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December 30, 2008

Eight Cities in 4 1/2 Days - September 12-16, 1999

TiM's "Tour de Serbia" - Kragujevac

Stage 5 - Photo Album 1 - April 1999

FROM WESTERN AUSTRALIAexplosion.gif (16495 bytes)Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

TiM's "TOUR DE SERBIA" - STAGE 5 - Sept. 14, 1999

Kragujevac - "Zastava" Factory Photos - Right After the Bombing - April 1999

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Bottom Line...                   * Eastern Europe's most successful auto maker has been put out of business

                                           * A NATO country (Czech) "Skoda" picks up "Zastava's" market share

                                           * But back in Kragujevac, 36,000 people; 24,000 famililes are now without jobs

                                           * Hundreds of thousands more KG civilians will be without heat this winter of '99

...genocidal "New World Order" at work... again and again in the Balkans, i.e., in Serbia!

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