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May 13, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-77, Day 51, Update 2

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May 13, 1999; 2:30PM EDT - DAY 51, UPDATE 2


Bielefeld                1. German Greens Paint Leader Red new-feat.gif (128 bytes) (see story updates)

New York              2. Holocaust Survivors to Protest NATO's War;

                                  Clinton Pitches Holocaust Analogy to Veterans

Vicenza                 3. Bomb Central Belgrade Bridges, Urges an American General

Belgrade               4. NATO Lost 70 Aircraft So Far Claims YU Army

                                 Magazine ("Vojska")

Sydney                  5. Albanian Refugee Sexually Assaults Australian Translator

Athens                  6. Greece Denies NATO Use of Its Air Space


1. German Greens Paint Leader Red

BIELEFELD, May 13 - Angry delegates of the German Greens party pelted their leader today with red paint at theFisherGreens.jpg (8040 bytes) start of a party congress in a protest against Joschka Fischer's support of NATO's war on Serbia. The Greens are coalition partners in Gerhard Schroeder's government in which Fischer serves as foreign minister.

The demonstrator who threw red paint at Fischer was expelled by the guards. But another one paraded in front of the head table stark naked. Stunned and furious, Fischer wiped the paint from his face and neck with a paper towel.

Outside the conference hall, peace protesters formed a human chain around the building to prevent delegates from entering, chanting slogans and waving pictures of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer with Hitler mustaches, the Associated Press reported today.

An angry and impassioned Fischer urged his party to support NATO, hinting that he would quit if delegates backed the cease-fire. A German government collapse would be a blow to NATO unity. Schroeder and Fischer have staunchly supported the war since the start of the bombing on March 24.

But the German foreign minister's warmongering stance is particularly puzzling, not only because he is a leader of a pacifist party, but also in light of the revelation which TiM has just received from German source that Fischer is actually a Jew who was born in Novi Sad, Serbia. As you saw from an earlier TiM Bulletin, Novi Sad is the place where NATO bombs have just destroyed a Holocaust memorial (see S99-74, Day 49, Update 2, Item 5, May 11).

But it was a leading pacifist, Annelie Buntenbach, who received big cheers and a standing ovation after attacking the "spiral of escalation'' by NATO and declaring: 'War is not an option'. Stopping the bombing is a precondition for giving diplomacy a chance,'' she said. "After seven weeks, I must ask what this war has achieved."


TiM Ed.: Cheers and a standing ovation for an anti-war speaker only go to show us that alienation between party leaders and the party congress is not only a U.S., but a global New World Order phenomenon. Somewhere along their climb to power, politicians manage to shed whatever morals, humanity or ethnicity they had when they started the ascent.

new-feat.gif (128 bytes) A "P.S." to the above story, added later in the day on May 13 new-feat.gif (128 bytes):

German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer was taken to hospital on Thursday after being pelted with red ink by anti-war protesters at a congress of his Greens party, the Reuters news agency reported today.  The spokeswoman for the Greens told the delegates shortly after Fischer's  speech met by heckles and boos from pacifists within the ecologist party, that "he had some pain in his ear,'' party colleague Juergen Trittin, the environment minister, told Phoenix television.

TiM Ed.: "Some pain in his ear" after being such a pain in the neck of all peace-loving people?  Not to mention the pain and destruction the NATO bombing has caused the Serb civilians.  Poor ol' Joschka... Hope he is not expecting any "get well" cards from Serbia.


2. Holocaust Survivors to Protest NATO's War; Clinton Pitches Holocaust Analogy to Veterans

NEW YORK, May 13 - We've just received word that the Jewish Holocaust survivors are planning an anti-NATO war protest later on today in New York. The demonstration will be held at 6:00PM (EDT) at the Isaiah Wall, on E. 43 Street and 1st Avenue, across from the United Nations.

The Jewish organizers say that every Jew has good reasons to oppose the bloodshed in Serbia. "The Serbs in Kosovo were staunch allies to the Jews against the Nazis in WWII, and the same unreasonable force being used by NATO to force the Serbs to relinquish sovereignty over Kosovo could be used against Jerusalem tomorrow," organizers said.

In light of the above protest, it is pathetically ironic that Bill Clinton today tried to use the Holocaust analogy seeking support for his war on Serbia. He compared Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's campaign of ethnic cleansing with the Holocaust.

Speaking to about 200 Veterans of Foreign Wars members at the National Defense University at Fort McNair, Clinton called the Serb campaign in Kosovo"an attack ... on the dignity of all people," according to an Associated Press report. "Though his (Milosevic's) ethnic cleansing is not the same as the ethnic extermination of the Holocaust, the two are related - both vicious, premeditated, systematic oppression, fueled by religious and ethnic hatred," Clinton said.

White House press secretary Joe Lockhart tried to put a pro-veterans spin on Clinton's speech. Lockhart said Clinton wanted to acknowledge that the veterans "know something about standing up for the right thing" and assure them that he intended to persevere against Milosevic's forces.


TiM Ed.: Really? What about the 1,200 Serb civilians whom NATO has killed, and 5,000 others whom it has maimed? Is there any U.S. veteran that's proud of that Clinton "achievement?" Besides, what sort of American veterans were these 200 anyway, if they were prepared to sit and listen to our Draftdodger-in-Chief deliver a war sermon?


3. Bomb Central Belgrade Bridges, Urges an American General

VICENZA, May 12 - Add another candidate to the war crimes trial, the American who is NATO's top air-war commander, Lieut. Gen. Michael C. Short. In an interview with the New York Times at his Vicenza, Italy, office, Gen. Short said that the alliance needed to renew its attacks against central Belgrade, brushing aside critics who say the allies should show restraint after the mistaken bombing of the Chinese Embassy.

Gen. Short hopes that the distress of the Yugoslav public will undermine support for the authorities in Belgrade. "I think no power to your refrigerator, no gas to your stove, you can't get to work because the bridge is down - the bridge on which you held your rock concerts -- and you all stood with targets on your heads. That needs to disappear at 3 o'clock in the morning."


TiM Ed.: As you can see, the murderous craze is not limited only to Gen. Wesley Kanne Clark. Nor to NATO's political leaders. So as NATO widens its list of civilian targets, so should we widen the list of war criminals. If an American general thinks that the way to defend America is to bomb Serb civilians, including the kids attending rock concerts on Belgrade bridges, then he is committing PREMEDITATED mass murders.

By the way, of the 300 civilians identified so far as the NATO bombing victims on the territory of Kosovo, over 150 were Albanians, Turks, Muslims, Romanies and other non-Serbs whom NATO claims to be protecting, the Tanjug news agency reported on May 12.

For the rest of the New York Times' (long) front page interview, check out:


4. NATO Lost 70 Aircraft So Far Claims YU Army Magazine ("Vojska")

BELGRADE, May 12 - One reason the NATO generals may be seething mad is because their "star wars" air force technology is being shown as less than omnipotent. The Yugoslav Army's magazine, "Vojska," said in its latest issue that NATO has lost over 70 aircraft, and 200 missiles so far in its air campaign against Yugoslavia. But taking their impotent rage on civilians as retaliation for the losses, as the NATO generals are now doing, is a mark of cowardly murderers, not that of proud warriors.

"Vojska" said that the Yugoslav Army anti-aircraft units, by applying special tactics, fast maneuvers and certain innovations, are creating "great difficulties for the enemy aircraft." "Our tactics, know-how and imagination" surpass the schematic variants of the NATO generals, "who admit with difficulty that the Yugoslav Army has surprised and outwitted them," the magazine claimed.

Of course, one should take the Yugoslav Army magazine's boasting with a grain of salt, just as one should treat the puffed-up NATO claims. But whatever the actual number of the NATO aircraft losses is, we know it's far greater than the one admitted F-117 "stealth" bomber.

For example, here is an excerpt from a message we received from eyewitnesses to a downing of two NATO aircraft on May 11 near the Belgrade civilian airport, after which two pilots were supposedly captured. The sources which provided this information are Serb civilians who live in the area:

"During yesterday's (May 11) afternoon air raids, two NATO aircraft were shot down near Becman (close to the Surcin civilian airport). The villagers spotted two parachutes, informed the Army, and then joined in the hunt for the pilots. They say that both pilots were captured. Pieces of the aircraft fell into the meadows near the pump (gas station) close to the airport, but they were quite small since the AAA defense scored direct hits."


TiM Ed.: Once again, feel free to take this report with a grain of salt. But keep in mind that this claim did not come from the Yugoslav Army sources.


5. Albanian Refugee Sexually Assaults Australian Translator

SYDNEY, May 12 - An Albanian refugee, "fresh off the boat" (meaning a flight from Europe), sexually assaulted a female Australian translator, ABC TV, the country's national network, reported on May 12 from Sydney in an evening broadcast (7:24PM AEST). The incident took place at the East Hills holding center for the Kosovo refugees, the police said, adding that the victim does not want charges to be laid.

The Department of Immigration has confirmed an incident took place between a Kosovo Albanian male and a member of the Australian community. The Department says steps are being taken to ensure the Kosovo Albanians have an understanding of the Australian way of life and are aware of their responsibilities while here.


TiM Ed.: Teach them to "have an understanding of the Australian way of life?" Which implies that sexually assaulting women is a permissive practice among the Kosovo Albanians. And that the Aussies now have to give them a lecture on what constitutes civilized behavior.

With government "protection" like that, no wonder the victim didn't want to press charges. Especially as the ABC report also said that the Kosovo refugees were being moved from the East Hill army base to temporary homes. From where they are free to roam, including possibly taking revenge on the victim if she were to file charges.

Here's what an Australian TiM reader from Melbourne said about the situation:

"This is a very serious crime but the Police are ignoring it. I doubt the fact that this poor victim did not want to press charges. So it looks, we will have two different laws. One for the Australians, and one for the Albanians. Aussie government needs to learn very fast before it is too late. This serious crime was committed by one out of 400 (refugees) within 24 hours of arrival in our country at the taxpayers' expenses. What will happen when they let them loose? The sooner they go back (where?), the better for us. But they won't go back. Well, the majority won't, anyway. A free trip, cheap holiday, cellular phone, .etc."

For another version of this story, check out:


6. Greece Denies NATO Use of Its Air Space

ATHENS, May 12 - NATO member Greece said it would bar use of its airspace to allied planes taking part in the raids against Yugoslavia, the Agence France Presse reported from Athens on May 12.

Government spokesman, Dimitris Reppas, questioned about whether NATO planes could overfly Greece from bases in Bulgaria or Turkey (which had agreed early to grant such permissions to NATO), said that so far "the question has not been put to the Greek government officially." But he added that, "it is certain that Greek soil will not be used (for the NATO offensive), and its airspace will not be open for the overflight of planes taking part in the military operation."

Greek pilots are not taking part in the NATO air campaign, and on Sunday (May 9), the Greek prime minister, Costas Simitis, criticized NATO's escalation of the bombing as being full of "dangers."

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