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A Gift and the Present
June 3, 1998

By an unknown poet:

Yesterday is history,

Tomorrow a mystery,

Today is a gift,

That's why it's called the present!

FROM CINCINNATI, enroute to London

Off of the above verse, Bob Djurdjevic put together the following poem during a six-hour delay at the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky airport:

Yesterday is history,

Tomorrow is mystery,

Today is a gift,

Both to humble and thrift.


Which is why prince, pauper and peasant

All call it - the present!

From high-up in Kingdom Come

They assume this gift had come.


Yet whose present it is,

Remains a mystery,

In history as in the present,

For prince, pauper and peasant.


For, all have one thing in common:

Frailty is their history,

The present is their mystery,

And tomorrow is their misery.

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