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December 30, 2008

Eight Cities in 4 1/2 Days - September 12-16, 1999

TiM's "Tour de Serbia" - Belgrade

Stage 8 - Photo Album - Sept. 16, 1999

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TiM's "TOUR DE SERBIA" - STAGE 8 - Sept. 16, 1999

Belgrade - Photo Album

BELGRADE, Sept. 16, 1999 - For TiM editor's wartime photo album, featuring contemporaneous pictures of bombing damage in Belgrade, check out: Photos by RSD - (April 1999) and Photos War Index - Special TiM GW Bulletins - Mar. 24 - June 10, 1999.

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1. TiM editor in Dedinje (Belgrade), prior to the taping of a TV interview; 2. Getting "wired" for the interview...

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3. The TV crew getting ready; 4. Doing the interview.

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5. A poster announcing TiM editor's lecture at the Francuska 7 Forum in Belgrade; 6. A poster welcoming Djurdjevic at the reception held after his lecture, at which he was made an honorary member of the Serbian Writers' Guild; 7. TiM editor speaking at the Francuska 7 Forum.

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8. Farewell to Serbia - at the Belgrade airport; 9. The blue arrow points to the only four flights from the Belgrade airport these days, under the renewed sanctions by the New World Order: Two to Moscow (one JAT, one Aeroflot); and two JAT flights - one to Larnaca (Cyprus) and Beirut (Lebanon); and another to Beijing; 10. The JAT Boeing 737 (without any tail markings!) which took the TiM editor and his wife from Belgrade to Moscow.

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11. The JAT captain in an animated conversation with the TiM editor in the cockpit.  The captain, originally from Mostar (Bosnia and Hercegovina)   had recognized Djurdjevic (from TV broadcasts), and spent much of the flight talking to the TiM editor about his own wartime experiences; 12. Arriving at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport.

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