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May 12, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-75, Day 50

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May 12, 1999; 1:00AM EDT - DAY 50


Skopje                       1. Italian President Calls for Halt of NATO Strikes

Moscow, Toronto... 2. Support for TiM's NATO War Crimes Charges Mushrooming

Washington               3. NATO's War on Civilians Continues: Yugoslav

                                     Military Only Moderately Hurt

Dublin                       4. Eire Is Filled with Pro-Serb Fire

Budapest                  5. Poison Them with NWO Junk Food!


1. Italian President Calls for Halt of NATO Strikes

SKOPJE, May 10 - Italian president, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, said on Monday (May 10) that NATO should halt its air raids against Yugoslavia, according to an Agence France Press report from the Macedonian capital.

"It is necessary for the bombing to stop, because we are very worried to see that the raids are apparently moving away from military targets and are being directed towards civilian targets," said the president of one of key NATO countries whose soil is being used for such murderous attacks on civilians. "We say this," he went on, "with the greatest respect for our allies, with the conviction that an alliance signifies giving and receiving advice."


TiM Ed.: Maybe not when you're faced with the tone-deaf NATO murderers who use the goodwill of such great countries as Italy, Germany or Greece to wage war on the people (the Serbs) who have never meant any harm to any of these European countries.


2. Support for TiM's NATO War Crimes Charges Mushrooming

MOSCOW, TORONTO, BONN, NEW YORK... May 11 - Support for the TiM war crimes charges against the NATO leaders, sent yesterday to the prosecutor at the Hague, seems to be gathering momentum around the world. Here's an example of a "typical response" we have been getting:

"Bob, I just read your S99-73, Day 49, Update 1 and it gave me an idea. You suggest that we can do the same thing you did in personally charging the NATO leaders with war crimes. Is there a way we (ordinary citizens) can be joined to your complaint?"

Here's a copy of our reply to this, and many other decent citizens of the world, who want to join their own voices of opposition to the criminal NATO tyranny:

May 11, 1999

Thank you for your spirit. Your faith and energy keep many of us going.

TiM Ed.: There is only one way to go... forward to challenge the enemy of freedom! Until the rats of the NWO get tired of killing innocent people. And the people get tired of tolerating rats in their midst.

Just had an e-mail from Moscow. "All of (Internet) Russia," it said, including the Duma and some Russian government ministries, are apparently circulating the TiM war crimes complaint sent yesterday to Louise Arbour, and are planning to join in it. Ditto re. an e-mail I've just received from some German TiM readers.

So keep the faith... There is God's finger in all of this.

Bob Dj.


P.S.: Here's our reply to the TiM supporters... You can do it just as I did it - file a complaint by writing to:

Louise Arbour


P.O. Box 13888

Churchillplain 1

2501 EW The Hague


FAX: +31-70-416-5356

TEL: +31-70-416-5000

E-mail: <>

I am enclosing below a form letter (see S99-73, Day 49, Update 1, Item 4, May 11) which you can use. Good luck and thanks for your support!


3. NATO's War on Civilians Continues: Yugoslav Military Only Moderately Hurt

WASHINGTON - That NATO is waging war mostly on civilians in Serbia has become evident from its own statistics quoted in a recent Los Angeles Times report. The Times said that the Yugoslav "war machine has a lot of fight left" after the first five weeks of the bombing campaign. "NATO has inflicted damage, but Yugoslav field forces and air defenses remain in place," the report showed.

Despite firing 9,000 munitions and flying 4,000 sorties aimed at the 270 Serbian targets (as of May 11), the NATO alliance has failed to make even a significant dent in the Yugoslav Army's capabilities to fight back.

The Yugoslav army still has 80% to 90% of its tanks, 75% of its most sophisticated surface-to-air missiles, and 60% of its MIG fighter planes, according to official estimates released during the past week. And although NATO warplanes have blown up the major rail links into Kosovo, five of the province's eight major roads remain at least partially passable, according to British officials.

Despite NATO's ability to strike big, immobile targets with precision weapons, its warplanes have failed to attack 80% of the Yugoslav army's barracks. NATO forces have also left untouched, or only lightly damaged, 80% of Yugoslavia's ammunition depots, officials say.

With many repeat strikes, NATO has knocked out Yugoslavia's two oil refineries, thus eliminating all of its refining capability, and also bombed 16 petroleum depots. Military officials estimate that some Yugoslav military units are down to 10% of their usual petroleum supplies, threatening to immobilize them.

Yet overall, the military still has about two-thirds of its petroleum reserves, U.S. Gen. Wesley K. Clark, NATO's supreme commander, acknowledged. Much of this is stored in small, hard-to-locate tanks in Kosovo -in southern Serbia and elsewhere. Also still available are the reserves of the civilian population.

Officials have disclosed that NATO planes have blasted 31 fixed communications sites. Yet Clark acknowledged that damage to the military communications system was only "moderate to severe" because of the system's many redundancies, as well as the Serbs' ability to improvise. Indeed, Clark acknowledged that the Yugoslav military's command-and-control system has been well-shielded and versatile, with fiber-optics, cables and microwaves. It overlaps with the commercial system in ways that make it hard to take down.

Despite the damage to many of its best planes, the MIG fighters, the Yugoslav air force still has 380 of its 450 aircraft. Eight of the country's 17 airfields have not been struck, and six more have sustained only moderate or light damage. By official estimates, the Serbs still have three-quarters of their most sophisticated surface-to-air missiles, the mobile SA-6, and 60% of their less sophisticated SA-2s and SA-3s.

And U.S. forces report that Serbian air defense troops are not ducking combat, as most Americans think, but are engaged in tactical games with the NATO fliers in a bid to lure them into missile and artillery traps. "Day after day, we see an intricate cat-and-mouse game played between us," Navy Lt. Cmdr. Mark Kirk, a reservist assigned to an attack wing of radar-jamming planes at Aviano Air Base in Italy, told the Times.


TiM Ed.: And Washington and Brussels would have us believe that NATO has not suffered any losses?


Daniel Goure, an analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, told the Times that the deeper problem is that NATO could end up bombing Yugoslavia "into the past" and still not persuade Milosevic to capitulate and reopen Kosovo to its ethnic Albanian refugees. Because of this, he said, the campaign may turn out to be "a marvel of technology - and a political-military disaster."


TiM Ed.: Well, the errant strike on the Chinese embassy should shatter any illusions about the "marvel of technology," while accentuating the "political-military disaster" aspect of NATO's war on Serbia.


Meanwhile, the Serbophobes at the State Departnent, such as James Rubin, the Secretary of Hate's (Madeleine Albright's) water boy, said today (May 11) that notwithstanding the unilateral withdrawal of the Yugoslav Army troops from Kosovo, they will be bombed, "24 hours a day, seven days a week, from 360 degrees," even in retreat, according to a Washington Times report.


TiM Ed,: To which we say, add one more name to the list of the NATO war criminals. James Rubin. Maybe his eventual War Crimes Tribunal henchmen can use the endearing term "Jamie," before they tie the knot around his neck?


4. Eire Is Filled with Pro-Serb Fire

DUBLIN, May 10 - Eire is full of pro-Serb fire, a TiM correspondents from the Irish capital report. Here's a report by one of them:

"We had a big protest at the US EMBASSY on Sat., 8 May. We had about 2,500 demonstrators and we were very LOUD. I carried a big TARGET circle like you have in Belgrade. I got it from Serbian people who came to the protest. We marched 2 miles from the centre of Dublin to the US EMBASSY. For half a mile I carried an enormous speaker from a disco. It weighed nearly a 50 kgs (over 100 pounds), and it was loud as hell.

I have been reading about the Orthodox religion. I am very impressed with it and your country's struggle to free itself from world powers. I think I would like to be an Orthodox Celt. I listen to Orthodox singing and bells on Voice of Russia. It is so beautiful it makes me cry. I will learn some Yugoslav words and I will speak them here.


We are going out by bus early in the morning. She will be visiting the University of Galway. She is to receive the Freedom of the City award. We will present her with insults and boos."


5. Poison Them with NWO Junk Food!

BUDAPEST, May 11 - A TiM Budapest correspondent who reported about the huge peace demonstrations held this weekend at the Hungarian capital (see S99-73, Day 49, Update 1, Item 5, May 11), the latest country whose government has given NATO permission to use its air bases for aerial attacks on Yugoslavia, added the following footnote to his report:

"The guy with the sign, 'Yankee Go Home!' was locked up in a McDonald's restaurant by the protest organizers."


TiM Ed.: To which we replied... "Way to go! Poison them with the NWO junk food!" J

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