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Antitrust Sinner's Lullaby
December 1995

Lessons learned from the IBM, AT&T antitrust cases...

  Some trustbusters aren’t necessarily the corporate shareholders’ enemies; (Baxter - IBM case)

Some trustbusters aren’t necessarily the American consumers’ friends; (Baxter - AT&T case)

So if you’re up to here in antitrust sin,

Hold your fear and thrust up your chin.

Above all, have faith and never despair!

Just point at the Japanese and shout: Look who’s there! Look who’s there!

And while the Capitol Gang slash and bash the men from overseas,

Hire the best board directors money can buy in Washington, Disease.

Have them find you a new "Billy-boy Baxter;"

He’ll put your Humpty-Dumpty together - faster.

"Justice is blind..."                              "...Really?"






"Laws are like spider webs. If some poor weak creature comes up against them - it is caught. But the bigger one can break through and get away."

Solon (a Greek philosopher- c.630-c.555 B.C.)

Source: ANNEX BULLETIN 89-17 (3/07/89)

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