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March 26, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-05, Day 3, Update 1

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Mar. 26, 1999; 5:00PM EST - DAY 3, UPDATE 1



  1. Belgrade:      Hospitals, Schools, Ancient Monasteries Hit Throughout Serbia;                          Pharmaceuticals Factory Also Hit Near Belgrade
  2. Belgrade:      A Serb Minister Appeals to World Academia
  3. Rome:             Italian Parliament Calls for End to NATO strikes
  4. Athens:          Violent Protests Continue in Front of U.S. Embassy
  5. Skopje:          About 20,000, not 3,000 Macedonians Protested at U.S. Embassy
  6. Moscow         Ukraine, Belorussia to Reactivate Their Nukes; Thousands of Russians                          Volunteers to Fight in Serbia


1. Hospitals, Schools, Ancient Monasteries Hit Throughout Serbia

BELGRADE, Mar. 26 - While the Clinton administration and NATO officials continue to claim that they are not waging war on Serbia, their missiles and planes have hit dozens of hospitals, schools and priceless ancient monasteries, our sources in Serbia report. Last night, for example, hospitals in Nis and Leskovac were hit. One of our sources reported that, "there is hardly a house or a building left in Leskovac (a southern Serbia town) that has not sustained some sort of damage."

The Yugoslav foreign minister, Mr. Z. Jovanovic, said today that "dozens of civilians" were killed in last night's NATO raids, and "hundreds" injured.

Our sources reported that two NATO jets were jets downed over Fruska Gora, and one over Kosovo between Pristina and Podujevo, a claim which NATO denies.

This evening, NATO planes have hit between 10 and 15 targets in and around Belgrade, including the ICN Galenika site in Zemun, a pharmaceuticals factory. "The night has turned into broad daylight," one Belgrade resident told CNN, describing the massive fires which tonight's raids have caused. As a result, Serbian authorities have now issued a chemical and biological alert, appealing to residents to wear gas masks.

In Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, NATO bombs this evening completely destroyed a school and a marketplace in the center of town.

So stand by for new "Serb massacres" to be announced soon by the Washignton lie manufacturing factory so as to cover up their own crimes against humanity.

The Yugoslav Army sources also claim that they had discovered and disabled some of the aerial guidance devices, presumably planted by OSCE mission "observers" in Kosovo. The OSCE monitors had left Kosovo prior to the NATO bombing, The army spokesperson has shown on local TV some of the radio locators they had discovered.

So much for the "neutrality" of "civilian" monitors and their chief, the American ambassador, William Walker, the "butcher of El Salvador," as one of our Serb sources referred to him. (For more on Walker's track record, check out our column, "Washington's Crisis Factory," from the March issue of the New Dawn - available at our Web site).


2. Serb Minister Appeals to World Academia



BELGRADE, Mar. 26 - In a barbarian act of aggression which has started on our country in the bombardment of civilian objects, our children and civilian population were badly hurt last night.

Regarding the present situation in Yugoslavia we will soon be left without medicines and other means for survival.


We appeal to all scientific institutions, universities and individual for any kind of help for Yugoslavia.

We appeal to you to act as much as it is in your power that this aggression be stopped.

Jagosh Zelenovic, Ph.D.

Federal Minister for Development, Science and Environment.


3. Italian Parliament Calls for End to NATO strikes

ROME, Mar. 26 - The Italian parliament this evening passed a resolution calling for an end to NATO's bombing of Serbia with a 318-188 vote. Italian prime minister, Massimo D'Alema, said in the parliament that, the Contact Group (U.S., Russia, Britain, France and Italy) "should call a halt to strikes as a step to resuming talks.


4. Violent Protests in Front of U.S. Embassy in Athens

ATHENS, Mar. 26 - CBS Network News reported today that there were violent demonstrations being held this afternoon at the American embassy in Athens. The live report said stones were being thrown at riot police by Greek protesters of the NATO/American-led invasion of Yugoslavia. The reporter added that some violence was also breaking out at the Turkish embassy in Athens. Later on, CNN said that 15,000 protesters burned American flags, hurled stones at the embassy, and battled police who fired tear gas into the crowd.

Dimitra Galani, one of the leading stars of Greek music, gave a concert last night at a popular Athens club. At one point during her performance, she interrupted her number to announce that she had just received the news from the TV station MEGA that the Yugoslav Army had shot down a NATO warplane. The crowd erupted into loud cheers and applause in response to the news.

Meanwhile, the U.S. and NATO officials continue to deny that there are any rifts within NATO, and insist that the alliance is unified in its support of the strikes against Serbia. Perhaps they are the only ones who believe themselves? Coupled with their continued denials of the NATO planes being shot down in Serbia, "lie and deny" is evidently their "PR" strategy.


5. About 20,000, not 3,000 Macedonians and Serbs Protested at U.S. Embassy

SKOPJE, Mar. 26 - The disinformation war continues with the media playing its part, just as was the case during the Bosnian war. Based on a CNN live broadcast, we reported yesterday that about 3,000 demonstrators participated in the protests in front of the American embassy in Skopje. And CNN added that they were mostly ethnic Serbs. We have now received an e-mail from one of the participants in the demonstrations. Here is what this person said

"There were 20,000 Macedonians and Serbs yesterday in Skopje, who totally demolished the American embassy. I was there, and I can tell you that the CNN figure of 3,000 to 4,000 is way too low. And the CNN allegation that the protestors were ETHNIC SERBS was a lie. About 80% of the demonstrators were Macedonians.

We tried to go there again today around noon, but the police had blocked all access routes to within 500 meters of the American embassy."

Gee... with so much outrage against the American government, soon enough American embassies will only be safe in the Iron Curtain countries of Europe - NATO (check out our column, "New Iron Curtain Over America," available at our Web site).


6. Ukraine, Belorussia to Reactivate Their Nukes, Thousands of Russians Volunteer to Fight in Serbia

MOSCOW, Mar. 25 - In his broadcast on Moscow TV, Chief of the Russian General Staff, Gen. Ivashov, announced that, as a result of the NATO aggression on Serbia, the Ukraine has decided to resume its status of a nuclear power. Belorussia had made a similar decision earlier in the day.

Speaking in Minsk, the capital, the Belorussian president, Alexander Lukashenko also said that, "it is pointless to fight the Serbs. Serbs are able warriors. They will defend their citizens and kill dozens of Americans." Lukashenko also said that Bellorussia is ready to supply to Serbia "good, modern weapons."

The official Russian news agency, Itar-Tass, reported yesterday that, the Russian President Boris Yeltsin termed the NATO strikes at Yugoslavia a "blunder" of the U.S. President Bill Clinton, and warned that Moscow may respond with "extreme measures" which it is not going to use so far.

The strikes at Yugoslavia "are a blunder of Americans, of the US diplomacy and of Clinton and they will pay for it anyway", Yeltsin told Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov during their meeting in the Kremlin on Thursday. Yeltsin stressed that for the first time since World War Two "they are going against the UN charter". "Russia has a number of extreme measures in store, but we decided not to use them so far", the president stressed.

Meanwhile, Americans were told by CNN yesterday that the Russian president had said that he would NOT respond with "extreme measures," deceitfully inserting the word "not" from the Yeltsin statement. Another example of the joint Washington-establishment media "lie and deny" strategy of misleading the American people.

Elsewhere in Russia, volunteers are signing up to fight in Serbia from Moscow to Vladivostok. Our correspondent from Khabarovsk in Far East Russia, Tanya Samoiloff, sends the following report;

"Like all Russian people, we are with the Serbs and against NATO aggression. I have not heard a voice of approval from anybody, even by the Muslims at the city market. I don't think that we need to talk much about illegality and amorality of this aggression.

During the last few days, I've heard everywhere people talk about the events in Serbia and express strong support of Serbian people. All domestic political parties and movements are unanimous on this issue. In Vladivostok LDPR has started recruitment of volunteers for Yugoslavia among the young ex-army officers. I don't think that the West will win..."

Our other Russian sources report that between 2,500 and 3,000 volunteers have signed up just in the last two days.

Meanwhile, in Moscow, Russia expelled today the NATO envoy and froze all contacts with this military alliance.


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