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An Editorial 2007-01

June 17, 2007

A Wedding and a Funeral: Editorial Comment Re. G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany

Global Dance Followed by "Wedding," Funeral of Hope

A Year Ago, Russian Leader Led Bush in Global Dance; This Year, the Two Seem to Wed with Merkel Presiding; Bush Buries Serbs' Hopes of Keeping Kosovo... :-) 


Global Dance Followed by "Wedding"

  BUSH_PUTIN_Wed6_08_07.JPG (69453 bytes)

Putin and Bush in St. Petersburg ( 7/15/06) and at Heiligendamm (6/08/07)

SCOTTSDALE, June 17, 2007 - What a difference a year can make.  In July 2006, Russian and American Presidents Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush were photographed in a warm embrace at the G8 Summit in St. Petersburg nearly a year ago (see the left photo and "Putin Leading Bush in Global Dance," July 2006).  This time around, however, the Russian and American leaders had been exchanging barbs instead of flowers and love notes in advance of the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm in Germany.   For a while, it looked as if their global waltz may turn into a dangerous war dance.  In a piece of rhetoric reminiscent of the Cold War era, Putin even threatened to re-aim Russia's nukes at Europe unless the U.S. backed off its plan of setting up military bases at Russia's doorstep (in Poland and Czech Republic). 

At the June 8-9 summit, however, the eight global leaders were all smiles.  At least for the cameras.  A photo even showed Bush and Putin holding hands, like a bride and a groom about to get married.  The wedding ceremony seemed to be presided by "Pastor Angel" (German Chancellor Angela Merkel), with Romano Prodi (Italian Prime Minister) and Nicolas Sarcozy (French President) acting as Bush's bridesmaids.  Meanwhile Tony Blair stood in as Putin's best man.  He looks to be getting ready to take off his own wedding ring and give it to his old pal Putin. J (click on the the right thumbnail above to enlarge).

During the actual conference, Putin quickly poured cold water over the overheated coals of Russian-American relations by proposing a joint operation of a military base in Azerbaijan.  The idea clearly stunned the American delegation who came to Heiligendamm loaded for bear - the Russian Bear, to be exact - not friendly hugs.  With the Russians masterfully diffusing the tension as quickly as they had raised it, the Americans were left speechless.   

It was the kind of global warming that was clearly welcomed by everybody at the conference.  No wonder the world leaders were soBUSH_PUTIN2007.JPG (34203 bytes) amenable to Pastor Angela's global warming proposal.  Anything to offset the chill in Moscow-Washington relations and the grim faces that had preceded the Heiligendamm tête-à-tête.

After the G8 Summit, Bush went to Italy where, just like in Germany, he was greeted by thousands of angry anti-war demonstrators.  Instead of spreading democracy and freedom around the world, it is evident that Bush's warmongering foreign policy has created new American enemies even among our old European friends.

Mobbed and Robbed in Albania

But there was one European country the American president visited where he was mobbed (and robbed) by adoring fans.  It was Albania, Europe's poorest and the most primitive society, a country that once also welcomed Osama bin Laden with open arms.

The (British Sunday Times) newspaper quoted Fatos Klosi, the head of the Albanian intelligence service, as saying a network run by Saudi exile Osama Bin Laden sent units to fight in the Serbian province of Kosovo.  Bin Laden is believed to have established an Albanian operation in 1994 after telling the government he headed a wealthy Saudi humanitarian agency wanting to help Albania, the newspaper reported.

(An excerpt from a Sunday Times July 1999 article, also carried by USA Today in 2002)

For more on Osama bin Laden's operations in Albania, check out the clips below.  

Nor was Bin Laden supporting only the Albanian terrorists.  In 1993, for example, the Bosnian Muslim government similarly welcomed him with open arms, and even issued a Bosnian passport to him.  He later also visited Sarajevo.  And in October 2001, in the aftermath of Bin Laden's 9/11 attack on America, we were forced to close our embassy in Sarajevo because of the overwhelming support by the local Muslims for his actions (see "U.S. Closes Sarajevo Embassy," Oct 2001).  

To find out more about how Bin Laden helped Albanians fund their terrorist activities by drug trafficking, click on "Rumsfeld Backs Albanian Bid to Join NATO," June 2003).

And now, following in this terrorist's footsteps, the first American president every to visit the country that was once a closed communist society, promised the Albanians the same thing - his support for Kosovo's secession from Serbia.  Speaking on June 10 in Tirana, Bush said the United Nations needed to act on independence for the breakaway Serbian province of Kosovo.

"We need to get moving... and the end result is independence," Bush said at a news conference in Albania.  "At some point in time, sooner or later, you have to say enough is enough, Kosovo is independent."

Never mind that this was a 180-degree turn from this American president's promises in 2000, when he was first elected to the highest office in the land.  More importantly, this has reopened another rift with Russia.  With its eyes on Chechnya and other potentially rebellious provinces within the Russian Federation, Russia said it would veto any such unilateral moves at the Security Council.

Russia Draws Parallels with California

Speaking at a press conference held in Sweden on June 13, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov threatened the breakup of the United States by stating that an American unilateral recognition of Kosovo as an independent Nation could prompt Russia to do the same for California "should they request it of us" (click here to read more from this story in Pakistan Daily Times, for example).

Foreign Minister Lavrov’s stunning comments were made in response to President Bush’s declaration on Kosovo (see "US ready for showdown with Russia on Kosovo independence"). 

A far-fetched notion - comparing Kosovo to California.  Actually, it's closer that you may think.  This writer wrote about that back in March 1998, for example (see Kosovo: "Bosnia II" and Serbia's Aztlan, Chechnya, Mar 1998).  And spoke about it again at the Reform Party convention in May 2000 (see Aztlan: America's Kosovo", May 2000).

The only difference is that Mexico SOLD California to the U.S. in 1848 (for $15 million - see Treaty of Guadaloupe Hidalgo [a suburb of Mexico City), just like Russia SOLD Alaska to the U.S. in 1867 (for $7 million), while Bush and NATO are trying to take Kosovo from Serbia by force (see "Kosovo War" and "Kosovo 'Peace'", 1999).  Come to think of it, that's not such a small difference (secession by force vs. by treaty).  Even the American Civil War was fought over such "differences of opinion."

Meanwhile, just as Albanians had first overwhelmed Kosovo demographically before attempting now to do it militarily and politically, the Hispanics have taken over California (see "A Demographic Earthquake Strikes California," July 2000) and many other parts of the American Southwest (click on right thumbnail map to enlarge).  This writer predicted such developments over 10 years ago in a Washington Times column, "When Cultures Collide..." (Aug 1996), even providing the demographic fault lines along which this would occur.

So if we were to extend the parallels with Kosovo further, how would we, Americans, feel if a group of foreign countries, say the Mexico-led OAS (Organization of [Latin] American States) were first to bomb the U.S., take over California by force and set up military bases on its borders with other U.S. states? (Oregon, Nevada, Arizona).  And that's exactly what our government has done in Kosovo in support of the Albanians, Bin Laden's former comrades and associates.

KOS_MAP.JPG (206893 bytes) BONDST_3.JPG (104298 bytes) BONDST_1.JPG (24600 bytes) BONDST_2.JPG (29153 bytes) BUSHBOND.JPG (56375 bytes)

The Pentagon wasted no time erecting Camp Bondsteel, the largest permanent U.S. military structure built in Europe since the Cold War ended.  It is located near Urosevac in southeaster Kosovo (click on above humbnails to enlarge map and satellite images).  The sprawling base encompasses 955 acres, or 360,000 square meters, and houses about 7,000 troops.  If you were to run the outer perimeter, it would be about a 7 mile-jog. The right thumbnail shows President Bush delivering a speech to our troops there in July 2001.

Funeral of Hope

Now, if something like Bondsteel were constructed by Mexico on the California-Oregon border, so as to shore up the Hispanics' control of California, as an American bet you'd feel pretty sick about it, wouldn't you?  

Well, that's how most Serbs feel about what America is doing to their country.  The only difference is that they are a tiny nation of 10 million (including the Albanian minority), while we are a mighty superpower of 300 million.  So we can do whatever we want, right or wrong, including taking away the cradle of the Serbian civilization and that nation's "Alamo" (for more on historical significance of Kosovo, run a search at our web site using 'Kosovo' and 'cradle' and 'Alamo' as keywords). 

Sadly, "there is nothing new under the sun," as King Solomon declared over 30 centuries ago.

"Laws are like spider webs. If some poor weak creature comes up against them - it is caught. But the bigger one can break through and get away," Greek philosopher Solon also noted some 2,600 years ago.

Wonder what the American pacifist and abolitionist Adin Ballou (1803-1890) would say about Kosovo, the latest example of the "might makes right" policy against which he railed in 1846?  Maybe he would just hang his head low, as decent human beings world over may be doing over such egregious abuse of power.  

So a funeral of hope followed the hope's brief rebirth after the Heiligendamm "wedding ceremony." 

* * *


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* * *

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