spain; "euro" falling apart, as predicted before it was launched

Nov 15 update: Ring of Fire in Europe Echoes by Ring of Fire in Pacific





November 14, 2012 - Europe in Flames: Protests against bankers, governments erupt across Europe

Cure Worse Than Disease

With unemployment soaring, millions take to streets across Europe to protest central bankers' remedy for crisis management; globalists created it when they invented the infamous "euro"; Police mug teenage boy and girl in Spain; "euro" falling apart, as predicted before it was launched


36 Seconds of Police Terror in Tarragona, Spain


HAIKU, Maui, Nov 14 - Before we go on, please study the above images and watch this 36-second video clip. People resort to violence only in desperation, when hopelessness takes over their better judgment. Later, decent folk always regret it.

Police resort to violence because they are paid to. And because they can. Wantonly. It's a power trip for some.  Like this Spanish threesome of thugs with government-issue guns, clubs and helmets caught on camera in the act mugging kids (also see this London Telegraph story about it). Beating up teenagers who were clearly innocent bystanders is not a sign of desperation. It is a sign of degeneration - of human spirit.

That is the level bestiality to which Europe has fallen these days.  It's getting to be almost as bad as the U.S. Watching the "36 seconds of police terror" - our title for the above video clip - reminded us of the "Battle in Seattle" on Dec 5, 1999 (see Toward a New Multipolar World of the New Millennium, Truth in Media, Dec 1999 and the film "Battle in Seattle", 2007).

Scenes of wanton police brutality have become commonplace in many other places around the world where and when the so-called "New World Order" (NWO) "elite" gather to plot their next steps in subjugation and exploitation of the people of the world and of Mother Earth. The latest one was in Toronto, Canada in June 2010 (see Ugly Face of Globalism on Display in Toronto).

So what's going on? The so-called global "elite" are getting desperate. Their methods are no longer working. Police brutality and violence are signs of WEAKNESS. They are merely symptoms of the "elite's" desperation.

Take Greece, for example, where the Euro financial crisis started. This EU country has received so far about 150 billion in EU bailouts in exchange for making tough budget cuts and sweeping reforms to its labor market and bureaucracy. And what's the outcome a year later? Things are worse than ever. Government deficit has almost doubled. Unemployment is 25%.  It is about 50% among the young people. 

Clearly, the cure is worse than the disease. Is there any wonder the Greek people are protesting? And now, much of southern Europe is in flames, too.

Greece has now been also joined by Spain, Portugal, Italy... each of which is suffering high unemployment, big budget deficits and demands for even deeper cuts in exchange from any bailout funds from the central EU bureaucracy.

And then check out this photo gallery of protests against the central bankers and their European national government stooges.



In other words, the much ballyhooed "euro," the globalists' pride and joy of the 1990s, has turned into a dismal failure. No surprise there. Here's a quote from a column I wrote in 1998 for the CHRONICLES magazine in Chicago. Keep in mind that this was four years BEFORE the "euro" became a reality. Here was my bottom-line conclusion:

If the globalists' "thesis" is a centralized, integrated European Union, and it is; then the "antithesis," resulting from a popular backlash against this devil's plan, may be Europe Undone, i.e., a disintegration of Europe.

What we witnessed today, Nov 14, 2012, is another step in that direction - disintegration of Europe. And now, check out some other excerpts from this piece. I highlighted the section subtitled "The 'euro' illusion" in italics:

A Bear in Sheep's Clothing Chronicles magazine, Dec 1998

[...] The first claw - European integration, first economic, then political - is clearly being pushed by the Wall Street and Washington-centered New World Order (NWO) globalists for the benefit of multinational, not national, or regional companies. Just look at the assault, for example, launched by Wall Street bankers.

Since 1992, the year the same West Side crowd forced Europe to open its markets to foreign competition, Wall Street banks have consistently dominated Europe's mergers and acquisitions. In 1996, for example, the U.S. banks accounted for two-thirds of all such deals. Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch led the pack, according to a July 1997 New York Times report.

A further example of the top-down NWO coercion is that the Old Continent's electorate have clearly rejected the idea of pan-Europeanism, even as they voted for a pan-European Parliament. Most representatives elected in June 1994, for example, came from the various European nationalist parties.

Even in Germany, that bulwark of the EU integration, where Helmut Kohl's government has acted as a virtual U.S. government proxy on almost every issue, there has been a voter backlash. Kohl was defeated in the September elections by Social Democrats who were critical of the government's special relationship with NATO and the United States.

This is more evidence that the 1991 Maastricht Treaty was an example of the globalist elite's ramming the EU idea down the Europeans' throats. For, the EU adds a significant tax burden over and above the costs of each national government - like the United Nations bureaucracy.

The "euro" illusion

The same argument can be made about the second claw of the NWO's Euro-destruction - conversion of national currencies to a "euro." There is no doubt that the "euro" is a benefit to the hordes of the U.S. and European consulting, legal and accounting firms engaged in the currency conversion projects. Not to mention the banks, think-tanks or other leaches feeding off of productive economic activities. Just as the Harvard-inspired "reforms" in Russia in 1992-1994 meant an enrichment opportunity for the few (quislings and foreigners) at the expense of the many (Russians).

Meanwhile, the proponents of the "euro" argue that a common currency will lower transaction costs. Maybe. But even if so, not before first raising them. Besides, only companies which operate on a pan-European scale may benefit from it. As for the rest, especially small businesses - the backbone of most European economies - the "euro" will mostly mean additional expenses and diminishing national sovereignty.

And then there are political risks associated with the "euro." "The new currency will become the target of allocation conflicts, the magnet for political action and the putty between continental forces," noted a July 1998 Bertelsmann Forum report. "The 'euro' could force a major process of financial compensation throughout Europe, thus triggering conflicts of a new intensity." Indeed.


And then there is the NATO "enlargement," the number five claw in Madame Europe's back. Most people think that this is about "European security" since that's what the establishment media are telling us. It is not. How could it be when there is no enemy in sight for thousands of miles? The NATO enlargement is about enlargement of the U.S. death merchants' wallets - by the tens of billions of dollars which the new members will have to spend to bring their armed forces up to the NATO standards. Another boon for the U.S. multinationals; another burden for European taxpayers.

[...] (also see New Iron Curtain over Europe, New Dawn magazine, Mar 1999)

Now take all six globalist bear claws together - build-up of the EU bureaucracy, the "euro," the "Y2K," the two "enlargements," plus the "immigration" - ripping and gripping at Europe SIMULTANEOUSLY! Only the devil himself could have devised such a way to "help" Europe.

If the globalists' "thesis" is a centralized, integrated European Union, and it is; then the "antithesis," resulting from a popular backlash against this devil's plan, may be Europe Undone, i.e., a disintegration of Europe.

No surprise there. Almost five centuries ago (in 1513), Nicolo Machiavelli wrote in "The Prince:" "There is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage - than the creation of a new order of things." Guess the New World Order globalists haven't read anything written prior to Karl Marx?

From A Bear in Sheep's Clothing Chronicles magazine, Dec 1998


So the universe is unfolding as it should. The European crisis we are now witnessing was predictable 14 years ago. Back in the 1990s, I used to call these globalist leaders the "New World Order" "elite," accepting the term George Bush Sr. used in 1990 before launching the first of many post Cold War "hot" wars - the Gulf War I against Iraq.

Now, looking in hindsight at the carnage these people have left behind, anybody can see that they are no "elite." True leaders don't kill, maim people and rape the environment for personal gain and profit. Only callous thugs do that.

And the "new world order" they dreamed up is nothing new. Hitler also called the Third Reich a New World Order. And look where it got him.

So perhaps a more appropriate term for the terms would be to call these selfish, greedy, bloodthirsty globalists - the Dark Cabal, the Riders of the Apocalypse. For, they stand for Conquest,  War, Famine and Death. And like the Four Riders of the Apocalypse, are impervious to human or natural suffering they cause in pursuit of their quest for power.

As President Eisenhower once said, "I think we've flogged this horse (Dark Cabal) enough. Let's get a new one."


As for those brutal police officers, it might be helpful for us to consider that they are just wage earners with families like those of the people they are beating up. They are not the problem. Nor are the soldiers the Dark Cabal send around the world to kill and subjugate. Their bosses are, both the politicians and the bankers/corporate tycoons for whom the politicians do their dirty work. The way to fight this battle as peaceful warriors is to try to win the hearts of the police and the soldiers.

Let us show them that the people they are clubbing are their friends and neighbors, and the people who are paying them to do it are thugs and thus the common enemy. As these young Belgrade (Serbia) women did in 1996, when facing a column of heavily armed Slobodan Milosevic's police.


Bob Altzar Djurdjevic is a writer, musician, video maker, thrice-ordained Inca-shaman and business consultant based in Maui, Hawaii (see and He founded Stewards of the Earth ( internet community in Jan 2012 to help heal our planet and humanity and guide it through the shift into the new Era of Aquarius. The Stewards of the Earth are now active across the U.S. and on all six major continents.


Also see these videos...

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GREECE in FLAMES as anti-austerity RIOTS erupt in CAPITAL!



Ring of Fire in Europe Echoed by Ring of Fire in Pacific

Man and Nature in sync: Power of collective emotion moves Mother Earth into action; "The Swan" was actually an oracle as an "euro" and EU "swan song"

HAIKU, Maui, Nov 15 - Ever heard of Man and Mature grumbling and rumbling at the same time? I haven't. Until today. Such amazing synchronicity actually happened yesterday - Nov 14. And it illustrated the power of collective emotion. It moved the Earth into action. Literally.

As a Ring of Fire of anti-government protests engulfed Europe from Athens to London, Mother Nature was showing her support by rumbling in Eastern Pacific with powerful earthquakes of 6.0 magnitude or greater. They spanned a distance of 10,000 - from the Aleutian Islands in the northwest to central Chile (see the maps - right and below).

There were no casualties reported, nor any major material damage. So our Gaia-Pachamama did not meant to hurt Man. Instead, it was her way of applauding the protests Man had staged against the forces of the Dark Cabal in Europe who are trying to subjugate and arrest the human spirit.

And how do I know that? I am a shaman. Shamans are conduits between the Spirit and Earthly realms. I am also a Steward of the Earth and founder of a global community of environmental healers. So I get celestial downloads all time.

When I asked for Spirit guidance last night on what happened in Europe, Goddess of Fire (Pele) showed  up as my Mystic Medicine Mystery card. So it was she who inspired and guided me to write that story yesterday about the Ring of Fire in Europe.  And when I woke up this morning, it was Pele, along with Geronimo (Discernment card again! i.e., my Higher Self) that reconfirmed it by inspiring me to make a connection between the Spirit and the Earthly realms, and see the seemingly disparate events in distant regions of the world as ONE.  And then share this revelation with everyone who is open to Divine and Spirit realm guidance.

And then there was one more thing that happened as I was waking up this morning. I heard was hearing again the music from "The Swan". It was a part of a dream in which both Geronimo and Alepa figured (see "Geronimo and I" story). I had made the video the day BEFORE the Ring of Fire hit Europe and the Pacific. So what's the connection here?

As you can see in the video, the swan is a sacred animal showed himself to me as a symbol of Grace, Beauty and Elegance. But this beautiful bird also has another important attribute that both Native Americans and the Greeks (see below) have perceived. The swan is a symbol of Faith and Providence.  It symbolizes ability to see into the future.

In other words, I was given The Swan music the day before the Ring of Fire in Europe as a "swan song" (the beginning of the end) of the "euro" (and eventually the EU, too). And again today, as reconfirmation, along with the Discernment (Geronimo) card.

So what happened on Nov 13 under in between the double rainbows was an oracle. I just did not realize it until I was slowly coming out of dreamtime this morning (Nov 15). I know from past experiences that that's when my important revelations come down from the Spirit realm.  Or at least when I become aware of them.

In other words, what happened in Europe on Nov 14 from a spiritual perspective is the start of a "swan song" for the "euro" and the EU. Which is actually something I was inspired by my Spirit guides to write about and publish as far back as 1998. I just wasn't awake as yet back then. I thought it was me writing it. :-)


SWAN in Greek mythology: The swan was seen as a traditional symbol of beauty and grace in ancient Greece, and was sacred to Aphrodite. The swan was also sacred to Apollo, the god of music (among other things), in Greek mythology. At the time, the people believed that the swan sang a sweet and beautiful song when people died. The swan song was supposed to be the most beautiful song the bird had ever sung, since swans aren’t known for their singing.

SWAN as sacred animal:  Swan medicine people have the ability to see the future, to surrender to the power of Great Spirit, and to accept the healing and
transformation of their lives.


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