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Sept. 28, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-148, KFOR "Peacefarce" 42

FROM WESTERN AUSTRALIA natologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)            Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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Sept. 28, 1999 - KFOR "Peacefarce" 42


Philadelphia                      1. Kosovo Mission Failing? Only for the Uninitiated... A Great

                                             "Success Story" for the NWO Insiders

Pristina                              2. "Brave But Naïve" Serb Bishop Finally Quits His

                                              "Don Quixotic" Excursion into Politics (Let Us Hope "Forever?")

Pristina                              3. U.S. Officials Expect Kosovo Independence

K. Mitrovica                     4. Angry Kosovo Serbs Threaten to Organize Own Defense Force

Prizren                               5. A Turkish NATO Soldier Killed; Five Germans Injured

Toronto                             6. Several Thousands Protest at NATO Defense

                                             Ministers Meeting in Toronto

Belgrade                           7. A Serb Ostrich Story



WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Sept. 28 - After a two-week whirlwind tour of Europe and Asia, which included four-day visits to Serbia and Russia, we have finally put down our anchor in Western Australia for a while. Here is the first of our reports from the land Down Under. Unfortunately, it still has to do with the NWO troublemakers Up Over (i.e., the KFOR and Kosovo).

1. Kosovo Mission Failing? Only for the Uninitiated... A Great "Success Story" for the NWO Insiders

PHILADELPHIA - The Philadelphia-based Foreign Policy Research Institute, an independent think tank, says NATO's military forces in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo are failing to deter or halt a new ethnic cleansing campaign being conducted by the Kosovo Liberation Army, according to a recent UPI newswire report.

In a study released Sept. 8 by fax and on the Internet entitled "NATO's KLA problem," senior analyst Michael Radu said, "the war in Kosovo ended a few months ago, but the practice of 'ethnic cleansing' is flourishing, this time perpetrated by ethnic Albanians who are proving even more adept at it than the Serbs."

He said that although Serb military and police, along with NATO bombing, pushed out "only about half of the Albanian population into temporary exile, fully 90 percent of the non-Albanian minority (which numbered about 200,000 at the beginning of the year) have now left the region - this, during three months of 'peace' and under the oversight of the United Nations and NATO."


TiM Ed.: Glad to see that other political analysts have finally started to put the Kosovo "peace" in brackets, as we have been doing since the day armistice agreement was signed on June 10. But Mr. Radu and the Philadelphia-based Foreign Policy Research Institute evidently still don't know that the "Kosovo mission" is failing only for the uninitiated. For the architects of NATO's expansion into the Balkans, it is proceeding right on cue and on schedule. Give or take a few weeks… (see S99-147, KFOR "Peacefarce" 41, Item 1, Sept. 23, and many other "peace farce" articles, starting with the "Green Interstate," written in November 1995 -


Radu said the KFOR peacekeeping force and the "United Nation's viceroy in Kosovo, France's Bernard Kouchner, are losing their half- hearted struggle to maintain the myth of a 'multinational' Kosovo."

"The larger Serbian minority has been subject to murder, harassment, and destruction of Serbian historic monuments, churches and other property. Almost 300 Serbs have been killed by Albanians since the end of the war," he added.


TiM Ed.: Actually, over 350 Serbs have been killed (see the next story).


Radu said that despite evidence of ethnic cleansing on the part of the KLA, they have "succeeded in maintaining the widespread perception that they are merely the 'victims' of Serbian brutality."

He warns that in the province of Serbia, "Serbian refugees from Kosovo will join those who left Croatia and Bosnia to create a volatile and vengeful mass of some 800,000 - 10 percent of the electorate - that will be unlikely to support any Serbian government prepared to accept a more democratic and less nationalistic government."


TiM Ed.: If they could vote, that is. According to the information the TiM editor has gleaned during his recent "Tour de Serbia I," "Tour de Serbia II," and "Tour de Serbia III," many, if not most, of these Serb refugees were not given the Yugoslav citizenship - something of which the Philadelphia analyst doesn't seem to be aware. And you wonder why they say Slobodan Milosevic is a "wily politician?" When he needed these Bosnian and Krajina Serbs' support in the early 1990s, he fed them all the Serb chauvinist propaganda he could muster. Now that they need his help, he has turned his back on them and dropped them like excess baggage. And for that betrayal, more than anything he may or may not have done to Serb enemies, the citizens of Yugoslavia need to hold him to account.


2. "Brave But Naïve" Serb Bishop Finally Quits His "Don Quixotic" Excursion into Politics (Let Us Hope "Forever?")

GRACANICA, Sept. 22 - The Serb Bishop of Kosovo, whom we had called "brave but naïve" on several prior occasions (S99-122, "Peacefarce" 16, Item 1, July 11, and S99-131, "Peacefarce" 25, Item 1, July 31) has finally thrown in the towel of naivete to the New World Order masters whom he has been trying to appease all these years. Bishop Artemije and Momcilo Trajkovic, an equally gullible unelected lay Serb from Kosovo, officially resigned from their positions within the KTC ("Kosovo Transitional Council" ?) - set up by Washington and its KLA proxies so that the Serb patsies, such as the Bishop and his lay friends, could provide the fig leaf of an allegedly "multicultural" Kosovo.

Well, even the fig leaves have now shriveled up and fallen off. Bishop Artemije and Trajkovic explained to the Serbian Orthodox Church Press Service that their leaving of the Council on Sept. 22, after three months of KFOR and UNMIK presence in Kosovo, means that the multiethnic concept in Kosovo has failed. This failure was topped off by the transformation of the KLA into a mono-ethnic and armed Kosovo Protection Corps (see S99-147, KFOR "Peacefarce" 41, Item 1, Sept. 23), which they said was a direct violating the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 (which authorized KFOR's activities in Kosovo).

After three months of the "peace," the results are catastrophic for the Serbs in the province.


TiM Ed.: Here we go again. Even our "brave but naïve" Kosovo Bishop is now putting the term "peace" in quotes, as TiM as been doing since day of the Kosovo "peace farce" (see S99-107, "Peace" 1, June 11).


About 200.000 Serbs have been expelled, he said, more than 350 killed, 450 abducted, thousands of burned and looted Serb houses as well as 70 destroyed churches and monasteries in the presence of almost 50.000 international peace forces. The Serbs have been ethnically cleansed from all multiethnic areas and forced into reservations and ghettoes. They are denied basic human rights and freedom of movement, education, work and medical protection. Nothing is done to enable the expelled Serbs to go back to their homes while the remaining Serbs and other non-Albanians are still being persecuted, killed, raped and beaten.


TiM Ed.: Surprise, surprise… In the good old days of the Serb insurrections against the Ottoman Empire occupiers, the Serb priests used to throw off their cloth and pick up the rifles and swords in defense of their flock. Nowadays, the former NWO appeasers, such as the two mentioned above, issue press releases, trying to distance themselves from the people with whom they've been drinking tea and coffee and posing for photos all these years, such as Madeleine Albright, for example, and her anti-Serbian cohorts on the Council of Foreign Relations (whose guests they were on Feb. 15, 1997).

Furthermore, as recently Feb. 18 of this year, just over a month before the NATO bombs starting falling on Serbia, a Serb delegation led by Bishop Artemije and Trajkovic who were accompanied by Veljko Sikirica, Prof. Dusan Batakovic, Cherry Williams, and Fr. Sava Janjic, paid their respects to, and posed for photos with, Madam Halfbright at the State Department, among other NWO leaders in Washington.

But a search of the Kosovo Information Web site (, where such information and photos were originally displayed, produced zero hits today. Instead, photos of over 60 destroyed Serb churches in Kosovo during NATO's "peace" are available.


The Serb representatives at the KTC said that their participation in the Council was motivated with the idea to constantly point out to the difficult security situation for the Serbs in Kosovo, and make efforts to contribute to the better conditions for life and survival of our people, according to the SOC sources. But Bishop Artemije and Trajkovic have now explained that they are not ready to take upon themselves the political responsibility for the decisions which are made in Kosovo without the consultation with the Kosovo Serbs and against their interests.

The international community is working more and more in direction of creating the independent Kosovo for which no one from the Kosovo Serb community can and should take responsibility.


TiM Ed.: Now they get it! And when well intentioned people kept suggesting during the last three years that the church leaders, such as Artemije, should stay out of politics, they turned their deaf ears to such advice. Well, now the Serbs not only in Kosovo but world over know who the self-appointed Kosovo leaders were who have been schmoozing with the enemy who was aiding and abetting the KLA insurrectionists all along. Until it has finally legitimized this terrorist organization on Sept. 21. No wonder the few remaining Serbs in Kosovo booed and wanted to beat up such Serb "leaders" (see "Albright, Artemije Jeered by Serbs, Cheered by Serbs, Cheered by Albanians" - S99-131, "Peace" 25, Item 1, July 31). Here's a lead of July 29 UPI story:

"Angry Serbian extremists, chanting the name of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, jeered U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, before storming the gates of an ancient monastery (Gracanica) and cursing their own church officials. British paratroopers ran to protect Orthodox priests, whose black robes ballooned in the air as they fled through the gates of an ancient nunnery and onto a second floor balcony."


3. U.S. Officials Expect Kosovo Independence

PRISTINA, Sept. 23 - Senior U.S. officials have privately dropped their opposition to Kosovo's independence from Yugoslavia and say the Clinton administration increasingly sees the province's secession as inevitable, the Washington Post reported in a front page story on Sept. 24.

Officials say the emerging consensus, which amounts to a major shift for the United States, is already having a significant impact on the international peacekeeping operation in Kosovo. The United States has become a leading advocate for the creation of independent institutions and legal structures that tend to isolate the fledgling United Nations protectorate from Yugoslavia's manifold economic problems and political troubles.

U.S. officials deny that the administration's approach is meant to engineer the further breakup of Yugoslavia, as the Belgrade government claims. They say it is meant only to ensure that Kosovo becomes a viable, self-governing democracy with a successful economy. But they add that sovereignty issues should not be allowed to stand in the way of Kosovo's progress because it will likely gain its independence anyway.


TiM Ed.: The "lie and deny" Washington news spinners are at it again, just as they were during NATO's aerial war against Serbia. Astute readers will want to substitute black for white in just about anything they say. For, the TiM editor wrote in November 1995, immediately after the signing of the Dayton "peace" agreement which ended the Bosnian war, that the next NWO conquest would be Kosovo.

And we also said at that time that Clinton's statement about the American troops (within IFOR) would return home after a year of "peacekeeping" in Bosnia was a blatant lie intended to mislead Congress (which is not hard) and the American people (which is even easier).

Almost four years later, you can judge for yourself whom to believe - the proven Washington "lie and deny" artists, or the equally proven truthmongers, such as TiM.


The United States is pressing with support from some European nations and from Bernard Kouchner, the U.N. administrator in Kosovo for approval of a U.N. regulation giving the U.N. office here the right to issue temporary travel documents to Kosovo residents, the Post also reported. A senior U.S. official said Washington still accepts that Kosovo's future legal status is to be resolved after an international conference, which will be held sometime after the Clinton administration leaves office, and probably after Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic is out of power.

Differences within the Western alliance about Kosovo's independence are "a constant factor" in the peacekeeping effort now, a U.S. official said. A U.N. official said the differences stem from "an irreconcilable mix of two principles" embodied in Resolution 1244, which provides the legal underpinning for the deployment of more than 50,000 NATO troops and a U.N. civil administration inside Kosovo. "On the one hand, it calls for a civil administration and says you can do anything. On the other hand, it says you can do nothing if the state [Yugoslavia] disagrees. But so far, it has disagreed with everything… and we have to make sure that this place works," the official said.

Russia, which has 3,600 soldiers in Kosovo as part of the peacekeeping force, has also objected to any moves that weaken Yugoslav sovereignty.


TiM Ed.: But not too strenuously. Which has been hallmark of the Boris Yeltsin NWO quislings who have sold out even their own country, before selling out Serbia.


4. Angry Kosovo Serbs Threaten to Organize Own Defense Force

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Sept. 21 - Angry Kosovo Serbs threatened to organize their own defense force in response to what they said was a NATO and U.N. move to perpetuate the Kosovo Liberation Army under a new name, and move the province closer to independence from Yugoslavia, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Sept. 22.

A local Serb leader, Oliver Ivanovic, said establishment of a 5,000-member Kosovo Protection Corps to replace the KLA was never provided for in the Security Council resolution that established the NATO-led peacekeeping force. "It's a completely new idea, and we are not satisfied with that," Ivanovic said. "I am absolutely sure that members of the Kosovo corps will be members of the [KLA] in different uniforms and, of course, with the same attitude" against Serbs.

"We feel ourselves involved in big dangers, and we will try to answer that," he said. "I don't know which way, but we must do something. I suppose there will be some kind of Serb national guard or something like this. We must defend ourselves. It is our right."


5. A Turkish NATO Soldier Killed; Five Germans Injured

PRIZREN, Sept. 24 - A Turkish NATO soldier serving with the KFOR force in Kosovo was killed and five German soldiers injured, two critically, in separate explosions, the London Telegraph reported on Sept 24. The Turkish soldier died after an explosion in camp. The two critically injured Germans stepped on mines while patrolling the border with Albania near the southern town of Prizren. Three others in the patrol were hurt.


6. Several Thousands Protest at NATO Defense Ministers Meeting in Toronto

TORONTO, Sept. 21 - Several thousand protesters gathered on Sept. 21 at the downtown Toronto convention center where the NATO defense ministers were holding a two-day informal meeting. The protesters sported black-and-white target buttons and brandished flags and placards which bore slogans such as "NATO 'victory' - Balkan tragedy''.

Several blew shrill whistles and the group took up various chants including "NATO nazis'' and "NATO out of Canada''. Last spring, protesters armed with Molotov cocktails firebombed the U.S. consulate in Toronto.

"I really don't know (how long we'll stay). Emotions are running very high,'' protester Vera Stefanovic told Reuters. "Personally I would like to see (NATO Secretary-General Javier) Solana and ask him why he hates Serbs so much.''

Earlier in the morning, the protest was confined to a desultory handful of people who shouted abuse at NATO defense ministers arriving at the convention center turned militarized zone. But their numbers swelled through the day.

One megaphone-toting protester at the morning gathering chanted continuously: "NATO baby-killers, NATO arms dealers," as the United States and Britain pressed NATO allies inside the conference to open their wallets for Kosovo reconstruction.


TiM Ed.: "First you knock them down; then you build them up. Perpetual commerce through perpetual war." Sound familiar?


7. A Serb Ostrich Story

BELGRADE, Sept. 24 - We received an unusual removal request from a TiM reader in Serbia upon our arrival in Australia. Unusual, because we are not aware of any indigenous ostriches living in Serbia. Yet some have been evidently spawned by the years of the NWO wars and sanctions against the humans in that country. Here is a translation of that message.

"Dear Bob!

I have been following your reports for a long time. You are indeed excellently informed, and always on the right side of the truth. You have been my great hope and encouragement during the bombing, and sometimes the only source of real news.

But now I simply have no nerves left anymore to follow the events in Kosovo. All of it is so stressful to me, that I no longer even watch the TV. I don't read any newspapers any more. I don't go to any protest meetings. Somehow, it makes me feel better if I don't know what's happening, given that there is nothing I can do about it.

I do not believe in anything or anyone anymore. There is no man over here, in power or in opposition, who could make the difference. It would have been better if they had dropped on us a medium-size nuclear bomb as a humanitarian euthanasia gesture.

That is why I beg you to take me off your mailing list. I do not wish to learn anything more about the NWO. What I have seen, heard and experienced is quite sufficient.

But keep on opening the eyes of those who still can't see for looking.

Warm regards and a hearty support from Belgrade!"

(a female name known to TiM, but withheld for obvious reasons)

"P.S. If you do know of some fine American professor who does not hate the Serbs, and who may want to employ a molecular biologist (B.S.) and a physicist (M.S.), please let me know… Thank you."

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