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April 9, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-34, Day 17, Update 1

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Apr. 9, 1999; 11:00AM EDT - DAY 17, UPDATE 1


Brussels                           1. NATO to Target Serb Media?

Redding                           2. America's "Kosovo's": What Goes Around

                                           Comes Around (By Mary Mostert)

Scottsdale                       3. April 10: An Internet Conference on Kosovo

New York                        4. What Harrassment? (re. CBS "48 Hours" TV Show)


1. NATO to Target Serb Media?

BRUSSELS, Apr. 9 - NATO spokesman, Air Commodore David Wilby, said yesterday that NATO would consider the Serbian media part of Milosevic's war machine if it did not report what NATO considered to be accurate news. He added. "Serb radio and TV is an instrument of propaganda and repression. It is therefore a legitimate target in this campaign." French armed forces chief, General Jean-Pierre Kelche, also said: " are going to bust their transmitters and their relay stations" (Morning Star, April 9, 1999, Britain).


TiM Ed.: And CNN, BBC, MSNBC, SKY and other NWO Big Brother networks are not "instruments of propaganda and repression?" Give us a break, NATO. Everybody knows that in a war, both sides lie and exaggerate. But with the above statement, NATO has finally showed its ugly face. And proved to us that it is actually waging war on truth and freedom everywhere, not only on the Serbian people. Who, by the way, do have access to the western media. There are 300,000 satellite dishes in the country, and some 500,000 Internet users. So by combining their domestic and the western propaganda sources, the Serbs probably have a more balanced view of the truth than do most Americans or Britons. Maybe that's what NATO is finding so irksome?


2. America's "Kosovo's": What Goes Around Comes Around (By Mary Mostert)

REDDING, CA, Apr. 7 - Mary Mostert was involved in politics before she was old enough to vote, and was writing articles for national magazines at the age of nineteen, says the bio for the author and publisher of Original Sources, an Internet newsletter ( She organized one of the first interracial youth groups in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1940s as a teenager, and was involved nationally and internationally in the civil rights movement and the peace movement. Here is an excerpt from her Apr. 7 column about the Kosovo situation:

"...The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said nearly 400,000 refugees have fled Kosovo since March 24, and that "An estimated 831,000 of the 1.8 million ethnic Albanian population of Kosovo, many of them still on the move inside the province, have been displaced from their homes."

The figure of 1.8 million people being Albanian is consistently used by the Administration. Where did it come from? I called the State Department and asked how many of the refugees were illegal aliens and how many were citizens. They didn't know and were surprised I asked. The 1998 World Almanac says the population of Kosovo is 2,000,000 people. Ninety Percent of them, the State Department says, are Albanian, which would, indeed, mean an Albanian population of 1,800,000.

Yet, World Almanacs show that in 1961 Kosovo had a total population of 963,565, of which only 642,000 were Albanian. By 1983, when Yugoslavia was still united, with a total population of 22,826,000 people, only 8% of the entire population was Albanian, a total of 1,826,080. Then four ethnic groups seceded, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, and Slovenia, leaving Yugoslavia with a population of less than 45% of the land, and 10,337,000 people. The 1993 World Almanac showed that Yugoslavia still had only 8% Albanian population, which would indicate that there were 826,960 Albanians in all of Yugoslavia.

Somehow, the State Department claims, there are now, a mere 5-6 years later, 1,800,000 Albanians LIVING IN KOSOVO ALONE! That doesn't count the 100,000 Albanians that are living in Belgrade. In fact, the apartment houses NATO bombed yesterday were occupied by Albanians. There was a million MORE Albanians living in Kosovo and 112,000 FEWER Serbs living in Kosovo and were are told that Serbs were mistreating the Albanians? Why, then, did so many of them come into Kosovo illegally?

Members of Congress need to pay close attention to what Bill Clinton and NATO plan in "escorting" what appears to be close to 1,000,000 illegal aliens from Albania back into Kosovo and forcing, at gunpoint, the Yugoslavians to give up a piece of real estate which contains the cradle of their Serbian Orthodox faith to a group of Albanian Muslims. If that happens, it will only be a matter of time before some ethnic group in America wants ITS own seat in the United Nations and goes after it with the same determination as the Albanian, Macedonian, Croatian, Bosnian and Slovene minorities.

Should the Cubans have part of Florida as their autonomous nation? Or should African-Americans have Mississippi? Or Hispanics be given San Bernadino County for their ticket to the United Nations? And, what about the Cherokees and the Apaches? Shouldn't they have their own country?

Do we really want to set a precedent that would allow a United Nations or Chinese army at some future time to bomb Miami or San Diego or Washington, DC until we Americans agree to give every disgruntled minority in America their own nation-state and seat in the United Nations?

Yugoslavia and Slobodan Milosevic have been very harshly judged by NATO, led by Bill Clinton and a vigorous propaganda campaign by people like Geraldo Rivera are working overtime to convince the American people that their judgment authorizes an incredibly harsh punishment - the destruction of their nation.

At this Easter time of year, perhaps those who believe in Jesus Christ might want to remember that he finished the Sermon on the Mount by saying, "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."

For the non-Christians, that translates into: What Goes Around Comes Around. If we do what Clinton is planning, we better never, EVER try to get rid of California's 1,000,000 illegal aliens, if the State Department figures are correct - and not merely figures, to later accuse the Serbs of slaughtering people who never existed in the first place."


TiM Ed.: Also see the TiM article, "Illegal Immigration: Flipside of Ethnic Cleansing," (Day 9, Update 1, Item 5, Apr. 1), which the same point as Mrs. Mostert.

Also, check out this writer's Washington Times column, "When Cultures Collide...," which talked about the upcoming break-up of the U.S. along demographic lines (Aug. 18, 1996).


3. April 10: An Internet Conference on Kosovo

SCOTTSDALE, Apr. 9 - The Scottsdale, Arizona-based "We Hold These Truths" organization is planning to run tomorrow (Sat.) an Internet conference in order to try to get to the real truth about what is going on in Kosovo and Serbia. Here is their invitation for all interested people with access to the Internet to participate in the conference:

"Do you question the veracity of the news from Yugoslavia? If your answer is "Yes", join the Internet Liberty Bell Conference, April 10 at 12:00, noon Eastern Daylight Savings time (17:00 Greenwich Mean Time), and every week at the same time. WHTT Directors Chuck Carlson and Tom Compton will continue with part II, 'Understanding the War in Kosovo,' and the scheme that former President George Bush called "the New World Order."


* Who effectively controls your government from behind the scenes;

* How the internationalist "Warmakers" planned Kosova's war years ago;

* How "smart bombs" destroy "infrastructure" without causing "collateral damage";

* How the Warmakers have rigged gas prices into the stratosphere;

* Why the Judeo-Christian Celebrities do not resist brushfire World Wars;

* What you can do.

Tip on using Real Audio: Allow one hour or more for installation, see the step by step instruction on our Web site.

To join the conference, click then follow the instructions on Liberty Bell Corner Live. There is no charge. Your study guide is The Warmaker Series on Invite friends and family. Part I is available on audio tape.

We Hold These Truths

4839 E. Greenway Rd. #151

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Phone:(602) 443 0204; Fax:(602) 348 1625

Website:; E-mail:


4. What Harrassment? (re. CBS "48 Hours" TV Show)

NEW YORK, Apr. 9 - We received this morning a call from a reporter on the CBS TV show "48 Hours," asking us if we knew of any harassment to which the Serbian-Americans were subjected as a result of NATO's war on Serbia; stories like Serbian-Americans' kids being taunted at schools, etc.

The TiM editor replied that he did not know of any such cases; that every American we have talked to around here, in Phoenix, has been very supportive of the Serbs' cause. And that many TiM readers had told us they were ashamed to be Americans at a time like this - both because of "Clinton's war," and the establishment media's support for it.

But in case that some TiM readers did have some negative experiences in the last 17 days of which we are obviously unaware, we invite you to share such stories with us. Provided, of course, you're willing to go on the record with them. 

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