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March 28, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-10, Day 5, Update 1

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Mar. 28, 1999; 8:00PM EST - DAY 5, UPDATE 1


Belgrade:             1. While NATO Bombs, Serbs Sing and Dance in Belgrade's Freedom Square (News)

Belgrade:             2. Belgrade Civilian Airport Hit; Also, Many Civilian Dwellings Across Serbia

Kosovo:                3. Beware of "Wag the Dog" Kosovo "Atrocities" Charges

Phoenix:               4. A Quiz: Name One U.S. Embassy NOT Under Siege (Answer: Belgrade)

Belgrade:             5. Freedom Square Site of Many Anti-Milosevic Protests (Commentary & Background)


1. While NATO Bombs, Serbs Sing and Dance in Belgrade's Freedom Square

BELGRADE, Mar. 28 - "Never go to war with a country whose national holiday celebrates a defeat in 1389," warned Rob Morse, a columnist at the San Francisco Examiner, in his today's column.

While NATO intensified its bombing of Serbia, now in its fifth day, some 15,000 Belgrade residents of all ages, including some 60+-year olds, sang and danced at an all-day rock concert today in the city's Freedom Square. Not even the sound of frequent sirens warning the citizens to head for air shelters stopped this act of open defiance to NATO's "might."

target.gif (1690 bytes) Some teenagers and children could be seen wearing newly designed T-shirts with a black "bull's eye" painted on them (like the one shown here). Others just pinned the TARGET signs on their clothing or heads. Underneath, the word TARGET was written in English. Others tried to help "guide" NATO bombers by carrying a huge, 30-foot long TARGET sign through the city streets. One of the bigger signs read "Sorry, we didn't know it was invisible," mocking NATO's supposedly invincible "Stealth" F-117 bomber, which the Serbs shot down yesterday (see the fresh photos of its wreckage at our Web site - Day 4, Update 2 Bulletin).

bg99-4.jpg (84205 bytes)Another example of the Serbs' sense of humor bolstering their defiance of the "world's greatest superpower" was evident in this mock "Classified Ad," which was sent to us from Belgrade:


Selling spare parts for Lockheed F117A

1. State of the art navigational unit

2. Fire control system

3. Low mileage. Slightly damaged.

4. Price Negotiable.

Our source added, "wonder who will be the highest bidder - the Russians or the Chinese?"

Happy_birthday.jpg (89688 bytes)Meanwhile, a Belgrade cartoonist sent us a very special NATO birthday cake:

It would appear. therefore, that the trigger-happy and the power-hungry Clinton officials haven't the slightest idea about what kinds of people they have just attacked. And that, in the end, they will end up the same way as Hitler did. God willing...


2. Belgrade Civilian Airport Hit, Also Many Civilian Dwellings Across Serbia

BELGRADE, Mar. 28 - While continuing to accuse the Serbs of "ethnic cleansing," "genocide" and other unsubstantiated charges in Kosovo (which cannot be verified by anyone, since there are no independent observers left on the ground there), the NATO forces continue to do just that - by bombing the Serb civilian targets, not just the military ones, as they are claiming.

This evening, Belgrade TV (and CNN) showed pictures of the burning apartment buildings in Pristina, Kosovo, hit today by NATO, the damage caused to Belgrade's civilian airport at Surcin, and to some of Serbia's ancient monasteries.

For those of you who watched this evening the pictures of the burning apartment buildings in Serbia, just think... unlike in the "Wag the Dog" movies, real people, not virtual images, had breakfast there this morning before being vaporized by the NATO "supermen." And that's Clinton's road to "peace?"

Frankly, with "friends" like Clinton and NATO, the Kosovo Albanians may be the first to sue for peace and denounce their NATO "friends.".  For, if you take the "Wag the Dog" propaganda at its face value; namely that 90% of Kosovo's population are ethnic Albanians, doesn't that mean that there is a 90% chance that the people incinerated by NATO today inside those burning Pristina apartment buildings were ethnic Albanians?

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3. Beware of "Wag the Dog" Kosovo "Atrocities" and "Genocide" Charges

KOSOVO, Mar. 28 - As Washington's "Wag the Dog" "Lie & Deny Studios" went into overdrive this evening in order to obfuscate the crimes against humanity which NATO was committing in Serbia, CNN broadcast this evening a bogus e-mail exchange between an Albanian girl and a student at Berkeley.

How do we know it was bogus? Because Professor Emeritus of the Northeastern Illinois University, an Irish-American, J.P. Maher, said so. And he said so on March 19, 1999, having seen the alleged "Adona" e-mail exchange! Yes, folks, he did it five days BEFORE the NATO strikes against Serbia had even begun, working off of the e-mail traffic on the Internet. Here's a copy of the message we received from him on Fri, 19 Mar 1999 125837 -0600:

"First there were the 'ham radio operators' of Gorazde. -- Where do they hang out now?

Then there was 'Zlata's Diary' (another fraud produced by the NWO's 'Wag the Dog' Lie & Deny Studios) her unadorned girlish work appeared in Sarajevo, but was re-written and 'augmented' by Ms Pribicevic in London.

Now /Youth Radio' has 'Letters from Kosovo'. On NPR ['National Public Radio,' this date] Bob Edwards presented 'Letters from Kosovo'.

An American teenager reads 'Adona's' e-mails, written in groovy language.

'Adona' has a computer and e-mail.. Before the fighting flared up, she liked to hang out with the kids till 11 PM.

Adona thinks about the same things as American kids, dating and rock music. -- She didn't mention if her father and his wives approved (no typo - Muslims are allowed to have many wives); assuming they permitted this liberated life style.

A real typical Kosovar girl.


j p maher"

The only thing missing from the "Adona" story was a "calico cat." Sorry, Dustin Hoffman.  The Serbs also "hate it when they meddle like that." (a line from the "Wag the Dog" movie).


4. A Quiz: Name One U.S. Embassy NOT Under Siege (Answer: Belgrade)

PHOENIX, Mar. 28 - Amid all the protests around the world, and all the American embassies being defaced or even fired upon, as in Moscow today, has anyone noticed that there was one American embassy which has NOT been attacked? The U.S. embassy at the Kneza Milosa street in Belgrade - the city which has been under attack by the American-inspired NATO forces.

So much for the "Wag the Dog" dogs of war's allegation that the Serbs are the brutes and terrorists.


5.Freedom Square Site of Many Anti-Milosevic Protests (Commentary & Background)

PHOENIX, Mar. 28 - Freedom Square in Belgrade was the site of many anti-Milosevic demonstrations held in the last nine years. This writer attended (by chance, as a passer-by) the first-ever pro-democracy Serbian opposition rally held there in June 1990, while the former Yugoslavia was still technically a communist country. On March 9, 1991, a huge opposition rally was also held there which eventually lead to violent protests in which a policeman and a demonstrator were killed. And several days of unrest, which even saw Milosevic bring out the tanks against his people (they were never deployed, only used to intimidate the protesters).

Between November 1996 and February 1997, hundreds of thousands of Belgrade citizens voted for democracy with their feet, marching in the dead of winter through the city streets, and battling Milosevic's police from time to time. The Clinton administration remained largely silent throughout the three months of protests, thus lending Milosevic its support through acquiescence ("he who is silent appears to acquiesce," goes an old proverb). They did it because they considered Milosevic a vital guarantor of the Dayton agreement, which ended the Bosnian war in 1995 (please check out our Web sites for MANY articles, written contemporaneously, about all these subjects).

And now, the same Clinton administration, along with other self-professed champions of democracy in the "free world," the 19 NATO nations, are killing the very people who have unsuccessfully tried to remove Milosevic so many times. And probably would have, but for the lack of the western support (no money of any substance was ever offered to the Serbian anti-Milosevic opposition; nor to the independent media, only empty words of support).

Meanwhile, the western public is being told that Clinton et. al. are waging war against Milosevic, not the Serbian people whose blood the NATO "supermen" are spilling. Ancient Greek playwrights, Shakespeare or Machiavelli would have probably reveled in such a diabolical plot, never believing it could happen in a real life.

Nor is this the only example where the New World Order showed its evil, murderous face. Ever since 1991, it has been doing it repeatedly to the Iraqi people, killing them mercilessly, while claiming to be fighting Saddam Hussein, depicted as the TARGET. Whom the NWO keep either saving (George Bush's decision to halt the Gulf War before unseating Saddam, March 1991). Or missing.

Clearly, in order to keep spending billions of dollars of the U.S. taxpayers money on the death merchant's WEAPONS, one must have the TARGETS. If no targets spontaneously rise up, Washington's "Wag the Dog" Lie Factory is called to produce them.

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