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April 2, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins

Issue S99-22, Day 10, Update 1

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA  explosion.gif (16495 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

Apr. 2, 1999; 6:30PM EST - DAY 10, UPDATE 1



Belgrade                    1. A U.S. Plane; Two Helicopters Shut Down, "Most" of 50 Marines Killed? Yet                                          Washington/NATO Remain Mum!

Zagreb                       2. A Second F-117A Damaged, Lands in Zagreb?

Belgrade                    3. LATE BREAKING NEWS: Downtown Belgrade Bombed!


1. A U.S. Plane; Two Helicopters Shut Down, "Most" of 50 Marines Killed? Yet Washington/NATO Mum!

BELGRADE, Apr. 1 - A NATO combat plane and two helicopters carrying 50 U.S. Marines were shot down over Mt. Tara shortly after midnight Apr. 1 by the Serbian anti-aircraft defense, the Yugoslav news agency, Tanjug, has reported. Bloomberg wire has also carried the story. Mt. Tara is about 200 km (120 miles) southwest of Belgrade.

The plane was downed first, shortly after midnight, after which two helicopters took off from a base in Bosnia to rescue the pilot, but were downed too. Preliminary unconfirmed reports said "most" of the Marines were killed.

Even though TiM has this information now for over 24 hours, we have held off with its publication until we have been able to get additional information from a variety of sources about it, including some sources within the U.S. military. While we could not confirm that it was necessarily the Marines that were engaged in this land rescue mission, a source within the U.S. military said today that, "the story has a better chance of being true than (this person had) thought" last night, when we asked for comment.


TiM. Ed. Is this why the American people are being inundated with incessant, around-the-clock, brainless "no new news" media reports about the captured U.S. rangers in Kosovo? And the "humanitarian crisis" in Kosovo? To cover up the real story - a devastating loss of American lives? And at that, on the eve of Easter?

If this Tanjug/Bloomberg story is true, which TiM can still not confirm that with a 100% accuracy, then withholding such information from the American people is the most despicable act yet committed by our Supreme Traitor-in-Chief at the "Black House" on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Speaking yesterday at the Naval Academy in Norfolk, VA, and threatening way to the Serbs, Bill Clinton said that "America takes care of its own."  By sending them to their NEEDLESS deaths over a country some of them probably couldn't even find on the map two weeks ago?

Families of our brave and honorable servicemen in the armed forces deserve to know the truth. The American people deserve to know the truth. The world deserves to know the truth. For, if this story is true, than as the Supreme Commander, Clinton must take full responsibility for putting these soldiers in harms way.


2. A Second F-117A Damaged, Lands in Zagreb?

ZAGREB, Apr. 1 - Another U.S. F-117A stealth bomber has been severely damaged while on a hostile mission in Yugoslav air space, and barely made it to Zagreb's Pleso international airport on Thursday morning, Tanjug reported on Apr 1. Serbian state Radio and TV also said that the supposedly invisible plane was crippled by the Yugoslav Army's defense systems.

This is another story which TiM has held back before receiving a second, independent confirmation of this news. We have just heard from a reliable source in the former Yugoslavia that Zagreb's Radio 101 yesterday repeatedly broadcast the news of this incident.


3. LATE BREAKING NEWS: Downtown Belgrade Bombed!

BELGRADE, Apr. 2 - Just as TiM was on the phone to a source in Belgrade, at about 6:20PM EST (00:20AM, Apr. 2, Belgrade time), the downtown Belgrade was hit with, what appeared to be, two cruise missiles. Of course, no report of casualties was available, but the buildings of the Yugoslav and the Serbia Ministries of Interior Affairs were reportedly on fire. They are in a densely populated downtown area.


TiM Ed. Is this also a part of Clinton's cover-up for the loss of American lives? And his revenge for the Serbs' successes on the battlefield? Incinerating innocent civilians? And on Easter? Well, from this day forward, one will no longer have to put the quotation marks around the sign which the Belgrade demonstrators have been carrying these days - Adolf Clinton. On this day forward, the monster is reborn. And his home is at the "Black House" in Washington.

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