Bob Djurdjevic's Speech at "March on Washington '99" Rally
liberty2.gif (9614 bytes) Delivered at the White House South Lawn - the Ellipse

Five Weeks of American Infamy: Let's Drop "Bubba," Not Bombs

Washington, DC, Saturday, May 1, 1999

[NOTE: crowd reactions are described in italicized square brackets]

WASHINGTON, DC, May 1, 1999 - Ladies and gentlemen, fellodcwt5-02.jpg (30663 bytes)w-patriots, friends of the truth and liberty,

I come to Washington from the Grand Canyon state of Arizona to join you in your righteous protest against an American government which has become so un-American. This is no longer a government "OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people." This is a government OF and FOR a group of bankers, "death merchants" and other industrialists, run BY corrupt politicians, like Bill Clinton. And it is a government AGAINST the interests of the American people.

Is it in our interest to have a $5.6 trillion national debt?


Is it in our interest to maintain a huge federal bureaucracy?


Is it in our interest to pay for the IMF bailouts of Wall Street bankers [interruped: "No!"] …in Mexico, Asia, Russia or Brazil?


Is it in our interest to pay for the massive United Nations bureaucracy?


Is it in our interest to have American troops stationed in over 100 countries around the world?


I agree, it is not. And it is certainly not in our interest to have our sons and daughters killed in needless "Clinton wars," such as the one he is now waging against Yugoslavia.

[Loud applause and cheers]

We must stop that! We must stop the illegal NATO war!

[Applause and cheers]

March 24, the day the first NATO bombs struck Yugoslavia, a sovereign country which has done us no harm, will be remembered in history as the new Day of Infamy. Except that this time, it is the U.S. missiles and the NATO pilots that are doing to Yugoslavia what the Japanese did to us at Pearl Harbor.

And worse...

[Some applause]

Because NATO has been bombing civilian targets, including private residences, schools, hospitals, factories, bridges, railroads, and yes, even TV stations, killing journalists and media workers, like the Truth in Media staff.

Less than two weeks ago, I traveled to Serbia, where I spent five days under NATO's bombardment. What I saw was wanton and senseless devastation. As I left Belgrade, the civilian death toll stood at over 500, including 51 children. After the NATO bombings this week, it is now much higher than that.

If you pick up a pamphlet at the Truth in Media table over there, you can see for yourself - the 11-month old Bojana, for example, killed by NATO's bombs on Apr. 11 at her home near Podujevo, along with her father.

You can see the rubble into which NATO has turned a residential neighborhood in the southern Serbian town of Aleksinac on Apr. 6.

You can see an international passenger train gutted after being hit by NATO bombers on a bridge near Leskovac on Apr. 12.

You can see the collapsed bridges over the Danube near Novi Sad which NATO destroyed, blocking Europe's longest waterway, and cutting off fresh water supply to half of the population of Serbia's second largest city.

You've also heard, I am sure, that on Wednesday of this week, NATO killed 18 civilians, including 12 children, in the southern Serbian town of Surdulica. That on Friday, one of NATO missiles even hit a suburb of Sofia, Bulgaria. And that last night, downtown Belgrade was attacked again, with scores of civilians killed or injured. A fashionable street, Belgrade's "embassy row," like the Massachusetts Avenue in Washington [pointing toward it], was practically carpet-bombed by the NATO madmen.

Ladies and gentlemen, Clinton is not waging war on Milosevic; he is waging war on Serb civilians. A cowardly war. Bombs being dropped on Serb citizens - men, women and children from a height of 10,000 to 30,000 ft.

(And on Friday, the Secretary of defense, William Cohen, is reportedly sending to NATO additional B52 bombers, for even more indiscriminate future carpet-bombings of Serb cities and villages. And today, a bus with at least 60 people aboard was bombed on a bridge, 12 miles north of Pristina, Kosovo's capital).

And then there are human tragedies I came across during my trip which never get reported in the media - Serb or American. Like that of the four-year old Mina. A young Serb doctor treating this little girl told me that that this four-year was losing her hair. From the constant trauma caused by air raid sirens and bombs. Asked by the doctor what she feared more - the sirens or the bombs - the little Mina said the dreaded the sirens more.

And now, YOU will have a chance to find out why. What you're about to hear is no Hollywood soundstage product. It is a live recording of an air raid siren made on a Belgrade balcony less than two weeks ago.


[As the sound of Belgrade air raid sirens filled the springtime air between the White House and the Washington Memorial through powerful soundstage speakers for full 60 seconds, expressions of shock and fear were visible on the faces of people in the crowd].

What usually follows is this sound of anti-aircraft artillery fire; then the bombs (CLICK HERE); then fire truck sirens. And then, the silence of the dead…

[By this stage, had this rally taken place in an indoor hall, one could have heard a pin drop. As it turned out, a wailing sound of a Washington emergency vehicle, speeding along the Constitution Avenue, complemented the dying sounds of the Belgrade air raid sirens, and the above speaker comments. It may have been God's way of amplifying the Serb civilians' plight? When the local DC siren died down, the speaker continued…]

Now, imagine having to live through that for 39 days in a row; mostly at night, but sometimes in also daytime hours - such as when I was meeting with the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, for example. Imagine that, and then you may understand why a four-year old is losing her hair. And why 10 million civilians are being traumatized, not just those already killed or maimed.

No wonder most Americans who write to us say that they are outraged by such Clinton crimes. No wonder some of them write to us and say that they want to volunteer to help the Serbs.

Like the decorated Vietnam veteran from Texas who said he was in awe of the Serb citizens' bravery who are guarding the Belgrade bridges as "human shields," night after night. "Save me a spot on the bridge," he wrote to me.

"I'd be honored to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Serbs," said a 36-year Army veteran from Oregon, a German-American, by the way.

"We're all Serbs now," wrote a Scottish-American from Arizona.

But perhaps the most touching note came from a Pennsylvania lady. After having heard that I had also taken a spell at the Brankov bridge one night, she pleaded: "Please say my name on the bridge."

Other Americans write to us to apologize for Clinton's crimes. Some say they are ashamed of being Americans. To which I say: "Don't be!"

We should only be ashamed of our un-American government, led by a liar-in-chief, a draftdodger, and now - a mass murderer!

[Loud applause]

He is the one who has besmirched the honor of the nation. He is the one who has brought disgrace to the highest office in the land [pointing behind at the White House, visible behind the soundstage].

[Loud applause]

That is what I also told the Serbian people, both in person and through the Serb media, that they should not hate all Americans.

["Hear, hear," some in the crowd shouted]

Nor burn American flags. That CNN and others in the media are lying through their teeth [interrupted… loud applause] …when they say that a majority of Americans support NATO's illegal war on Serbia.

["We don't! We don't!" - shouts could be heard. "Down with Clinton!"]

I told them that everywhere I go across the United States, I meet Americans who are as outraged with Washington as the Serbs are.

[More unintelligible crowd noise]

I told the Serbs that Americans are also denouncing Clinton's partners in crime, like his Secretary of Hate, Madeleine Albright.

[Loud applause and many approving cheers]

And those on the Hill, including the Republicans, like John McCain, the "fraud hero" [interrupted… by loud applause and cheers] …unfortunately from my home state, who has egged on, and supported Clinton in his crimes.

They are the politicians who, by association, have brought shame to all decent, God-fearing Americans.


Along with Gen. Wesley Clark and the leaders of other NATO countries, these people and their media accomplices deserve front row seats at their own "Nuremberg."

[Loud and long applause and cheers]

Did I tell the Serbs the truth about how Americans feel?

["Yesssssss!" - was a thunderous response]

Is that how you feel?


"But why are all these western leaders acting so irrationally?," [interrupting… "Because they are criminals," the crowd shouted] …many Serbs and others, among the millions of Truth in Media readers from 80 countries around the world, have been asking us.

Actually, Clinton and his cohorts are acting QUITE rationally, if you consider the interests of the military-industrial-financial complex which bought them, lock, stock and barrel, and sent them to Washington to do their bidding.

Already Clinton has asked Congress for a $6 billion of emergency funding for his war on Serbia. Already we are hearing figures double that from Congress. A prolonged war could quickly escalate into tens of billions of dollars of additional costs, experts say.

You and I, the American taxpayers, see such amounts as additional COSTS. But the "death merchants," bankers, oil companies, transportation outfits, and the establishment media - all see them as new REVENUES and PROFITS.

It is for the sake of these multinational buzzards that American soldiers are dying today, as well as Serb and Albanian civilians.

["Impeach Clinton!" shouts could be heard, mixed with other jeers]

Which is a travesty! But not a surprise…

I have been saying for years the real motto of the New World Order globalists is not "world peace through world trade," as its leaders claim; it is "perpetual commerce through perpetual war."

[Long applause]

But don't take my word for it. Just ask Bubba Clinton [again, pointing at the White House].


Right here at the White House, on Apr. 24, Bill Clinton "unexpectedly" dropped in on a meeting between some National Security Council staff and a group of Serbian-Americans. While continuing to bomb the daylights out of Serbia, Clinton actually had the audacity to make a sales pitch for Washington's help in rebuilding the country.

[Many people in the crowd seen shaking their heads in disbelief]

First you knock them down; then you build them up. More cost to the taxpayer-paupers; more revenues and profits to the multinational companies, the "Princes of the 20th Century.


Plus we have to replenish our own military arsenals.

Which kind of puts a "black humor" spin on an old one-liner:

QUESTION: What's the difference between mechanical and civil engineers?

ANSWER: Mechanical engineers build the weapons; civil engineers build the targets.


Bottom line? War is good business. As it has been through centuries…

What we are seeing at work in the Balkans, therefore, is the latest example of an evil, genocidal, parasitic, Machiavellian military-industrial-financial complex enriching itself on the backs of other fellow-humans' pain and suffering. It's just that the weapons and the targets; the engineers and the victims; the countries and the causes... bear different names in various cycles of death and destruction.

[Once again, if the meeting were held in an indoor hall, one could have heard a pin drop right about now]

Not that long ago, in 1983, President Reagan justifiably called the Soviet Union an Evil Empire.

[Many in the crowd nodding]

Now, Washington is the seat of an Evil Empire; [interrupted… cheers and applause], and Belgrade is the capital of the Free World!

[Thunderous applause and cheers]

If Winston Churchill were to deliver his famous "Iron Curtain" speech today, he might say:

"But a shadow has fallen upon the scenes so lately lighted by the Cold War victory. From Belfast on the Irish Sea, to Trieste in the Adriatic; to Budapest on the Danube - an iron curtain has descended across the Continent."

President Dwight Eisenhower similarly warned Americans in his 1961 farewell speech to the nation, delivered right here in Washington:

"In the councils of government, we must guard against acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of that combination endanger our liberties or democratic process."

And yet here we are, 38 years later... we are witnessing our liberties endangered. We are seeing our democratic process turned into a "demo farce." We are watching our Constitution trampled by the New World Order stooges, like Clinton, McCain and others in Washington, who whose job is to protect them.

["Shame, shame.." some in the crowd are shouting]

This has got to stop!

[Applause and cheers]

Now [Interrupting… louder applause and cheers]. And we are taking the first step right here today.

[Loud applause]

It is time for all decent, God-fearing Americans to sound the alarm and join together. We still have the legal means at our disposal to throw off the New World Order yoke.

All we need to do is apply the Constitution.

[Loud applause]

Rigorously and vigorously.

[Applause continuing]

All we need to do is kick out of office the 57 Senators and the 219 Representatives who voted in March for Clinton's bombing of Serbia.

[Loud applause and cheers]

And give our full support to the lawsuit which 17 brave and honorable Congressmen filed yesterday against the Clinton administration.

[Loud applause and cheers]

All we need to do is cut off the blood supply to the Evil Empire - the bloodsucker IRS tax vacuum attached to our pay checks.

[Louder applause and cheers]

All we need to do is "just say no" to a government which uses our money to kill innocent people.

[Loud applause and cheers]

All we need to do is throw out of office the rascals who abuse the good faith service our sons and daughters in the armed forces. [Interrupting… loud applause and cheers] Our men and women in uniform have sworn to protect our country, not Wall Street wallets!

[Loud applause and cheers]

Which is why we must DEMAND that the Commander-in-Chief provide to the American people a FULL ACCOUNTING of OUR losses in HIS and Wall Street's war on Serbia.

[Loud applause and cheers]

"How many Americans have you already killed or maimed in a needless war, Mr. Draftdodger-President?"

[A thunderous applause and cheers. When the cheering subsided, the speaker continued in almost a hushed voice…]

In short, all we need to do is exercise our rights. But do we have the courage to do it?

["Yes, we do!" the crowd responded]

Do our men and women in uniform have the guts to say, "hell no, I won't go?"

[Loud applause and cheers]

Not when a man who would not qualify even for the lowest security clearance - were he not president - issues unlawful orders to kill innocent people in an undeclared and illegal war.

[Loud applause and cheers]

An American soldier in the European Theater of Operations during WW II, and a member of the 45th Infantry Division in the Far East Command in the Korean War, wrote to me on March 28:

"I am not all that sympathetic with American pilots hurling death and destruction upon an innocent people who have done nothing, absolutely nothing to us, or our country.

If I were a military pilot, I would jolly well resign my commission rather than carry out acts of murder. If they wanted to court-martial me, so be it. We hanged good Germans... at Nuremberg for following orders."

Another active duty American soldier wrote to us on Apr. 16:

"Besides the leaders who staged this farce to start a war, the pilots (who bombed the civilians) must be tried for murder."

[an awkward silence filled the air]

But even if Clinton somehow dodges a war crimes trial, as he dodged the military service to his country, he and all other NATO leaders will face a trial, sooner or later, in a higher court.

[Applause; some in the crowd could be seen nodding and crossing themselves]

"Don't be afraid of anything except of sin," the Serb Patriarch Pavle once told me, asking me to pass this message to the faithful ones among the Serbian-Americans. For, in the end, he said, God "will weigh everything precisely and fairly."

[Applause.  Again, many in the crowd nodding in approval.]

Including the sins of the NATO leaders and pilots. And of our Liar-in-Chief!

[Long applause]

Stop NATO's war!

[Crowd echoed the slogan]

Drop Bubba, Not Bombs!

[Crowd echoed the slogan, amid widespread laughter, re. the "drop Bubba" part]

Thank you, and God bless!


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