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Colonizing the World by Dollars Instead of Bayonets


PHOENIX, June 15 - As we announced last week, the TiM editor was the luncheon speaker at today's meeting sponsored by the "We Hold These Truths" organization (see S99-107, Postscript 1, Item 3, June 11). The topic, of course, was NATO's war on Serbia. As a part of the promotion for the event, the TiM editor was also a guest last Sunday for an hour on John Dale show, which airs live between 5PM-6PM on the popular Phoenix KFYI talk radio station.

Before the keynote speech, all those present at the "Beefeaters" restaurant rose to participate in a prayer led by a WHTT director, and to pledge their allegiance to the flag.

TiM editor's speech was frequently interrupted by applause of the crowd. So in the interest of readability, we will not record the crowd reactions within the text of the speech, as we usually do. Suffice it to say that the last 5-10 minutes of the speech, nearly every sentence was followed by applause. Sometimes the speaker was even interrupted by spontaneous cheers and/or applause in mid-sentence. At the end of the speech, all present rose spontaneously and gave the speaker a long, standing ovation.

What's especially interesting is that such boisterous reactions were emoted by a crowd of mostly "older people" (as this writer's 21-year old assistant put it). Meaning the 50+year old Americans, fairly evenly divided between men and women.

And now, keeping in mind that the actual delivery may have varied slightly from the prepared remarks, here's the text of the speech:

"Ladies and gentlemen,

Right off the bat, I have to apologize to you.... What I am about to tell you may not be the most opportune luncheon topic. I came here today to tell you the truth about war. And the truth sometimes can be hard to digest. So, sorry if I spoil your excellent Beefeaters' meal.

Ladies and gentlemen, twice in the last six weeks, I traveled to our nation's capital to speak out against the NATO war on Serbia. The first time, I did it at the Ellipse, just back of the White House south lawn, on May 1, right after I had returned from the bombed-out Belgrade.

The second time was just over a week ago, when I addressed tens of thousands of anti-NATO protesters at the Vietnam Memorial. It was by far the largest anti-war protest in this country since the days of the Vietnam war. Yet, our national media either ignored this event altogether, or tried to play it down. CNN said, for example, that only 5,000 people took part in the march from the Vietnam Memorial to the Pentagon. Yet the truth was closer to 30,000. The column of demonstrators, 20 to 30 abreast, was over a mile long. You can see for yourself the photos at the Truth in Media Web site.

And they came to Washington form all over - Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Alabama, and yes, even Arizona.

Whatever the exact number, the tens of thousands of Americans who gathered at the Vietnam Memorial on June 5, were NOT going to be denied their rights, even though the Arlington police initially tried to ban the march.

In the end, the police kept their distance and there were no incidents. But even their attempt to block our right of peaceful assembly is an indication of how low the liberty has sunk in this country.

Which is why I started my speech at the Vietnam Memorial with the following remarks:

I have come to Washington from the Grand Canyon state of Arizona to join you in your righteous protest against an American government which has become so un-American. This is no longer a government "OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people." This is a government OF and FOR a group of "death merchants," bankers and industrialists, run BY corrupt politicians, like Bill Clinton. And it is a government AGAINST the interests of the American people.

Is it in our interest to have a $5.6 trillion national debt?

Is it in our interest to pay for the IMF bailouts of Wall Street bankers in Mexico, Asia, Russia or Brazil?

Is it in our interest to have American troops stationed in over 100 countries around the world?

Is it in our interest to have to build a Kosovo Memorial right next to the wall of tears where we were standing?

Is it in our interest to have American pilots rain death and destruction upon innocent civilians in Yugoslavia?

I agree, it is not. And that had to be stopped!

And now, we must start removing the stains from our Stars and Stripes which Clinton's disgraceful government has left.

Ladies and gentlemen, I said on March 24, the day the first NATO bombs struck Yugoslavia, a sovereign country which has done us no harm, that March 24, 1999 will be remembered in history as the new Day of Infamy. Except that this time, American missiles and pilots did to Yugoslavia what the Japanese did to us at Pearl Harbor.

And worse...

Because NATO has been waging war on civilians.

In late April, I traveled to Serbia, where I spent five days under NATO's bombardment. What I saw was wanton and senseless devastation. NATO was waging war on old age homes, hospitals, schools, embassies, factories, churches, bridges, railroads, TV and radio stations...

In the wake of such bombings, over 2,000 civilians have been killed; 30% of them children.

Like the 11-month old Bojana Tosovic, killed by NATO's bombs on Apr. 11 at her home near Podujevo, along with her father.

Like the 4-year old Dejana Pavlovic, and her 7-year old brother, Stefan, killed by NATO's bombs at their home in the Belgrade suburb of Ralja on May 27.

Like Father Milivoj Ceric, a brave and unselfish Serb priest, whose head was literally blown off by a NATO bomb on Sunday, May 30.

Take a look at the Truth in Media photos and handouts available at the back of the room. Just see that blonde young lady seated at the table over there.

And what was Fr. Ceric doing at the time of his death? God's work. Right after his Sunday church service, he rushed to help his injured parishioners after the first NATO strike on the Varvarin bridge. Only to be killed by the second one. As we celebrated the Memorial Day weekend...

Ladies and gentlemen, Clinton was not waging war on Milosevic; he was waging war on Serb civilians. A cowardly war. The only kind of a war, I suppose, draftdodgers know how to wage.

Are we going to stand by idly and let our Draftdodger-in-Chief carry on such slaughter - in our name, under our flag?

And then, there are human tragedies I came across during my trip to Serbia which never get reported in the media - Serb or American. Like that of the four-year old Mina. A Serb doctor treating this little girl told me that this four-year was losing her hair. From the constant trauma caused by air raid sirens and bombs. Asked by the doctor what she feared more - the sirens or the bombs - the little Mina said the dreaded the sirens more.

And now, YOU will have a chance to find out why. What you're about to hear is no Hollywood soundstage product. It is a live recording of an air raid siren made on a Belgrade balcony in late April...


What usually followed this was the sound of anti-aircraft artillery fire... then of the bombs... then, of the fire trucks... And then, the silence of the dead…

Now, imagine having to live through that for 79 days, mostly at night, but sometimes in also daytime hours - such as when I was meeting with the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, for example.

Imagine that, and then you may understand why a four-year old is losing her hair. And why 10 million civilians have been traumatized, not just those already killed or maimed.

Ladies and gentleman, this was not war. This was terrorism!

And we must charge the NATO terrorists responsible for such barbaric acts with war crimes. Already, many among the millions of Truth in Media readers in 100 around the world have answered our call, and filed their personal "home-made" complained against the NATO war criminals... Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Wesley Kanne Clark, Tony Blair, Bill Cohen, Jacques Chirac... and about 70 other NATO leaders responsible for these crimes against humanity.

No wonder most Americans who write to us say that they are outraged by such war crimes. No wonder some of them write to us to apologize for Clinton's crimes, taking personal responsibility for the actions of the U.S. government. Others write and say they want to volunteer to go and help Serbia.

That is why, I also told the Serbian people, both in person and through the Belgrade media, that they should not hate all Americans. Nor burn American flags. That not all Americans are as bad as Bill Clinton.

I told them that CNN and others in the media are lying through their teeth when they say that a majority of Americans support NATO's war on Serbia.

Like that "fraud hero," Senator John McCain, who has egged on, and backed Bill Clinton in all his crimes - crimes against humanity, as in Bosnia and Kosovo; and crimes against our wallets, as in Mexico, Asia or Brazil.

And now, some people even want this "Keating Five" senator to run for president!? Isn't one disgraceful president already one too many for this country?

I have been saying for years that the real motto of the New World Order terrorists is not "world peace through world trade," it is "perpetual commerce through perpetual war."

First you knock them down; then you build them up. Either way, America's "death merchants" and their industrial and media partners-in-crime win. Serbia is just the latest case in point.

Bottom line? War is good business.

Always has been. Just ask the CEOs of Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop-Grumman, United Technologies, Textron, Litton Industries and other top Pentagon suppliers whose shares soared as mankind lost. The stocks of the top 10 Pentagon suppliers outperformed the rest of the bullish stockmarket (S&P 500) by a 2.5-to-1 ratio during the first 60 days of the war.

Furthermore, this NATO "humanitarian mission" was premeditated mass murder. It had little to do with what Milosevic did or did not do. And here's the proof...

Would it surprise you to learn, for example, that the Clinton administration requested an additional $112 billion for the Pentagon budget in February of this year - almost six weeks before the NATO bombing started?

Would it surprise you to learn that last year's Pentagon spending on the arms was "only" $44 billion - the lowest level in more than a decade?

Would it surprise you to learn that, following the NATO war on Serbia, the spending will go up to $60 billion next year, for a total Pentagon budget of $319 billion in year 2005?

Ladies and gentlemen, what we are seeing at work in the Balkans, therefore, is the latest example of an evil, genocidal, parasitic, Machiavellian military-industrial-financial complex enriching itself on the backs of other fellow-humans' pain and suffering.

Not that long ago, in 1983, President Reagan justifiably called the Soviet Union an Evil Empire.

Now, Washington is the seat of an Evil Empire and Belgrade is the capital of the Free World!

If Winston Churchill were to deliver his famous "Iron Curtain" speech today, he might say:

"But a shadow has fallen upon the scenes so lately lighted by the Cold War victory. From Belfast on the Irish Sea, to Trieste in the Adriatic; to Budapest on the Danube - an iron curtain has descended across the Continent."

President Dwight Eisenhower similarly warned Americans in his 1961 farewell speech to the nation:

"In the councils of government, we must guard against acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of that combination endanger our liberties or democratic process."

And yet here we are, 38 years later... we are witnessing our liberties endangered. We are seeing our democratic process turned into a "demo farce." We are watching our Constitution trampled by the New World Order stooges, like Clinton, McCain and others in Washington, who whose job is to protect them.

This has got to stop! And we've got to do it.

It is time for all decent, God-fearing Americans to sound the alarm and "just say no" to a government which uses our money to kill innocent people so that Raytheons of this world can improve their earnings per share.

We still have the legal means at our disposal to throw off the New World Order yoke. All we need to do is apply the Constitution.

Rigorously and vigorously.

All we need to do is throw out of office the politicians who sold us out to the "death merchants" and other industrialists - the 57 Senators and the 219 Representatives who voted in March for Clinton's bombing of Serbia.

All we need to do is cut off the blood supply to the Evil Empire - the IRS tax vacuum attached to our pay checks.

All we need to do is throw out of office the politicians who abuse the good faith service our armed forces. Our men and women in uniform have sworn to protect our country, not Wall Street wallets!

Which is why we must DEMAND that our Draftdodger-in-Chief provide to the American people a FULL ACCOUNTING of OUR losses in HIS war on Serbia. It is an insult to every American's intelligence to hear the president assert, as he did last week, that we have fought a 79-day war, and have suffered zero combat casualties.

And it is certainly an insult to the memory of our fallen soldiers to be killed twice - once on a field of battle, and then again by having to remain anonymous. So that the president can keep on lying and killing without causing an outrage of the American people, as the Vietnam body bags did.

In short, all we need to do is exercise our rights. But do we have the courage to do it?

Do our men and women in uniform have the guts to say, "hell no, I won't go?" Not when a man who would not qualify even for the lowest security clearance - were he not president - issues unlawful orders to kill innocent people in an undeclared and illegal war.

But even if Clinton somehow dodges a war crimes trial, as he had dodged the military service to his country - he, his Secretary of Hate, Madam Halfbright, and all other NATO leaders will face a trial, sooner or later, in a higher court.

"Don't be afraid of anything except of sin," the Serb Patriarch Pavle once told me, asking me to pass this message to the faithful among the Serbian-Americans. For, in the end, he said, God "will weigh everything precisely and fairly."

Including the sins of our Liar-in-Chief! And now a mass murderer, too,

So I say, and I want to thank for so many of you for adopting and repeating the slogan… Drop Clinton, Not Bombs!

And I also say… Freedom!

Let us fight for freedom from the Federal Reserve's taxation without representation!

Let us fight for freedom from the media which lie!

Let us fight for freedom from the Presidents who lie and kill!

Let us fight for freedom from the Arizona Senators and Reps who sell us out!

In short, let us fight to win back our country and our Constitution - as our Founding Fathers had passed them on to us!

Thank you."



Following a long, standing ovation at the end of the speech, the speaker stayed on to answer questions from the audience for about 15-20 minutes. Here's a synopsis of some the topics covered in that segment of the meeting:

NUMBER OF U.S. CASUALTIES: One member of the audience wanted to know how many American casualties there have been during this war.

The TiM editor replied that he didn't know the exact number, which is why he said in the speech that we must demand that the President disclose the full truth about that. But according to a report in the Athens newspaper "Athinaiki" from early April, for example, even after only the first two weeks of war, 88 NATO soldiers had been killed. Not all of them Americans, of course (see Day 15-16, Update 1, Item 1, Apr. 8; Day 12, Update 1, Item 1, Apr. 4 and Day 13, Update 2, Item 1, Apr. 5).

NATO TO ASSASINATE MILOSEVIC? Another listener wanted the speaker to comment on the reported rumor that NATO had been ordered to assassinate Milosevic.

The TiM editor replied that he had never heard of any such thing, and that the whole idea sounded far-fetched. It was implausible because the New World Order terrorists need the bogeys like Saddam Hussein and Milosevic so as justify their military interventions and crimes. "So should Milosevic be killed or removed from power peaceably, that would be a great day for Serbia and the free world, and a day of mourning in Washington and Brussels."

Chuckles and giggles spread through the room.

The TiM editor then talked about how many people in Serbia were outraged with Milosevic, not only because he caved in, but because he gave up Kosovo only after the tremendous suffering through which he had put the entire Serbian nation. "So it would not surprise me if Milosevic were to not last very long - not because of NATO, but due to the Serb anger at him."

WHO STARTED THE WAR? One listener asked who started the war.

The questioner got a one-word answer: "NATO," as the chuckles and giggles again spread through the audience.

GEOPOLITICS OF THE WAR? One member of the audience wanted to know what the real reasons were for NATO's starting this war.

The speaker explained the geopolitical aspects of it (see the "Green Interstate - http://www.truthinmedia.org/Bulletins/tim95-11.html), and then pointed out that the first NATO expansion into Eastern Europe was not Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary, as most people seem to think; it was Bosnia, where NATO arrived in 1995, using similar methods to those applied to Kosovo.

ALBRIGHT AN ALBANIAN? Another listener wanted to know if Madeleine Albright's hatred of the Serbs stems perhaps from the fact that she is a Jew and supposedly born in Albania.

The TiM editor replied that Albright was born as Madlenka Korbel in Czechoslovakia, not Albania. And that she and her family sought refuge and were given safe haven by the Serbs when they, as Jews, escaped the Nazi pogroms in their native country.

The speaker further added that Mr. Korbel was a great Serbophile, who once said that if he were to be born again, he'd like to be born as a Serb. Which is why he is probably now turning in his grave, seeing what kind of a Serbophobe his daughter has turned out to be.

COMMUNIST MEDIA - THEN AND NOW. One member of the audience wanted to know how one might explain the national media's virtual silence about such a major news story as the June 5 Washington anti-war protest.

The TiM editor replied by basically summarizing our recent editorial, "Communist Media - Then and Now" (http://www.truthinmedia.org/Kosovo/day75.html).

This TiM piece compared the Belgrade communist media's lack of coverage of the student anti-government uprising in 1968 with that of the DC and New York media on June 5, 1999.

The TiM editor added that using the term "communist" in relation to the current situation in the U.S. may be technically incorrect, if you were a political scientist (an oxymoron, by the way); that a term such as "liberal state capitalism," may be more accurate. But since everybody knows that communism has been thoroughly discredited, he will keep using that term until such time that the "liberal state capitalism" reaches the same level of derogation as the communism.

CLINTON NOT LEARING FROM HISTORY? Another listener asked the speaker to explain why Clinton has not learned from the Balkans' history - alluding to the defeats of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires, as well as that suffered by Hitler at the hand of the freedom-loving Serbs.

The TiM editor repeated the old saw - that, "those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it." But in Clinton's case, it is not a matter of ignorance. This Rhodes scholar has studied history both at Georgetown and at Oxford. He knows his Balkan history very well. And he is very smart. Which is why he is all the more dangerous. Because he has no morals.

So the TiM editor said that we must continue to fight such people vigilantly. Unless we want what has just happened in Serbia to happen in our country: "If they manage to install a totalitarian regime in Washington."


TiM Ed.: This reply was also followed by a long applause from the crowd.

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