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March 30, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-16, Day 7, Update 3

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Mar. 30, 1999; 10:00PM EST - DAY 7, UPDATE 3


Jerusalem                   1. Kosovo Last Stop Before Jerusalem (by Barry Chamish)

Boston                         2. TiM Editor on New Talk America Radio Show

Austin                          3. Stratfor Disputes Le Parisien's Claim of 2nd F-117 "Kill"

Phoenix                       4. A Message to TiM Readers


1. Kosovo Last Stop Before Jerusalem (by Barry Chamish)

JERUSALEM, Mar. 28 - Since we have already published before articles by the Israeli journalist, Barry Chamish, we'll skip the introduction and cut to the chase. For those who wish to find out more about him, search our Web site under his name (you'll find out, for example, that he also wrote a book about the murder of Yitzhak Rabin)

"Barely a few days before the EU and the US, collectively called NATO, sent their flying dogs of war against Serbia, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu was in Berlin meeting with the leaders of the European Union. You would think with the attack on the Balkans pending they'd be too busy to have time for a little tete-a-tete with Bibi... But, no; they organized their most fateful meeting with an Israeli leader since the beginning of their continental unity. They told him he'd better not stand in the way of a PLO state with East Jerusalem as its capital or watch out.

The watch out part was Kosovo. Netanyahu got the message and like the Yugoslav president Milosevic before him, flew to Russia for some counterweight. And lo and behold, the Kremlin greeted him like visiting royalty. When the meetings were over, Bibi and Boris agreed to make a united stand against "Islamic fanaticism." What they meant to say, but could not, was that both Israel and Russia were sick of the New World Order plots against their nations and they were forming a, probably futile, little alliance against the Trilateral Commission, Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), Bilderberg group and all those who were now heating up the Balkans, and Chechnya, and Turkey and everywhere else where ethnic tensions could be turned into massacres.

Undoubtedly, both leaders are well aware of how it's done. Take a busload of Christian Lebanese children, blow it up, blame it on the PLO and before long you've got perfectly civilized Christians killing Moslems out of raw bloodlust. Or take a Serb village, or more if necessary, have some Bosnian Muslims kill every living being within and before long, you'll get just the right kind of savagery from the Serbs.

Then you make the Lebanese Christians the bad guys, with a stage-managed media campaign portraying them as bloodthirsty fascists determined to wipe out the hapless, innocent Palestinians who tried to carve out their own fiefdom out of Lebanon. Apply the same formula to Kurds, Tutsis, Israelis, Afrikaaners and Serbs. The important thing is to back Marxist Moslems over democratic Christians and Jews. And once the world has been indoctrinated enough to think there is an issue of right and wrong to be dealt with, send in the planes followed by the ground troops of the New World Order armed services.

And once the white Christians and Jews are out of power in Africa, it becomes so much easier to take control of the wealth and resources of a whole continent. All you have to do is install more Marxist dictators, stir up wars, spread epidemics of incurable diseases and now you're talking real easy pickings.

Around 1992, the CFR decided to begin a campaign of worldwide "peace processes" all formulated to result in ghastly wars. After manipulating the fall of the Soviet Union a few years before, innumerable opportunities awaited them behind the former Iron Curtain. After such NWO personalities as Henry Kissinger and Lord Carrington eliminated the last bastions of wealth and security in Africa, it was a piece of cake for them to initiate bloodbaths in Somalia and Rwanda. Soon the NWO planners will turn their attentions to other "peace processes" they started in Northern Ireland and Israel, but first they must dispose of Yugoslavia.

It all began a long time ago, when the CFR sent Kissinger Associates partner Lawrence Eagleburger to Belgrade to corrupt and worm his way into the Yugoslav leadership. He bought a controlling interest in the country's largest bank for his bosses, he even introduced the Yugo car to America, bankrolling a large chain of dealerships.

Once the ruling classes were corrupted, the standard methods were employed to stir ethnic rivalries and force the Serbian hand. As usual, peoples who had drifted to historical Serb lands to seek improved economic opportunities were propagandized and heated up enough to declare their desire for independent breakaway states. This, no sovereign nation could tolerate. And like the Russians in Chechnya, or the Israelis in Jerusalem, the governments had no choice but to draw the line to save the souls of their nations.

So, armed and organized challenges to the government had to be funded. And like the PLO, Afghanis, half a dozen Latin American rebel groups before them etc. etc. the European drug trade was opened to the Kosovo Liberation Army. Today NATO is fighting on behalf of one of the largest heroin suppliers of Western Europe. But that's par for the NWO course.

Once the fighting began, in came the NWO "peacemakers" Vance, Christopher, Holbrooke, Albright, every one of them a loyal CFR member, to impose conditions the Serbs could never possibly accept. Milosevic's unforgivable crime was standing up to the NWO and refusing to allow its army to roam his land at will.

And for this he is being punished. And Netanyahu has got the message. If he doesn't play ball, he will be demonized just like Milosevic, the world will be primed to despise him and in will come the NWO's air force. If he doesn't give the PLO its state on historical Jewish territory this year here is what will happen

The PLO will unilaterally declare a state and Israel will annex the remaining West Bank territories in her possession. A wave of Arab terrorism will force Israel to retaliate and a cycle of violence will begin which will duplicate that of Yugoslavia. The "peacemakers" of the NWO will arrive and insist that Israel accept every clause of the Oslo Accords, give up its history and heritage to the PLO and divide Jerusalem. Then Israel refuses to relent, it will be painted quickly as a mortal danger to the peace of the planet. In order to "save" Israel from itself, the NWO forces will attack and impose its solutions on her.

And to most of the world, the events that lead to this war will seem totally logical. Like, in Kosovo today, the media will stage-manage every step of the war and a world under televised anaesthesia will believe the broadcasters, generals and military experts. And this world will simply sleep through Israel's destruction. When it awakes it will change channels."

Barry Chamish is an Israeli journalist; E-mail <>

The author's new book, "Israel Betrayed," can be ordered in the US by calling 1-877 RABINYY (722-4699). In Israel at 1-800 RABINY (722-469).


2. TiM Editor on New Talk America Radio Show

BOSTON - TiM editor was a guest today of Cliff Kincaide, the host of a new nationally syndicated radio show, "Washington Connection," which airs between 7PM and 10PM (EST). The new talk show is a complement to Chuck Harder's popular "Talk America" program, on which the TiM editor has been a frequent guest.

The topic, of course, was the Kosovo Crisis. Kincaide, a member of Accuracy in Media who had previously for 20 years run the radio show, "Media Monitor," at one point echoed similar sentiments as that of Mr. Barry Chamish. Just to make his listeners understand what Kosovo meant to the Serbs, the Catholics should think of as if NATO were to bomb the Vatican; and the Jews should think of it as if NATO had attacked Jerusalem. In other words, a holy place.

And the Texans should think of it as if Alamo were again attacked by the Mexicans, the TiM editor added.

On the question of the "humanitarian crisis" caused by the flood of refugees, the TiM editor said that his heart goes out to all those innocent Albanian civilians who are having to flee the devastation they left behind. And if there are indeed any massacres committed by the Serbian troops, certainly such acts must be condemned by any civilized person.

But one has to keep two things in mind. First, the Washington and NATO accusers have provided NO PROOF for their claims of the alleged Serbs atrocities, except for hearsay-type comments by the Albanian refugees. Naturally, since NATO has no eyes and ears on the ground in Kosovo, we are told. And just how credible Washington and NATO are, one can judge from their continued insistence that they've lost only one plane (the F-117). And even then, only after Serb TV showed it.

Second, since NATO's so-called "phase two" of the operation started two days ago, the heaviest attacks have been in and around Kosovo. Two nights ago, CNN showed some Serb TV pictures of burning apartment buildings following one of the NATO raids on Pristina, Kosovo's capital. "Who do you suppose were the people incinerated in those apartments?" the TiM editor asked the host rhetorically.

The host Kincaide interjected at this point with an astute remark - that CNN is no longer carrying such pictures of the Serb TV; only that of what it keeps repeating is, a "humanitarian crisis" in Kosovo.

Naturally, there are displaced people in any war, your editor agreed. That's what one of the tragedies which wars bring. But it is unclear at this point if the Albanian refugees are fleelng the Serbs or NATO.

pris2105.jpg (12496 bytes) For example, the same western media that showed pictures of those burning civilian buildings have been telling us for years that 90% of the Kosovo population are ethnic Albanians. So statistically speaking, 90% of the bombing victims in those Pristina apartments were Albanians. No wonder survivors are fleeing into neighboring countries - to escape the "scorched earth" inferno which NATO laying on Kosovo. With friends like NATO, who needs enemies?

Third, we've also seen it all before; in Bosnia, Croatia... Which is why we were able to predict on Mar. 26 that a Serb-demonization campaign would soon start as to cover up NATO's own crimes against humanity - BEFORE the media frenzy actually started.

"In Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, NATO bombs this evening completely destroyed a school and a marketplacepris3239.jpg (15851 bytes) in the center of town," we said in a Special TiM GW Bulletin (Day 3, Update 1, Item 1). "So stand by for new 'Serb massacres' to be announced soon by the Washington lie manufacturing factory so as to cover up their own crimes against humanity."

[And as if on command (or should we drop the "as if?"), CNN turns of the pictures of the Serb victims of the NATO attacks, and returns to its old familiar "hate the Serbs" broadcasts. Including reports by the Serb-Hater-in-Chief, Christiana Amanpour, an ethnic Iranian raised in Britain, who freely admitted in June 1996 that her broadcasts from Bosnia were "advocacy journalism," rather than objective news reports.

During the Bosnian war, the Serbs were being accused of "ethnic cleansing" as hundreds of thousands of innocent Serb civilians were being "ethnically cleansed" from their centuries old ancestral homes in Bosnia and Croatia (see the photo below from Aug. 1995) . Never to return again, despite such provisions in the Dayton agreement which ended the Bosnian war. And all that happened with the assistance by the same Clinton administration to the Croat and Muslim "cleansers," which even included acquiescing to illicit arms shipments from Iran via Croatia to the Bosnian Muslims (search our Web site for related stories)].

TiM Ed.: The two above paragraphs in square brackets were on discussed on the air, but are editorial comments added for our TiM readers.

The "New World Order" at Work in Bosnia

Exodus of Serbs

U.S.-Aided "Ethnic Cleansing" of the Serbs from Croatia, Bosnia (August 1995)

srbexodus.jpg (33323 bytes)

Where Was the Outrage of the 'Civilized World' Over This 'Humanitarian Crisis'?


3. Stratfor Disputes Le Parisien's Claim of 2nd F-117 "Kill"

AUSTIN, Mar. 30 - The Austin, Texas based STRATFOR, which publishes the Web-based newsletter, Global Intelligence Update (GIU), disputed today a story which the French paper, Le Parisiene, ran yesterday which the second F-117 may been shot down over Bosnia (see Day 6, Update 2, Item 1). It provides, what it says is "imagery analysis" which claims that the wreckage of the downed plane is that of a Yugoslav MiG 29. You can check out the image at


As you view the photo, also note the highlighted word "FREE" in this Stratfor's newsletter's banner:


Stratfor's FREE Kosovo Crisis Center -


The most comprehensive coverage of the

Kosovo Crisis anywhere on the Internet


GIU also said in another report released today that, "Greco-Turkish Dispute Threatens to Deepen Fissures in NATO."


4. A Message to TiM Readers

PHOENIX, Mar. 30 - Since NATO's bombings of Serbia began on Mar. 24, we've received thousands of messages from the TiM readers and visitors to our Web site. Naturally, we are very gratified, and have shared some of your own comments with you yesterday (see Day 6, Update 2, Item 3). But such an e-mail avalanche has created an administrative nightmare for us.

So we just want you to know that if you don't get an instant response to a request to be added to our list, or removed from it, as we normally operate, it's not that we are being sloppy; just overworked. We promise to answer every such subscription request. It's just that it may take us a while to do it.

Meanwhile, keep checking our Web site regularly, as we try to post our Special TiM GW Bulletin updates at roughly the same time as the e-mail versions. Thank you for your understanding.


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