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June 15, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-109, "Peace" 3

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA natologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)        Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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June 15, 1999; 11:00PM EDT - PostScript 3


Belgrade                  1. Serb Holy Synod Calls on Milosevic to Resign

Phoenix                   2. A Standing Ovation after TiM Editor's Speech at the

                                    WHTT Luncheon

Slovakia                   3. The X-Files: Whose Mass Graves? (by Martin Lipocky)

Prizren                     4. Conflicting News Reports about the

                                    Sunday Shootout: Another "Wag the Dog" Production?


1. Serb Holy Synod Calls on Milosevic to Resign

BELGRADE, June 15 - The influential Serbian Orthodox Church on Tuesday demanded that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic resign, the Associated Press reported from Belgrade today.

The Holy Synod, the church's highest body, insisted that the ouster of Milosevic and his government was "in the interest of the people and their salvation." The church is the most prominent Serb institution to call for Milosevic to step down since NATO began air strikes March 24.

"Every sensible person has to realize that numerous internal problems and ... the isolation of our country on the international scene, cannot be solved or overcome with this kind of government and under the present circumstances," the Holy Synod's statement said.

Many of the church's holiest sites are in Kosovo, and the church is concerned that the withdrawal of Yugoslav troops from the province, and the accompanying exodus of Serbs, will leave the sites unprotected from vandalism by mostly Muslim ethnic Albanians.

The church called for immediate protection of Serb Orthodox shrines and monasteries throughout Kosovo, including the ancient seat of the Serb Church in the town of Pec (the Pec Patriarchate) in western Kosovo.

The church's statement struck a defiant note in referring to the international war crimes tribunal's indictment of Milosevic, saying the church is "convinced that the final justice is with our Lord and not in the hands of a politicized court in The Hague."

The church expressed deep concern about the flight of Serbs from Kosovo and called for international troops to protect Serbs as well as the ethnic Albanian refugees, who began returning to Kosovo after Milosevic agreed to a peace deal last week.

It issued an appeal to Kosovo's Serbs urging them to "remain on their ancient homesteads and not abandon their shrines, convinced of the truth in Christ's words: 'Salvation shall come to the steadfast'."


2. A Standing Ovation after TiM Editor's Speech at the WHTT Luncheon


3. The X-Files: Whose Mass Graves? (by Martin Lipocky)

SLOVAKIA, June 15 - We received the following comment from a TiM reader in Slovakia (also see a photo from the daily protests against NATO by a group of Slovaks):protestBA.gif (59968 bytes)

"I've totally been fed up of all the recent brainwashing reports I can see on TV, especially on CNN. The sick reporters who support fascist NATO and Albanian killers and drug handlers without any factual obstacles and with their X-ray eyes are telling you the 'truth:'

CNN: "Nato soldiers have found a mass grave in Kacanik that is believed to be a grave of ethnic Albanians killed by Serb troops."

CNN simultaneously shows pictures of the alleged mass graves in Kacanik and the reporter thinks that we are so stupid and will believe his story when I see individual (not mass) graves with numbered stakes stuck in the ground.

"Slovak" US-shared commercial TV Markiza, that takes NATO's side, reported yesterday that the mass graves had been masked by grass.

It's like a game of Dumb and Dumber. Who is dumber - the reporters who said this nonsense, or the 'forgetful' Serbs who left the stakes?

The reporters themselves who systematically try to seek atrocity indications got to believe their own brainwashing anti-Serb propaganda and, they and clever George Robertson with their X-ray eyes know, yet before examination, there are Albanians buried and how they were killed. They seem to do a better job than the TV couple of detectives Dempsey & Makepeace.

And what if they were victims of NATO bombing, no matter Albanians or Serbs? I have the reason not to believe such non-senses. All 'mass-grave evidence' has been doubted, contradicted and disproved so far.

The first 'mass grave' was disproved by RTS TV as a potato field and the left comparing photo was detected to be taken in winter last year. The next alleged 'mass-grave evidence' in Izbica was allegedly shot by a poor Albanian farmer with his own V-camera (I wonder how much it cost). But the individual graves were shot again, and according to the pictures, the killed persons were Albanians (what if they were Serbs?) and Serbs were hardly digging out graves (each for one).

And the reporters probably with the IQ of a plush teddy-bear call the cemetery mass graves. Don't you think to be easier to dig out a large mass grave by a bulldozer and bury all bodies together without hard shoveling? This would be mass grave.

And don't you find it much better to burn out all the bodies in high-power oven without any traces if the Serbs really want to hide the victims of "their atrocities"? Moreover, the place of alleged 'mass graves' on the video-pictures in Izbica was not identical with the spy-satellite photo of Izbica.

On the day of signing The Technical Agreement between NATO and Yugoslav military, Jamie Shea, the champion of lies, showed at the press conference a spy-satellite photo of alleged Serb hiding of mass-grave crime by bulldozer as black-colored.

My IQ tells me that soil is of the same gray color also after bulldozing. The evidence of brainwashing the viewers is clear when Shea or Robertson at press conferences tell journalists that the pictures are indications of mass graves and Serb atrocities and on the other hand they say that it is not clear yet what there is exactly.

Another ethnic cleansing?

And what if in Kosovo there are mass graves full of Serbs murdered by illegal fascist KLA terrorists who publicly proclaim that they shall fight until Kosovo is clean from Serbs? That's the evidence that KLA terrorist criminals don't hide their fascist intentions to ethnically cleanse Kosovo.

And if Yugoslav authorities try to convince us that they don't ethnically cleanse Kosovo, no one wants to believe them. I may be blind, but I never saw any pictures on TV how Serbs were expelling Albanians. All the 'evidence of Serb ethnic cleansing' was filmed on the other side of Yugoslav border at the refugee camps.

We have now been able to see on TV, for the first time right inside Kosovo, how the Serbs were being expelled under the threats of aggressive Albanians (probably innocent) under the rain of stones and insults.

The reporters with the IQ of a teddy-bear have not gotten it yet and interestingly have not called it ethnic cleansing. Anyone who has studied history of Serbia must know that 450,000 native Serbs were forced to flee out of Kosovo this century, and 220,000 foreign Albanians migrated with intention to take over the region.

Now we can be witnesses of a new Serb exodus and we will never learn how many foreign Albanians are moving to a wealthier Kosovo.

Terror overlook of piss-keepers

The "peacekeepers" who should prevent such provocative actions are not worthy to be called that. They are piss-keepers. Instead of disarming KLA cutthroats to prevent humanitarian crisis and ethnic cleansing, NATO fascists speculate about the difference between disarming and demilitarization as implemented in UNSC resolution with intention to let Albanian terrorists keep their weapons.

Moreover, NATO dares to offer KLA terrorists to be integrated into the piss-keeping mission. The brainwashing TV news giants show how courageous piss-keepers are disarming Yugoslav soldiers and policemen to the last cartridge. The NATO killers are letting the Albanian cutthroats kidnap Serbian women and children, kill the legal Serb policemen who are on their own territory. Aggressive Albanians, presumably citizens of Yugoslavia, tear down Yugoslav flags and signs, which is a criminal violation of law on the state symbols.

Reporters first showed Albanians how they were weeping and now they have shown how Albanians are smiling. Whereas the same reporters somehow forgot to show the Serbs how they have been weeping before, during, and after the criminal NATO bombing campaign. That's the emotional evidence of intentional brainwashing of the viewers. When I insert the last set of facts into the puzzle I get the intention of piss-keepers to split Kosovo and bring total anarchy.

Diplomacy on their own

Just let's have a look at the UN Security Council resolution on Kosovo Annex 2, Point 1: "An immediate and verifiable end of violence and repression in Kosovo." All I can see on TV screen is that violence and repression from Albanian side encouraged by NATO passive presence against native Serbs.

Or have a look at the Article II, Point 1 of The Technical Military Agreement: "The FRY forces shall immediately ... refrain from committing any hostile or provocative acts of any type against any person in Kosovo and will order armed forces to cease all such activities. They shall not encourage, organize or support hostile or provocative demonstrations."

And what about the rude Albanians? Who will order them to refrain from provocative acts they are doing at the moment causing fear (not peace) among the native Serbs? It's like telling the Serbs: "Shut up and leave!" Really cool! Where are the proclaimed human rights? Is this peacekeeping or piss-keeping?

In the UNSC resolution the demilitarization of KLA is mentioned three times! Look at the main part of the resolution on this issue in paragraph 15. It is evident that NATO officials keep on ignoring UNSC.

The war has divided the Albanians apart. The fascist NATO killers, together with KLA drug mafia and cutthroats, have united Albanians against the Serbs- to cleanse Kosovo and totally to take it away from the native Serb inhabitants.

The entire war-making NATO should be expelled from Europe! KLA terrorists should be arrested, and both NATO and KLA should be put on trial for the criminal secession of Kosovo."

Martin Lipocky, Slovakia


TiM Ed.: What evidently so outraged Mr. Lipocky has been actually a pattern in western media's reporting of the alleged atrocities in Kosovo all along. If the KLA terrorists commit mass murder (yes, killing their fellow-Albanians, too, who wanted to cooperate with the Serbs), the media report the news as crimes committed by "unidentified assailants." But when "unidentified assailants" perpetrate crimes, such atrocities are always blamed on the Serbs.

Such as in Prizren, earlier this week, for example. As the Albanians were taking their revenge on the Serbs by burning their homes and forcing them out, western media were reporting that the departing Serbs were taking one last act of revenge against Albanians before leaving.

Unfortunately, we have seen it all before. Check out our story from Gorazde (Bosnia), for example, where this writer photographed back in 1994 the burnt out Serb homes the western public was told were Muslim houses (see "Fishing for Bodies in the River Drina").


4. Conflicting News Reports about the Sunday Shootout: Another "Wag the Dog" Production?

PRIZREN, June 15 - Conflicting news reports about the Sunday shootout in the Prizren street, in which the German NATO soldiers killed two Serb civilians (see S99-108, Postscript 2, Item 1. June 13), is a perfect case in point.

The TV footage showed in the U.S. by ABC and CNN showed the beige car, which ABC said was a Lada, driving in REVERSE, while being raked over by bullets fired by the German "peacekeepers."

Even before this film had been broadcast, NATO had already said that the German troops fired in self-defense. Yet, there was no evidence whatsoever that anyone was firing from that beige Lada in the footage which the American TV audiences saw. But some media did report that unidentified snipers had fired at the German troops in Prizren.

Now, several TiM readers from Europe (Germany, Norway) have come forth and reported to us that their TV channels showed a completely different footage from that which Americans saw. The beige Lada was reportedly driving FORWARD toward the German troops, with a person firing a pistol at the them. The Germans returned fire. It was only after that, the Europeans saw the beige car starting to back out of an evidently tight spot. And presumably the same footage after that, which the Americans were shown.

So what's going on here?

(a) Are the American TV networks trying to protect the Serbs by editing out the crucial footage which shows them as aggressors in this shootout?

(b) Or are the Europeans being duped by their media having the alleged Serb pistol shooter "punched in," using the same TV technology which had "punched in" a calico cat in place of a potato chip bag in the "Wag the Dog" movie?

Feel free to decide for yourself whom to believe, of course. But as you're doing it, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Why would the American media, which has led the world in the demonization of the Serbs during the last decade, suddenly slacken off, and protect the Serbs by such editing?

2. Why was there no pistol found in the car, according to the subsequent media reports which TiM has seen? (various sources alleged that an AK-47 assault rifle and a hand grenade had been retrieved).

3. Some TiM readers reported seeing the passenger window closed, making it impossible that the alleged initial shots at the Germans could have been fired from that side of the beige Lada. Others claimed it was "open" - after the car had already come under fire, leaving a possibility that it been "opened" by the German gun shots.

4. If there was a pistol shooter "punched in" to this TV "news report," who would benefit the most from such news manipulation - the Europeans or the Americans?

The answer to the question 4. above, is the Europeans, of course. Most Americans don't care about either the Serbs, Albanians or the Germans. But the German public, already jittery about its troops' participation in this illegal war on Serbia (see S99-65, Day 42, Update 2, Item 6, May 4), might have become outraged had they seen the American TV footage about a Serb civilian car being raked over in a cold-bloodied murder committed in a Prizren street by the German Kosovo "peacekeepers" - on the first day of their peacekeeping duties.

So what does a creative "Dustin Hoffman"-like producer of the German TV do? He says: "That's nothing! When we filmed the 'Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,' three of the four horsemen died! (And we still managed to finish the film).

So why not do the same with only a couple of the dead Serb "extras?" Rerun the original film in reverse, making the reversing car look as if it's driving forward; "punch in" the shooter with the pistol, and then let the truth be seen after that?

We're not saying that's what happened. We just want you to consider such possibilities before answering our (a) or (b) quiz above. And we don't envy you on your task...

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