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TiM GW Bulletin 2002/4-3

Apr. 15, 2002

Toward a One World Government…

Russia to Join NATO, the EU

“If You Can’t Beat The, Join Them”; New “Treaty of Rome” to Be Signed Next Month



Brussels                               1. Russia to Join NATO, the EU: “If You Can’t Beat Them,

                                                  Join Them”; Toward a One World Government

Toward a One World Government…

1. Russia to Join NATO, the EU

“If You Can’t Beat The, Join Them”; New “Treaty of Rome” to Be Signed Next Month

BRUSSELS, Apr. 15 - “If you can’t bet them, join them,” goes an old saw.  Who would have thought that one day Russia would become a NATO country?  Yet that’s exactly what the NATO secretary general, Lord George Robertson, and Russia’s foreign minister, Igor Ivanov, officially announced today in Brussels, beaming ear-to-ear.

“The 20 countries will sit around the table as equals,” Robertson said after meeting with Ivanov. “We are very close to agreement. The spirit of cooperation is alive and well... We are all hoping it will take a quantum leap forward.”

Ivanov said he and his NATO counterparts will likely wrap up the agreement at a meeting May 14-15 in Reykjavik, Iceland. “There is still much work to be done,” he cautioned (click here at our web site to read a New York Times/AP report about it).

The announcement follows a statement this weekend by the Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, who said that, “following the accord to make Russia a full and active member of NATO, to be signed in Italy next month, the West's next goal is to bring Russia into the European Union, Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi said here on Saturday,” according to a Financial Times April 13 report (click here at our web site to read it).

Berlusconi, who visited Russia earlier this month, said agreement had been reached fully to integrate Russia into NATO. The accord calls for the creation of a new 20-nation body (NATO currently has 19 members), and paved the way for Russia to become “a full and active member of the Atlantic defense system.”

Fifty three years ago, almost to the day, NATO was formed as the West’s reaction to Moscow’s growing military power and geopolitical appetite. 

Berlusconi's office said the deal was clinched during phone calls (Apr. 13) between Putin, President George Bush, Berlusconi and the NATO secretary general, Lord Robertson, according to a New York Times report (click here at our web site to read it).  The accord was also confirmed in Washington by the White House spokesman Ari Fleischer during a daily press briefing.

So that’s the shocking news.  And now, the news in perspective…

As our longtime readers know, we have been advocating for a long time a rapprochement between the EU and Russia (see this writer’s columns, "Partnership for Peace: New Drang Nach Osten", 1995, and "A Bear in Sheep's Clothing", 1998). 

The reason we thought this would be a win-win strategy for both the EU and for Russia were not just economic, but also geopolitical.  A Russia-EU axis would reduce the U.S. domination over the EU, and/or squeeze Washington out of Europe over time.  And it would bring the predominantly Christian countries closer together, thus ameliorating the effects of rampant immigration and other NWO-fostered anti-Christian moves in Europe.

But bringing Russia into NATO, instead of disbanding this military alliance that lost its raison d’etre more than a decade ago when the Cold War ended, can only mean one thing.  Putin is becoming an even greater Washington puppet than was Yeltsin!  For all intents and purposes, the Russian president is abandoning Russia’s independent foreign policy and its geopolitical interests. 

All this lovey-dovey stuff between Bush and Putin started in Slovenia last year.  A “new era in America's relations has begun with George W Bush and Vladimir Putin looking each other in the eye; observes that seldom have two leaders so strikingly overcome limited expectations about their first meeting,” the New York Times noted on June 17, 2001. 

The warming up of Moscow-Washington relations accelerated after Sep. 11, as Putin, who cut his teeth fighting Islamic terrorists in Chechnya, eagerly joined Bush's coalition in the “war against terrorism.”  As a result, Moscow's servility has now allowed the Pentagon to establish a new geopolitical “beachhead,” right in Russia’s backyard (in Afghanistan) - its “soft southern underbelly,” as we put it in a May1997 article - “Killing Russia Softly: Three NWO Rings around Russia’s Neck” (also see the map, originally done in 1995 map, updated in 1997).

What does it all mean?  Well, even some well-informed and politically balanced American university professors saw the NATO-Russia marriage as relative goodness.  Here’s one comment we’ve received:

“In some ways, the more the merrier, because a Russia in the EU will help to dilute the power of the big bank plutocrats.  Democratization over the long haul can alter the Globalization process.  The process is inevitable, but how it occurs and who benefits is really the crux of the struggle.”

Actually, the process isn’t necessarily “inevitable,” as this weekend’s failure of the Washington-encouraged coup in Venezuela has shown.  All it takes is an alternative vision, and the courage and skills to mobilize the masses in support of it.

More importantly, the NWO-type “democratization” has actually meant “creeping totalitarianism” - in a true sense of the Big Brother doublespeak.  Here’s an example of the kind of “democratization” that the Washington/NWO puppet in Venezuela had proposed before being deposed.

“The brief government, headed by business leader Pedro Carmona, immediately issued a decree shutting down the Congress, suspending the Supreme Court and authorizing the firing of elected officials, including state governors and mayors.”

(The Wall Street Journal, Apr. 15)

A more worrying consequence of Russia’s becoming the 20th NATO country is that this will bring mankind one step closer to a One World government.  With no real opposition to the plutocrats of the New World Order, except for the Islamic fanatics, Miss Liberty and all she stands for - may end up on the “most endangered species” list.  The Communist International dream (of a one world workers’ government) may be coming true in a morphed, state capitalist, form.

So the Big Brother slogans are likely to resonate again:

“War Is Peace!

Freedom Is Slavery!

 Ignorance Is Strength!”

(George Orwell, “1984,” written in 1948, available on your street corner in 2002)

As you’ve seen already by the major American networks’ nauseatingly uniform views of the world affairs; by their ridculing any “9/11 conspiracy theories” as “crazy;” and by their virtual silence about the geopolitical shift of tectonic proportions that has just taken place (this Russia-NATO marriage), Big Brother is already alive and well in America.

It’s just that most of our fellow-citizens seem too busy being good little NWO “komsomolets” or “pioneers” (communist youth), toeing the Washington party line, to notice that the only thing missing are the red scarves around their necks.  But those of us who grew up under communism can see them anyway.  Signs of creeping totalitarianism are unmistakable.

Heavens forbid!


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