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Aug. 8, 1999

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S99-134, "Peace" 28

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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Aug. 8, 1999 - "Peace" 28


Pristina                           1. Russians Are Getting It on the Ear from Both Sides

Kosovska Mitrovica       2. French Troops Clash with Albanians

Bijeljina, Bosnia             3. Bosnian Serb Magazine Says U.S. Now Plotting a

                                           Coup Against Milosevic


1. Russians Are Getting It on the Ear from Both Sides

PRISTINA, Aug. 7 - The Russian troops in Kosovo are getting it on the ear from both sides. Albanians are attacking them as their enemies; the Serbs say are no friends of theirs, either. Such as the fate of the NWO appeasers… Which probably why Boris Yeltsin and his officials are staying away from Kosovo, while the NATO leaders keep popping up all the time for the photo-ops.

On Friday, seven KFOR checkpoints came under attack; three of them Russian. One Russian soldier suffered a bullet wound to the thigh, and one Albanian was seriously injured. KFOR troops have come under fire about 30 times since they moved into Kosovo two months ago as Serbian forces withdrew, including Friday’s incidents:

"Two months after their triumphant entry into Kosovo ahead of the NATO forces, the Russian peacekeepers find themselves loathed, not just by the Albanian Kosovars, but by the Serbs, the very people who initially cheered them in," the London Telegraph reported from Pristina on Aug. 5. Here’s an excerpt:

"For Milia Ilic, marching in a funeral procession with two dozen elderly Serbs past a Russian base, the arrival of his fellow Slavs came far too late. Mr. Ilic discovered his brother, Novica, his hands tied behind his back, with a bullet through the back of his head.

‘I couldn't even recognize him because the front of this face had been blown off,’ he said during a wake with some 20 relatives and friends in a one-room flat. As with other Serbs across Kosovo, Mr. Ilic is bitter about the 3,600 Russian KFOR peacekeepers who are supposedly working with American Special Forces to try to save them from persecution by the Albanian majority.

He says they do nothing but sit behind their checkpoints and oil their engines. In the Kamenica region alone, 17 Serbs have been kidnapped since international peacekeepers arrived in June. They are presumed dead. Nine others have been found dead, most of them men over 55.

Gordana Maljkovic, a Canadian doctor of Serbian extraction who has vowed to stay on in Kamenica to try to help, said: ‘The Serbs here were waiting for the Russians as though it were the Second Coming and when they arrived nothing happened, the situation only got worse.’

She lives with an old man and her son, Marko, in a one-room flat. Every day in Kamenica Albanians come out into the streets and shout for the Russians to go home. Sometimes they throw stones and attack passing Serbs. The demonstrators are well organized by men in black with red arm bands, a sign that they are attached to the Kosovo Liberation Army. Recently, they beat Marko Maljkovic in front of his mother and two American soldiers."

Meanwhile, the three Russian checkpoints attacked on Friday were in Koretin and Kamenica. Unidentified people drove a vehicle into one checkpoint, and fired shots at two others, wounding a Russian soldier.

Among other incidents, the American troops protecting a Serb's house in Urosevac exchanged fire with the attackers in a white station wagon An American Apache helicopter followed the vehicle to Pristina. A badly wounded man was arrested at Pristina Hospital, where the car was found, but he was not identified.

Elsewhere, a KFOR patrol in Pec, in western Kosovo, came under fire and one suspect was arrested. Near Pec, Italian troops seized a cache of arms, including 11 rifles, an anti-tank rocket, grenades and 3,400 rounds of ammunition. Shots were also fired above a checkpoint near Prizren, where an ethnic Albanian was arrested after weapons were found in his car, and near a checkpoint in the Djakovica area, where there was one arrest.

All these attacks by the Kosovo Albanians on KFOR troops have finally forced a morsel of truth out of a western official’s mouth. We have been saying all along that NATO had been fighting the war for the KLA. Well, now the New York Times has made it official. "The KLA seems sometimes to forget who won the war for them," one international official told the Times on Friday (see the NYT, Aug. 7).


2. French Troops Clash with Albanians

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Aug. 7 - Attacks by the Kosovo Albanians on KFOR troops continued on Saturday. A simmering dispute over free movement in Kosovska Mitrovica erupted in violence Saturday, with French troops having to fight back against hundreds of ethnic Albanians trying to cross into the Serb part of this northern Kosovo town, the Associated Press reported on Aug. 7..

Amid curses, shoving and obscene gestures, dozens of French soldiers kept the ethnic Albanians from crossing a bridge over the Ibar River, while an equally agitated Serb crowd jeered from the far side.

At least four ethnic Albanians were arrested after fighting with French soldiers. Three people were injured, including one woman who was driven off in an ambulance after being knocked down.

Kosovska Mitrovica, a mining center valued by both Serbs and Albanians, is divided by the river into separate ethnic communities. Since the end of the Kosovo war in June, the central bridge has become a symbol of confrontation, with Serbs preventing ethnic Albanians from returning to live north of the river.


3. Bosnian Serb Magazine Says U.S. Now Plotting a Coup Against Milosevic

BIJELJINA, Bosnia, July 29 - A Bosnian Serb magazine, Ekstra, published in Bijeljina, carried a story on July 29 in which its journalist, Velibor Ilic, claim the U.S. is preparing to overthrow Milosevic by December 1. Ilic’s story is based on exclusive interview with an unnamed western diplomat in Sarajevo. Here are some excerpts:

"Since all available analyses indicate that the opposition does not enjoy either the strength or the public confidence to remove Slobodan Milosevic from power, it is entirely possible that, during the first half of the month of August, Bill Clinton will approve one of several existing plans of the Central Intelligence Agency for the removal by force of the regime in Serbia. As Ekstra Magazin learned from a Western diplomat in Sarajevo, an action plan for Milosevic's removal has already been prepared and its applicability is currently being debated within the State Department.

‘A characteristic of all similar CIA plans is that they never directly participate in them. Without doubt the mission will be amply supported analytically, logistically and politically but our people are not going to be there physically,’ said the diplomat, who chose to remain anonymous. He claims that Milosevic will be deposed with the aid of the Yugoslav Army plus a number of politicians from both the ranks of the current government and the opposition, and even some journalists.

‘In the next several days we are expecting the arrival of an important man, a Serb, in Yugoslavia, who may be able to bring together all these presently irreconcilable groups and place himself at the head of the mission,’ said Ekstra Magazin's source on Monday [July 26], refusing to name the person.

According to the plan, the task of the opposition will be to cause initial unrest in the country, which will begin in the second half of August and last at least until the middle of September. In September and October, protests organized by the opposition will be joined by a general social revolt and by expected demonstrations by the students.

‘Although we have already, with great discretion, established contacts with key military and civilian people in Serbia, we believe that mass demonstrations will decisively influence these people to side against Milosevic,’ said the source and added:

‘Please understand our situation. I cannot share any of their names. The frequent statements regarding the loyalty of the Army to the regime by the head of Yugoslav Army Command Headquarters, Dragoljub Ojdanic, and the commander of the Third Army, general Nebojsa Pavkovic are believed by our source to stem from Milosevic's ability to discover where the greatest danger to him lies. Milosevic's greatest adversaries in the Army are not Pavkovic and Ojdanic, but the uncorrupted middle- to upper- rank officers, the members of the elite units who fought in the battles and the elite branches, such as the air force, which were practically sacrificed during the NATO air campaign because of their lack of political correctness toward the regime,’ says this diplomat, indicating that the deadline for the coup d'etat is December 1 of this year.

He reminded us that the Army, in collaboration with Western intelligence agencies, had already once prepared a coup d'etat in Serbia and that this was now being discussed in the Serbian media for the first time. This was the mission in 1993, when a conspiracy against Milosevic was formed by members of an air force unit stationed at the [military] airport Batajnica [near Belgrade]. Our source says that the mission collapsed because the Western agencies ceased to provide intelligence and logistics support to the conspirators (also see "CIA Refused to Back Anti-Milosevic Coup," S99-28, Day 13, Update 1, Item 1, Apr. 5).

‘When they were left without support, the insurgents, instead of discontinuing the mission as would normally be the case, they went ahead with it on their own. They were too exposed and became easy prey for Milosevic's secret police, which crushed the group,’ said our Western diplomatic source and concluded: ‘It is interesting that Milosevic did not seek revenge against the conspirators. None of them were tried and all of them were released after several days of hearings, although they were not permitted to continue their military service’."


TiM Ed.: Well before the Ekstra extra-sensationalistic article ran last week, you had a chance to read in the TiM story, "CIA Refused to Back Anti-Milosevic Coup" (S99-28, Day 13, Update 1, Item 1, Apr. 5). As you saw, there had never been a shortage of people in Belgrade ready and willing to take down Milosevic - if only they could have gotten Washington’s support. Which was AWOL. That’s because Washington needed a bogey, like Milosevic, so as to justify its Bosnia and Kosovo wars and Serbian land grabs.

Well, now that the NWO neo-imperialists have gotten what they want, we are to believe that they are ready to discard their most valuable Balkan "negative character" player like an old, used shoe. The only trouble is, if you really want to take a man down, why broadcast it in advance?

Besides, the job of dismantling and robbing Serbia of all her worldly possessions is hardly over. Montenegro is yet to secede (again, as we predicted in 1996 -see "Yugoslavia’s Shaky Union: Montenegro Poised to Break Away from Serbia - From a Hero Serb Tribe to a Vassal Nation?" ). And Hungary is yet made its play for the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina, despite its saber-rattling rhetoric.

Of course, installing local quislings who turn over their native countries to the NWO imperialists (such as in the former Soviet dominions which have now become the NWO minions), is always preferable to having to fight for conquered lands, as was the case with Kosovo and the Bosnian Serb Republic. So maybe that’s really what this probably deliberately planned leak to the Ekstra was all about.

As for this "mystery Serb white knight," who is supposed to fly in from the West and "save the Serbs" from the Big Bad Milosevic… sorry to disappoint some of our patriot-supporters - it ain’t the TiM editor.

Whoever he is, perhaps the only hope for the Serb survivors of the NATO bombing, and the seven years of the NWO sanctions, is that some "Milos Obilic" (the Serb knight who slayed the Turkish Sultan during the Battle of Kosovo in 1389) will put this quisling six feet deep or 100 feet high soon after he arrives in Serbia. For, the Washington-London-Berlin… NATO leaders who may be sending him to "save the Serbs," are the same western WAR CRIMINALS who had bombed, killed and injured Serb civilians, including some at Belgrade’s CIVILIAN Surcin airport (see S99-10, Day 5, Update 1, Item 2, Mar. 28).

Do the Serbs really expect their chickens to be "saved" by the NWO/NATO foxes? The "Big, Bad Milosevic" is indeed guilty - of being STUPID. For, he could not figure out the difference between the chickens and the foxes in the New World Order. Nor the importance of timing in the art of kicking, versus kissing ass. Which is a mortal character flaw for a leader. And perhaps the one thing in which we agree with the NWO murderers.

But it’s the Serbs, not the NWO/NATO foxes or proxies, that must get rid of their own Chicken(sh..) Leader. Lest they want to suffer the fate of the chickens guarded by the NWO/NATO foxes or proxies.

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