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For January 2, 2001


Part II of a Two-Part Series 

Listen Not to What They SAY, Watch What They DO

By Bob Djurdjevic


NOTE TO BEOGRAD.COM READERS: This is the second of a two-part series of columns on Yugoslav affairs.  Even though they were written in mid-December, and some segments long before then, this columnist has held them back from publication until after the Dec. 23 Serbian elections.  That’s because his intention is not to play into partisan politics, but to help the readers learn the full truth and see the big picture from a strategic, geopolitical perspective.


In my last week’s column (Dec. 26), I told you about how Washington bought the Yugoslav presidency for $41 million.  But wait a second, some Doubting Thomas’s among the Serbs might say.  And, in fact, some did.  “If Vojislav Kostunica really were a US puppet, how would one explain the persistent secessionism of Djukanovic’s regime in Podgorica?”, asked Nebojsa Malic, for example, writing in the “Balkan Express” article, published by the (on Dec. 13).

Easy.  Because this is no longer in U.S. BEST INTERSTS!  Why would Washington want Montenegro to secede now what it got the grand prize of the Balkans - Serbia - under its boots?  After being coveted by Washington for years to secede FROM MILOSEVIC, Djukanovic just hasn't clued in yet to the fact that the ground has shifted under him.  Neither have the Albanians yet.

“…Or the ambivalence of NATO in face of the Albanian invasion of southern Serbia?” the Doubting Thomas continues.

My answer: Ambivalence?  NATO is an ACCOMPLICE of the Kosovo Albanian terrorists.  Read "Serb Wimps Kiss up to NATO Pimps" - Item 9 in the Truth in Media Bulletin

As for Kostunica government's response to that NATO "ambivalence," try calling it by its real name - cowardice or appeasement.  As a result, the Serbs of the Presevo Valley region are rising up and protesting - against the Kostunica regime this time.  Some 3,000 people used cars, trucks and tractors on Dec. 13 to close roads into and out of Bujanovac and the rail line and all roads that link Serbia to Macedonia and Greece.  Check out the Dec. 14 New York Times - Serbs Protest Near Kosovo -

But the Doubting Thomas goes on to defend Kostunica by pointing out that “Kostunica’s party has supported the Serbian  Democratic Party (SDS) in Bosnia, which the US is endeavoring to ban even though it won the elections there fair and square.”

True.  The keyword being the past tense of the word “supported.”  And now that Washington wants to annul the recent RS election results in which SDS was victorious, what's Kostunica DOING to defend his SDS pals?  Try choosing between nothing, nil, nada or zero in answering this question.

“Kostunica has also insisted on territorial integrity of Serbia and Yugoslavia,” the Doubting Thomas continues, “while the U.S. has supported separatist demands of its clients in Kosovo and Montenegro, even while publicly claiming otherwise.”

True enough.  But that was also "yesterday," when Milosevic was still in power.  And now?  Now, by virtue of giving up on the "old" Yugoslavia's succession rights, Kostunica has also given up Kosovo.  Apart from the de facto recognition of Kosovo, the UN resolution 1244 is not worth the paper it's written on if a country to which it refers exists no longer.  The resolution 1244 does NOT say that Kosovo is an integral part of SERBIA (which it ought to have said), only that of Yugoslavia.  Which Kostunica et. al. have now legally erased from the books. 

So even if Milosevic was stupid or blackmailed into agreeing to UN 1244, it was Kostunica, the lawyer, who should have known better were he not a Washington stooge, before putting the final nail in the coffin in which Kosovo is now buried.  (For the time being, anyway, until Serbia finally gets a real Serb patriot for president, God willing).

Some additional examples of Kostunica’s acting as a Washington lackey are:

        Acquiescing to the Washington stooges - the G-17 globalists - being put in charge of the new Yugoslav government economic policies.

        Posing for photographers, smiling and meeting with one of the world’s greatest Serbophobes - the architect of the Bosnian Serb Republic’s destruction and a friend of the Kosovo Albanian terrorists - Richard Holbrooke -

        Acquiescing to Goran Svilanovic, a former Communist and another Washington stooge, being picked as foreign minister.

        Comparing himself to Lenin -

        Agreeing to allow the Hague kangaroo court to open an office in Belgrade.

        Shaking hands with, instead of arresting for war crimes, possibly the world’s most infamous Serbophobe who led the NATO war on Serbia - Madeleine Albright.  Allowing his foreign minister to have a private meeting with Albright.

Meanwhile, did Kostunica et. al. get their promised reward - to have the outer sanctions lifted - for prostrating themselves so shamelessly before their Washington bosses?  Not that I’ve heard of.  Guess they haven’t prostrated themselves and their nation low enough yet before the masters of the world?

To this particular Doubting Thomas (Malic) as well as to any other ones, I also recommend that they read the Jane's Intelligence Digest, published on Nov. 3, 2000, if they want to know how Kostunica really came to power and whom he now serves.  Jane’s is well respected, private and  independent British intelligence-gathering organization, that has nothing to do with the Washington Post or any other Washington outpost, including the State Department:

“What can be established beyond doubt is that BOTH SIDES CHEATED in the first round of the elections on 24 September. While that was nothing new for Milosevic, it was a novel approach by the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) who had worked out precise mathematical models with which to counter any actual results. While the real result of the presidential vote was certainly in favor of Kostunica, it almost certainly DID NOT SURPASS THE 50 PERCENT MARK needed for the first round victory. However, that did not prevent DOS's teams from claiming a first round victory - they were certain that after so many frauds Milosevic had no international credibility. (emphasis added).

With the public protests claiming Kostunica's victory gathering momentum, it was only a question of successfully completing the plan by the physical removal of Milosevic. The main political co-ordinator was Djindjic, the main strategist Stanisic and field co-ordination was in the hands of some 200 members of Otpor and two dozen mayors and their assistants.

Otpor had been provided with field radios and secure communications and it was decided that the task force which would lead the attacks was to come from the western Serbian town of Cacak - a stronghold of the opposition and the royalist movement embodied in its mayor Velja Ilic, who had secured the co-operation of several local VJ officers and arms from reserve warehouses. Those were duly distributed on 2 October as the DOS prepared to call the rally in Belgrade on 5 October to force Milosevic out.

The Cacak group, some 4,000-strong, had 2,500 AK-47 rifles and over 600 anti-tank shoulder-launched weapons. In case some Federal Army (VJ) or Interior Ministry (MUP) units decided to remain loyal to Milosevic, trenches were dug out on the southern approaches to Belgrade and several hundred mortars and recoilless rifles deployed. In several towns armed teams, co-ordinated by Otpor, were on standby; members of the DOS, most notably Djindjic and Nebojsa Covic, who joined the opposition after he was expelled from the SPS in 1997, gathered their own `security forces' which numbered over 1,000.

[...]However, it appears that the number of participants at their top level was significant, and those who stumbled upon elements of the plan were quietly sidelined.

The teams moved on Belgrade on the night of 4 October. The Cacak team had bulldozers on trailers and other heavy machinery was on standby in Belgrade. It was crucial to execute the operation quickly and bloodlessly, as such guarantees had been given to Pavkovic and the MUP. […]

It all happened at pre-arranged spots where TV cameras had been waiting. According to the plan, Belgrade was taken over in less than two hours.”

So perhaps we should rename Oct. 5 coup d’etat to a “two-hour ostrich revolution?”  But more significant, and certainly much more sinister, is what happened after the “revolution,” according to Jane’s:

“The power vacuum was cunningly used by the secret services within the Interior Ministry (MUP), most notably the State Security Directorate (RDB), to quietly fade out taking a good insurance policy: between 8,000 and 12,000 files, diligently collected for years, are claimed to have disappeared, including both the hard copies and electronic files. While some of the files will undoubtedly be destroyed, the majority are likely to be used to blackmail members of the new ruling regime or for simple extortion. That threatens to create another murky power player in Serbia - former security officials who could either decide to claim the right to return to their former posts once the service is restored, or continue to operate as a parallel underground structure.

The new rulers demonstrated that they were neither strangers to the old ways nor that they would baulk at old practices. For the first few days after Milosevic's fall all phone tapping, control of email and other secret activities had ceased, but there were reports that several of the new leaders tried to establish control over the secret service apparatus - apparently on their own, rather than DOS's agenda.”

Here's the URL to the rest of the article:

So, the more the world changes the more it is the same.  Or to use the Serb equivalent, “Sjasio Kurta, da zajasi Murta” (Kurta dismounts, Murta mounts you).  Kurta and Murta are typical Turkish/Muslim names. 

This saying is all the more appropriate given the upcoming power changes in Washington.  For, it appears that the Serb lackeys have been kissing up to the WRONG Washington crowd - the losers in the 2000 presidential election (Al Gore, Madeleine Albright, etc.).  Some Republican advisers are already advising the President-elect George Bush to exercise caution in dealing with the new Yugoslav regime, especially given the undemocratic manner in which they ceased power.

Here’s an excerpt, for example, from a letter that Jude Wanniski, an economic advisor to the pro-Republican Wall Street Journal, and an influential Republican Party insider, sent in mid-October to Gen. Colin Powell, the leading candidate for the Secretary of State post in the new administration:

“On the assumption that George W. Bush values your opinion on matters of international diplomacy -- or he would not be signaling that you would be his Secretary of State -- I hope you are doing a little digging on the situation in Belgrade. Something very strange is going on there when the leader of the opposition party, Vojislav Kostunica, beats Slobodan Milosevic by ten points -- TEN POINTS!! -- in the presidential election last week, and then refuses to participate in the October 8 run-off election that is required under the terms of the Yugoslav constitution.

Yes, I know Kostunica insists he really got more than 50% of the total vote, not 49.5% as determined by the electoral commission -- and that somehow President Milosevic stole just enough votes to force a run-off. But it sounds bizarre to me that if the election were rigged in favor of Milosevic, that he would lose by 10 points. If I were in the position to rig the election for myself, I would win, or at least run a close second and rig the run-off.  Does that not seem logical to you?

You know, I think, that I have defended Milosevic in the past, not because I have any special admiration for him. If I were a Serb eligible to vote, I would tend to look for a new leader, given Milosevic’s less than successful record in keeping his country intact over the past dozen years.

I do, though, understand that much of the damage done to Yugoslavia since 1989 was inflicted on Belgrade by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.  Our government has played a hand-in-glove game with these international financial institutions, which we really control for our economic and political objectives. So I see this kind of manipulation continuing in this electoral process.”

Let us repeat the two key points of this missive to the future American Secretary of State:

(1) BOTH side probably cheated in the Sept. 24 vote. It’s just that Kostunica/DOS did it better than Milosevic. They had shored up support from the “fifth column” within the Milosevic administration who betrayed their boss.  Either way, Kostunica/DOS ascendance to power had little to do with democracy, and everything to do with deception and brute force.

(2) Much of the damage done to Yugoslavia in the 1990s was inflicted by the U.S. government which really controls the international financial institutions, such as the IMF and the World Bank.

Which is what this writer has been telling you in his New World Order columns all along.

As you can see, despite the American “demo farce” which had been unfolding in Florida and Washington for 36 days before the winner was finally declared, we, Americans, are relatively lucky.  At least we are cooking in our own stew, rather than one prepared by an adversarial foreign power. 

To put the “two-hour Serb ostrich revolution” in a U.S. perspective, imagine Red China, for example, fielding its own candidate in the American presidential race (we know, some may argue they already have - in the person of Al Gore, of course, who accepted Chinese campaign contributions. But humor me on this for a moment, will you, for the sake of allowing me to make a bigger point?). 

Let’s assume Beijing sets up its election command center in, say, Cuba, from where it disperses funds and masterminds the U.S. presidential campaign. 

To make sure their candidate comes out on top, Beijing hucksters and pollsters paint him as an American patriot and anti-communist.  And in the final stretch, they orchestrate a media campaign that pronounces the Chinese quisling the winner before the official counting was even over (any similarities with the real life Florida scenario, and the U.S. national media, is, of course, coincidental J).

In the end, when if even that’s not enough to get their man into the White House, Beijing imports its mercenaries from the countryside to storm the Capitol Hill, set it on fire and destroy some of the electoral ballots in the process.  Finally, after the frightened sitting American president concedes defeat, Beijing sends its goons to various Washington federal departments to kick butt (literally) and kick out the current administration heads, replacing them with its own lackeys.

And then the Red Chinese proclaim that they have done all that, of course, in the name of “democracy-building.”  If in doubt, just ask the Washington Post.  You saw that even in its today’s electoral post-mortem the Post called what happened in Serbia a “U.S. democracy-building effort.”

Now, if this were to happen in our country, how would you feel about such foreign-imposed “democracy,” my fellow-Americans?  How would you feel about its symbol - a clenched fist (a communist symbol) painted on a black shirt (a fascist symbol)? 

One would hope that any American, except perhaps a red commie or a fascist (or both, meaning a New World Order elitist), would be outraged, right? 

Well, surprise, surprise… Guess how a majority of Serbs felt about all that?  They were elated! 

In fact, even today, as the masks are slowly starting to drop from Kostunica’s and other DOS leaders’ faces, pollsters tell us that Washington’s bought-and-paid-for Yugoslav president still supposedly enjoys about a 70% approval rating in Serbia.

So what does that tell us? 

First, you CAN fool some people ALL of the time, as Teddy Roosevelt also noted.

Second, America isn’t the only nation dumbed down by the New World Order, especially considering that Washington led the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia.

Third, Americans should feel lucky by comparison.  Not only because what happened in Serbia makes our little Florida shenanigans look like a storm in a teacup.  Also because the NWO’s dumbing down of America has been under way for decades.  Yet now, after our own Election 2000 brush with infamy, many Americans are waking up to that fact.  And are beginning to fight back. 

How long will it be before most Serbs realize they’ve been duped (again), and start to fight back (again)?  Probably a lot longer that it will take them to get used to the Wall Street-financed and Madison Avenue-designed “democracy” chains they are now wearing around their necks (like the rest of the NWO slaves).  For, “where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise,” noted Thomas Gray.

On the other hand, they also say that “minds are like parachutes; they only function when they are open.”  To those Serb readers whose cerebral parachutes are still open, let us close with a piece of advice based on watching and deciphering the New World Order leaders’ behavior for over 11 years now.

Listen not to what they SAY, watch what they DO.

The Serbs should apply the same adage to their domestic NWO lackeys.


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Bob Djurdjevic, founder of TRUTH IN MEDIA of Phoenix, Arizona, is an internationally published author, e-mail: 

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