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May 10, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-72, Day 48

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May 10, 1999; 0:15AM EDT - DAY 48


Belgrade                1. Two Chinese Sweethearts (Newlyweds) Among the

                                  Embassy Dead

Beijing                   2. As China Roars, U.S. Embassy, Consulates Are Under Siege

Toronto                 3. Massive Anti-war Demonstrations in Canadian City

                                  Which Is a Model of Multiculturalism

Phoenix                 4. Some Reactions to "What to Do with World Class War Criminals?"

Belgrade               5. Hanibal Ante Portas: Barbarians Are at Our Gates (By

                                 Branislav Andjelic)


1. Two Chinese Sweethearts (Newlyweds) Among the Embassy Dead

BELGRADE, May 9 - Two newlywed Chinese reporters were among the four people killed in NATO's May 7 attack on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, the Washington Post reported today. "Xu Xinghu and Zhu Ying were newlyweds. They lived in China's embassy in Belgrade. Earlier today, four NATO bombs struck the building, killing them both," the Post said.

Xu, 31, was a graduate of the Beijing Foreign Languages University and a Serbian speaker. He'd been dispatched to Yugoslavia in July 1998, soon after he married Zhu. Xu was a correspondent for Guangming Daily, one of China's top five newspapers. Zhu had been an arts editor at the paper.

Since NATO's aerial strikes on Yugoslavia began March 24, Xu had published 43 stories. His series of reports, called "Living Under Gunfire," was a diary of daily life in Belgrade. He wrote about fuel shortages, food, listed the number of houses NATO destroyed and the challenge of writing about a city under attack.

In his last report, he wrote about an evening he spent at the site of a NATO attack. "The place was exploding with noise. The planes were roaring overhead. I parked my car on the side of the road and waited until the attack ended. I called Zhu Ying to tell her I was okay."

The NATO missiles left friends and relatives back home devastated. "We used to think that NATO's bombing was far away from us. Now we see that it's very close," said Xu Changyin, deputy director of the New China News Agency, which also lost a journalist. Correspondent Shao Yunhuan was killed and her husband, a diplomat, was seriously injured, Xu said. Shao, who also spoke Serbian, had been sent to Belgrade in early March.


2. As China Roars, U.S. Embassy, Consulates Are Under Siege

BEIJING, May 9 - As China roared this weekend in angry protests against the NATO attack on its Belgrade embassy, the American embassy in Beijing is in a state of siege. Never mind what the Clinton News Network and other "lie and deny" media sources are reporting. There were tens of thousands of demonstrators in front of the embassy in Beijing all through the night between Saturday and Sunday, hurling stones and insults at the symbol of the New World Order.

Several other U.S. and British consulates across this vast country were also under attack by angry mobs. The situation is all the more extraordinary since the Chinese communist government has repressed any mass demonstrations for any cause ever since the June 4, 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, whose anniversary is just around the corner.

Here are excerpts from a very emotional, and thus perhaps not as reliable(?), dispatch which we have received from a Serbian source in Beijing whose apartment is "50 meters away from the American embassy." But if you manage to strip away the excess emotion of the moment, perhaps you will still grasp the enormity of the blunder which NATO has just committed. It was bad enough to have 200 million Russians seething with anger at the West over NATO's bombing of Serbia. Add to it the billion-plus Chinese, and you've got one hell of a "chow mein" in the making...

"It is midnight now (May 9). The Chinese are coming, and coming, and coming... The entire nearby boulevard is blocked by the buses, cars, people... They are carrying posters of Clinton with the swastika, singing songs - like, "Destroy, destroy barbarians, but you'll pay in the end." Or, the "hour has arrived to stop America in her mad attack."

About half an hour ago, they started to knock down the (U.S. embassy) fence, throw stones at its windows. They've already broken the street lights at the entrance to the embassy.

Chinese radio has just reported that all nearby provinces (states - in the American lingo), are sending their own protesters to the U.S. embassy. And that by Monday, we can expect a million people in front of the embassy!

The Chinese TV has just shown similar demonstrations all across the country. In Hong Kong and Canton, protesters could be seen also attacking the British embassy.

I keep hearing through my apartment window the Chinese screaming louder than do the soccer fans at the Belgrade football matches.

Sunday morning.... Protest are continuing. There is a river of humanity streaming down the main street, Jian Guo Men. They are carrying coffins with flowers and wreaths placed upon them, and the photos of the reporters killed in the NATO attack on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade.

There is an enormous Chinese dragon being carried by at least 20 people, whose face depicts Clinton with the Hitler mustache. They are also carrying American flags with the skull and bones sign on them in place of the stars.

As we show our three-finger Serbian salute (symbolizing the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost) at the Chinese demonstrators from our balcony, the Chinese crowd responds with, 'Nan-Slav-Fu; Nan-Slav-Fu' chanting. They are singing the Chinese national anthem, and hundreds of them in the throng of protesters raise their three fingers in solidarity with the Serbs."


3. Massive Anti-war Demonstrations in Canadian City Which Is a Model of Multiculturalism

TORONTO, May 9 - If you ever want to think of a prototype city for the New World Order leaders' vision of the world of mutts, you should visit Toronto, Canada's largest city. And the country's model of multiculturalism.

Well, don't bother anymore. Save your pennies for the anti-war protests in the U.S. Because Canada's "model of multiculturalism" just exploded today. Or imploded. Take your pick.

Here's an excerpt from the eyewitness report which TiM received today from John Whitley, publisher of the Internet newsletter, the "New World Order Intelligence Update," whom TiM had referenced in some of our earlier dispatches about NATO's war on Serbia (see Day 10, Update 2, Item 3, Apr. 2, for example).

"Amazing - with one missile strike, the Bilderbergers have derailed the incipient peace agreement, almost guaranteed a ground war, and solved the 'Taiwan problem'!" Mr. Whitley sums up the devastating geopolitical damage resulting from NATO's strike against the Chinese embassy in Belgrade:

"I've just returned from two huge anti-NATO, anti-American protests in downtown Toronto, both attended by thousands of people.

The first, held on the open plaza area in front of Toronto's twin-curved-tower City Hall, was a sea of mingled Serbian and People's Republic of China flags.

It was extraordinary to see these two normally distinct sections of Toronto's community co-mingling and utterly at one in their jointly-held feelings of anger and resentment.

The second, a demonstration by Chinese residents of Toronto in front of the United States embassy on University Avenue, a stately wide boulevard, could be heard several blocks before it was seen. When I arrived, the police - who had just arrested a young Chinese demonstrator for trying to dart across the road toward the embassy - were facing the full wrath of a very angry crowd numbering in the thousands.

They swayed back and forth in waves, a sea of red Chinese flags above them, chanting 'Nazis'" at the police.

My experience with individual Chinese is that they are a somewhat reserved, intelligent and courteous people. I have never seen the Chinese angry en masse before. And these people were angry, quickly turning their attention back to the U.S. embassy before them.

I asked a number of Chinese participants and onlookers at both demonstrations what they thought China's response would be to the NATO strike on its embassy - would a diplomatic apology suffice? Uniformly and grimly they said "NO." And all predicted that China would take "other action", pointing out to me that the fury I was seeing in Toronto was nothing to the anger being expressed in China itself (see Item 2 above).

I agree with them, and suspect that you can spell the "other action" T-A-I-W-A-N, and that in only a few months time, while there is still no US carrier in the South China sea.

Amazing - with one missile strike, the Bilderbergers have derailed the incipient peace agreement, almost guaranteed a ground war, and solved the 'Taiwan problem.'

Kudos to the Metro Toronto police force, by the way, for maintaining a visible, firm, but tolerant presence at both demonstrations; and for keeping their mounted and tactical response units well back, so as not to provoke the crowd at the embassy.

And kudos to the masses of Chinese demonstrators, also, who were visibly and vociferously angry, but who honored the thin blue line between them and the U.S. embassy building. They got their point across just as effectively, and drew a lot of passers-by on a blue-skied and sunny day.

It's good to see a joint respect extended, each for the other's rights - an example the Canadian government might well follow by pulling the Canadian contingent out of this criminal and murderous NATO assault on Yugoslavia."

John Whitley, Toronto, Canada


4. Some Reactions to "What to Do with World Class War Criminals?"

PHOENIX, May 9 - We appreciate your swift and many supportive reactions to our letter to the Wall Street Journal about what to do with the war criminals of the New World Order. We were particularly amused by the "Good on you!" - the typically Aussie phrases - used by some British and California TiM readers, while some of our Australian readers preferred the more "American" expressions, such as, "good letter... hope they (WSJ) publish it."

Anyway, here's an excerpt from a response by a retired U.S. army colonel:

"I was a teenager during World War II (had the war continued another couple of years I would have been old enough to serve), and I never remember seeing such meanness and viciousness expressed against a civilian population. Yes, the British bombed Dresden when it was filled with refugees from the East, and thousands were killed in those air raids, but there was full-scale declared war in those times.

The senseless bombing of the people of Belgrade and other Serbian cities is not going to make Milosevic or the Serbian people surrender. In fact, the unwarranted bombing has united the people (even his opponents) solidly behind 'Slobo'.

Everything back in those days (of WW II) was strictly business-like. We had a war to win and there were no Generals like Wesley K. Clark popping off with mean and vicious dialogue. The Generals of those days had a job to do, and they were not mean, small-minded individuals. I really believe our Government should sack Clark for, if nothing else, his mean and irrational statements, as if he had a personal vendetta against Slobodan Milosevic.

Unfortunately with the dumbing-down of the education process in the U.S. over the last 40 years, it has achieved the present results. Any country that spends its education dollars on school guards and a gigantic fleet of school buses certainly cannot teach its children very much. We may not have had the technological advances and modern equipment when I went to high school in the 1940s, but I can tell you we could read and write English when we graduated, and we received a much better all-around education than the children today.

And, remember, it is like Col. Dave Hackworth says, the "Perfumed Princes" like Wesley K. Clark, whose egos are so big they believe they know everything about war, when in fact, they have never experienced the dirty side of war. Also, the idiots in the White House will not have to be on the front lines of combat, and they have no sons will be serving in Kosovo or anywhere in Yugoslavia, so what the hell do they care?

The Serb people must see this illegal war to its conclusion without giving an inch. NATO is already cracking at the seams, and many of the European members are about ready to back out if somebody will only find a minuet to play while they are doing it."

Col. Bob Riley


5. Hanibal Ante Portas: Barbarians Are at Our Gates (By Branislav Andjelic)

BELGRADE, May 9 - Branislav Andjelic, the webmaster of, one of the Internet's most popular sites since the start of NATO's war on Serb civilians on March 24 (with nearly two million "hits" a day), offered the following commentary, modeled after the Star Trek line - "you will be assimilated:"

"They are using their largest and smartest bombs to destroy our schools and hospitals, our museums and ancient monasteries, our heating plants and food factories, our bridges and dams.

They shout for us to yield and let them in: 'We are the United States. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.'

At the end of the twentieth century we live in a world where one country controls all the weapons, all the money and all the media.

It can maim and kill and starve populations at will, and then, through the complacent media, deny fault.

It can create kangaroo courts that selectively prosecute those who oppose it, courts that issue secret indictments and send armed troops into sovereign countries to kidnap and murder the accused.

It can select with impunity which international laws and agreements are politically expedient to adopt or honor, or which to ignore.

It decides which terrorist organization should be bombed and which given money and arms; which mass expulsion of populations to aid and which to label genocide; which economies to support through loans and trade, and which to destroy through sanctions and currency speculations.

Its goal is to assimilate all the world's cultures, all the world systems of value, all the world resources.

War in Yugoslavia is nothing less then the fight for the twenty first century. It will decide whether we are going to live as drones with the consciousness of a hive controlled by the Queen and enforced by NATO, or whether we are going to live as sovereign peoples with distinct cultures, religions, languages, morals, and economic systems.

Yugoslavia is the moral conscience of mankind. This small country, fully aware of the consequences, decided that the line must be drawn. This far, no further.

Bombs may turn us into rubble, but we will not be assimilated. Resistance is not futile."


TiM Ed.: Which may be why the Web site may have been under attack by the enemies of freedom, including some American advertisers, such as Microsoft, for example. Here is an alarming message which TiM received this weekend from the Webmaster:

"Today's advertisement was pulled from, and in the afternoon my bank manager called me to tell me they are closing account and that I should come to talk to him on Monday. Our effort to earn money through advertising to keep alive has been cut short today.

An Albanian organized campaign called advertisers around the country whose ads appeared on our Ad Network banners, threatening boycott of their products. Major advertisers, including Microsoft, in turn threatened Ad Network with pulling their ads if our account is not cancelled. This morning our account was cancelled.

We find it shocking that advertisers would pull out of the news site whose reports are timely and accurate and often quoted by Reuters, CNN, Sky, Fox News and other major news organizations in the country and the world, simply because our editorial position does not appeal to one small market segment.

We feel this is an attempt to silence which has, after NATO bombing of Yugoslav TV and Radio facilities, remained the only accurate and timely source of information from within Yugoslavia.

We are attempting to attract other advertisers, but in the mean time we appeal to visitors to continue their financial support so that we may stay in operation."


TiM Ed.: Meanwhile, if you want to counter this NWO attack on freedom of speech, and boycott the NWO stooges, such as Microsoft or IBM, for example, cancel your MS.NET, or IBM.NET, or IBM.COM accounts. And then, support the in its quest to deliver God's truth to the global humanity.

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