The Washington Times
November 17, 1996


By Bob Djurdjevic

An Example of New World Order's Plutocracy: Presidential Election '96

PHOENIX - The Presidential Election '96 had all the excitement of a one-horse race, a big yawn!

Ever since the globalist-controlled U.S. media - electronic or print, left or right, green or rusty - massacred Pat Buchanan last February (after he had beaten the pants off Bob Dole in New Hampshire's primary), the country's electorate faced a choice between a "Stiff" (the "Dull Man Walking"-Bob Dole) and a "Slick" (the "Anything Goes"-Bill Clinton).

The outcome was predictable. The Stiff is no longer walking. And the Slick is still running the country.

Fielding two horses from the same stable evidently suited the U.S. Establishment just fine. Election 96 was a "demo farce!" The U.S. democracy is turning into a New World Order plutocracy.

But there is hope. Ross Perot may be right. The Slick may NOT serve out his full term.

Clinton's demise, however, may come at the expense of the "American Dream." Real autocracy may follow the current "demo farce."

You see, back in the 1970s, when "Tricky Dick" tried the "Slick Willie's" Whitewater tricks (Watergate cover up), and eventually slicked right out of Washington, the Earth was a bipolar world. Back then, it was easier to identify friends and foes.

Back in the early 1970s, the "Soviets" were seen as the "bogeys" (even though they were actually akin to the Western globalists in their quest for power at any cost and by any means). The Evil Empire's communists were used as targets for what has been an anti-Orthodoxy U.S./globalist campaign all along by the West. And which continues today, according to Vladimir Bondarenko, a Russian writer and deputy editor of the influential Moscow opposition paper, "ZAVTRA" ("Tomorrow"), who spoke on November 3 at a meeting in Phoenix.

"The Marxism/Communism ideology was a Western invention which the West planted into Russia," he said, "and then used it as a cover for launching an all-out campaign against the Eastern Orthodox Christians" (who are the 'soul of Russia').

But why would the West worry so much about the Eastern Orthodox Christians? Could it be because they might expose the industrial world's moral corruption?

The world's 200+ million Eastern Orthodox adherents practice the early Christian ecumenical creeds. A sin is a sin. It cannot be atoned for by gifts to the church. Nor can one buy one's way into heaven, as some of the more pragmatic Western Christian adherents seem to believe. In fact, in Russian and other Slavic languages the Orthodoxy ("pravoslavlje") actually means "true faith."

A "scary" thought, huh? No cheating!

If Bondarenko is right, and if the Western industrials' anti-Eastern Christian Orthodoxy policy has been one of the constants of the 20th century, then hundreds of millions of good people, the law-abiding, God-fearing Americans and other Western Christians have been duped. They've been fooled into fighting "communism," a "bogus bogey," over the backs of their Eastern Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters. And on behalf of their real enemies - the Godless industrial globalists. In Vietnam alone, such a duplicity has meant a loss of nearly 60,000 American lives.

And even if Bondarenko is only half-right, shouldn't you be concerned, if you're an American who has just voted for Clinton?

You bet you should!

What if, by voting for Clinton, you have just given a green light to the Islamic fundamentalism's continuing expansion into the heart of Europe (e.g., Bosnia)?

What if, by voting for Clinton, you've just given a green light for China's continued abuses of its people?

What if, by voting for Clinton, you've just given a green light for the destruction of ancient cultures, such as that of the Greeks, for example (at the hands of Turkey, the new "Islamic NATO" power), and not just that of the Serbs or the Russians at the hands of expanded NATO?

What if, by voting for Clinton, you've just helped lose the trust of our traditional allies - the Western Europeans - who have all been hurt by the duplicity of the Clinton administration's foreign policy?

Distant lands.. distant issues... Who cares? Is that what you're thinking?

But what if, by voting for Clinton, you've just endorsed a globalist policy of the U.S. government which has jeopardized our national sovereignty and the security, so as to advance Clinton's own political, and more importantly the globalist elite's BUSINESS, agendas around the world?

Too esoteric an argument? Not very important to "America's Heartland?" Okay.

What if, as a result of YOUR vote for Clinton, YOUR child or a family member is sent off to die in some distant land? Suddenly, it's no longer a distant issue, is it? Suddenly, it becomes a "Heartland" issue.

Now you're getting the point?

That's how tens of thousands of U.S. military families must feel now whose relatives are serving the globalists' neo-colonial interests abroad, instead of minding America's interests at home. And those whose relatives died in murderous Islamic terrorist attacks on our troops in Saudi Arabia (a Clinton ally!), or in Lebanon. Or those serving in Bosnia, where thousands of Islamic Mujahideens are waiting for a chance to slit our soldiers' throats.

That's why patriotic Americans should breathe a sigh of relief when the so-called "American Century" comes to an end. Because this was not an "American" century. The 20th was a century which America is leaving less "American" than it was when it started. Instead, it was an industrials-driven "Communist Century." And, thus a period of REGRESSION of the Homo Sapiens!

Fortunately, the industrial era has also created the tools of its own destruction - the ubiquitous PC and the Internet. Only brute force and raw autocracy could prevent the "PC revolution" from liberating man from the shackles of the industrial era and returning him back to nature. Which is why I fear for the "American Dream" in the short term. But I also count on the Homo Sapiens to win in the long run.

Bob Djurdjevic
Phoenix, Arizona

No wonder "mad cow" started in Europe...

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