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May 9, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-71, Day 47

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May 9, 1999; 0:30AM EDT - DAY 47


Belgrade                   1. Four Dead, Over 20 Injured at Chinese Embassy; One

                                     Guest Killed at Hotel "Jugoslavija" - UPDATES, Including

                                     new-feat.gif (128 bytes) Photos of Carnage in Nis, Belgrade

Nis                            2. A NATO Victim: "NATO Did It With Clear Conscience

                                    But Without Sound Mind"

Belgrade                  3. Belgrade's "Embassy Row" in Ruins, The Second Strike

                                   Against the Chinese Embassy, Other Targets in Serbia

Washington             4. Chinese Embassy Hit Said to Be No Mistake; "We are at

                                   'Code Red' Condition" (an American Patriot)

Toronto                  5. Group of Canadian Lawyers Files War Crime Charges against

                                   NATO Leaders

Texas                      6. A Rare Chance to Stand for Truth and Freedom

Chicago                   7. "Us and the Chinese, a Thousand Million"


1. Four Dead, Over 20 Injured at Chinese Embassy; One Guest Killed at Hotel "Jugoslavija" - UPDATES, Including new-feat.gif (128 bytes) Photos of Carnage in Nis, Belgrade

BEIJING, May 8  - Thousands of furious Chinese demonstrators took to the streets of Beijing on Saturday, stoning the U.S. embassy in the capital, and marching in protest against NATO's overnight bombing in other Chinese cities, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong, the AFP news agency reported. Many Beijing protesters wore the now world-famous Belgrade target signs and posters, and chanted slogans, like "NATO = NAZIS," and "Go to Hell U.S.A."

Meanwhile, our sources in Belgrade now say that four Chinese citizens were killed in the NATO attack on the embassy, and that 20 were injured. One of the badly wounded, a military attaché at the embassy, is fighting for his life at a Belgrade hospital. Local Serb residents brought bunches of spring flowers to lay on the compound wall and tie to railings of the gate. "We are sorry for the poor people inside," Olga Grlja, who lives nearby, told the New York Times.  "We have some Chinese in our apartment building.  They are quiet, kind people."

Boris Yeltsin's NWO quisling government quickly returned to their strident anti-American tone evident in the early days of NATO's air campaign. Yeltsin warned of "very harsh consequences" for European security and stability if the bombing continues.  And Russia's foreign minister, Igor Ivanov, said that those who launched the military strikes "must be punished appropriately."  He warned the NATO leaders that those who "hope to escape punishment are seriously deluding themselves." 

Ironically, such threats came only one day after Victor Chernomyrdin's "peace" initiative, which the NATO leaders endorsed in Bonn earlier this week (see S99-69, Day 45, Update 1, Item 1, May 7).

The attack on the Chinese embassy and the Serb civilian targets in Nis and elsewhere has also spawned a number of protests across Europe, along with an "official" apology by NATO's secretary General, Javier Solana, along with a promise of continuing the bombing campaign. In a meeting with the Chinese ambassador in Brussels today, Solana said that, "the bombing of the Chinese embassy was a deeply regrettable mistake."

Other sources weren't sure it was a mistake. In an article filed from Brussels, due to be published in tomorrow's New York Times (May 9), its correspondent, Michael Gordon, reported that NATO officials said that the hit was no mistake; that their aircraft had carried out the mission correctly. They blamed the CIA and an outdated map of Belgrade for the wrong target selection. "We hit what we were aiming for, but we did not mean to hit the Chinese embassy," a NATO official told the New York Times.


TiM Ed.: Maybe that explains why MSNBC news map had the Chinese map on the wrong side of Belgrade? (see S99-70, Day 46, Update 1, Item 1, May 8). Does MSNBC also get its target maps from the CIA?


Regardless of the answer to this question, if what the NATO officials are now claiming turns out to be true, it only serves to underline that the CIA has learned nothing in the last eight years since the Gulf War, despite the huge taxpayer expenditures on supposed "revamping" its operations and image.

Back in 1991, at the height of the Gulf War, poor CIA intelligence was blamed for the bombing of the Al Firdos bunker in which scores of Iraqi civilians were killed. Unlike the NATO mass murderers who promised to intensify the bombings the "collateral damage" to civilians notwithstanding, Gen. Colin Powell back then scaled down the further bombings of urban targets following that CIA blunder. Just another example of how much the world has changed FOR THE WORSE in the last eight years.

Yet, "NATO never has and never will intentionally target civilians," the secretary general Solana also said in his today's meeting with the Chinese ambassador in Brussels.


TiM Ed.: So we suppose that NATO leaders will plead either incompetence, or temporary insanity, at their upcoming war crimes trial? (see the Item 5 story in this issue).


2. A NATO Victim: "NATO Did It With Clear Conscience, But Without Sound Mind"

NIS, May 7 - That NATO isn't targeting civilians (as Solana claims, having killed over 1,200, and injure more than 5,000 of them already in its attack on Serbia), would also be news to Dr. Petar Bosnjakovic, who spoke to reporters at the Nis central hospital on May 7. The doctor said that nine civilians were killed at the Nis street market earlier the same day, three were killed outside the hospital, and three died on the operating table. The hospital's pathology lab was damaged, its walls pockmarked with small craters caused by shrapnel from the cluster bombs. (see the new photos of last night's bombings now available at our Web site -

In addition, at least 30 private homes were destroyed in the Nis suburb, Medosevac, Reuters reported on May 7. One woman weeping in front of her devastated house said, "Look for yourselves and make your own judgments. They (NATO) have destroyed this city without mercy. They did it with a clear conscience but without a sound mind."


3. Belgrade's "Embassy Row" in Ruins, The Second Strike Against the Chinese Embassy, Other Targets in Serbia

BELGRADE, May 8 - And then there are other attacks against civilian targets which NATO carried out last night which seem to have "gotten lost in the shuffle" between the attack on the Chinese embassy, and the civilians in Nis. It is NATO's second bombing of Belgrade fashionable "embassy row" - the Kneza Milosa street.

In his speech delivered in front of the White House south lawn a week ago, TiM's editor referred to the first attack on Belgrade's equivalent of Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, DC (see S99-61, Day 39, Update 1, Item 1, May 1, including the terrifying sound of exploding bombs recorded during that Apr. 30 strike).

Well, last night NATO's bombers came for another deadly encore on Belgrade's "embassy row," closing down one of the city's major thoroughfares, a home to U.S., Canadian, German and several other embassies (see TiM editor's photos from his visit to Belgrade, many of which were take at Kneza Milosa street -

Here are excerpts from an eyewitness report which TiM received today from Belgrade about this and a number of other targets which NATO bombed last night. Careful readers may take note of a SECOND NATO STRIKE against both the Chinese embassy, and the hotel "Jugoslavija," while the rescue operation was in progress. The second attack suggests that even if the CIA were to blame for the first allegedly faulty target selection, the second strike, hours later, is clearly the responsibility of the NATO military and political leaders.

"Air raid sirens sounded early last night, around 9:10PM. And the first strikes could be heard at around 9:40P, after which electrical power was again cut in Belgrade.

At 11:40PM, the Kneza Milosa street was hit repeatedly. The targets were the federal and state ministries of internal affairs (already hit once before - see the TiM editor's photos at our Web site -, the Savski Venac borough building, the government buildings at the corner of Nemanjina and Kneza Milosa streets, the Ministry of Information, the General HQ of the Yugoslav Army... etc.

As a matter of fact, the entire Kneza Milosa street was bombed in that first attack.

Then, three missiles from three different directions hit the Chinese embassy at the Boulevard of the Arts in New Belgrade (miles away from the Kneza Milosa street. TiM Ed.). A nearby electric power station was also hit in the same attack. The nearby hotel 'Jugoslavija' was also bombed, destroying its west wing, the garage and the hotel kitchen."


TiM Ed.: Some "military targets!"


"The next attack, supposedly by cruise missiles, took place about two hours later - at around 1:40AM. Once again, the Kneza Milosa targets were 'double-stamped;' more specifically the YU Army HQ. Another missile also hit the Chinese embassy as well as the hotel 'Jugoslavija's' front entrance, breaking up the whole structure in two.

But even that was not yet the end... around 3:45AM, heavy explosions could be heard from the direction of Bubanj Potoka, Jajinci, Cerak, Rakovica, Batajnica and Nova Pazova (all Belgrade suburbs and outlying towns).

This attack completely cut off the Belgrade-Novi Sad highway, as the bombs damaged tens of meters of the roadways surface near Nova Pazova. And at Cerak, the Medical Center in this small town was also hit.

The bottom line is that the Kneza Milosa street is now totally closed, and is looking quite ghastly. You can literally see through the Chinese embassy. As for hotel 'Jugoslavija,' all of its windows are destroyed, and you can see the shrapnel pock-marks in the interior walls. A large number of automobiles was also destroyed in the garages of all these buildings.

Separately, last night Cacak, Obrenovac, Sremska Mitrovica, Sombor, Paracin... were also bombed by NATO.

And today (May 8), Cuprija was also hit - the bridge leading to Kragujevac. Four Romanian humanitarian workers were injured in that attack."


 4. Chinese Embassy Hit Said to Be No Mistake; "We are at 'Code Red' Condition" (an American Patriot)

WASHINGTON, May 8 - A long-time TiM reader, and an American patriot who has occasionally contributed to our coverage of the war (see Day 12, Update 2, Item 6, Apr. 4), Darren Sarvis, sounded an alarm today, calling NATO's bombing of the Chinese embassy a "code red" condition. He also claims that the attack was no accident. Here are excerpts from his note to TiM:

"Can you blame the Chinese for saying we are the 'NATO Nazis' or to 'go to hell?'

I will vow that the hit on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade by NATO was no mistake. Our guidance/targeting systems are far too accurate for this to be a mistake. We would not in any normal sense of the word, take a chance of hitting an embassy if we had high error margins on targeting and were striking something nearby.

This is the madmen of Clinton, Blair, Clark, Cohen, Albright and others, at work to set America up for the nation-state status to be changed. It does not get any better than we've had it I'm afraid. This has been in the card to reshape America for decades if not longer. NATO will fragment.

Like the hospital we hit yesterday in Nis, there is absolutely no precedent. We are calling ourselves peacemakers, but as I reported on March 26, Wesley Clark, the U.S. leader and NATO Allied Supreme Commander said of NATO, 'we will ATTACK, we will DISRUPT, we will DEGRADE, we will DEVASTATE, we will DESTROY'!

Did he mention that this was a mission to destroy NATO and what little of the geopolitical prestige our country had remaining? Hate to sound like a siren, but we have entered the CODE RED condition!"


TiM Ed.: Remember where you first heard the "perpetual commerce through perpetual war" theory, several years ago? (search TiM's Web site for this phrase if unsure of the answer). Along with the black humor-joke re. the difference between mechanical and civil engineers?" (e.g., see S99-61, Day 39, Update 1, Item 1, May 1). Well, it looks like China has just been transformed, practically overnight, from an Clinton-allied weapon to a target. It was just a matter of time...

So stand by for WW III, not a "Wag the Dog" replay, we're afraid... This looks to be a "Mad Dogs of War" production by the NATO madmen (and women) crazier than any mad dogs. Or cows... May God save the world from that disease.


5. Group of Canadian Lawyers Files War Crime Charges against NATO Leaders

TORONTO, May 8 - A group of Canadian lawyers has filed a formal complaint with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia against all of the individual leaders of the NATO countries, and the officials of NATO itself, TiM has learned, first-hand from some of the Canadian lawyers - some of them university professors - who are the principals in this long-overdue legal action.

The complaint was initiated by professors from the Osgoode Hall Law School of the York University in Toronto - where Tribunal prosecutor Louise Arbour was also a professor before becoming a judge. The group has charged Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Javier Solana, Jamie Shea, Jean Chretien, Art Eggleton, Lloyd Axworthy and 60 other heads of state and government, foreign ministers, defense ministers and NATO officials, with war crimes committed in NATO’s six-week old bombing campaign against Yugoslavia.

The list of crimes includes "wilful killing, wilfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health, extensive destruction of property, not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly, employment of poisonous weapons or other weapons to cause unnecessary suffering, wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity, attack, or bombardment, by whatever means, of undefended towns, villages, dwellings, or buildings, destruction or wilful damage done to institutions dedicated to religion, charity and education, the arts and sciences, historic monuments and works of art and science."

The complaint also alleges "open violation" of the United Nations Charter, the NATO Treaty itself, the Geneva Conventions and the Principles of International Law Recognized by the Nüremberg Tribunal (the latter of which makes "planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances" a crime).

Under the Statute, "a person who planned, instigated, ordered, committed or otherwise aided and abetted in the planning, preparation or execution of a crime shall be individually responsible for the crime" and "the official position of any accused person, whether as Head of State or Government or as a responsible Government official, shall not relieve such person of criminal responsibility or mitigate punishment."

The complaint points to the bombing of civilian targets and alleges that NATO leaders "have admitted publicly to having agreed upon and ordered these actions, being fully aware of their nature and effects" and that "there is ample evidence in the public statements of NATO leaders that these attacks on civilian targets are part of a deliberate attempt to terrorize the population to turn it against its leadership."

The complaint cites a recent statement of the President of the Tribunal, Judge Gabrielle Kirk McDonald, urging that: "All States and organizations in possession of information pertaining to the alleged commission of crimes within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal should make such information available without delay to the Prosecutor."

The complaint also cites a statement of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson in which she says that "large numbers of civilians have incontestably been killed, civilian installations targeted on the grounds that they are or could be of military application and NATO remains sole judge of what is or is not acceptable to bomb. In this situation, the principle of proportionality must be adhered to by those carrying out the bombing campaign. It surely must be right to ask those carrying out the bombing campaign to weigh the consequences of their campaign for civilians in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia."

Under the Statue, the Prosecutor is bound to "initiate investigations ex-officio or on the basis of information obtained from any source, particularly from Governments, United Nations organs, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations" and to "assess the information received or obtained and decide whether there is sufficient basis to proceed. Upon a determination that a case exists, the Prosecutor is bound to "prepare an indictment containing a concise statement of the facts and the crime or crimes with which the accused is charged under the Statute and transmit it to a judge of the Trial Chamber."

The complaint asks Judge Arbour to "immediately investigate and indict for serious crimes against international humanitarian law" the 67 named leaders and whoever else shall be determined by the Prosecutor’s investigations to have committed crimes in the NATO attack on Yugoslavia commencing March 24, 1999."==>Copies of the charges have been sent to the accused.

Participating in the action are 15 lawyers and law professors, as well as the American Association Jurists, a pan-American organization of lawyer's, judges, law professors and students, with membership in all countries of the American Continent from Tierra del Fuego to Canada, an NGO with consultative status before the Social and Economic Council of the United Nations.

Professor Michael Mandel said in Toronto today: "The bombing of civilians is not only immoral, it is criminal and punishable under the laws governing the Tribunal. You cannot kill a woman and child in Belgrade on the theoretical possibility that it might save a woman and child in Pristina. Even in a legal war you cannot kill civilians and destroy an entire country as a military strategy. But this is an illegal war and the NATO leaders are acting like outlaws. So far they have risked nothing by sending others to do their killing and destroying. We believe that if they are held individually responsible, as the law requires, they won’t feel so free to spill other peoples’ blood."

For further information, please contact Prof. Michael Mandel in Toronto (telephone 416-736-5039; e-mail; or David Jacobs (email in Geneva; or Alejandro Teitelbaum, (e-mail )


6. A Rare Chance to Stand for Truth and Freedom

TEXAS, May 8 - The Canadian lawyers aren't the only ones agitated by the illegal and wanton killings of Serb civilians perpetrated by Bill Clinton and his partners in crime in Washington, Brussels, Paris, and elsewhere... Here is a letter which we received today from a TiM reader in Texas:


"I would like to have a Serbian flag to fly over my front lawn, to honor the brave, freedom loving, people of Serbia, and can you get me some anti-NATO, famous target, T-shirts that our friends and I can wear around town.

This is a serious request. With wonderful, God fearing, people standing up to pompous tyrants like Clark, Clinton, Albright, and all other prostituted bureaucrats, to become another NATO target should be a privilege.

For once in my life, I've been presented with a rare opportunity to stand for truth and justice, against what is truly evil (agencies of death and darkness) in the world."


7. "Us and the Chinese, a Thousand Million"

CHICAGO, May 8 - "One old song, and one slogan. now course through my mind, stirring my satirical soul," wrote Professor Emeritus, J.P. Maher, an Irish-American professor of linguistics, in response to our Tim Bulletin S99-70, Day 46, Update 1, May 8):

"The Nazi/s used to sing: 'Heute gehört uns Deutschland, morgen die ganze Welt!' [today Germany belongs to us, tomorrow the whole world (will)]. 1999 version, which needs a free translation.

'Today it's Belgrade we've got burning, tomorrow the whole world' ('Heute brennt uns Belgrad, morgen die ganze Welt').

The old Montenegrin Serbs, all 200,000 of them, looking to mighty Russia: "Us and the Russians, 200 million!"

Now it's Serbia's turn: "Us and the Chinese, a thousand million!"


TiM Ed.: Indeed. Thanks to the NATO/NWO warmongers, the madmen who have just injected China into the Balkan powder-keg, one of the world's trouble spots from which the inventors of powder (China) had tried to stay away from. Before May 8, 1999.

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