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September 09, 2010

Eight Cities in 4 1/2 Days - September 12-16, 1999

TiM's "Tour de Serbia" - Cuprija

Stage 4 - Tour of the City - Sept. 14, 1999

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"Tour de Serbia" - Part I (Sept. 13)

"Tour de Serbia - Part II (Sept. 15)

"Tour de Serbia - Part III (Sept. 16)

                                           TiM's "TOUR DE SERBIA" - STAGE 4

                                           Cuprija - Photo Album         Sept. 14, 1999 (8 images)

Cuprija - Tour of the Town

CUPRIJA, Sept. 14 - A tour through the center of this Central Serbia town failed to reveal a single object of military significance which NATO had bombed during its 79-day terror campaign against the Serb civilians. We have witnessed a wanton destruction of a fashionable department store; of a museum; of a sports hall; of a school, and of a number of nearby residential or office buildings (see the above photos).

About the only thing which even remotely resembled the Yugoslav military presence in Cuprija were hundreds of spankingly new-looking artillery pieces parked in a vacant parking lot near the "Ada" sports hall.  "This is some of the equipment which the (Yugoslav) Army pulled out of Kosovo after the (June 11) armistice," our hosts explained. 

In other words, these guns weren't there when the war crimes against the Cuprija civilians were committed by NATO.  Which is a quite plausible explanation, given the craftiness with which the Serb military hid its best assets from NATO.

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