Some Bush “Major Leaguers”


Here is a list of confirmed attendees at the economic meeting in Austin, Texas, held in January 2001 (36 total):


Craig R. Barrett, Chief executive, Intel

J. T. Battenberg III, Chairman, Delphi Automotive Systems

Stephen Brobeck, Executive director, Consumer Federation of America

Daniel A. Carp, Chief executive, Eastman Kodak

John T. Chambers, Chief executive, Cisco Systems

Philip M. Condit, Chairman, Boeing

Richard K. Davidson, Chairman, Union Pacific

Michael S. Dell, Chairman, Dell Computer

Thomas J. Donohue, Chief executive, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Stanley F. Druckenmiller, Chairman, Duquesne Capital Management

Jack Faris, President, National Federation of Independent Business

Donald V. Fites, Former chairman, Caterpillar

Steve Forbes, Chief executive, Forbes

Raymond V. Gilmartin, Chairman, Merck

Carlos M. Gutierrez, Chief executive, Kellogg

John M. Hennessy, Chairman for private equity, CS First Boston

Kenneth Langone, Chairman, Invemed

Harvey L. Karp, Chairman, Mueller Industries

Nancy Lazar, Partner, Intl. Strategy and Investments

Charles F. Knight, Chief executive, Emerson Electric

Bruce Kovner, Chairman, Caxton

Floyd Kvamme, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Kenneth L. Lay, Chairman, Enron

Terry Jorde, Independent Community Bankers of America

James C. Morgan, Chief executive, Applied Materials

Gerald Parsky, Aurora Capital

Robert E. Rich, Chairman, Grocery Mfrs. of America

H. Lee Scott Jr., Chief executive, Wal-Mart Stores

Ivan G. Seidenberg, Co-chief exec., Verizon

John Snow, Chairman, CSX

Solomon D. Trujillo, Chairman, Graviton

Rick Wagoner, Chief executive, General Motors

Darcy L. Walker, Senior V.P., Discover Financial Services

John F. Welch Jr., Chairman, General Electric

Miles D. White, Chairman, Abbott Labs

Michael W. Wright, Chairman, Super Valu


Advisers to George W. Bush: Andrew H. Card Jr, Josh Bolten, Lawrence B. Lindsey, Karl Rove, Karen P. Hughes


(Lay and Lazar, pictured in a photo with Bush, have been highlighted in red by the Truth in Media)


Source: Truth in Media (based on The New York Times, Jan. 4, 2001)