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December 30, 2008

Photos from the September 1999 Trip to Russia

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Moscow - St. Petersburg, Sept. 17-22, 1999



Russia '99 Photo Album...

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1. They may be down, but are not out.  A small group of communists demonstrate in front of a metro (subway) station just outside the Kremlin; 2. Most weddings in the West seem to take place on a Saturday.  Ditto in Russia. After the marriage ceremony, most wedding parties in the West go somewhere to get drunk.   Ditto in Russia.  Except that in Moscow, they first lay a wreath or flowers at the grave of the Unknown Soldier at the foot of the Kremlin wall.  "It's a tradition," a local resident explained.  "It's not very romantic," a western lawyer complained.  Maybe not. But it is both patriotic and civilized - both traits which are on the wane in the West. For, without those unknown soldiers who fell in defense of their country, there might not have been weddings like that.  On a Saturday, or any other day. 

But, notice the Nike sign on a Russian boy's windbreaker?  The NWO pollution is everywhere... Even at the Kremlin.  What is Mother Russia coming to under Boris the Terrible?

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3.-4. The TiM editor inside the Kremlin...

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5.-6. A military band entertaining Saturday shoppers at a square just outside of the Kremlin.  The Russian Duma (Parliament) building is in the background. But the real reason we took this photo was the little boy holding the orange balloon, who even attracted attention of that teenage passer-by on the right.  He was stomping his feet and marching in the spot rhythmically the entire time the band was playing. A future Russian officer?  Or a musician?  Time will tell...

Yet only a few days before that, a powerful bomb, set off by the Islamic terrorists from Chechnya/Dagestan, ripped through the underground shopping center underneath the spot from which this picture was taken, killing and maiming scores of people.  But life goes on, as you can see.  The Russians bounce back quickly. They've been through so much, especially in this century.  So what's another bomb here, another bomb there...

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7.-8. The TiM editor at the Red Square. Just to the left of this beautifully restored church, is the entrance to the square, guarded by a tiny church which Stalin had ordered torn down to make room for the tanks and missiles during the May Day parades.

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9.-10. Cathedral of Christ the Savior - another church which Stalin had ordered destroyed - restored for the 850th anniversary of Moscow in 1997.  The sign shows a layout of the cathedral property.

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11.-15. Entrance to the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg; Tsarskoye Selo (Imperial Village), outside the city, the summer residence of the Russian Czars (next four photos).

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