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Aug. 8, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-135, "Peace" 29

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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Aug. 9, 1999 - "Peace" 29


Washington                   1. Clinton, Albright Create New Propaganda Agency

Belgrade                        2. Rebirth of the B2 (Bomber)-B92 Radio: "Voice of

                                          Soros," Ready to Pick Up Where NATO Left off - Bomb

                                          Serbia with Globalist Propaganda

N.E. England                 3. NATO and Hitler Parallels


1. Clinton, Albright Create New Propaganda Agency

WASHINGTON, Aug. 8 - Do you think there is not enough truth, and too much spin, put out by the Washington "lie and deny" news spinners? Do you think that the U.S. government should back away from its neo-imperial global foreign policy, so its spokesmen won't have to "lie and deny" so much?

If you do, then think again. For, the Clinton administration thinks just the opposite - that it has lost the media war in the Kosovo war. Dismayed by a lack of propaganda success and a worldwide backlash against the U.S. over NATO's attack on Serbia, the Clinton administration "is striking back with an information offensive of its own: a State Department unit that will control the flow of government news overseas, especially during crises," the Associated Press reported on Aug. 8.

"Sounds like they're worried too many people don't buy their B.S.," said Sandy Rice, a TiM reader from Houston, Texas, enclosing the AP story. "You and a few others like you are mainly responsible for that. Keep up the good work!"

Here's an excerpt from the AP report:

"The new International Public Information group, or IPI, will coordinate the dissemination of news from the State Department, Pentagon and other U.S. agencies.

In the recent Kosovo war, the Pentagon, State Department and White House poured out information each day but no single agency tried to assemble it so that the United States spoke with a coordinated message overseas.

The group came about partly in response to the spread of unflattering or erroneous information about the United States received abroad via electronic mail, the Internet, cellular telephones and other communications advances.

A new office of undersecretary of state for public diplomacy will run the IPI. The current USIA director, Evelyn Lieberman, has been nominated for the job.

President Clinton signed a directive April 30, in the thick of the Kosovo war, that set out plans for IPI, although the White House did not formally announce the group's existence or role.

"What this is intended to do is organize the instruments of the federal government to be able to support the public diplomacy, military engagements and economic initiatives that we have overseas," said David Leavy, spokesman for the White House's National Security Council."


TiM Ed.: Let's see… you engage in criminal activities and you're caught in the act; not by the police, but by a reporter who writes a story about your misdeeds. So what do you do?

If you're a novice criminal, chances are you'd be chastened by the experience, and try to reform and go straight. If you're a hardened criminal, you will lie and deny everything, lash out at the reporter, or maybe even assault him. But if you're a really big mobster, you'll try to bribe or intimidate the publisher into retracting the story. And if that doesn't work, then you'll buy or start your own media organization, give it a three letter acronym as the name, and run it on the basis of the "lie and deny" truth ethics.

Well, at least now we know what sort of criminals are running our federal government: the biggest kind!

By the way, that's exactly how the news was spun in the communist countries of Eastern Europe after WW II. The government owned and controlled everything through a centralized lie factory, usually named "Agit-Prop" (Agitation and Propaganda), or "Cominform" (Communist Information Bureau), or just "Informbureau."

If you want your media to tell the truth, you don't have to tell the editors or reporters what to say. Just act in a way which would not embarrass you or your country. But if you want to spread lies and propaganda to cover up your criminal activities, the first step is to centralize the flow of information, and funnel it through a censor's filter.

So the only difference between then and now is that the Clinton administration has come up with a shorter name - IPI, in keeping up with the fashion of the day (CNN, NBC, ABC, BBC, ITN, SKY, etc.). For all intents and purposes, however, the IPI, broadcasting its lies and denials from the Kremlin on the Potomac, will still stand for International Propaganda Informbureau.

Let us hope that Clinton's IPI is as "successful" as its predecessor communist sister agencies. Thanks to the Internet - the Homo Sapiens' liberator from official lies and news suppression, and the equalizer in mankind's battle for truth and liberty - a quick demise of this communist era relic is a certainty.


2. Rebirth of the B2 (Bomber)-B92 Radio: "Voice of Soros," Ready to Pick Up Where NATO Left Off - Bomb Serbia with Globalist Propaganda

BELGRADE, Aug 8 - Belgrade's Radio B92 has been hailed in the West as an "independent" radio station. And bemoaned as a great loss for freedom and democracy when it was shut down by Slobodan Milosevic's government, during the national emergency called NATO's war on Serbia.

Well, Radio B92 is apparently on the air again, under the name B2-92. The new name at a minimum shows a lack of marketing savvy on the part of its owners and editors. Instead opting for a Shakespearean association which the "2B-92" name might have provided; they chose the "B2" bomber inference. The "B2" bombers will live in infamy for generations. And not only because a "B2" bomber hit the Chinese embassy on May 7, but even more so because they helped terrorize an entire nation for 79 days. Great start, B2 (Bomber)-92!

The new B2 (Bomber)-92 can be expected to pick up where NATO left off - and bomb the Serbian population with  the globalist propaganda.  One reason is that it is financed by George Soros, a champion of globalism and interventionism. Which prompted Prof. J.P. Maher of Chicago, who used to teach linguistics at the Northeastern Illinois University, to dub the Belgrade radio station as the "Voice of Soros."

Complementing Prof. Maher's view is the following piece by Paul Treanor which sheds a new light on the B2 (Bomber)-92's "independence:"

"A new radio station using the name of the former B92 radio has started broadcasting in Beograd (Belgrade) under the name B2-92. They also have a new website, taking over where the much-visited Help B92 website left off. Like the Help B92 website, the new website of Free B92 is owned by KPN Telecom, (a middle-rank European telecom company), through its subsidiary XS4ALL Nederland BV. Koninklijke KPN NV (Royal Dutch Telecom) is the privatized former telecom organization of the Netherlands PTT, originally the ministry for Post and Telegraphy.

For info on XS4ALL (a 'nerds-get-rich' ISP in Amsterdam) see XS4ALL cyber-liberals get rich

Legal control of both the Help B92 website, and the Free B92 website were, and are, ultimately exercised by the board of KPN Telecom. The CEO at KPN Telecom is Wim Dik, a former Netherlands Secretary of State for Foreign Trade. More realistically, daily control of the content of the websites probably rests with Maurice Wesseling, director of XS4ALL Nederland BV, whose name is under the press release /e-mail announcing the new site.

As you can imagine from this information, B92 is NOT a radical left-wing revolutionary progressive radio station, although an extraordinary number of people do believe this myth. B92 was the Serbian radio of the Soros Foundation, which through its Open Society Funds and Foundations controls a surprisingly large sector of the media in some eastern European countries. (The Soros Foundation got in first, and had the most money).

B92 was therefore never an 'independent' radio. Its function was to promote the values of a liberal-democratic free-market society in Serbia and Montenegro, and specifically the classic-liberalism of George Soros. It continued to do this even during the air war on Serbia, when for a time it broadcast from aircraft on the Serbian border (obviously with at least the military approval of the NATO which controlled the airspace), and also from Austria on Austrian government transmitters. Both of these projects were apparently abandoned: perhaps because they were making the station an easy target for pro-Milosevic propagandists.

In any case, in the present uncertain climate, the station and its financiers are ready to try again. For those in any doubt about the ideology of the new station, its website includes a speech by George Soros It is a commencement speech delivered at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University on May 27, 1999: here is the original at the university website

In this speech Soros sets out his view that a world sovereign authority is necessary, to authorize intervention in states. He defends the NATO intervention in Kosovo, as you would expect...

'Nor do I have any doubts that the situation required outside intervention. The case for intervention is clearer in Kosovo than in most other situations of ethnic conflict because Milosevic unilaterally deprived the inhabitants of Kosovo of the autonomy that they had already enjoyed. He also broke an international agreement into which he entered in October of last year.'

Soros goes a lot further, though, in proposing that a new alliance of open societies should be set up, to militarily impose an open society on the rest of the world:

'A political alliance dedicated to the promotion of open society might even be able to change the way the UN functions, especially if it had a much broader membership than NATO. NATO could still serve as its military arm.'

Remember that B2-92 operates in a society where hundreds of civilians died in NATO bombing a few months ago. It clearly feels that it can now go further than during the war. At the same time, the new version is much more explicitly a Soros/NATO radio than the pre-war version. (I would guess that they have dumped any journalists who had doubts about the tougher pro-NATO line, but I have no confirmation of that)."

Paul Treanor


TiM Ed.: The only thing we can add to the above comments is that just over a year ago, the TiM editor met with Veran Matic, 37, the B92 news and programming director, at his office in Belgrade. We did not know at the time that B92 was financed by Soros, but the whiff of globalism unmistakably emanated from Matic's comments.

The Serbs and journalists worldwide may also be interested in knowing that Kati Marton, Richard Holbrooke's wife, was one of Matic's friends and idols, he boasted in our conversation. Marton, a New York media personality and former wife of ABC's Peter Jennings, is also president of the Committee to Protect Journalists. Yet she remained silent while NATO bombed the Serb TV buildings in Belgrade and Novi Sad, killing scores of innocent people (see "Kati Marton's Double Standard," and "Holbrooke Under Attack at Media Dinner; NBC's Brokaw Muzzles Colleague" - S99-55, Day 33, Items 4 and 5, Apr. 25, and S99-50, Day 30, Item 3, Apr. 22 and S99-51, Day 31, Update 1, Item 1, Apr. 23).

In other words, with friends like Marton and Holbrooke, do either the Serbs or the journalists really need enemies? With "independent" radio stations like the B2 (Bomber)-92, the Belgrade listeners can only look forward to Serb language audio editions of the CNN or IPI broadcasts.


3. NATO and Hitler Parallels

NORTHEASTERN ENGLAND, Aug. 4 - A TiM reader from Northeastern England has sent us a copy of her letter, "Hear All Sides," published by the Northern Echo (, a local paper. "I had kept it short deliberately so that there would be less of it for them to botch up as is usually the case," explained Bethany Megan Robinson, contributing the same comment to TiM. "So I was happy to see that it has appeared in it's original state as submitted by me." So here it is:

"If Britain had stood on the side of Adolf Hitler when he used the feeble excuse that it was for the sake of the ethnic Germans in Czechoslovakia that he made his incursion, this would have been an identical parallel to the stance taken recently by NATO in Kosovo.

Why else would NATO now stand idly by and allow the terrorist thug outfit KLA to murder and ethnically cleanse Kosovo Serbs and non-Albanians?. This whole stinking situation has more to do with the takeover of sovereign nations by a force which, to draw another interesting parallel to the last Nazi beast, calls itself a 'New World Order'."

Bethany Megan Robinson, Northeastern England

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