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April 20, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-47, Day 28


Apr. 20, 1999; 2:00AM GMT - DAY 28


Belgrade                    1. A Slice of Life in Wartime Serb Capital

Belgrade                    2. Four NATO Planes Shot Down on Sunday; NATO

                                      Losses Detailed by Russian Sources

Milan                         3. Italian Nobel Laureate Protests Against NATO

Bonn                          4. A German Insider's View of Kosovo Conflict

Jerusalem                  5. Some Washington Jews Behind Kosovo Conflict Are

                                     Not "Real Jews" (By Barry Chamish, plus a reader reaction)


1. A Slice of Life in Wartime Serb Capital

BELGRADE, Apr. 20 - For a city that's been under aerial attack for four weeks now by the world's most powerful military alliance, life in Belgrade seems surprisingly normal these days. During daylight hours, streets are full of people. Traffic is lighter than before, due to gasoline rationing, but there are still occasional traffic jams.

Taxi drivers are allotted 150 liters (about 35 gallons) of gasoline per month. "That's enough for me to eke out a living," one cabbie said, "but not enough to pay the taxes."

"Maybe they'll defer or forgive the taxes in wartime economy?" I suggested.

"That'll be the day," the driver replied skeptically.

The stores are also full. You can buy just about anything - from imports, to locally produced goods. Long gone are the days of the U.N. sanctions which emptied the store shelves and peoples' tummies in 1993-1994.

In fact, the Serb defiance has also been complemented by bustling entrepreneurship. There are hundreds of street vendors selling newly produced TARGET or other anti-NATO T-shirts, buttons, records or other graphical designs.

Daily concerts at the Freedom Square in downtown Belgrade are continuing. They usually start at noon and last till 4PM. Yesterday (Sunday), a group of young dancers, all girls - probably under the age of 10 - delighted the crowd to the tune of rock music. But Las Vegas recruiters had better not rush to sign them up. For, these young stars' performance was a part of the protest against, not compliance with, the glitzy part of the "American culture."

One thing this writer noticed, however, was that some people in the crowd at the Freedom Square carried photos of Slobodan Milosevic. To foreigners who have not spoken to as many Serbs as this writer has during the last five days, this might have implied that the Serbian people are defying NATO in support of their "Saddam."

Nothing could be further from the truth. After all, just over two years ago, hundreds of thousands of these same people demonstrated for democracy and against Milosevic for over three months - in the dead of winter! Most Serbs I spoke to expressed their outrage that a few Socialist Party members have brought to the protests pictures of their leader, at a time when all other parties had set aside their ideological differences for the sake of national defense.

And the peoples' message seems to be getting through. When this writer spent some time at the Freedom Square today, shortly after noon, there were no Milosevic photos in sight; only Serb flags and other national symbols.

So is there anything abnormal about life in the Serb capital, besides the nightly explosions and AAA fire? Plenty…

Schools and universities are closed. They have been closed since the war started on Mar. 24. There is some talk now about opening the universities later this week. But elementary, junior high, and high schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year.

The reasons are obvious. NATO has already hit (however inadvertently, if one is to believe their spokespeople) dozens of schools across Serbia. Had there been children and teachers in them, the casualties would have been much higher than they are.

Another anomaly is that the stores are told by the authorities to close at 4PM. Most seem to heed that suggestion. But private convenience stores stay open till all hours of the night, just like back home in the States; some even right through air raids. Last night, for example, this writer bought a piece of bread and a sausage at a convenience store near Brankov's bridge at close to 10PM.

There are also long lines at some points in downtown Belgrade, but they are not what you think if you listened to some of the western media reports. I was told (I have not seen or heard it myself), that the western media have shown pictures of these long lines with commentaries suggesting that these people are now having to line up for their daily bread.

When I first saw one of these long lines which snaked around a little park in front of Radio Belgrade building for several hundred yards, I asked a colleague, a local journalist, what this was about.

"Cigarettes," he replied.

"You're putting me on."

"No, I'm not."

I still wasn't buying his explanation. So I walked up to some of the people in the line and asked them: "What are you lining up for?"

"For cigarettes," one woman replied.

"And all these people (hundreds of them!) are smokers waiting to get their daily fix?", I said, with an obvious look of incredulity on my face.

The woman returned a look full of disdain, implying silently: "It's easy for you to make fun of us when you're obviously not a smoker."

Turning to my journalist-friend, I said: "Hurray! NATO is finally doing something beneficial for Serbian people. Forcing the nation to cut back ,or give up, smoking!"

There is another good thing that NATO's bombing has also done. It has weaned the Serbs off the American junk food. Both McDonald's restaurants in downtown Belgrade are closed, with anti-NATO graffiti sprayed all over them. Yet the McDonald's management posted some lame message about how it was supposedly closing down the restaurants in solidarity with its Yugoslav customers.

A walk up and down Belgrade's main streets and avenues also reveals that most NATO embassies have been trashed, with graffiti, often vulgar, testifying as to extreme anger of the local population. The German embassy, for example, has the German flag still flying on a mast above the door. But the flag has a NATO crest-shaped swastika in the middle.

Perhaps the worst for wear is the Canadian embassy. The newest among the western embassies, it has a modern design. It also used to have a lot of windows.

The American and French cultural centers in downtown Belgrade have also been demolished. By contrast, however, embassies of other western countries not involved in the conflict are intact. This morning, for example, this writer walked passed the Australian and Argentinean embassies, which are a stone throw away from the destroyed American and French cultural centers. Both embassies were intact, with ambassadors still on board.

(this writer has taken many photos which we will post to the Web site as soon as they are developed).


2. Four NATO Planes Shot Down on Sunday; NATO Losses Detailed by Russian Sources

BELGRADE, Apr. 19 - The Tanjug newswire reported today that four NATO planes were shot down during the night of Apr. 18. Two of them were hit in the Pristina area of Kosovo at about 4PM local time. Another was shot down at about 7PM.

Another NATO plane was hit over northern Serbia, whose burning parts showered the village of Sisatovac near Mt. Fruska Gora. Eyewitnesses saw the pilot trying to navigate his damaged aircraft toward Croatia, which is only 40 miles away, with thick black smoke billowing behind.

Although the above news item appeared in today's state-controlled daily, POLITIKA, this writer can confirm the last eyewitness report independently. For, some fragments of the NATO aircraft which fell to the ground also damaged a monastery near Sisatovac, according to our independent sources.

Meanwhile, the Voice of Russia radio program reported on Apr. 18 that NATO had lost over 40 planes and 90 airmen between March 24 and April 15. The report said Yugoslav and Russian military sources said NATO had also lost 120 cruise missiles to Yugoslav defenses.

The Ekho Moskvy radio in Moscow cited an RIA-Novosti news agency report that NATO has delivered thousands of coffins to a British military base in Cyprus today. The reports suggests NATO is preparing for a ground attack, and expects heavy losses.


3. Italian Nobel Laureate Protests Against NATO

MILAN, Apr. 18 - The Italian Nobel laureate for literature, Dario Fo, is staging his own protest against NATO's attack on Serbia. The site of Fo's protest is a gallery near Duomo, where this Italian writer is collecting signatures of his fellow-citizens who also want to protest Italy's participation in NATO's aggression on Yugoslavia. Fo termed the Italian prime minister, Massimo D'Allema, "spineless", and his decision for Italy to participate in the attack on a sovereign country, "unconstitutional."


4. A German Insider's View of Kosovo Conflict

BONN, Apr. 17 - The following report, which TiM has now received from a multitude of sources, has been attributed to a "German insider." Since we normally don't publish articles from sources which we cannot authenticate, we have sat on this text for several days now.

But not only have some credible sources from the international intelligence community also forwarded the same report to us, but it has now also been passed on by Jürgen Reents, Press-spokesman of PDS at the German parliament. The original text, posted at the German, can be found at the PDS site:

And so, without further ado, here's a "German insider's" story about what the "Kosovo Crisis" is all about…


1. Personal Preliminary Remarks

2. About the current lies told by [Chancellor] Schroeder, [Defense Minister] Scharping, and [Foreign Minister] Fischer

3. CIA covert action aimed at dismembering Yugoslavia

Personal Preliminary Remarks:

This text I am giving to a Catholic priest, who is a member of the Order for Peace [Ordensleute für den Frieden] here in Germany. I am doing so while maintaining confessional confidentiality, and divulging no information as to my identity. He will transmit this text on my behalf to those who need to know the truth.

I hold a high-security post in the government apparatus in Bonn, and for reasons of conscience can no longer remain silent. The facts that I am about to divulge are, for the better informed, examinable and verifiable.

Both the entire NATO propaganda staff as well as the Infernal Trio, Schroeder, Scharping and Fischer, here in Germany are unabashedly lying to the public with nearly every "fact" they present about the Balkans War, while a willing media pack is keenly spreading these lies, unverified, as gospel truth.

About the current situation:

The Federal Government knows the true reasons why the people are fleeing and is cynically playing with the calculated misery of the refugees in the border regions of Kosovo, in order to maintain an image comparable to WW II deportations and "ethnic cleansing".

Neither the military intelligence arm of the Bundeswehr nor that of the NATO have at their disposal photographic evidence, intelligence knowledge, indications and proof leading to the conclusion that there is systematic expulsion or deportation of refugees by the Yugoslav special forces, army or police. According to internal acknowledgement of the defense ministry the reasons for flight are more or less equally distributed:

(1) Excess on the part of Yugoslav soldiers and police force, often triggered in part by KLA attacks carried out under cover of Kosovo-Albanian civilians. Information is on hand that Yugoslav soldiers caught looting are summarily court-martialed;

(2) The results of the NATO bombing, such as the lack of potable water in nearly all cities of Kosovo and general devastation;

(3)Understandable fear of getting caught in the crossfire between the KLA, the Yugoslav military, and NATO attacks;

(4) Constant spreading of panic and horror stories in the broadcasts of dozens of small KLA, NATO or Albanian shortwave radio stations located in the mountains, alongside the propaganda broadcasts of the KLA over Radio Tirana;

(5) Pillaging bands of the Albanian mafia, who with their weapons stolen during the Albanian civil war, extort money, search abandoned houses for anything of value and then burn the houses down to create political effect;

(6) KLA irregular troops, who have declared a "general mobilization" and are forcing every available man into their military service. Those objecting are submitted to grave physical abuse and released only upon paying a ransom, and having sworn under threat of vendetta, not to tell the truth but to tell family and the media that they had been mishandled by Serbs.

(7) The announcement by the KLA that NATO will inevitably have to carry out a ground attack and that this attack is imminent.

Some sectors of NATO welcome the mass exodus of refugees. The military in Germany favorably greeted the Pentagon's April 5, [1999] commentary to the effect that when all had fled, Kosovo could be carpet bombed with no restraint.

The German government knows that there are no concentration camps, that no houses where marked with "S" by Serbs. This, as well as the news that people are not being detained in a stadium in Pristina, was reported by representatives of the catholic church in Pristina in a direct telephone conversation with employees of the German government. Still Scharping is spreading these lies.

The German government is also aware that on the borders American and European private media are offering up to US $200,000 for video footage of massacres - real or posed.

NATO and the German army are logistically supporting the KLA. Food, uniforms and instructors are furnished mainly by the Bundeswehr as well as the USA. All KLA commanders are in constant radio contact with NATO.

NATO ground forces are already operating doing reconnaissance inside Kosovo. They are German and US units whose task is to detect and give the coordinates of ground targets. Furthermore, NATO officers are functioning as liaison commandos for the KLA. The contacts that were necessary for this mission were established by US and German officers, in violation of their mission as OSCE observers, preceding NATO-attacks. Here the German parliament is being as much taken for a fool as the general public.

With the deployment of German Tornado aircraft, our Defense Minister has chosen to premeditatedly violate the Geneva Convention and other international laws of warfare. This applies to the targeting and destruction of the military hospital in Belgrade, as well as the attacks carried out against the Danube bridges and among other things, the disturbance/interruption of the continuation of international traffic on the Danube between Regensburg and the Black Sea, which also Germany as a bordering state to the Danube has guaranteed under international law to protect.

The Chancellor and Foreign Minister knew from the outset that no Yugoslav government could ever sign the occupation statute, as it appeared in articles 6, 8 and 10 of Annex B of the Rambouillet Treaty. Both understood clearly that this would mean the end of Yugoslavia as a sovereign state. War was therefore inevitable.

Experts of the Justice Ministry poked fun at these passages, these clauses NATO would give NATO the rights of a medieval robber-knight throughout the whole of Yugoslavia. Furthermore, according to Filippo di Robilant, the Italian legal advisor at Rambouillet to Rugova, the moderate Kosovo-Albanian, Rugova only signed after he was given assurance by Robin Cook, that NATO would attack exclusively military targets and that measures would be taken to safeguard the civilian population in the whole of Yugoslavia.

Code named "Roots" - a covert action under which the CIA prepared the war - the objective is the destruction of Yugoslavia though loss of Kosovo, Montenegro and Vojvodina.

Under the "Roots" operations, the USA has since the beginning of the first term of Clinton's Administration been working - in close collaboration with Germany - on this covert action of the CIA and the DIA, and supported by the German secret service. The objective of "Roots" is the military and ethnic destabilization of Yugoslavia, the last bastion of resistance in the Balkans.

The objective of "Roots'" is the dissociation of Kosovo as the principal source of raw materials for Yugoslavia though a comprehensive autonomy, by Albanian annexation or total independence; the secession of Montenegro, its the only remaining access to the Adriatic, and the dislocation of Vojvodina the "bread basket," and another source of raw materials for Yugoslavia leading to the total collapse of Yugoslavia as a viable, industrial state.

Behind this action is Germany's and the USA's fear that Yugoslavia will ally itself with Russia and other former Soviet states once Yeltsin is replaced by communist and nationalist forces in the near future. [ ... ]


5. Some Washington Jews Behind Kosovo Conflict Are Not "Real Jews" (By Barry Chamish, reaction by Dexter Peabody)

JERUSALEM, Apr. 19 - We received the following article today from Barry Chamish, an Israeli journalist, whose work should be familiar to old-time TiM readers. Following his original piece, we also bring you some interesting reactions:

"The American team behind the Yugoslav War have Jewish names and look very Jewish. This is a sad and humiliating fact... and it shouldn't take the anti-Semites long to make a few associations and call the bloodletting in the Balkans a Jewish plot. However, if a plot exists, it is being managed by the very antithesis of Judaism, those who have abandoned Judaism for good. Let us look at the core of the VISIBLE team:

William Cohen- Secretary Of Defense- Longtime member of the Council On Foreign Relations. Headed the notorious 1997 CFR Task Force On The Middle East, which called for Israel's withdrawal to 1948 lines and the division of Jerusalem, until replaced later by Henry Seigman. Though he has a Jewish father, Cohen was raised as Protestant and maintains no Jewish religious ties whatsoever.

Mad Madeleine Albright- Secretary Of State- Longtime member of the CFR. Her story is absolutely surreal. Born and raised Jewish in Czechoslovakia, she escaped the Holocaust and was cared for by Jewish relatives in London. Yet, over the years she forgot her entire childhood and adolescence, claiming she's always been a Christian. Her memory was jarred only when the Washington Post printed her true biography during the very week she was appointed Secretary of State. The woman did not simply disavow her Jewish roots, for fifty years she pretended they didn't exist. And for much of her term in office, she has been obsessed with pressing Israel to withdraw to suicidal borders.

James Rubin- State Department Spokesman- Member of the CFR. Recently married CNN Kosovo reporter Christiane Amanpour in a church. Has adopted Christianity. While longtime CFR member Ted Turner's CNN grinds out the New World Order vision through Amanpour, Rubin coordinates the illusion as Alberight's supercilious mouthpiece.

This trio is hiding behind the bloodshed they are fomenting with a curtain woven of humanitarian goodness for the Kosovo refugees. Never mind that the refugees would not have been there to cover their deeds without the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. So far the facade is holding up but the curtain will eventually fall and when it does, thanks to this triumvirate of evil, Jews are going to be left holding the bag.

When that day comes, let all so inclined to see the Jewish hand in NWO machinations recall that this war is in the hands of people who found the deep morality of Judaism not to their liking. They abandoned Judaism, and while Yugoslavia is their current target for destruction, Israel is next on their list."

Barry Chamish, an Israeli journalist from Jerusalem


A P.S. by Mr. Chamish:

My above article on the non-Jews behind Kosovo has stirred some controversy. One objection raised was that although Albright, Cohen and Rubin have abandoned Judaism, others like Richard Holbrooke and Sandy Berger had not. I answered that Prof. Paul Eidelberg contends in an article released this week, that Berger betrayed Israel in 1982 by releasing Israel's operational plans for the Lebanon War to the American media, thus sabotaging the war and resulting in the loss of hundreds of young Israeli lives. As for Holbrooke, reliable reports say Washington wants him to replace Special Middle Advisor Dennis Ross, to squeeze the final Israeli concessions out of the "peace" process. They may call themselves Jews but their allegiances are not to Judaism nor to Israel's survival.

The next objection was that Rubin, Albright and Cohen have allied themselves with Christianity. The implication to some is they chose a faith closer to their own wicked hearts. I would never imply such a thing. No true Christian as I understand the religion, would be a member of the CFR, let alone be a part of the murderous travesty taking place in the Balkans.

Yet, I stress, no Jew who has an ounce of Jewish morality in his soul would lend his services to the New World Order. The NWO hates all religions equally, viewing them as a roadblock to domination. Both Christians and Jews have been recruited to the cabal of evil and the vast majority of people from both faiths are their victims.


Here's a reader's reaction to the above Barry Chamish article:

The American team behind the Yugoslav war isn't Albright, Berger, Cohen, and Rubin. The American team behind the Yugoslav war is the Council on Foreign Relations. The inner circle of CFR members responsible for the planning are the 300 or more CFR members in the Clinton administration and CFR members working for CFR think-tanks such as the Paul Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, Rand Institute, and the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Making a few people with Jewish surnames the "spokesmen" for the war is part of a well-planned psycho-political operation to use racism to help confuse the issue. If you take a good look at the CFR roster you will find that about 300 out of the 3000 members have Jewish surnames. None of the members of the Council on Foreign Relations including Berger, Tisch, Gejdenson, Kissinger, etc. are any more Jewish then Albright, Cohen, or Rubin. None of the members of the CFR are people of faith. The Council on Foreign Relations operates by creating tension and hate. They do so by breaking every code of ethical conduct and every one of the ten commandments. No person of faith could belong to an organization that consciously and methodically goes about destroying faith.

All religions are based on ethical codes of conduct. All religions are based on rules and guidelines for acting intelligently. These rules include the Ten Commandments, the Teachings of Buddha and the laws of Mohammed. The simplest and most elegant rule and guideline for acting intelligently is the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule was discovered and taught by at least three human beings. Confucius and Mohammed taught, "Don't do to others that which you wouldn't have others do to you." Christ, taught "Do unto others that which you would have others do unto you." Acting intelligently is analyzing a problem to determine what has to be done, designing different solutions to solve the problem, and evaluating the different solutions to choose the best one. Acting intelligently is acting in ones own best interest, while at the same time, acting in the best interest of all. If you use the Golden Rule to drive your decisions you can make life better for everyone, including yourself. You will have a past you can be proud of and a future to look forward to free from guilt resulting from poor decisions made in the past. A future in which those around you have less problems caused by your poor decisions and can therefore think more clearly, making it less likely they will make poor decisions that will cause problems for you. No creature in the universe can simplify the Golden Rule, making human beings among the wisest, most intelligent creatures in the Universe.

John Dewey, the philosopher and educator, provides a good description of the type of men who belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and their branch organizations in other nations:

"Meantime there are certain "practical" men who combine thought and habit and who are effectual. Their thought is about their own advantage; and their habits correspond. They dominate the actual situation. They encourage routine in others, and they also subsidize such thought and learning as are kept remote from affairs. This they call sustaining the standard of the ideal. Subjection they praise as team-spirit, loyalty, devotion, obedience, industry, law-and-order. But they temper respect for law - by which they mean the order of the existing status - on the part of others with most skillful and thoughtful manipulation of it in behalf of their own ends. While they denounce as subversive anarchy signs of independent thought, of thinking for themselves, on the part of others least such thought disturb the conditions by which they profit, they think quite literally for themselves, that is, of themselves. This is the eternal game of the practical men. Hence it is only by accident that the separate and endowed "thought" of professional thinkers leaks out into action and affects custom."

Council on Foreign Relations members all claim a faith, not because they live by the rules and guidelines that guide their faith, but because of what they can "get out" of belonging to such a group. The adulterous liar Clinton is a good example. Clinton used every Sunday as a photo-opportunity, while cheating on the family that sat next to him in a house of worship. Indeed, by "embracing" a faith, betraying that faith, yet maintaining a position of power, and influence, in spite of doing wrong, the members of the CFR are able to weaken and erode the beliefs of the truly faithful.

Read the article 2X2L on the Roundtable website []. It explains howattacking a people's faith is a psychological warfare technique used to demoralize the "enemy."

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