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December 30, 2008

TiM Editor's Lectures in Canada - December 11-12, 1999

TiM's "Tour de Canada" - Toronto

Photo Album - Canadian Opera House - Toronto, Canada

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TiM's "Tour de Canada"

Dec. 11-12, 1999

The TiM editor's lecture "NWO Pits Canadians vs. Serbs," contained 73 slides and images, some of which were photos taken by the TiM editor during his Sep/99 "Tour de Serbia."

The full text of the lecture is now posted at the TiM Web site at: Djurdjevic's speech - English - Toronto, Canada (Dec-99) .

Toronto - Photo Album

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1. Mr. Dragomir-Koca Radojkovic, president of the Serbian Heritage Academy of Canada (SHAC), which organized the TiM editor's lecture at the Canadian Opera House, and who introduced the speaker, just before the lecture commenced; 2.-3. The TiM editor delivering the lecture.

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4. Some of the audience listening to the presentation; 5. The TiM editor showing the audience the Certificate of Appreciation which was presented to him after the lecture by Mr. Milan Jojkic, the SHAC's vice president (far right), who was instrumental in organizing the event.

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6. The Certificate of Appreciation; 7. The TiM editor, his wife, and Mrs. Radojkovic (from right to left) at the Canadian Opera House.

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8.  Mr. Bora Dragasevic introducing the TiM editor to the attendees of the St. Sava church's Slava celebration on Dec. 12; 9. An attendee asking the TiM editor a question at that event.

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