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TiM GW Bulletin 99/1-3

Jan. 15, 1999

An Important New Book Is About to Be Launched

"Murder by Media. Death of Democracy in Australia"

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WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Jan. 15 - The clock is ticking. Time is running out on the establishment media who murder the truth day in and day out. A new book is about to be released in Sydney, Australia, which will pinpoint who the perpetrators of this crime against freedom are. The book's title is "Murder by Media. Death of Democracy" (ISSN 1441-6476).

But it could have been also called defending the truth in media. For, if there were the truth in the establishment media these days, there would be no need for the Truth in Media. Nor for books like this one, published by Scott Balson, an independent Australian publisher. The book's launch will take place at 1 PM on Friday, January 22, 1999, outside the gates of the Sydney's "Channel 9" TV station on Artarmon Road. Mr. Balson will also address the media.

con-editor.jpg (6721 bytes) "Murder by Media, Death of Democracy in Australia," is based on three years of research undertaken privately by Mr. Balson on the Internet, by assessing thousands of articles and "opinion" pieces which have appeared in Australian newspapers.

Although the book is largely Australian based, it also includes an "American Chapter" written by a US based geopolitical analyst and columnist, yours truly, the TiM editor.

The book heralds the arrival of a new era as we pass from the Information Age into the Age of Enlightenment. "It is my belief that the time has now run out for many journalists and editors in Australia," said Mr. Balson. "They have usurped their right to be upholders of 'freedom of speech,' and custodians of objective and balanced reporting - by denying it to others. Simply put, they have failed dismally."

"Murder by Media, Death of Democracy in Australia," clearly challenges their track record in recent years. For objective, honest journalists, as well as the public thirsty for truth and nothing but, the information contained in the book is invaluable. This book looks behind the scenes, and exposes just how the Big Business behind the major parties control and manipulate the political system to their own benefit."

"What Australians must not lose sight of is that journalistic ethics today are seriously compromised, because there are not many options left for a journalist who upsets the duopoly of the Packer or Murdoch media," Mr. Balson said. " Under the polarized Packer/Murdoch media empires (the two Aussie media dons), Australia has lost its democracy in the true sense of the word.

The book's stats: approximately 120,000 words; 272 pages; 40+ color photos; over 400 links to various Internet sites. An overview of the book, and an order form on-line, are available at: .

The book may be ordered by sending a payment of A$27 or US$25 (which includes airmail postage) to Scott Balson, P.O. Box 11, Mt. Crosby News 4306, Queensland, Australia (E-mail: If you identify yourself as a TiM reader when ordering the book, you will be entitled to a SPECIAL TRUTH IN MEDIA DISCOUNT OF US$5, for a net price of US$20 per book.

You can also buy the book at your nearest Dymocks book store the national Australian distributors for the book - but the TiM discount does not apply there. The signing of books will take place at the George Street branch of Dymocks in downtown Sydney on Saturday, Jan. 23rd, between noon and 2 PM.

International inquiries may be directed to Scott Balson by dialing (from the US) 011-61-7-3201-1353; or 011-61-015-477-609 (mobile phone); or by e-mail any time to:

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