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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/2-5

Feb. 17, 2000

The European Union Shows Its Real, Leftist-Fascist Face

Death on the Danube; Plus, Albanian "LOL's" with Kalashnikovs

The NWO/EU Madmen Are Waging War against Life Itself!



Zemun                         1. Death on the Danube: Romania, EU, Australian

                                       Company Refuse Responsibility for Ecological Disaster

K. Mitrovica               2. Albanian "LOL's" with Kalashnikovs, "Ambulances" with

                                         Rocket Launchers

Sydney                        3. TiM Editor's Lecture Now Available on the Web


1. Death on the Danube: Romania, the EU, An Australian Company - All Refuse Responsibility for Ecological Disaster

ZEMUN, Feb. 15 – As the TiM editor boarded his long flight to Australia, Serbian fishermen and workers wearing special protective gear had pulled two tons of dead fish from the river Tisa, poisoned by a cyanide spill at a Romanian gold mine.  Tisa originates in Romania, and flows through Hungary and northern Serbia (Vojvodina)), before dumping its deadly toxins into the Danube, at Stari Slankamen, some 50 kilometers (30 miles) northwest of Belgrade.  Cyanide was being used to extract gold from crushed ore.

The deadly spill which threatens the entire Danube eco system is "the biggest environmental catastrophe" since Chernobyl, said Zoltan Illes, chairman of the Hungarian parliament's environment committee, according to a Feb. 15 New York Times report. 

"The river Tisa has been killed," commented Serbia's Environment Minister, Branislav Blazic, according to a Feb. 15 Sydney Morning Herald story.  "Not even bacteria have survived."  The peak concentration of cyanide in the river was 20 times the permissible level.

Yet this is only a starting phase of an ecological disaster, which began on Jan. 30, when the Baian Mare gold mine in northwestern Romania overflowed on Jan. 30, causing the cyanide to pour into the streams which feed the Tisa.  Aquatic life, birds feeding off fish, and people with wells close to the riverbeds are all at risk, said Predrag Protic, the head of the Chemistry and Toxicology Faculty of the Belgrade University.  Poisoned water could also filter into the soil, and from there into grass, grain and livestock.

And those responsible are washing their hands of the responsibility.  At least for the time, being.

And what are those responsible for this disaster doing?  Trying to wash their hands off any responsibility.  The Romanian government is saying Hungary and Serbia are exaggerating the dangers, and is refusing to pay for the damages which the Baia Mare mine had caused.  

An Australian company based in Perth, Western Australia, which owns a 50% interest in the Romanian mine, Esmeralda Explorations, is also denying responsibility.  And the state government is backing it.

Western Australian government's state resources minister, Colin Barnett, is spurning life and supporting a company in which the former chairman of the Australian Stock Exchange, Peter Gunzburg, is the largest shareholder with about 20% holdings. "They clearly had quite freakish weather conditions that caused the problem," he said, according to a Feb. 15 report in The Australian. 

And that's in an Australian state which is so environmentally conscious that even killing a poisonous snake is illegal in Western Australia.  But killing life half the world away seems okay by the WA callous NIMBY government (NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard).


TiM Ed.: Perhaps the most hypocritical, cynical, and certainly the most despicable reaction to this major cyanide spill on the Old Continent was that by the European Union.  The EU said it stood ready to help Hungary and Romania with the cleanup costs and expertise of its top environmental officials, according to the New York Times.  But evidently not Serbia, the country the most harmed by this ecological disaster.

Ever since the Kosovo armistice was signed on June 10 last year, we've been saying that NATO's bombing of Serbia was only the first phase of a genocidal attack on this small European country.  We said that the New World Order and its proxies at the EU, would continue to wage war against the Serbian people, only by other means.  The Kosovo "peace farce" has certainly proven that in spades. 

Refusing to help someone who is critically injured or ill, such as what the EU just did regarding the Tisa and Danube poisoning in Serbia, is almost the same as killing that person.  Yet here we have EU leftist fascists now waging war not only against the Serbian people, but also against life itself.  Fish, birds and other wildlife in Serbia is being exterminated because the EU refuses to help, as they are doing in Hungary and Romania.  

Why? Because the Tisa or Danube bass, pike, and catfish... or cranes and herons, God forbid (!), could be members of  Slobodan Milosevic's political party?  Sick and mad minds, are the only terms which come to mind that adequately describe the EU governments, which blindly follow Washington's dictates.  The EU's and Washington's calling themselves "civilized" while being silent accomplices in such crimes against life itself, not only against humanity, is also an insult to one's intelligence.

2. Albanian LOLs with Kalashnikovs, Ambulances with Rocket Launchers

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Feb. 15 - An LOL, or a "little old lady," connotes a helpless female granny-like creature whom people are expected to help or pity.  Attacking someone like that is sure to be one of the lowest acts of cowardess and barbarism.  Which, in turn, is sure cause the wrath and indignation of most decent people in western societies. 

Well, that's exactly the note the New York Times was playing up last week, when it reported that the Serbs of Kosovska Mitrovica, acting in retaliation to a Kosovo Albanian rocket launcher attack which killed some elderly Serb women on a bus, had allegedly also killed some older Albanian women.

Well, the Times' latest (Feb. 15) report from Kosovska Mitrovica showed that Westerners should assume that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is the same as in the West when it comes to Kosovo Albanians.  The French troops had discovered that Albanian "LOL" had a Kalashnikov concealed under her thick skirts, ("dimije").  And they found 180 grenades and antitank rockets inside an Albanian "ambulance."  


TiM Ed.: Well, at least now the KFOR "peace farce"-keepers can see what the Serb police have also had to put up with for all these decades. 


Speaking at a news conference in Kosovska Mitrovica, Gen. Pierre de Saqui de Sannes, the French commander of the peacekeeping forces in northern Kosovo, said that his troops had arrested 46 people following the recent violence in Kosovo.  Of the 46 prisoners, 45 were Albanians.  One was a Serb. 

The Serb was reportedly arrested for possessing a telescopic sight, and was expelled from the City "under a special resolution introduced by the United Nations last year," the Time said.  Now, compare such a "crime" with the innocence of the Kosovo Albanian "LOL's" or "ambulance" drivers.  Another day, another crime…


TiM Ed.: By the way, heard of any such "special UN resolution" which could be viewed as aiding the "ethnic cleansing" of the Serbs from Kosovo?  We sure haven't.  Live and learn.  After what the Kosovo Serbs have been through in the last 11 months, nothing should surprise us. 

Is that also why the British troops were moved to Kosovska Mitrovica to replace the French, who may have been a little confused that their mission in Kosovo had anything to do with law and order?  Were the British sent to make sure that the terror against the local Serbs continues unabated, as it did under the four months (June-October 1999) of the British Gen. Michael Jackson's command over all of Kosovo?

If so, stand by for a Northern Ireland in Kosovo.  For, as Professor J.P. Maher, a Professor Emeritus of Irish descent at the Northeastern Illinois University says:

"Serbs are the easternmost Irish. Irish are the westernmost Serbs."


3. TiM Editor's Lecture Now Available on the Web

SYDNEY, Feb. 18 - You can read the prepared text (in Serbian!) of the TiM editor's Feb. 18 lecture in Sydney, Australia, by clicking on the following URL:

TiM Editor's Sydney Lecture: Bob Djurdjevic on "New World Order and Serbia."

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