Bob Djurdjevic's Travel Vignettes

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Stories from Germany, Australia, Bosnia, Russia, U.S., Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, U.K., Yugoslavia, France, Sweden, Italy, Greece...

Come, Travel the Globe with the Truth in Media Editor

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"No Bull!" (1986)

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"Aussie Salute; Mother-in-Law Fish" (1986)

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"Djurgarten and Cache of Cash" (1987)

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"Taking a Little Bite Out of the Big Apple" (1998)

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"Batman in Croatia" (1990)

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"Serbian Partners" (1990)

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"The Italian Green Card" (1990)

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"Greek Vacation Nightmares" (1980)

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"BT: The Flintstones" (1987)

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"Once in a Blue Moon, at Meelup" (1999)

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"Of Paris Cabs, Little Blonde Girls, and Te-le-phone Shoppes" (1990)

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"Princess Anne's   Wellingtonias" (1987)

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"Only in Canada: Alligators for Laptops" (1991)

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"Laptops? Not at New York Hilton" (1991)

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"Helmets Are In, Bikes Are Out" (1999)

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A Caution for International Travelers:

"Compaq's Rockwell Modems May Rock Well, But That's About the Only Thing They Do Well" (1999)

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