Patriot Diapers

"Stripes and stars" for your baby's arse!

Made strong enough to repel even the toughest Patriot Baby's bowel assaults.

Directions: To be used only by Patriot Moms and Patriot Brides. Apply gently. It's your flag. Patriot Dads - never stick our new "stripes and stars" up your baby's arse!  Unless, of course, you're changing diapers of a Baby Boomer Prez. 

Warranty: Comprehensive but not unlimited. Patriot Diapers cannot guard against pretzel attacks, for example.  For additional references, see one of our early Patriot Baby models - Johnny Walker (the California Taliban, not a scotch).

This ad has been brought to you by (fictitious) Patriot Diapers with a mocking disapproval of the Truth in Media editor.  For, while this "ad" is a marketing spoof, the pictured diapers are unfortunately a real product.

Sound Off on Flag-off Day?

As a protest against the materialistic New World Order and its rampant U.S. flag abuses, why not have this year a Flag-off Day in America instead of the Flag Day? Optionally, some citizens may choose to fly the flag upside down on June 14 - a sign of distress.

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