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March 24, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-01, Day 1, Update 1

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Mar. 24, 1999; 6:20PM EST - DAY 1, UPDATE 1


  1. Phoenix: About the Special TiM GW Bulletin Editions on Kosovo Crisis;
  2. Phoenix: TiM Editor on Chuck Harder Radio Show
  3. Moscow: Yeltsin, "Deeply Angered," Recalls Russian Ambassador to NATO
  4. New York: Russia Calls for Immediate Cessation of NATO's Bombing at Emergency Session of UN Security Council
  5. Moscow: Thousands Protest NATO Bombing in Front of American Embassy
  6. Washington: Middle Eastern Christians Condemn "Islamists-inspired Attack on Christian Serbia"


1. About the Special TiM GW Bulletin Editions on Kosovo Crisis

PHOENIX, Mar. 24 - Due to a flood of Kosovo news items, interview requests, and rapid fire e-mail messages, we are forced to change our normal way of delivering news and analyses to you. Our reports will be short and to the point. Keep checking our Web site ( throughout the day for any updates which we may not be able to send by e-mail. When the NATO slaughter in Serbia stops, we may return to our more reflective-style pieces.

2. TiM Editor on Chuck Harder Radio Show

PHOENIX, Mar. 24 - Due to a flood of news items, interview requests, and rapid fire e-mail messages, This afternoon, your editor was a guest on the Chuck Harder "For the People" nationally syndicated radio show between 3PM and 4PM EST. The show airs out of Boston, MA, to most states. The topic was, of course, the Kosovo Crisis and NATO's attack on Serbia. During the second half-hour segment, we also took calls from callers from all over the U.S. Not a single person was in favor of NATO's bombing of Serbia! Not a single person, from among hundreds of messages which we have received so far during the day, was in favor of NATO's bombing of Serbia!

This evening at 11 EST, your editor will also be a guest of Peter Peters, the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, "Scriptures for America," which airs out of WWCR Radio in Nashville, TN. The station phone is 615/255-1300. So if you're interested in listening in, you can give them a call to check the availability of the show in your area.


3. Yeltsin, "Deeply Angered," Recalls Russian Ambassador to NATO

MOSCOW, Mar. 24 - President Boris Yeltsin tonight suspended Russia's cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and recalled its chief military representative to the alliance to protest the air strikes against Yugoslavia, the Kremlin said. The decision came after military operations began, and several hours after Yeltsin made a televised appeal, in vain, against the use of force. Yeltsin, described in a statement as "deeply angered" by the bombing, also called for convening a session of the United Nations Security Council to stop the bombing.


4. Russia Calls for Immediate Cessation of NATO's Bombing at Emergency Session of UN Security Council

NEW YORK, Mar. 24 - Reading from prepared notes, Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations called today's NATO bombing an "illegal act of war" which contravenes not just all accepted international relations laws and principles, but also the UN Charter. He called for an immediate cessation of NATO's bombing of Serbia.

Quoting the Russian President, Boris Yeltsin, the ambassador said that, "if the conflict grows, Russia reserves the right to take 'adequate measures, including of a military character, to ensure its own and general European security'," Yeltsin added that, "Russia is deeply upset by NATO's military action against sovereign Yugoslavia, which is nothing more than open aggression."


5. Thousands of Russians Protest NATO Bombing in Front of American Embassy

MOSCOW, Mar. 24 - Thousands of Russians, including some political leaders, held a protest today demonstration in front of the American Embassy in Moscow. Many demanded military action by Russia if NATO continues its aggression against Serbia.


6. Mideast Christians Condemn "Islamists-inspired Attack on Christian Serbia"

Washington, New York, Chicago, Beirut, Nicosia, Cairo (Mideast Newswire), Mar. 24 - In an unexpected massive reaction to the US plans to attack Serbia, a wave of protest was initiated by multiple Middle East Christian organizations, both in the region and in America. Reacting to what most of these groups are calling "an Islamist-inspired attack on Christian Serbia," leaders, activists and spokespersons from several ethnic organizations declared their opposition to the military strikes against Yugoslavia, called for a diplomatic and historic solution to the problem of Islamist expansion in the Balkans and in the Mediterranean, and warned the pro-Islamist circles in Washington DC of a major "political uprising by the Christian American people."

In New York, the Coptic American Union CAU blasted the US official position in the Balkans, "which seems to favor Muslims against Christian Orthodox, and Christians in general." CAU said "we are sick and tired of watching our foreign policy being dictated by the Islamic lobby in Washington DC. Why wouldn't the State Department be interested in the fate of the Coptic people in Egypt. Our women are raped, our children are kidnapped, our community is being ethnic cleansed by a government which is receiving US foreign aid. Why doesn't the President of the United States send his Secretary of State to pressure the Muslim president of Egypt as he sends her to pressure the president of Christian Serbia. Did Mrs Clinton raise the issue of the suffering of the Christians in Egypt, while she was touring a country of major persecution of Christians." CAU called for the immediate halt of military operations and to turn the issue to the United Nations, rather than to the Islamic-infiltrated circles of Washington DC." Mr George Abdelmassih, a member of the leadership of the American-Coptic Association said "the Christian Serbian people should know that the 12 million Copts of Egypt are siding morally and politically with them against the Saudi-requested war against Christians in the Mediterranean."

In Chicago, Mr Pierre Chamoun, from the Assyrian Network, said "it is a shame to see our American planes carrying out raids against Serbia, a real disaster not to the Christian Serbian people only, but to the leadership of the United States, which foreign policy has become the servant of the Kings of the Arabian peninsula. We know, said Chamoun, that the Saudi money and PR companies is behind the blind policy in the Balkans. What they want is the establishment of three Islamist states in the Balkans at the expense of its original native peoples and identities. How come we send the F16 in defense of the Muslims in Kosovo, and we watch the Assyrian people being massacred at the hands of Saddam Hussein and the Turks. Is our foreign policy American or is Saudi and Islamist?"

In Beirut, a statement by the World Maronite Union (WMU) said "why is the American government mobilizing to solve the issue of Kosovo by bombing Orthodox Serbia, while we the Christians of Lebanon were invaded by the Syrian army in 1990 with total US endorsement. Why wouldn't Washington send its planes to bombard the Syrian troops in Lebanon, the same troops who protects terrorist Hizbollah, killers of US Marines in 1983. The WMU said "we Maronite Catholics feel that the Islamist-inspired attack against Orthodox Serbia is an aggression against all Middle East Christianity, a total abuse by the Islamist lobby of Washington's political system." In Washington, number of Maronite activists decided to protest the attack "which demonstrate a pro-Islamist bias in US Foreign policy against the Christians of the Middle East and the Balkans."

In New York, Dr Dominic Mohammed, spokesperson for the South Sudan Movement in America said "we reject this unbalance in American policy in the region. Our people in south Sudan has lost 2.5 million people, mostly Christians because of naked Islamist attacks from the north. Yet we never saw the US fighter bombers in the skies over Khartoum or southern Sudan. Is Kosovo more human than Juba. Are white Muslims more valuable than Black Christians."?

In Beirut, a press-release jointly issued by the "Orthodox and Catholic youth of the Middle East" rejected the "Saudi face" of the aggression and called for "Christian unity against a growing Arab-Islamist imperialism in the region, using the historically uneducated system of foreign policy in Washington, D.C."

In New York, a statement by the Middle East Christian Committee (MECHRIC) said "Americans from Middle East descent are very concerned about the development in the Balkans. The 4 million strong community in America does not comprehend the biased policy of our government in the Mediterranean. We certainly criticize the authoritarian regime in Belgrade, and hope to see the conflict in Kosovo solved by diplomatic means, and within the context of a historical approach. However, we do not understand our decision makers who seems to be only in favor of Muslim rights and always opposed to Christian's rights in that region." MECHRIC said "we warn from additional steps in that directions. This would lead to a major political uprising by millions of American Christians."


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