August 1, 1994

From a war correspondent's diary


The Hidden Truth About Gorazde, Bosnia


By Bob Djurdjevic


PHOENIX, Aug. 1, 1994 - Suppose someone told you that Nicole Simpson slit her former husband "OJ's" throat. Would you believe it? I hope not. One would think, therefore, that a responsible editor would not print such nonsense, either. Right? Wrong! The NEW REPUBLIC and the WALL STREET JOURNAL have each published ludicrous assertions by one Albert Wohlstetter which basically amounted to the same thing. The NEW REPUBLIC even gave him six full pages (!?) of its August 1 issue! The "Logic 101," therefore, would make the REPUBLIC's and the JOURNAL's editors "irresponsible" - by definition!

But who the heck is this Wohlstetter, anyway? Supposedly, he is a retired academic. He signs his scribbles as "professor emeritus" of the University of Chicago. But academics aren't supposed to lie, right? Yet, his prose reads more as it were written by Herr Goebels (the Nazi propaganda minister), rather than by a university professor devoted to truth.

Of course, Wohlstetter is entitled to his hatreds. And to the defamation of his own reputation, or that of his profession and the university where he once worked. But why are the esteemed media, such as the NEW REPUBLIC or the WALL STREET JOURNAL (the latter repeatedly) giving him the pulpit from which to spout off his falsehoods? Aren't the media editors supposed to check their contributors' lies which masquerade as "facts" before printing them? Worse, why do they keep refusing to publish the letters or articles which try to correct the falsehoods?

Wohlstetter's article, "Creating a Greater Serbia" (the NEW REPUBLIC), for example, is long on hatred (of the Serbs) and short on facts. As were several of his earlier pieces in the WALL STREET JOURNAL during the last year or so.

For example, Wohlstetter wrote of the "destruction of Gorazde" by the Serbs. Has he ever been to Gorazde? Have the NEW REPUBLIC's reporters, or the WALL STREET JOURNAL's Balkan "Johnny-on-the-spot," its similarly Serbophobic reporter, Roger Thurow, ever visited the city?

I suspect not. But I have. I was there in late July. Let me tell you what I discovered using an ancient investigative technique - my eyesight and hearing. And a $100-camera - just in case some editors did not trust my eyesight.

Standing on a hill less than a mile from downtown Gorazde, I lookewpe3.jpg (43341 bytes)d long and hard, but could see no discernible damage to the city below. Instead, I observed and heard hundreds of Muslims having fun on the river Drina beaches. People were sun-bathing, swimming and frolicking on a hot late-July afternoon. The scene would have been truly idyllic were it not for the sight just to the north of it.

Directly across from me, less than a mile from the joyful Gorazde beaches, lay a Serb suburb. Or what was left of it. Once a prosperous community, it is now a scene of utter devastation. There was hardly a house which had not been burnt out by the Muslims. I took pictures of both the Gorazde beaches and the blackened hell-hole which was once the Serb part of Gorazde.

Oh, by the way, as we were crossing an old railroad bridge over the river Drina, my driver said that the last time he crossed it, a few days before, he saw a man being interrogated by the Serb soldiers. He stopped to see what was going on. It turned out the man was a local Serb. He was dripping wet. And he seemed beside himself. Speaking in a choked-up voice, gasping for air, the man said that he was upstairs at his home when the door bell rang. His wife opened the door. Several Muslim soldiers grabbed her, and slit her throat on the front porch as her wpe5.jpg (38802 bytes)husband watched. The desperate man jumped right out of the second floor window, ran and dove into the river Drina, a short distance away. He did not stop swimming until he reached the Serb territory. Now, he was planning to spend the night at the bridge, waiting for his wife's body to wash up. "They always dump the bodies into the river," he said speaking of his Gorazde Muslim neighbors.

Would Professor Wohlstetter, the NEW REPUBLIC or the WALL STREET JOURNAL editors, like to join me on my next "field trip" there? Maybe they can try out their latest fishing gear while "panning for bodies" in the Drina?

That's one of the new, gruesome outdoor activities which their New World Order has spawned. Having to feed a record number of refugees around the world is another. So, the "globalists" first dislocate all these millions, then they save them? Actually they don't (save them). Except for a subsequent, more sophisticated and profitable "final solution."

Sound crazy? Not if you consider that the U.S. arms sales had doubled under Bill Clinton to $33 billion in 1993, according to a July 23 report in the ECONOMIST. About 40% of that total went to Saudi Arabia, a country which has been the biggest weapons supplier of the Bosnian Muslims, according to JANE's DEFENSE WEEKLY. Bill Clinton has now also set October 15 as the deadline for lifting the Bosnian arms embargo, so we could ship our stuff directly to the "poor Muslims."

There seems to be a rhyme and a reason, therefore, behind all this worldwide misery caused under the U.S. and/or U.N. policies. Their actions aren't about saving lives. They are about saving our agriculture and defense industries. So much for the "Cold War victory," as President Bush boasted.

Meanwhile, the fact that some poor natives in, say, Bosnia or Rwanda, got slaughtered inefficiently rather than by a "high tech" weapon, only goes to show how many more potential customers our arms manufacturers are yet to tap.


TiM Ed.: To take the above photos, the TiM editor had to cross several front lines and get behind the U.N.-patrolled 3 km military exclusion zone around Gorazde.  All around him were Muslims, Britons and other Westerners posing as OSCE or U.N. civilian observers, while in effect spying on behalf of UNPROFOR or NATO.  See "Excerpts from Bob Djurdjevic's Bosnia Wartime Diaries."


Bob Djurdjevic
Phoenix, Arizona

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