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TiM GW Bulletin 99/9-2

Sep. 15, 1999

TiM Editor's "Tour de Serbia" - Part II

More Shocking Scenes of Devastation

Nis, Aleksinac, Cuprija, Kragujevac, Valjevo...


wpe12.jpg (29534 bytes)"Tour de Serbia" - Part I, Sept. 13

wpe13.jpg (1128 bytes)"Tour de Serbia - Part II, Sept. 15

wpe15.jpg (1128 bytes)"Tour de Serbia - Part III, Sept. 16

BELGRADE, Sept. 15 - As you saw from the "Tour de Serbia" - Part I (Sept. 13), the TiM editor gave a lecture at the University of Nis, and a speech at the Nis People's Theater on the subject of NATO's war on Serbia and alternatives which the Serbian people face today in forging their future (see The Serbian language version; the English language version

During his visit to Nis, the TiM editor was also received by General Nebojsa Pavkovic and several other generals and colonels - all senior members of the Third Army commander's general staff, who discussed with TiM their views about the situation in Kosovo and in Nis.

The TiM editor also visited the Nis Chamber of Commerce, whose vice president, Dragomir Ilic, briefed TiM about the extent of damage to business and property, as well as his personal experiences during the war. Mr. Ilic later accompanied the TiM editor on a tour of some of the destroyed or damaged business enterprises, such as the Nis tobacco factory (Duvanska Industrija Nis), the second largest tobacco producer in Europe before the NATO bombing.

The TiM editor was also received by the mayor of Nis, Zoran Zivkovic, the vice mayor, Vladimir Domazet, and several other officials of the City Government (all members of the Serbian Democratic Party, an opposition party at the federal level). Mayor Zivkovic said that about 4,000 NIS residential dwellings were damaged during the NATO bombing, 122 of which were totally destroyed - the greatest civilian property devastation toll of any Serb city. Nis was also the first Serb city in which the cluster bombs were used against the civilian population, causing numerous civilian casualties (see reports and photos in the "NATO's War" section at the TiM Web site).

After lunch, the City of Nis officials accompanied the TiM editor on a visit to the orphanage "Dusko Radovic," as well as to several other Nis neighborhoods devastated by NATO's bombs. wpe17.jpg (81666 bytes)

After the TiM editor's speech at the Nis People's Theater, which was preceded by an outstanding choral performance by the City Choir in honor of the visitors, Mr. and Mrs. Djurdjevic gave a cocktail party at the City Hall for a number of prominent Nis citizens and city officials, as well as all members of the choir. At the reception, the TiM editor presented a modest donation to the City for use in repairs to, and the heating of, the newborn babies ward of the Nis hospital.

Following his visit to Nis, the TiM editor continued his "Tour de Serbia" on Sept. 14 with stops in Aleksinac, Cuprija, Kragujevac and Valjevo. Before delivering an evening speech at an open meeting of the Rotary Club of Valjevo, which helped organize the Central Serbia portion of the "Tour de Serbia," the TiM editor held a press conference in Kragujevac, visited the devastated "Zastava" factory (the "Home of the Yugo"), and the Sumarice Museum, which was also damaged during the bombing.

Much of the Serb opposition and independent media, along with the state-owned Serb TV (RTS), Politika, Tanjug etc., have been covering daily the various stages of the TiM "Tour de Serbia," which continues on Thursday, Sept. 16 in the Serb capital.


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