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April 5, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-28, Day 13, Update 1

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Apr. 5, 1999; 00:10AM EST - DAY 13, UPDATE 1


"I don't fear our government anymore because I already know what they are all about."

Darren G. Sarvis, an American who is wide awake, and the TiM reader who offered us his comments about Henry Kissinger (see Day 12, Update 2, Item 6), as he said he didn't mind being quoted by his full name.


New York                     1. An NWO Murder Triangle: Two Goliaths Turn on David;

                                          CIA Refused to Back an Anti-Milosevic Coup

Milwaukee                    2. U.S./NATO Violating a Slew of International Laws

London                          3. RAF to Use Cluster Bombs against the Serbs

London                          4. A War Too Far (By Julie Burchill)


1. An NWO Murder Triangle: Two Goliaths Turn on David; CIA Refused to Back an Anti-Milosevic Coup

NEW YORK, Apr. 4 - Picture a little David battling the Goliath (A) - bringing him almost to hbgburn2.jpg (8899 bytes)is knees at least three times in the last eight years. Each time, another bigger Goliath (B) to whom David turned for help to finish off their mutual enemy, refused it. And so the Goliath (A) kept surviving, and David kept getting more and more depressed. And then one day, the Goliath (B) decided to taken on the Goliath (A) - by beating up on the little David and killing his offspring!

By now you've probably figured out who the characters in this murder triangle are. The Goliath (A) is Slobodan Milosevic; the Goliath (B) is Bill Clinton; and the little David, of course, are the Serbian people.

You've heard us say many times that the NWO needs the "bad guys," like Milosevic or Saddam Hussein. For, how else could they justify going to war? (see "An ugly double standard in Kosovo conflict," this writer's Washington Times column, Oct. 25, 1998 - available at our Web site).

Well, now a source within CIA has confirmed what we have been saying all along. That the U.S. government has been secretly propping up Milosevic while demonizing him publicly at the same time. And now, the Goliath (B) is bombing Serbia and killing innocent Davids while supposedly fighting the Goliath (A).

Things don't get more stupid than that.

"Several Serbian officials plotted to oust Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic in the early 1990s, but abandoned the plan after failing to win support from the United States," Reuters reported today, crediting the Newsweek magazine as the source.

The magazine reported that the CIA penetrated Milosevic's government. One agency veteran was quoted as saying that prior to the 1995 Dayton peace accord, "we were doing all kinds of dicey things, covertly."

The Newsweek said the CIA was contacted by a Milosevic insider who said he had the backing of key Yugoslav military leaders to overthrow the president. The plotters sought U.S. financing and a pledge from Washington to lift economic sanctions if the plot succeeded, but the CIA declined to approve the plan. The source said the U.S. administration considered Milosevic indispensable to negotiations aimed at ending the fighting in Bosnia.

Just as they did when they turned their backs on hundreds of thousands of Serb pro-democracy demonstrators in the winter of 1996-1997.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal's Friday (Apr. 2) editorial noted that, "the political establishment in Washington is beginning to criticize President Clinton severely for ignoring the advice of the military and CIA that ground troops would be necessary, that air power alone would not deter Milosevic and the Serbs. There is now talk of a military disaster."

The Journal then offered a "remedy:" Get rid of Milosevic!

"Having made this mess, the only thing that can redeem it is the removal from power of Milosevic. The crucial step is to declare removal as a goal. Currently we are slipping toward exactly the wrong way to try to compel this outcome, using escalating air power to attack civilian targets such as power grids.

After all, just over two years ago, these Serbian civilians took to Belgrade's streets to demonstrate against Milosevic. Before that, in 1991, some 200,000 of them demonstrated against Milosevic's war policies, which have been utterly devastating for the Serbs themselves. Indeed, once the goal of removal is in place, the U.S. could announce a pause in the bombing to see whether there are in fact dissidents in the Serbian military who might move against him."

Once again, things don't get more stupid than that. Except that this time, it is the Clinton "conservative" opposition that's proposing a pipe dream.

Apart from a few "trivial" logistical problems, such as how to get to Milosevic in the middle of a war, the Journal's idea is stupid because it betrays an utter lack of understanding of the Serb psyche. Whatever divisions among the various Serb factions had existed prior to Mar. 24, and indeed there were many, after the first NATO bombs fell, 10 million hearts started to beat like one.

So Clinton has only boosted Milosevic with his bombing campaign. With enemies like that, Milosevic must be smiling ear-to-ear. It's not hard to guess which Goliath is worse.

As for little Davids, they keep paying the price. Again, and again. First killed and beaten by Milosevic's police; now by Clinton's bombs.

Things don't get more tragic than that.


2. U.S./NATO Violating a Slew of International Laws

MILWAUKEE, Apr. 4 - The US and NATO are violating a number of international laws in attacking Serbia over Kosovo which is part of a sovereign independent state, writes Dr. Raju G. C. Thomas, professor of political sciences at the Marquette University in Milwaukee. Here are some examples:

"(1) It is a violation of Article 2 of the UN Charter that prohibits the use of force against a sovereign state where it has not committed aggression on other states. Serbia did not attack any neighboring states outside its sovereign borders. The Security Council did not sanction the use of force here. If the issue had been submitted to the Security Council, it would certainly have been vetoed by Russia and China. NATO knows it and therefore bypassed it. Efforts to justify these actions through earlier resolutions or Chapter 7 of the Charter are acts of distortion and convenience.

(2) It is a violation of NATO's own charter which claims it is a defensive organizations and is only committed to force if one of its members is attacked. No member of NATO was attacked.

(3) The so-called Rambouillet "Agreement" (not signed by Serbia ) is a violation of Articles 51 and 52 of the 1980 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties which forbids coercion and force to compel any state to sign a treaty or agreement. Serbia is being asked to sign this "Agreement" through NATO bombs and missiles.

(4) It is a violation of the Helsinki Accords Final Act of 1975 which guarantees the territorial frontiers of the states of Europe. What this so-called peace plan offers is (a) the severance of Kosovo through NATO bombing with immediate effect; or (b) the severance of Kosovo through NATO occupation three years later. The Serbs chose (a).

(5) If the sequel to the bombing is recognition of Kosovo as an independent state, this will violate international law that prohibits recognition of provinces that unilaterally declare independence against the wishes of the federal authorities.

Contradicting my claim that NATO had violated at least five accepted norms of international law, several respondents argued that the NATO's attack on Serbia was justified under the 1948 Genocide Convention and/or other general humanitarian principles.

(1) NATO cannot unilaterally invoke the Genocide Convention and authorize such attacks. Only the Security Council can do so which was deliberately bypassed by NATO because it knew that Russia and China would veto such an attack.

(2) There was no genocide going on in Kosovo when the attack was launched. Cries of Serbian aggression and genocide within its own province were being made in the US Congress in April 1998 when only 80 people had died and less than 100,000 internally displaced. At the time of the attack, 2,000 had died on all sides and 250,000 Albanians had been displaced. It was the threat of NATO attack and the subsequent terror bombing that parallels the fire bombing of Tokyo and Yokohama during the Second World War, that triggered the Serbian retaliation and humanitarian catastrophe in Kosovo.

(3) There was no humanitarian intervention by the US and the West when the Nigerian authorities crushed the Biafra separatist movement between 1967 and 1970, causing the deaths of one million Ibos; when Pakistani forces killed one million and drove out 10 million Bengalis during the East Pakistani secessionist struggle in 1971; when the Pol Pot regime killed one million Cambodians, to name just a few cases. In the latter two cases, the US condemned India and Vietnam for their interventions, and threatened military action against them.

(4) Ethnic cleansing is not genocide. If it were, the Allied powers were guilty of genocide for the expulsion of some 12 million Germans from Poland, Czechoslavkia and elsewhere at the end of the Second World War. And surely European Jews committed genocide when they drove out nearly a million Palestinians to carve out the state of Israel in 1948.

(5) There is now an ethnically pure Greater Croatia. There are almost 900,000 Serbian refugees ethnically cleansed from Croatia and the (Bosnian) federation - 300,000 in Republika Srpska, and 600,000 in Serbia. This is more than any other ethnic group. Croatia conducted the largest single ethnic cleansing of the war with American military support.

For the record, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute determined that about 35-50,000 people died on all sides during the Bosnian civil war, not 250,000. The investigative team for the Hague Tribunal interviewed only 223 Bosnian women claiming to be raped, and collected another 575 affidavits. Allegations of 20-60,000 rapes were guesses.

Russia, China and India, representing half the human race, got it right about the Kosovo crisis. NATO, the only alliance left in this galaxy, committed aggression on Serbia. This is all about saving NATO's face at a very heavy price for the Serbs. If NATO is above international law, then so is every other state and organization. It has set a terrible precedent."

Raju G. C. Thomas, Prof., Marquette University


3. RAF to Use Cluster Bombs against the Serbs

LONDON, Apr. 4 - The London Sunday Times reported today that, frustrated by their lack of success against the Serb defenses, the RAF Harrier pilots based in southern Italy are preparing to drop cluster bombs on Serbian targets. Pilots will face greatly increased dangers from anti-aircraft fire because the new munitions are delivered from a height of about 100 feet.

Similar bombs were used early in the Gulf war when, in the first week, British pilots flew 4% of the missions but suffered a quarter of the casualties. At one stage during the Gulf war, there was a furious dispute between senior commanders in the field and the Ministry of Defense over whether low-level bombing was worth the cost in aircrews, the Times says.

A consignment of the 600-pound bombs - which contain 147 "bomblets" designed to scatter over an area as large as a football field - was flown in last week to the Gioia del Colle base near Bari, in southern Italy, where 12 British GR7 Harriers from 1(F) Squadron are deployed. The BL755 bombs have specially shaped charges which can penetrate the armor of military vehicles.

Their broad use against troop and tank formations will also heighten the risk of civilian casualties, the Times said.


TiM Ed.: Here we go again... No matter how you slice it, civilians seem to get it on the chin.


4. A War Too Far (By Julie Burchill)

LONDON, Apr. 3 - "A War Too Far," was the headline of a column by Julie Burchill published by the London Guardian on Apr. 3. Here are some excerpts:

"Well, hand me down that white feather, baby, and call me 'Conshie' - I've finally found a British military engagement I'm violently opposed to. When it came to the conflicts against Iraq (invading peaceful little Kuwait), or Argentina (invading peaceful little penguins), I practically had to be restrained from handing out white feathers to all apparently healthy men over 16 whom I saw walking down the street. This time, I feel like I'm behind enemy lines. [...]

What is wrong with Tony Blair? Is he in love with Bill Clinton? Is there literally no mess he would not willingly follow him into? I can't help but think that if Blair was sitting in the bath, and Clinton asked him if he could just try this thing out - with this electric fire, dropping it into the bath and seeing, uh, what happened - Blair would beam and say, 'Be my guest!' [...]

Yugoslavia; we're bombing Yugoslavia. Gorgeous, integrated, independent Yugoslavia, where the rich kids at school always used to go on holiday while the rest of us sizzled on the Costa del Sol. And which the West always congratulated on Standing Up To Stalin and staying out of the Warsaw Pact. It was a country that fought off the Nazis, held off the Soviets, and bent the knee to no one: it was the Cuba of the Balkans - a holiday in the sun that didn't leave a bitter taste in the mouth because it was neither a puppet of the USA or the USSR. Maybe that's what we can't stand; a country that shows us you can do it alone, without sucking off a superpower for survival. [...]

What are the Serbs supposed to be doing to the Kosovars? Are they putting electrodes on their genitals? Dropping them out of helicopters? Torturing children in front of their parents? Like all those Latin American regimes, the US has been installing and maintaining since the Year Dot? Ah, but that was US's backyard; that was different. They have a right to feel secure. Funny, isn't it, how the US gets to have a whole continent as its backyard, but Serbia's not even allowed to have a province as its?" [...]

For the full text of the Guardian's article, check out:,4273,3847968,00.html

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