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Aug. 7, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-133, "Peace" 27

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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Aug. 7, 1999 - "Peace" 27


Washington                    1. "Clinton Judges" Collude to Obstruct Justice?

Kitchener                       2. "Madam Kangaroo" Is a Blatant NATO Servant of NATO

Illinois                             3. Rapture Cometh!

Georgia                          4. Skull and Bones in America?

Belgrade                         5. Truth in Media Wins an Award by the Serbian Society for

                                            Information Technology

Zagreb                            6. "Prosvjeta" Publishes TiM Editor’s Washington

                                            Speech in Croatian Translation


1. "Clinton Judges" Collude to Obstruct Justice?

WASHINGTON, Aug. 5 - Justice is supposed to be blind. Except in Clinton’s Washington.

It would have been probably too much to expect that our judiciary could remain untouched by the moral corruption which Bill Clinton and his administration have spread throughout the American government. In a shocking Aug. 5 front page article, the Washington Times revealed that the "eight federal judges appointed by Clinton to the U.S. District Court in Washington meet privately every month in closed-door sessions that other jurists believe are improper and call into question the court's impartiality."

Here’s an excerpt:

"I cannot imagine any legitimate reason for them to meet together once a month, even socially," one veteran courthouse official familiar with the sessions told the Times. ‘t's not only in bad taste, it certainly has the appearance of impropriety. It's hard to imagine any rationale for these meetings.’ Another court official said such meetings ‘eek with impropriety.’

Concern among courthouse officials about the meetings, which are described in e-mail addressed monthly to each of the eight judges, comes at a time that Chief U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson is being publicly criticized for selectively assigning criminal cases against friends and associates of Mr. Clinton's to judges the president has appointed."


TiM Ed.: So finally we have our answer! Remember our piece, "Clinton Judge Dismisses Congressional Lawsuit," (S99-104, Day 78, Item 1, June 9) - about the outcome of the lawsuit filed by 33 congressional Reps against Clinton, alleging the President had violated the Constitution and the War Measures Act with its illegal war against Yugoslavia? Here’s what we said back then:

"That a Clinton judge should rule for Clinton is hardly surprising. But a more interesting question to us seems to be who and how steered the congressional lawsuit onto his docket? For THAT's how justice was manipulated in this case."

And now we know. The name of the culprit - the manipulator and obstructionist of justice, is none other than Judge Norma Holloway Johnson, the Chief U.S. District Judge, who also oversaw the grand jury used by Ken Starr in his impeachment case against Clinton. Talk about appointing the foxes to guard a chicken coop, with the American people and the Constitution inside!


"None of the eight Clinton-appointed judges, all of whom were named to the bench between 1994 to 1998, would comment on the meetings or their content, the Times said. […]

‘The Clinton appointees have confirmed that they meet together, and we know they do, but where they go and what they discuss I just don't know,’ said one judge. ‘But a very important part of what we do here is our collegiality. We all come with political viewpoints but we try to leave politics behind. Unfortunately, the Clinton appointees have gone off on their own.’ […]

None of the other judges hold separate meetings, courthouse sources said. Questions of impropriety at the courthouse have drawn the attention of the Senate Judiciary Committee, whose chairman, Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, Utah Republican, is considering whether to begin an investigation or call for hearings to resolve the issue. During a confirmation hearing yesterday for two Justice Department officials, Mr. Hatch described as ‘deeply troubling’ reports that Judge Johnson had bypassed the court's random case assignment procedures ‘by taking the unusual step of handpicking’ judges appointed by Mr. Clinton to hear cases involving Webster L. Hubbell and Charles Yah Lin Trie. […]

Committee member Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, echoed Mr. Hatch's concerns, adding that as a former prosecutor he was ‘stunned’ by the Johnson assignments. He said it ‘might be necessary’ for the committee to investigate the matter to restore the public's confidence."

For the full Washington Times story, check out


2. "Madam Kangaroo" Is a Blatant NATO Servant of NATO

KITCHENER, Aug. 6 - Some of our readers may recall a feisty letter which we published at the height of NATO’s bombing of Serbia, written by a Slovak-Canadian (see "I am a Slovak, and I Protest!", S99-82, Day 56, Item 4, May 18). Well, the same TiM reader, Ondrej Recnik, sent us the following comment in response to our Aug. 5 story about Louis Arbour, the Canadian prosecutor at the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague (see S99-132, "Peace" 26, Item 3, Aug. 5):

"If you read the Canadian papers back then, you would see that ‘Madame Kangaroo's’ promotion was not just a ‘kick upstairs’ as a reward for a ‘job well done’. It was a promise made during the NATO bombing on Yugoslavia made by the Canadian prime minister.

NATO needed an indictment against Milosevic to justify further bombing of Yugoslavia So an ‘opening’ was created in the Canadian Supreme Court and all the newspapers carried stories that Madame Arbour was ‘seriously’ being considered for the job. At the same time many government officials ‘lamented’ the fact that if she was given this promotion then Milosevic's indictment would be jeopardized because of her leaving the tribunal.

Anyone reading the Canadian newspapers and having half a brain would have realized that this was nothing less than a public order and a threat by the Canadian Prime Minister (Jean) Chretien that an indictment was required if Madame Arbour wanted this ‘promotion’. She complied (see S99-91, Day 65, Item 1, May 27). And within a couple of weeks and later of course got her promised promotion.

‘Madame Kangaroo’ is a blatant servant of NATO. Anyone who believes otherwise is not only deceived but a complete idiot!"

Ondrej Recnik, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


3. Rapture Cometh!

ILLINOIS, Aug. 6 - Here’s a letter which we received from a TiM reader in Illinois in reaction to our TiM GW Bulletin, which dealt with the current persecution of the Kosovo Serbs (see S99-132, "Peace" 26, Item 1, Aug. 5):

"Sometimes I wander just how much more I can read about the insanity of our planet, just how many more of your installations I can take - and the answer is KEEEEEEEEP 'EM COMIN', because they cut to the quick and they're brilliant. I get other reports of the depths of sick blackness we humans have succumbed to which fill me with grief - they provide no answer, no comfort.

So what's comforting about your Bulletins? Your knife is comforting. I've said before you're incisive, and this is something that serves to purify, not to wound. Your fire-drenched knife cauterizes our wounds. And I, for one, am grateful.

Today's (TiM Bulletin), with the help of Prof. Michael Mandel, was especially driven and unrelenting. Good. It's easy to be Russia, China, Solana (though through his ‘double-speak’ I remember reading words to the effect of his disillusionment with the whole command system clearly coming only from the US and NW Europe, whose arrogant chauvinism was uncloaked. THAT's why Robertson doesn't mince words. Neither did the Gestapo.)

It's hard to keep unveiling the truth when the odds seem daunting. But that's all part of the Rapture, isn't it? The Underworld must be gloating with glee over the work of the Antichrist and his disciples. Who's going to notice when we all come face-to-face with the Real Thing?

So keep it up, Fierce Disciple. I'll be sure to stay tuned, despite your insistent use of ‘Lefties, Commies, Bolsheviks’ in your NWO tirade. Once again, I'm not a leftie nor a rightie. Christ is considered one of the biggest lefties around when all he's doing is going against the establishment in the name of our human souls. Orwell, Makavejev, Andric, Kusturica, Kubrick, all have visions of a NWO dystopia, and the enemy isn't the leftists. It's EVERY WEAK BODY conforming to power and control and greed and hate.

You mention how our present situation mirrors ‘1984’- and I second that 1000 times over. ‘Dr. Strangelove’ should be a must see as well. Kubrick has a way of cutting right to the core of utter meaninglessness, and my favorite line, second to ‘Women sense my power--they're after my bodily essence which I deny them’ is by Mister President himself; ‘Gentlemen!! There'll be no fighting in the War Room!!!!’ Amen to that!"

Natalia Gakovich, Illinois


4. Skull and Bones in America?

GEORGIA, July 29 - Here’s a letter which we received from Bill Boone of Georgia (a U.S., not a former Soviet state):

"For some month's now, I have been captive to Bob's Truth In Media writings about the war in Kosovo. His writings have inspired me more so in the SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH than anyone or anything in the last decades! Although in his international perspective of politically expedient POLITICAL WARS, perhaps Bob may lend his hand to exposing the SEDITIOUS ARROGANCE and ‘ETHNIC CLEANSING’ OF THE VETERANS IN OUR VAMC'S, WHERE YOU DO NOT FIND THE NATIONAL MEDIA LOOKING FOR SKULLS AND BONES LIKE KOSOVO! BUT THEY ARE THERE!"

Bill Boone, Firebase Dublin, Georgia (American, not a former Soviet state)


5. Truth in Media Wins an Award by the Serbian Society for Information Technology

BELGRADE, Aug. 6 - We have just been advised by Nikola Markovic, president of the Serbian Society forwpeF.jpg (5576 bytes) Information Technology, that the Truth in Media has been awarded a Special plaque in recognition of our Internet coverage of the Kosovo war.

If interested, you may view the Serbian original B&W text (for the time being, until we receive the plaque by mail from Belgrade), as well as the English translation thereof at our Web site - see TiM Awards.


6. "Prosvjeta" Publishes TiM Editor’s Washington Speech in Croatian TranslationwpeF.jpg (33726 bytes)

ZAGREB, July 29 - We have also been advised recently that the Croatian publication "Prosvjeta" ("Enlightenment" or "Education" - in rough translation) has published the full text of the TiM Editor’s Washington speech, delivered at the White House south lawn - the Ellipse, on May 1. The Serbo-Croatian translation was done by Slobodan Drenovac of Rijeka, Croatia.

For the full text of the speech, check out the English and the Serbo-Croatian versions at our Web site, as well as the Washington Times report and the TiM Photo Album from this protest.

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