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Aug. 24, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-139, KFOR "Peacefarce" 33

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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Aug. 24, 1999 - KFOR "Peacefarce" 33


New York                     1. Bosnia Corruption, Act II: Publisher Intimidation

Phoenix                         2. A Sobering Message to Serb Patriots: "Don't Continue

                                          Politics of Self-destruction" (by "Venik")

Phoenix                         3. A Sobering Message to the World's Truthmongers:

                                         How "Uncle Sam" Turned into a "Big Brother"


1. Bosnia Corruption, Act II: Publisher Intimidation

NEW YORK, Aug. 21 - In our "regular" TiM GW Bulletin, titled "Kleptocracy, Nepotism, Cronyism, Thuggery" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/8-4, Aug. 20, 1999, also referenced as S99-138, "Peacefarce" 32), we commented about a New York Times report that Bosnian government officials had stolen up to $1 billion of the $5.1 billion international aid. We said that, "the real name of the globalist game is - Greed, Arrogance, Murder and Ethnic-cleansing (GAME). Which includes America (once upon a time) the Beautiful."

A few days earlier (see S99-135, "Peace" 29, Item 1, Aug. 9 - a Special TiM GW Bulletin on NATO's Kosovo War and "Peace"), we said the following in reference to the Clinton administration's creation of a new propaganda agency, whose mission is to support the Washington-London-Brussels "lie and deny" claims vis-a-vis NATO's war on Serbia:

"Let's see… you engage in criminal activities and you're caught in the act; not by the police, but by a reporter who writes a story about your misdeeds. So what do you do?

If you're a novice criminal, chances are you'd be chastened by the experience, and try to reform and go straight. If you're a hardened criminal, you will lie and deny everything, lash out at the reporter, or maybe even assault him. But if you're a really big mobster, you'll try to bribe or intimidate the publisher into retracting the story. And if that doesn't work, then you'll buy or start your own media organization, give it a three letter acronym as the name, and run it on the basis of the 'lie and deny truth ethics.

Well, at least now we know what sort of criminals are running our federal government: the biggest kind!"


TiM Ed.: By the way, TiM editor repeated the above assertion on Aug. 19 almost verbatim on Chuck Harder's "For the People" nationally-syndicated radio show.


Now, let's put the two stories together - the Times Aug. 20 piece about Bosnia, and our earlier Bulletin about our "Washington Mob." And then, let's splice some subsequent news footage to it. First, about the intimidation and threats by the small-time criminals:

"The Prime Minister of Bosnia's Muslim-Croat federation is to sue the New York Times for its report that $1 billion in aid money had gone missing through fraud in Bosnia," Sarajevo's "Dnevni Avaz" reported on Saturday, Aug. 21. The article added that Bakir Izetbegovic, son of Bosnian Muslim president, Alija Izetbegovic, named in the Times report as one of the Bosnian criminals on the take, would also sue the U.S. daily.

Remember what we said in from the S99-135, "Peace" 29, Item 1, Aug. 9 - "if you're a hardened criminal, you will lie and deny everything, lash out at the reporter, or maybe even assault him?"

To which we added that, "if you're a really big mobster, you'll try to bribe or intimidate the publisher into retracting the story." Enter the State Department's "Washington Mob"… Here's an excerpt from the Agence France Presse (AFP) Aug. 19 report:

"The US State Department took the unusual step Thursday (Aug. 19) of demanding a correction from one of America's most powerful newspapers, The New York Times, over an (Aug. 17) front-page story it ran about rampant fraud in Bosnia. Spokesman, James Rubin, said the report, which said Bosnian leaders had stolen up to one billion dollars in public and international aid money, was misleading and labeled a subsequent highly critical Times editorial on the matter 'mistaken'.

'We would like to see corrective measures taken that create the truth and not this false perception,' Rubin said, adding that the story was jeopardizing future international assistance." (also see "Thugs of the World Unite" - "Peacefarce" 11, Item1, July 1, about how this Madam Halfbright's spokesman, ostensibly a Jew, but also a husband of CNN's "believe-in-nothing-but-hate" star reporter of Iranian descent - Christiana Amanpour, kissed up to KLA's thug-in-chief, Hashim Thaci).

But the Washington State Department Mob's intimidation of the New York publishers has only produced partial results, so far, even at the heart of the NWO's GAME (Greed, Arrogance, Murder, Ethnic-cleansing - New York City).

Here's what the Times foreign editor, Andrew Rosenthal, the Times' foreign editor, wrote, in part, in the paper's Aug. 20 edition, in response to the Rubin charges:

"Nothing Mr. Rubin said or our review caused us to question the basic premise of the article, which is that investigators in the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia believe that widespread corruption has taken place,' Rosenthal said. 'These conclusions were contained in many thousands of pages of bound volumes from which American investigators attached to the OHR read to our correspondent during an interview in Sarajevo'."


TiM Ed.: In addition to a sense of violent empathy which TiM feels with whoever advances the cause of God's truth, we must add, however, that the author of the controversial Times' story, the former New York daily's reporter from Bosnia and Belgrade, Chris Hedges, had already contributed to the criminal causes of the State Department Mob. The fact that Hedges now seems to have succumbed to the pangs of conscience and repentance is admirable. If he is a Christian, and is repenting from the bottom of his heart, he is already forgiven.

But if he is not, who are we, the mere mortals, to hedge the Hedges' bets? Much better to leave that to God… As it is for the likes of Madam Halfbright, her spokesmen, or -women (like Pour-the-Scorn Amanpour).


2. A Sobering Message to Serb Patriots: "Don't Continue Politics of Self-destruction" (by "Venik")

PHOENIX, Aug. 24 - We've reported before to you before about the extensive NATO losses suffered in the alliance's war of aggression on Serbia, yet never admitted to the western public by the "lie and deny" Washington-London-Brussels NWO crowd. Some of our sources were the Serbs with whom we talked during our visit to Serbia, at the height of NATO's bombing campaign (in late April 199).

But one of the early sources was also a "Venik Aviation" Web site (see S99-48, Day 29, Update 1, Item 5, Apr. 21). Here's an excerpt from a piece contributed to TiM by "Venik," ( a pen name of the author whose identity and locations is known TiM known, but is withheld at the writer's request, for the sake of his personal security:

"VENIK, Aug. 20 - I find it rather disturbing to see that some in Yugoslavia appear to be set on finishing the job started by NATO aggressors ­ the job of turning Serbia into another Balkan banana republic. Many want to blame Milosevic for all of Serbia’s problems ­ political, economic, social ­ while at the same time presenting Americans as their saviors.

I never though it would be necessary, but it is a good time to remind Milosevic’s opponents, that the American government is the cause of most of Yugoslavia’s problems, not the solution. It is up to every individual in Serbia to decide whether to support or to oppose Milosevic. But there is a bigger issue at stake ­ the future of Yugoslavia. And this issue is of far greater importance than the everyday political squabbles in Belgrade, than Milosevic or his parvenu opponents, who are eager to turn economic hardships of ordinary Serbs into a vehicle for their personal political success.

Whether the Serbs support or oppose Milosevic is really a secondary issue. American television and press are bathing their ignorant audiences in the news of political disputes consuming Yugoslavia. They show all sorts of rallies and demonstrations, many of which were organized with much more than casual involvement of American security organizations and black funding, and explaining to the average Joe how NATO helped Serbs to find their way to democracy. And most Americans are not really interested to know just how valuable are these principles of democracy that have to be pounded into people’s heads with bombs and missiles.

I do not support Milosevic, but I do not blame him for everything that is wrong in Serbia today. His major and, perhaps, only mistake, was that he underestimated the extent to which America and its NATO sidekicks were prepared to interfere in Yugoslavia’s internal political, social and economic affairs.

As many people around the world had a chance to witness firsthand, the American government was prepared to go all the way to subdue Yugoslavia. Some American politicians and political analysts are comparing Serbia with the hole in a doughnut: an independent, freedom-loving and, until recently, financially independent nation surrounded by countries in a hurry to forget their own past and by economic and social outcasts of European community.

For over a decade, the American government has persisted in its attempts to destabilize Yugoslavia, which remained the only truly independent nation in a region nearly completely consumed by American political and economic influence.

At first, the Americans and the British were selling Yugoslavia weapons ­ fairly advanced anti-tank missiles (AGM-65 Maverick), air-to-air missiles (AIM-9 Sidewinder), cluster bombs (BL775), modern radars, night vision equipment ­ while even a blind could see that the only possible military opponent for Yugoslavia was Yugoslavia itself, as nationalists were already hard at work, closely supported by American dollars, preparing to tear Yugoslavia apart. And when war did broke out in Yugoslavia, it was the American and British missiles and cluster bombs that Yugoslavs were dropping on each other.

Much of the weapons supplied to Yugoslavia by the West ended up in the hands of separatists. Even during the latest armed aggression on Yugoslavia, NATO openly attempted to smuggle huge loads of small arms, anti-tank mines, and mortars to KLA terrorists through Germany, Italy and Albania. At least two such loads were intercepted by the Italian police (Italian government did not support NATO’s secret attempts to re-arm the KLA).

NATO surrounded Yugoslavia with an extensive network of radio and television transmitters designed to broadcast Western propaganda in Serbia in violation of numerous international laws. Recently French KFOR troops destroyed one of the last Yugoslav radio and television transmitters remaining in Kosovo. The US and the EU have partially cut off several large Yugoslav Internet service providers from the network.

And these are only some of a series of steps taken by the US, Britain, France and Germany to promote "democratic values" in Serbia. The US promises Serbs economic seventh heaven if only Milosevic steps down. Americans promised about the same to Ukrainians years ago, only in that case it were the nuclear weapons that had to go.

Well, let’s see what happened to Ukraine: a strong nationalist movement in Ukraine, of which, I must admit with much regret, I was a big supporter, severed political and economic ties with Russia and stripped the country of all nuclear weapons. Americans did pay ­ they paid Ukraine as little as possible, just enough to keep the process of disarmament moving along.

Once the last nuclear warhead left the country, so did American funding. During the past years Ukraine gained nothing but debts. In the recent years Ukrainian politicians, who realized that the US didn’t get rich by handing money to unimportant, powerless countries, scrambled to re-established economic connections with Russia.

Meanwhile, Ukraine cannot even afford to shut down the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, even though the US and the European Union promised the money years ago. What Ukraine ended up with is broken economy, corrupt politicians (another expense category of American financial "aid" to Ukraine), small but ineffective army, and, of course, no nuclear weapons to protect Ukraine’s government, should it become another "dictatorship" following Iraq and Yugoslavia. Now Ukraine is basically reduced to adjusting its political and economic interests and ambitions to those of Russia and the US, as the two dominant forces competing for influence in the region.

Yugoslavia will be certain to end up in the same position, only much worse, given the current state of its economy and industrial infrastructure, if Serbs follow such political opportunists as Vuk Draskovic, who would have made a much better actor, or used car dealer than a politician.

People like him will drive Serbia deep into debts, leaving the economy in ruin, and then they will disappear from the political arena never to be heard from again, as thousands of their colleagues did in the former USSR and as some politicians are doing at this very moment in Bosnia, stealing millions of dollars in Western financial handouts.

I think that if Serbs should make Milosevic do something, it is to make him stay and get Yugoslavia out of the mess he got it into. The worst possible thing that anyone in Yugoslavia can do right now is to assist American efforts to destabilize Yugoslavia even further.

Get real, Serb people, America is not your friend.  It just stopped bombing you only a few months ago - and the solution to your problems will not be found in American budget. The US Congress just cut NASA’s funds by $1 billion. The Congress also cut the funding for America’s only air superiority fighter jet project ­ the F-22 Raptor ­ leaving the US Air Force without a replacement for its aging fleet of F-15s and F-14s. Can anyone seriously think that the US will spend any money rebuilding in Serbia what it just spend billions destroying?

During the NATO bombing campaign many Americans were asking: What America’s national interests are involved in Yugoslavia? And the answer was and still is - none, and that’s exactly the financial aid Serbia will get from the US.

Money will come but only in the form of private investments, and no foreign business will invest a penny in Yugoslavia’s economy if there is no hope of political stability. Political stability doesn’t come with opposition politicians or coalition governments embroiled in petty internal feuds. The only thing that unites all the opposition politicians in Serbia today is the naive expectation of American financial aid and, of course, their hunger for power. Many of them will sell their mother, let alone Milosevic, for the kind of money promised by the US. And I am sure that they - the opposition ­ will get their money.

They will, but the ordinary Serbs will get nothing. Those who think that, if today they help to remove Milosevic from power, tomorrow the US will rebuild their industry, repair schools, fix communications and power networks and give them jobs ­ those people are in for a huge disappointment.

It is the end of August already, and the last time I checked, after August comes September and then October. I may not be entirely up-to-date on events in Yugoslavia, but I would guess that the climate there hasn’t changed much in the past several months (discounting the ecological effects of NATO’s bombardment) and it is about to get really cold. The debates among opposition politicians in Serbia may be heated and their words may be inspiring, but they are unlikely to substitute for all the power and heating stations destroyed by NATO.

Vuk Draskovic talks a lot about the great future for Serbia he envisions. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear him talk much about how his fellow countrymen are going to spend this winter. Will there be heat, electricity, food? So, you will replace one Milosevic with another and then what? Will you tell the US: "Feed us. Give us jobs and electricity?"

But only two months ago, Clinton was comparing Serbia to Nazi Germany and Kosovo - to one big Auschwitz. Give you money now? I don’t think so.

Unless Yugoslavia concentrates on economic recovery and on creating a politically -stable environment, no Western business will be willing to invest and the next ten years will be spent in Serbia just as the past ten years were spent in Russia and Ukraine: endless political quarrels, mutual accusations, economic decline, growing external debt, social unrest.

And, of course, there is another possibility ­ a civil war. Many American political analysts say that this is not possible, that a threat of a civil war is something Milosevic is trying to use to remain in power.

Well, I am not a political analyst, but a civil war in Yugoslavia doesn’t seem entirely impossible to me. There many people in Yugoslavia, who are unhappy that Milosevic got their country into several armed conflicts never getting the desired outcome.

But there are even more people who are more concerned not with the fact that they fought several wars, but with the fact that they did not win. People like that are sure to try again. And they can easily take control of the country’s politics after a cold and hungry winter, when most people will support anybody who promises food and jobs.

There is no question in my mind that at some point Serbia will regain control over Kosovo, not just on paper but in reality. And I am just as certain that the latest conflict with NATO was not the last one for Yugoslavia.

There is no need to try to compete with NATO in the department of fighter or bomber aviation ­ Yugoslavia has neither time nor money for that. How many advanced fighter aircraft can Yugoslavia afford to buy? None actually, but let’s say thirty or fifty ­ not really something you can put against NATO’s 600-700 fighters.

You can have the same 16 MiG-29s, but add 30-50 S-300PMU-2 SAM systems, about 150 Tunguska air defense systems, upgrade the existing air defenses and no NATO plane will cross your border in one piece.

NATO attacked because it felt that Yugoslavia was vulnerable. NATO commanders demonstrated staggering incompetence and failed to suppress Yugoslavia’s air defenses or to cause any significant damage to Yugoslav army. But NATO did succeed in destroying Yugoslavia’s industry and economic infrastructure, which finally forced the country to settle on a compromise solution.

Why did this happen? Most certainly because Yugoslavia, consumed in scurvy political bickering as we see today in Belgrade, ignored the deficiencies of its air defenses and offensive capabilities of its armed forces. Continue with demonstrations, rallies, protests, follow the opposition demagogues, and in a year or two Belgrade will be the only place left of Yugoslavia."

Venik, e-mail:,


TiM Ed.: For what it's worth… having given "Venik" the TiM free speech stage, about the only thing the TiM editor can add to the above is… the sooner Milosevic and his wife depart Serbia's political stage, the better.  Milosevic is bad, but Clinton is worse.  So we (Americans) have a lot of house-cleaning to do, before preaching to others the virtues of "freedom and democracy."


3. A Sobering Message to the World's Truthmongers: How "Uncle Sam" Turned into a "Big Brother"

PHOENIX, Aug. 24 - And now, here's an epilogue to the story behind the above "Venik" story. And it has nothing to do with Serbia. It has to do with how Uncle Sam's criminal reincarnation, the Clinton administration, tried to shut down the dissemination of God's truth during NATO's war on Serbia, and turned itself into a Big Brother reincarnate.

At least two U.S. Internet providers not only had tried to, but actually did, shut down the "Venik" Web sites. At the U.S. government urging, the "Venik" insists. Because he told the truth about NATO's aggression on Serbia. Here are copies of some of the correspondence which TiM exchanged with "Venik" during the course of trying to verify his existence and credibility. You can judge for yourself whom to believe - the "Venik," or the "Big Brother:"

VENIK: "I am reading your TiM newsletter about the situation in Yugoslavia with great interest every time. During NATO's aggression against Yugoslavia, the (TiM) newsletter provided a lot of particularly interesting information that would otherwise have escaped my attention.

I did my best during NATO's aggression to maintain an accurate record of NATO combat losses and military tactics. My Web site (Venik's Aviation Page) had on the average about 3,000 visitors every day from Yugoslavia alone. Which, I guess is not bad for a personal home page.

Several months ago I received a strange letter from the webmaster of Cybercities - my former Web space provider - who explained that he was forced by the government to close my page. I moved my site to XOOM, where it existed until several days ago when I received a similar letter for XOOM's webmaster.

Knowing that your newsletter targets the audience which may be interested in the kind of information presented on my Web site, I decided to contact you with a request to include the new address (below) of my page in your newsletter."

Asked by TiM who ordered his ISPs to shut down his Web site, "Venik" replied:

"Apparently, it was the US government. It appears that I probably deleted the e-mail from XOOM's webmaster, but I still have the one I got from the Cybercities, which is a Web space provider based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Their Web site is

Recently they re-designed their web page and removed any info about their location. But on their old web site the address was:; 2532 Borth 4th St. #301; Flagstaff, AZ, 86004

Here is the e-mail I received from the Webmaster of Cybercities on May 26, 1999. Subject line: Anti-American Pages; sender:

"Dear Madam - Sir,

We recently got some governmental complaints about your web page on our server concerning the topic: Aircraft used and lost in Yugoslavia. You know, that our policy is, and always will be, to obtain the free speech on the internet.

But, as you might know, our server is located in the U.S. , so we cannot provide any topics, that collide with federal laws of the U.S.. And according to one of these laws, no company inside the U.S. is allowed to supply any hostile country, this concerns ALSO (due to the email we got) YOUR web page.

So we please you to rearrange your web site the way it does not show the numbers and locations where the Yugoslavian side assume NATO planes got down (If it is true or not I do not care!!!!) or we have to shut down your web page.

Sorry ?about that"

VENIK: To be honest, at first I assumed that this was somebody's practical joke, so I checked the source code of the e-mail and, to my surprise, it did come from Cybercities. On the very same day Cybercities disabled my account and erased all of my files. That was it. Somebody must have really spooked them. Cybercities did not reply to any of my e-mails regarding the termination of my Web site."

You can now reach "Venik" at:


TiM Ed.: Welcome to Big Brother's a.k.a Uncle Sam's United States of America.

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